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  1. Actually surprised Disney/20th Century agreed to a CD release.
  2. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters The non sequiturs are still funny (as is the hysterical "Let's All Go to the Lobby" spoof), but the length and plotting make it a slog. The show is so much better in the original 10-12 minute segments.
  3. I like the Snyder suit design they’re using for Supergirl’s look in The Flash.
  4. You can watch any episode of "Ghost Whisperer" for Hewitt's cleavage. Much less excruciating.
  5. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer The first film, while twisting Lois Duncan's dramatic novel into a slasher movie, was a decent little thriller. Not great, but perfectly watchable. The rushed follow-up (greenlit because the first raked in the $$$) is just dull, idiotic and rehashes every tired slasher movie cliche in the book. Gratuitous shots of Jennifer Love Hewitt in cleavage baring outfits? Check. Brandy and Mekhi Phifer as the token couple? Check. Jack Black as a painfully unfunny stoner guy? Check. The villain managing to off victims and clean up after himsel
  6. They had a spat over the theme park rights. Disney originally signed a letter of intent in 2004 but didn’t want to spend the kind of money JKR and WB wanted for the park. Then Universal swooped in, offered up carte blanche and profited handsomely. Say what you want about JKR, but she is one savvy and astute businesswoman. AT&T is spinning off WarnerMedia and merging it with Discovery.
  7. The novelty of such crossovers becoming reality would wear off quickly. Plus JKR would nix any Wizarding World/Star Wars crossover films.
  8. Had Jeff Bewkes annulled the AT&T/Warner deal, the mega merger could've been Disney buying Warner Bros. instead of 20th Century Fox.
  9. Tom & Jerry are owned by Warner Bros (and stream on HBO Max). When Ted Turner bought MGM in 1986, he kept the pre-1986 film library before selling the studio off.
  10. I would've thought that antitrust law would've kept Disney from purchasing Fox in the first place. It's shameful seeing the Mouse House basically turn a powerhouse like 20th Century Fox into a label like WB did with New Line Cinema.
  11. I tried watching The Princess Bride multiple times... it comes off as a too cutesy, self-aware adventure film. I can't get into it... and I really do like Elwes and Wright in it. The supporting characters are what kill the movie for me. When Stardust first came out, people were comparing it favorably to Princess Bride. I think it's better than Bride, because Matthew Vaughn hits the right tone, the movie is humorous without winking at itself, the stakes feel real, the whole cast is excellent and there's a genuine sense of fun and adventure.
  12. The Dark Knight Actually saw this on the big screen again since summer 2008. The plot largely still holds up, Bale's deeper Bat voice still annoys, Pfister's lensing is still impeccable. Zimmer reusing his material doesn't bother me the way it did when it first came out. The ending is just as cathartic and beautifully cinematic. And Ledger... it's crazy how he was in the film for only 20+ minutes but he OWNED each scene he was in. And his last scene is just haunting. I am honestly curious, had he not died, whether he would've appeared in TDKR.
  13. I haven't seen the Snyder Cut, but I did listen to the hour playlist compilation someone recommended (I can't listen to a full 4 hour score) -- it's definitely an improvement over Man of Steel and BvS. Holkenborg actually reworks and plays around with the Superman theme. There's genuine emotion throughout but like other XL and Zimmer scores it drones on and starts wearing out its welcome even in the pared-down playlist. Elfman's Josstice score was much better in comparison.
  14. "The Flash" (Shirley Walker) LLL needs to re-issue this CD. It is a perfect encapsulation of what Walker could (and did) do later on "Batman: The Animated Series" and "Superman: The Animated Series." She expertly deconstructs and weaves Elfman's theme in different ways, while crafting different motifs for all the secondary characters. The music is clear, very thematic and like the DC animated series, feels big even with only 30 musicians on each episode.
  15. I remember reading an interview with James Newton Howard about scoring News of the World, the most musicians they could get in Abbey Road, per Covid protocols, were 40 musicians (socially distanced). So having the musicians spaced out in two rooms make sense for Dominion.
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