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  1. Oh yeah that sweet choral segment missing during Nero death experience sure is a bummer!
  2. Interesting. Just wondering whats the issue with the first one? One of my favorite scores
  3. I may or may not pirate movies but I always buy the blu ray for movies I think are worth the money
  4. They fly now?! Jokes aside very nice! Merry Christmas
  5. Well what did they expect, everyone I know whose seen it saw it once in Theaters and rewatched it again a few days later at home
  6. Cant wait to see Return of the Jedi here in Vancouver later this summer with the VSO
  7. Does anyone know of any matching covers for the original Star Trek movies? Cheers
  8. They've had seven years to make this movie it had better be perfect
  9. They coulda made a whole other Bond movie while this one has been in limbo!
  10. I was so happy to hear the Kamino theme return it has always been my favourite guilty pleasure theme
  11. These are gorgeous do you know the source for the original artwork ?
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