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  1. Agreed. Great episode that makes up for last weeks disappointing one. Even the punk kids scene was fine. I hope Rodriguez doesn’t direct any more episodes (and goes back to doing Sin City movies)
  2. Agreed. And his Alita had some exciting action scenes. Don’t know what happened here
  3. It does start kind of clumsy, but the last 3 seasons have great material and less jokes. that’s how much the flair is improved in the last seasons
  4. The last season of Clone Wars (or better yet, the last 4 episodes) are some of the best Star Wars ever. In any medium. It is that good
  5. Can't go lower than Junkie's Batman "theme" on BvS.
  6. Loved loved the first episode. Even without baby yoda I’d say that this has the potential to be even better than Mandalorian (mainly because of its structure). Very intrigued to where the story might go.
  7. This.. and their action scene together is so brief that I don’t think it would’ve made the desired impact.
  8. I did not like the movie. Visually it is very ugly and fake. In some scenes, it reminded of Rise of Skywalker on how badly it was put together (actors don’t be to be at the set at the same set). The pacing was off and the way that it is edited makes it look that characters only exist when they are on screen (what are other villains and Spider-Man doing when they are not with Holland? I know that is briefly mentioned in case of Holland, but I find it hard to believe that he was just wondering around). Which lead me to a big issue that I had with the movie: what did Spider-Man accomplish? Once the villains went back to their universe, won’t they return to the moment that they would die? How curing them solves anything? Other than that, despise seeing the old characters, I didn’t find any action set piece memorable (think on the climax of Spider-Man 3 where sandman and venom team up.. and Spider-Man and Harry join forces.. sooo much better). The score actually worked better than expected, and the choir sounded awesome in my screening. And one last issue: how fair is Holland Peter deciding to not tell MJ and Ned? Didn’t they want that? Didn’t they specifically asked for Peter to remind them? Is not his choice to make.
  9. Yeah.. that seems about right… the movie is so weirdly paced (and one of the visually ugly) that it never really stops for any theme to shine. Think about any montage in the original trilogy, or the Birth of sandman scene.
  10. The The action music (specially the climax). The themes. The unused love theme. The way that it respects the previous scores and sounds like one of them, while still sounding like Young. Elfmans themes themselves never sounded better (Goblin theme for Harry’s attack, or the main theme during “Saving MJ”). A 5 star masterpiece
  11. 1. Spider-Man 3 (Young) 2. Spider-Man 2 (Elfman) 3. Spider-Man (Elfman) 4. Far From Home (Giacchino) 5. Amazing (Horner) 6. No Way Home (Giacchino) 7. Homecoming (Giacchino) 8. Amazing 2 (Zimmer) 9. Spider-Man game 10. Into Spiderverse (urgh) (Pemberton)
  12. The brief Horner and Elfman statement are so beautifully handled, made me go back and listen to Horners Amazing Spider-Man.. and funnily enough, I don’t like the theme that much on that score. The way that it plays on track 19 here tho, with the choir is just perfect. Best moment in the score.
  13. That is disappointing. Seeing how smartly Giacchino incorporated themes from other composers before (Speed Racer, Mission Impossible, Jurassic and etc), I thought that he could be the composer to properly do really go full blown past themes.
  14. And it is not as if some of these composers doesn’t get good opportunities as well. Lorne Balfe has a marvel and an original movie with a good concept this year, Benjamin also had some interesting projects lately. I can’t imagine someone like Dan Romer being able to handle the pressure and being able to leave his confort zone. Agreed on Lennetz tho. He deserves a good assignments
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