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  1. I haven't seen the Snyder Cut, but I did listen to the hour playlist compilation someone recommended (I can't listen to a full 4 hour score) -- it's definitely an improvement over Man of Steel and BvS. Holkenborg actually reworks and plays around with the Superman theme. There's genuine emotion throughout but like other XL and Zimmer scores it drones on and starts wearing out its welcome even in the pared-down playlist. Elfman's Josstice score was much better in comparison.
  2. "The Flash" (Shirley Walker) LLL needs to re-issue this CD. It is a perfect encapsulation of what Walker could (and did) do later on "Batman: The Animated Series" and "Superman: The Animated Series." She expertly deconstructs and weaves Elfman's theme in different ways, while crafting different motifs for all the secondary characters. The music is clear, very thematic and like the DC animated series, feels big even with only 30 musicians on each episode.
  3. I remember reading an interview with James Newton Howard about scoring News of the World, the most musicians they could get in Abbey Road, per Covid protocols, were 40 musicians (socially distanced). So having the musicians spaced out in two rooms make sense for Dominion.
  4. Great news. Maybe X-Men: The Last Stand is in the works or does Varese still have dibs on a expanded release?
  5. Film editor Paul Machliss (Baby Driver) is working on The Flash, in addition to cinematographer Henry Braham (The Suicide Squad) and costume designer Alexandra Byrne (The Avengers).
  6. I just listened to a YT playlist. Not lossless, I know, but I’m holding out for a proper release with Elfman’s themes and Young’s full score intact.
  7. Quality of the film aside, it doesn't help that portions of Young's score was either dropped in favor of re-using Elfman's material from the first two films or re-recordings of his motifs. But the action scenes are pretty much intact, save for one bit during the construction site finale.
  8. Spider-Man 3 -- Christopher Young Still bummed that this doesn't have a proper release. He deconstructs and plays around with Elfman's thematic material more -- but still in that musical family. It's amazing how many themes Young composed for the film (that got cut out) -- and it's all wonderful. The lack of electronic percussion doesn't hurt the score. I actually prefer his arrangement of Elfman's opening titles theme over Elfman's original two.
  9. Alien Ridley Scott's best movie, period. It still feels contemporary, and the slow buildup still works well. The shocks still pack a punch, effects are seamless and Sigourney Weaver's performance still engaging. Even though Scott and editor Terry Rawlings butchered Goldsmith's wonderful score in the film, how they used it with the "Freud" cues makes the film so wonderfully effective.
  10. Ivanhoe - Miklos Rozsa I actually got my hands on a mint copy of the original 1995 Excalibur re-recording for $16. And it doesn't disappoint -- still sounds vibrant, punchy and expertly performed by the Sinfonia of London.
  11. I feel pretty confident Wallfisch is going to quote Elfman's Batman theme (especially since Keaton has officially signed on), and possibly his Flash motif.
  12. The film began production in London yesterday, and the studio confirmed that Wallfisch will reunite with director Andy Muschietti (IT, IT: Chapter 2) to compose the score. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/the-flash-movie-enlists-composer-benjamin-wallfisch
  13. Apparently, the person who leaked that Alfred Molina was on the set for NWH also said , but hasn't been confirmed by the trades.
  14. Alfred Molina Details Doc Ock's Return in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Guess that means Maguire and Dunst are back in some fashion.
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