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  1. I didn't see the video on this thread earlier, so here it is. First time I've seen orchestral contractor Isobel Griffiths. She's cute.
  2. There's hardly any big movies for this year, as Christmas is usually very lucrative. Dune isn't a superhero tentpole film, so they're aiming at different audiences. Sony successfully counterprogrammed their Jumanji movies against Disney's SW sequels in 2017 and 2019. Paramount released Adventures of Tintin and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol within days of each other in 2011.
  3. It's actually pretty smart for WB to put two films in the Christmas holiday spot since 2020 is so barren right now. We'll see if they stay in those spots or move to 2021.
  4. No one else mentioned Emma Watson's painful autotune in Beauty and the Beast? Shame. Everyone else in that cast could sing. Disney could've saved a couple of million by getting someone like Emmy Rossum who can sing and act -- even if she didn't look as youthful as Watson did.
  5. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Boseman believed he was going to beat the cancer up until a week ago, while preparing to enter training for BP2 (which was initially slated to begin filming March 2021). Then things rapidly went downhill. Apart from his family members, only his producing partner, trainer, agent and 42 director Brian Helgeland knew to varying degrees about his cancer diagnosis. Marvel and everyone else was kept in the dark.
  6. They probably knew he was sick, but it was clear they were NOT aware that he was in advance stages of colon cancer. Some people don't want to be defined by what they die from. That's why Boseman kept it secret.
  7. It’s absolutely crushing to hear. To think he battled cancer fiercely while shooting these big movies— while keeping it secret from almost everyone— takes real strength. The Portals scene in Avengers Endgame is even more poignant now.
  8. It deserves to be seen on the big screen, but I don’t see it as the savior for moviegoing.
  9. I thought Goransson’s score was obnoxious in the movie. And I don’t know if it’s me, but Nolan bringing in a different editor makes it feel less smooth and lacks Lee Smith’s smoothness in terms of action cutting.
  10. Watched this earlier tonight, first film I’ve seen in theaters since the pandemic. And this is the first Nolan film where it’s more style than substance. For a film that Nolan has pushed to be the first major film to reinvigorate moviegoing during a pandemic, it is too twisty and borderline incoherent in places. The driving concept about inverted time never makes much sense— even when it resolves itself at the end, it left me shaking my head. John David Washington is given a thankless role here, literally named ‘Protagonist’, who comes off as a watered down version of Jason Bourne. I’m not sure whether Nolan wanted him to have a simmering chemistry with Elizabeth Debicki, because it isn’t there. Kenneth Branagh gives the film life by essentially reprising his Shadow Recruit role. Robert Pattinson stole the whole film, he has energy and charisma that Washington lacked. But the whole movie looks sumptuous, most effects shot practically. Hoyte van Hoytema deserves major credit for his IMAX lensing and Tenet deserves to be seen on the big screen. It’s a serviceable blockbuster.
  11. Snyder shot JL in 1.85 because he liked how the IMAX scenes looked in BvS. Everything else he’s shot in 2.40 anamorphic.
  12. Pattinson looks and sounds great as Batman. Just not wowed by his Bruce Wayne.
  13. The teaser for The Batman leaked. Not going to link it until official HQ, but it looks grittier than Nolan's films. I was hoping for a more fantastical approach, but one or two villains look straight out of a Rob Zombie flick. (One guy gets the shit kicked out of him by Battison.) And speaking of which, not digging Pattinson's Bruce Wayne look.
  14. Snyder will drop the film in four 1-hour installments.
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