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  1. His music was indelible and helped make Blade Runner the sci-fi classic it was. Of course he composed for other films and on his own, but BR is my favorite thing he did. RIP.
  2. The Fantastic Four - David & Eric Wurst Oh my God, having this score separate from the movie really allows me to appreciate the music written here. The brothers took inspiration from Elfman, Walker, Goldsmith and Horner but there's not much temp tracking. It's cheesy and campy, but it's so entertaining. The quality of the writing and enthusiastic musicians make up for the smaller orchestra used. How is it that this score ends up better overall than John Ottman and Marco Beltrami's work?
  3. Fantastic Four (1994) No one is going to mistake this quickie Corman film for an unseen gem but it is rather charming in its ultra low-budget way. Acting is suspect at times (especially Joseph Culp, who makes Julian McMahon look subtle) but it's rather faithful to the comics story-wise. And the score by Eric & David Wurst is wonderful, would like to see an official CD release.
  4. Rabid I've seen quite a few of Cronenberg's films (not my cup of tea), but this has an understated but palpable dread as the story progresses. The late Marilyn Chambers acquits herself nicely in the leading role and while the movie has its share of gore (especially some Romero-inspired scenes), it doesn't go overboard. Cronenberg straddles the line between a vampire and a zombie flick and it's one of the underrated films in his resume. It's something you can't easily shake.
  5. It wouldn't surprise me if Intrada gets the green light for a CD release, since they've collaborated with Elfman, Marvel and Disney before.
  6. Is the Illuminati bit where Elfman quotes the 1993 X-Men animated series in the soundtrack release?
  7. Pride & Prejudice (2005) Seeing it on the big screen for the first time, you really appreciate the fine lensing by Roman Osin (who makes Keira Knightley look SO radiant), as well as the top-notch production and costume design. Joe Wright takes liberties with Jane Austen's book but he puts his own stamp on it without losing the spirit. The movie's setting feels more palpable, lived-in and the Bennet sisters actually look closer to the age in the book. With the attention given to her other roles, Knightley's Elizabeth Bennet is my favorite role she's done. There's a lot of nuance and subtlety in her gazes with the sisters and Darcy, but her emotional outbursts and moments of joy are infectious. She commands the screen but yields to co-stars when the scenes call for it. Is it perfect? No. Does it complement the 1995 BBC series? Yes.
  8. It’s an unexpected but wonderful pick. Holt is very talented. I am confused about the scoring for the series. Variety said that the episodes would be recorded in London (prior to announcing Holt’s involvement) and yet Holt said they’ve recorded in LA using JW’s principal session musicians.
  9. The Last Matinee It's a slasher-meets-giallo homage, but it's not a good movie overall. There's some striking imagery, some grisly kills and a few moments of suspense -- but it's rather blah for the most part. Ricardo Islas is more comical than scary as the Eye-Eating Killer and the kid protagonists aren't that memorable.
  10. At his age, he would insist on recording in L.A. and I don't think he would supervise remote sessions in London.
  11. I would LOVE to hear Desplat's work for Rogue One. His action writing for Deathly Hallows channeled Williams in the best way. I'm not sure if he would've utilized Williams' themes as often as Lucasfilm wanted, but I bet his theme for Jyn Erso would've been beautiful.
  12. I thought Williams would be approached to write the main theme for "Obi-Wan", be it a feature or streaming series. Much less work than writing a score for a 2 hour movie, especially at his age. You'd figure they would announce the composer for the episodes, so it must be a high profile name.
  13. I would LOVE it if Powell scored "Obi-Wan", since he did such a great job on "Solo." I don't want to get my hopes up too much. Whoever scores the six part series has their work cut out for them with Williams' new theme. Maybe it's William Ross?
  14. He definitely is unkempt. That pic of him and Bartek supervising the remote sessions -- he looks like he just got of bed and went to the studio. Hopefully he cleans up for the premiere.
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