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  1. And convinces George Lucas to create a space opera series in which Indy can have the starring role!
  2. I think he's talking about 'The Tragedy', where the Dark Troopers swooped in, kidnapped Grogu and nobody could do anything to stop them
  3. If/when Luke and Ahsoka do meet, it would be such a powerful moment and it would probably make more sense for it to be in the Ahsoka show because yes, The Mandalorian is about Din not Ahsoka and Luke. They could even have Anakin as a force ghost and all 3 of them could meet. The father, son and apprentice
  4. Re: missed opportunities I dont really mind the direction TLJ took Luke, I just wish we couldve seen the OT trifecta (+Lando and Chewie) together one last time, and the new characters going off on a new adventure together My main critique of TLJ is that it didnt leave many loose ends to be resolved in IX. Luke dead, Snoke dead, Rey nobody, Resistance reduced to shambles, not even any allies willing to come help. And keeping Rey Finn and Poe split up for almost the entire movie? Why? Only interesting thing was Rey and Luke on Ach To but even that became stale once we rea
  5. Im sure somewhere down the road Ahsoka and Luke will have some kind of conversation. If the show ends and they never met, then I would definitely think it is indeed a massive missed opportunity. Im kind of glad they are pacing themselves, reintroducing the major characters early on and then having them mingle later. Or maybe they are saving Luke and Ahsoka meeting for the Ahsoka show, who knows
  6. I think I remember someone on here asking why didnt they use the force theme when Grogu used the force on the flame trooper? and someone else commented saying how they are probably saving the force theme for a big climactic moment later on and it would dilute the importance if they used it willy-nilly. Well boys, it sure payed off that was one satisfying Force theme when
  7. The first 2 and a half minutes of 1984 really remind me of Indiana Jones, especially the little brass flourish at 0:27 and 0:35 Compare with Raiders of the Lost Ark Washington Ending/Raiders March 5:47:
  8. All I see is someone playing victim after getting called out for being rude and impolite
  9. Kylo Ren's theme might be more effective to laymen if it had a suite/concert arrangement like the Imperial March does. He has like 4 themes/motifs doesnt he? It would be neat to have all his material wrapped up nicely in one piece of music
  10. Love the update! While youre at it would you consider changing the site favicon perhaps to this?
  11. Has anyone made an 'abridged' soundtrack, taking the best tracks from each episode and presenting them in an album style playlist?
  12. cant believe they cut out stuff like this and then go and track in Sheev's theme from previous movies!
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