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  1. Would also recommend TNG S02E09, Measure of a Man, my personal favourite episode
  2. think he means, Would he have used that take had he found the tapes?
  3. This remind me, my guilty pleasure hope before anyone knew anything about Episode 7 was that the Kamino theme would make a return
  4. Would love to see an example of Johnson sounding bored talking about JW, seems hilarious
  5. I would be fine having the sequels with the logo in between 'star wars', the prequels with the big 'episode' logo and the OT with their individual logos
  6. Would like to request an OST cover out of this artwork please
  7. Jedi step and Lukes reveal at the end must've been amazing
  8. Cool, I like the simplicity. Would it be possible to match the shade of yellow of the text to that of the 'Solo' logo?
  9. The huge blast of the Death Star Theme at the very start of Reminiscence Therapy, what does it accompany on screen?
  10. This is totally what I expected to happen.. I thought it would be a nice parallel to ESB when he was young and naive and said doing so would be impossible
  11. Someone has to think up how the shot will be framed and how the (virtual) camera moves around the environment. The job of the DP and cinematographer might be slightly different between live action and animated pictures but id think they are largely the same
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