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  1. Remember in the Wolf of Wall Street how the old ludes they found were extra potent? They should have given Boba some old ancient spice or something to have the epiphany and hallucinate where the tree is instead of the tribe pet lizard up his nose
  2. I suppose I should read the book because I didnt have any real complaints about the Tuskens in BoBF. In fact I thought it was one of the stronger aspects of the show. I also thought the movie 'The Martian' was good until I read the book afterwards. There is so much more detail in the book then in the movie!
  3. Id far prefer the Tusken Raider backstory from BoBF mixed with that synopsis. Imagine if at the start of the movie was Obi Wan protecting the Lars homestead from a Tusken attack, with Owen not even being grateful about Obi Wan saving him. Then, Obi Wan realizes he has to make peace with the Tuskens if they are going to coexist on Tatooine for the next two decades. cue the BoBF storyline where Obi Wan would learn the Tusken rituals, how they survive, and enlightens them with Jedi wisdom and knowledge. Obi Wan could even apologize for Anakin wiping out the village in AotC, which gains him the respect of the Tuskens. All this instead of the Leia storyline that was pretty unnecessary TBH. And then mix in the Inquisitor/Vader plotline... The Inquisitors are bumbling idiots tracking rogue Jedi but they keep letting the Jedi slip through their fingers, forcing Vader to get involved. Leading to the Vader vs. Obi Wan fight at the end. Obi Wan then assures Owen the danger is resolved, earning him Owens respect edit: because my original idea was dumb
  4. If true it would explain why there is the same motif that is used constantly throughout the movie which is also lifted directly from his war of the planet of the apes score 2:47-4:00 from 'A Tide in the Affairs of Apes' 1:04-1:30 'Jedah Arrival'
  5. Anyone else remember before Disney+ and all the minisieries', the show was rumoured to be a movie? They should have left it as a film, cutting out all the fluff like obi Wan working at the space whale harvesting operation and feeding it to his pet lama, and had a higher budget and production value that a film can afford. Then, hired more competent screenwriters and composers, and even figured out if they are "allowed" to use JW material before it is too late. Seems like most Disney SW projects are figured out last minute, and Disney still hasn't learnt how to make a star wars movie properly after making 5 of them
  6. And then after that, they will ask Phil Lord and Christopher Miller for help bringing a lighter more improv style to set
  7. Next thing you know theyll be bringing Gareth Edwards aboard, coming full circle
  8. Hence Gilroy coming aboard to patch everything up
  9. I'm not sure either way to be honest but clearly he's said he is very proud of scoring all nine films over 50 years. Clearly Star Wars is his crown jewel and I'm sure he is more invested how other composers handle his star wars material as opposite to Jurassic Park and Superman. Which are both excellent scores I just don't think they are as important to him personally
  10. Dont remember where I heard it but I always thought John Williams always retained ownership of material he's written. Which is unusual usually the studio gets ownership as they hired the composer to write the music for them
  11. I still would've seen it even if the cast was entirely no name actors
  12. I suppose what you call thematic material I call "mindless RCP crap"
  13. To be fair ESB also has a dozen other themes which are also used constantly so when it comes back to the Imperial March you've had a break from it and heard plenty of variations of other themes. Whereas in Obi Wan it only goes back and forth between the Obi Wan theme and mindless RCP crap, back and forth... Leading to it getting repetitive when it is the only thematic material you ever hear Agreed, Vader saying he is no longer emotionally attached to Kenobi and that Papa Palpy is the only thing important to him is definitely Vader succumbing to the Emperors rule and letting go of the last thing that made him Anakin. He is 100% Vader now and he knows it. I think the Imperial March here is pretty fitting
  14. Woulda liked to see a scene of Vader coming back aboard his star destroyer after having his mask blown open, and crushing the windpipe of anyone who dares look at him
  15. I would first check the marketplace section if you havent already
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