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  1. "Animaniacs" (Hulu revival) While it may look and sound like the original, thanks to the original voice actors returning (as well as composers Steven and Julie Bernstein) -- it feels hollow and mean-spirited. There are moments where it regains a glimmer of what made the original fun for all ages -- there's a Batman v. Superman dig that made me laugh. But without creator Tom Ruegger or any of the original writers on board, the story never feels quite right. Most of the segments are devoted to the Warners and Pinky & the Brain -- but if you're a fan of Slappy Squirrel
  2. I can't believe she's 61. She still looks amazing.
  3. The desaturated B&W look is so gimmicky. Had Snyder been allowed to film with actual B&W film stock like David Eggers' The Lighthouse, it would look crisper and more organic. (I don't know if Snyder got this idea from Logan or Parasite having B&W editions.) He should stick with the look he was aiming for during principal photography. Not some pretentious arthouse filter.
  4. It’s hitting international screens a week early on December 16, whichever ones are still open by then. Here in North America, WW84 will play in theaters that are open as well. It will only be on HBO Max for a month, then theaters have it exclusively for the next month before digital purchase and rollout after the third month. Then it come back on HBO Max after the physical releases.
  5. If Jurassic World: Dominion is closer to Battle at Big Rock than Fallen Kingdom, I'll take it.
  6. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom The script has some vaguely intriguing plot elements, but a SyFy level of quality (the Dino auction is cringey). Again, J.A. Bayona’s direction is terrific (and imbues some suspense), Giacchino’s score is fun and the VFX looks great. But Trevorrow wrote himself into a corner, one that Dominion will have a hard time coming out of. Even with Alan, Ellie and Ian back for the ride.
  7. I was too busy drinking in the glorious photos and footage of Ms. Page. Her life story is certainly full of twists and turns. The score did its job, I suppose.
  8. Bettie Page Reveals All An entertaining documentary about the titular pinup queen and her influence on glamour and sexuality. And yes, plenty of her nudie shots are sprinkled throughout.
  9. Something Wicked This Way Comes (both Horner and rejected Delerue score) I still like Horner's score better but Delerue's was no slouch. The melodies he wrote for this film were beyond reproach but obviously weren't what the studio wanted. I would've loved to see Jack Clayton's director's cut with Delerue's score restored. Horner's replacement score is more on-the-nose (like the scary music), but it fits the movie better. The smaller ensemble, plus the pristine album mixing by Simon Rhodes, makes for a great listening experience.
  10. Definitely case by case basis. Is it considered a remastering if the original elements were pristine and simply remixed? I'm thinking of Intrada's splendid OOP release of Horner's Something Wicked This Way Comes. Shawn Murphy originally mixed and recorded the score -- but Simon Rhodes did the final album mix and mastering. The album sounds like it could be recorded yesterday.
  11. It wastes Claudia Kim's talents. I was expecting her to play a powerful witch in the Ministry or a Hogwarts professor.
  12. Don't bother. It's an incoherent mess. That said, the recasting is a BIG upgrade. But even with that, it needs to be wrap up things. I don't want two more movies of Eddie Redmayne bumbling his way through the story.
  13. Has Powell worked with Intrada before? I know Disney has/had a deal with them for several MCU scores, OZ, several of Horner's, but it's still iffy. I'm happy with the 2018 release, but if a CD release of the Deluxe Edition is available, I'd buy it.
  14. Like Minds (Murderous Intent) - Carlo Giacco The Black Cauldron (Varese Encore) - Elmer Bernstein Alexandra - Andrey Sigle
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