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  1. I don’t see what is the problem here. And to be honest.. treating this show as a super intellectual piece of art does not help it. It can have layers, but it is not the greatest thing in the world. You want a “fairer” comparison? I think Succession beats it in every way. Adding to that.. it also goes to show then, apart from all the top notch things that you mentioned.. a smart and layered script on paper might also not work in execution. Gus in the series had plenty of smart details in the script. But by going deeper into his character, made a disservice for his Breaking Bad, exposing all his weakness. By the finale of Breaking Bad season 4, it looked like Walter had a great plan that was the only way of beating Gus, while in here, by introducing Lalo, it made me wish he was the villain of Breaking Bad. How did Gus fail on his assassination attempt on Lalo? How did he let Nacho get away? Honestly, I did like the series, and am still curious (and hopeful) of its finale, but no, I don’t think it is as great as it thinks it is, and kind of wish the series ended when his brother died at the end of Season 3.
  2. It is worth then that for me. If that was it, what was the point of the character at all? He started the series as a bandit with the heart of gold, as someone that would die for his father, and died 6 seasons later for exactly that. His character could have been a turning point for Gus and Mikes relationship. Mike could’ve convinced him that it would be the right thing to save and protect him and have him have his happy end. Would have been great for the series, for Nacho and for Gus. This season also had Gus, Mike and Lalo do incredibly poor decisions. It is really disappointing to say, and I am still in the denial phase (hoping as well that they fix in the next 2 episodes), but last time I had this feeling was during the last 2 seasons of GoT, and that didn’t turn out well at all. Thank god the current season of Westworld has been great so far. Couldn’t take more disappointments this year (Northman, Batman, Lightyear, Jurassic and etc)
  3. I think this is GoT Season 8 or SW9 level of having such a bad ending that will spur the whole thing as a whole. For me, this was the weakest season by far, and it did feel like the aforementioned finales that I mention above in a way that it feels that there weren’t many plans and now they are desperate on closing every little thing too neatly. It all started to go down will with Nacho’s death. If that was supposed to be his end, why didn’t they kill him in last season finale? It’d would have been much more impactful. But this episode was a new low. The cameo appearances were straight out of SNL. Nothing interesting is happening and I am simply not caring for any character. In a point that I am felt in the last 3 episodes that the show could have ended in the end of the episode and nothing else would be missing. I don’t care anymore if we will ever re see Kim (would be very interesting if we didn’t get to see her again!). One other thing that it bothered me in other seasons but this one they took it too far is on the “we are not going to show or let you hear something until later.” That didn’t work well in the beginning of the season with Kim and Saul planning on Howard as it totally backfired for me on not letting us hear Genes talk on the phone and understand his motivation. I still hope the series finishes strong, but each following episode is getting worse then the previous one
  4. I quite liked the score in the film. I hate that scenes like the flying dolphin lasts for about 20 seconds and doesn’t let the score breath and carry the scene. In the 90s that kind of scene would last 3 minutes and we would have gotten an outstanding cue. The first ship travel scene, Janes appearance and the very first scene were very well score tho.
  5. It'll be fine. The state that things are on Mandalorian are already very different to the last that we've seen in Rebels.
  6. Just got out of Lightyear.. unfortunately this did not work for me.. Found the main theme extremely simplistic and so repetitive.. some fun villain stuff with the choir but that is about it
  7. No need to wait! Just click on watch next! Hahaha
  8. John Carter heh? That is one of my top 3 Giacchino scores haha. Some fantastic music there.
  9. Also the first part of the end credits (Larry Curly) is also missing. Don’t know what logic they followed
  10. It is so so bad. Worse than Rise of Skywalker. It has the worst tendencies of Fallen Kingdom, but with the uninspired direction of Jurassic World. The score is good tho, and so is Jeff Goldblum.
  11. That may be a very strong Powell characteristic, and while Giacchino has done some of this in the past (The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Tomorrowland, Star Trek 3), it is not something that most composers do it anyways. Even some great action cues from the SW sequel trilogy are themeless.
  12. The original film's adventure theme is quoted once or twice. The main theme is quoted about 10 times, and even its bridge (from "Welcome to Jurassic Park") get's a very nice treatment in the finale track. The main theme theme is very well integrated in the score in my opinion, never sounding off like in the previous 2 entries. But yeah, couldn't notice anything from the Lost World.
  13. This has got to be on of the weirdest poster I’ve ever seen.. but it makes sense to go with a Colin Trevorrow movie
  14. Well, I unfortunately did not like them. First, the score is awful, except when John Williams theme pops in, but even when it does, it is very disconnected from the rest of the score, that it ends up sounding off. Despite me liking the actress, Leia is a bit on the annoying side, and the way that she was able to outrun her kidnappers and Kenobi is very unbelievable. So far, nothing that justify the series existence so far, and I would put it bellow Boba Fett (which I did like)
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