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  1. I thought it was a little too reverential and played it a bit too safe to avoid angering the diehard Ghostbusters fans that had their knives out for the 2016 film. But enjoyable. Jason Reitman put his heart into it and it feels like a natural progression from his father's two films. And it doesn't feel cynical or ham-fisted in its comedy (thank God Rick Moranis didn't show up). Rob Simonsen's score is also equally reverential. Not only does he use Elmer Bernstein's material but channels Williams, Silvestri and Horner in the grand 1980s tradition. Simonsen even managed to get Cynthia Millar back for the ondes martenot solos.
  2. I was reading a Reddit thread about spoilers for this movie. And watching this second trailer confirmed what they revealed. Sony just refuses to acknowledge the elephant in the room regarding certain plot elements of the movie. I call it the "blue balls" trailer.
  3. He's going to be quoting a lot of Elfman, Zimmer and Horner material if he's reverential to the films before the MCU Spidey. Why Sony hasn't finally acknowledged that is beyond me. It's the worst kept secret in Hollywood.
  4. Actually the first Tom Holland Spidey movie I'm excited to see. Homecoming was disappointing and I skipped out seeing Far from Home theatrically.
  5. It is. Wallfisch isn't going to compose a new motif for Keaton's Batman, he's going to reference Elfman's. The Flash teaser utilizes Elfman's score from the 1989 Batman.
  6. It's not the first time it's happened with a major franchise, where the film(s) are completed on time for their original date despite a final release 7-9 months later. Star Trek (2009) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince come to mind.
  7. He probably will. The film will probably be completed on schedule by its original delivery date -- which will give Disney time to market a finished film.
  8. The only other direction you could take Batman is by embracing the more fantastical characters like Poison Ivy, Clayface and Man-Bat in the 1990s animated series. That took itself seriously without losing its sense of humor and adventure. Going back to Adam West style camp would torch the franchise, a la B&R. I was underwhelmed with the trailer. Budget-wise, it looks stellar, great cast and the camerawork is beautiful. But Reeves is just going down a similar road paved by Nolan and retreaded by Snyder. I just can't get excited for it. If the reviews are good, I might check it out in the theaters. Goldenthal's work on BF and B&R is pretty damn good. I was kinda hoping he'd mention Shirley Walker's Phantasm score, but maybe he didn't want to name drop a score he worked on.
  9. Zack Snyder's Justice League For better or for worse, I finally saw it. But the damn thing shouldn't have been four hours long -- this is pure unadulterated Snyder and writer Chris Terrio excess (like the first 5-6 minutes and the unnecessary epilogue). It gets points for no Cavill CGI'd upper lip, as well as giving back giving screen time for Cyborg and The Flash and fleshing them out properly. I'm not sure whether a full Snyder cut (at a 2.5 hour length) would've fared much better than the 2017 "Josstice Cut" theatrically. While Whedon has his faults (namely his behavior with the actors during reshoots), he was able to cut out all the Snyder excess and turn out something marginally fun -- even if it wasn't good. Too bad WB didn't hire Whedon to overhaul the script before shooting and had Snyder direct that instead.
  10. I could've sworn she was on SNL. Maybe it's because she's done movies and TV shows with SNL regulars like Tina Fey. Oh well.
  11. I actually chuckled at Kemper and Delaney's lines in the trailer, that alone makes it funnier than the third HA movie. But yeah, it's essentially a remake of the first one.
  12. Dressed to Kill - Pino Donaggio It's beautifully written, but it's rather boring and has that late '70s/early '80s sheen that dates it. The Varese release sounds small and dry for the most part. But it fits Brian de Palma's campy Psycho-meets-Italian giallo thriller to a T.
  13. Confirmed in Film Music Reporter too. http://filmmusicreporter.com/2021/10/02/john-debney-to-return-for-disneys-hocus-pocus-2/
  14. In the right mindset, the movie is a giddily fun bad time at the theater. And the Rifftrax should be hysterical.
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