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  1. Gunn is going to start work on GOTG V3 (and a holiday special) after he locks picture on The Suicide Squad and finish directing his episodes of "The Peacemaker." That DC project is going to be after GOTG V3. It's worse, just for the fact Pfeiffer isn't in it. She was fantastic in BR, even though I hated the movie overall.
  2. She does look like she could be related to Cavill or Russell Crowe, if the shirt Muschietti showed is any indication. I like her so far.
  3. I remember it being psychedelic with sitars and such. I don't think Mark Mothersbaugh used it in Thor Ragnarok with Strange's scene but he definitely hinted at it.
  4. Not surprised. Pretty sure Elfman will quote Giacchino's Strange theme, if not play around with it. And depending on the cameos in the film (considering the title), it would not surprise me to hear him reprise his original Spider-Man and/or Zimmer's Spider-Man themes if Maguire or Garfield pop up.
  5. Disney usually does a top-flight job dubbing their movies in different languages. But you should see the movie with its original dub, because Eartha Kitt and Patrick Warburton are freaking hilarious as Yzma and Kronk.
  6. The Emperor's New Groove Eartha Kitt's Yzma is the prime reason this movie is so funny as it is. It veers from the usual Disney formula in favor of Chuck Jones-style gags and one-liners -- and it works so well!
  7. Is this the first score Beck's personally conducted himself? He usually has Tim Davies or someone else doing it.
  8. Too bad it's not a physical re-release. I have the OOP CD, but it deserves to be more widely available for new Horner fans. The 2000 copy limit was a joke.
  9. Dark Phoenix Despite Simon Kinberg attempting another stab at the "Dark Phoenix" storyline, this actually turns out worse than The Last Stand. Kinberg tries to please the studio by paring down the story for one movie while taking a more serious approach -- and it turns into a dull, anemic sendoff for the "Fox-men". That said, Kinberg has a good handle on directing and action sequences. And as much as I like Sophie Turner, she is a woefully miscast Jean Grey. And Zimmer's score is a droning bore. X-Men: The Last Stand It's been a while since I've
  10. I like the Philharmonia Orchestra's performance here (especially the choir), but this is not a suite per se. It's just a re-recording of the last bit of "Phoenix Rises" and "The Last Stand". Powell could've arranged a nice 15 minute compilation with the film version of "Opening Credits" (film version), "Whirlpool of Love", "Attack on Alcatraz", plus the previous two tracks. Kind of a wasted opportunity.
  11. Ever After - George Fenton It works equally well in the film and outside as a listening experience. The main theme for Danielle is exquisitely beautiful, especially in its sad form in "The Glass Slipper" and cleverly mingling with Countess Rodmilla's in "Sweet Revenge." A very underrated Fenton score. The soundtrack is programmed for an enjoyable listening experience, not chronological. That's OK in my book.
  12. It's so refreshing to hear Zimmer break out of his soundscape / dialed-in sound he's been stuck in the past 5 years (i.e. Dark Phoenix, Dunkirk). And he intelligently develops and adds depth to the 'war cry' motif to make it a proper superhero theme. I wish Zimmer had been this inspired when he did the Nolan and Snyder films. Because when he does a project he loves, he comes up with inspired work.
  13. The awful camerawork hurts the dance sequences -- the three basic shot (close-ups, medium, and wide) setups at eye-line level rather than emulating the Busby Berkeley musical shots. And the editing is crap too. I tried watching Can't Stop the Music -- it is worse than Xanadu. Xanadu is innocuous if incomprehensible. Music is offensively kitschy and boring -- and when you lose the lead singer of the Village People because the script was bad... that's saying something.
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