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  1. If I recall correctly JJ personally cut the very first teaser for TFA and convinced Disney to release it "for the fans"
  2. People complained about having an entire episode about the Mandalorian in the Book of Boba Fett. Imagine the complaints if they made an entire episode of Andor about Mon Mothma of all characters
  3. He would also use a nail gun to nail peoples cell phones to the wall if they went off on the set of Avatar
  4. Did you know John Williams composed the score for an obscure space franchise called star wars? You may not have heard of it...
  5. Disney makes more money on Disney+ subscriptions than they do selling books?
  6. The last thing I'm going to say about that is this is George Lucas we are talking about, the man who continuously edited and re edited and re edited again his films, saying things like "Sorry you all fell in love with an unfinished film". And by 'unfinished', meaning adding CGI rocks in front of R2D2 on Tatooine, more tentacles on the Sarlacc, Darth Vader's Nooooo as Sheev lightnings Luke, and cant forget the infamous 'Han shoots first' scene which was changed more times than I can count with the fingers on my hand. If this is Lucas' original idea, why didnt he do it from the beginning? Seems like some real George Lucas 'revisionism', that he claims "well, I actually meant to do it like that all along" Because this is a discussion board, and attitudes like that aren't germane to a thoughtful discussion.
  7. Lucas would have been smart to do the same, to avoid us 'fans' examining his every word some 50 years later Floating different ideas is natural during the development cycle, I would be shocked if he stuck with the first idea he ever came up with regarding a character's backstock, or motivation, or what Ben means by "the clone wars". Star Wars is not some piece of experimental film making concept, too avante garde to understand. When Snoke tortured Rey during 8 and the score played The Emperor's theme, nobody jumped up and down and said "I guess Snoke is the emperor!" Because of it. I think some of you guys are reading into things too much...
  8. Well, I don't see how hypothetically both couldn't be true. Was this souvenir program written by Lucas himself? But either way, he obviously came up with a third (at least) idea to explain the clones: what we saw in the prequels
  9. I think it would be nearly impossible to determine if Lucas literally made this up then and there, or if these were ideas floating around in his head since the mid-70s and it was at this moment he put pen to paper, so to speak. Idk, to me it seems like he's put some thought to it and at least did some degree of brainstorming. But, who knows, maybe he did, maybe he didn't Not sure if you (@chen) recall the debate we had a few months ago about Lucas having planned certain elements of A New Hope prior to the movie coming out, or if he later came up with them later. Your argument relied on the assumption that since there was no proof Lucas didn't make it up, and because "memory is faulty", therefore he must have come up with the ideas later on. This is essentially the same issue... trying to figure out if certain elements were decided on before the movie came out or was added after the fact is a gigantic waste of time, because there is quite literally no definitive way to conclusively tell one way or another. even if it were possible to ask Lucas himself, I doubt he could go back 50 years and recollect his train of thought.
  10. The clones were originally something to do with cloud city, with Lando leading a clone rebellion, no?
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