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  1. How to Steal a Million Aubrey Hepburn is radiant here, which is no Breakfast at Tiffany's, but still quite lively. She has some crackling chemistry with Peter O'Toole, even though the picture runs too long for its own good. Williams' score is interesting considering how lively and jazzy it is (shades of Pink Panther), but his composing style is still distinct even all those decades ago. One cue is reminiscent of his Lex Luthor fanfare for Superman: The Movie.
  2. Muppets Most Wanted It's fun. Not the best Muppet movie, but it's inoffensive and silly. Needed more of Tina Fey's Nadya and less of Ricky Gervais's Dominic Badguy. And could've done without the Miss Piggy/Celine Dion duet.
  3. Paul Rudd doesn't do botox or any of that. He's aging damn well.
  4. You'd figure with Silvestri getting kudos for Avengers Endgame would be a signal that Hollywood embraced more traditional orchestral scoring again. Sigh.
  5. Sony's being super careful. I do think if theaters open up by July or August, some of these early 2021 titles will get bumped up.
  6. Christ, what is with producers' obsession with Balfe? So pissed he's doing this. Desplat would've been so much better.
  7. When I was 11, yes. We were subscribed to Showtime then and so I got a quick taste.
  8. Species This is better than the sequels it’s spawned, but it’s still a low grade B movie. Natasha Henstridge (again) looks ravishing, especially since she spends a quarter of the movie nude or partially dressed. The supporting cast is fine for what it is (especially Alfred Molina and Ben Kingsley) but the schlock brings down Christopher Young’s propulsive score.
  9. Species II Even for a B-movie, this is god awful. Natasha Henstridge looks ravishing but that's about it. The script makes little sense, half the scenes are laugh out loud funny, but this is one steaming pile. Howling II had more entertainment value.
  10. It's been filming for a couple weeks now. Lana and her sister usually hire a composer before filming starts (like Jupiter Ascending), so maybe Don Davis is back on board? We'll see.
  11. Too bad Trevorrow didn't use the "it's the final film in the series" excuse to try to coerce John Williams back for Dominion. Rather disappointed Giacchino is returning for this. At least he's not doing Matrix 4.
  12. Krull - James Horner It's been a while since I've listened to it (again), but this is Horner's best 'big' score. Vibrant recording, themes abundant, clear dramatic structure, and exquisite orchestration. The celli and brass writing is second to none and there was something in the way Greig McRitchie orchestrated that made it so fresh and distinct during Horner's peak early-1980s to early 1990s output. It's a shame both Horner and McRitchie are gone. They worked well together.
  13. Some directors still lock their movies in advance, depending on how production and post-production goes. It's increasingly rare and generally only happens if a movie gets pushed back.
  14. That's what I think too. I do think Williams will bow out since Spielberg is no longer directing.
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