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  1. Frozen 2 Disappointing. Apart from everyone returning and the big budget sheen, Frozen 2 feels like a DTV sequel in terms of plot. There was no reason to make it aside from money. Some nice songs, including "Show Yourself", but nothing like the first one. Considering how bad fans wanted a sequel, maybe Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee should've left fans wanting more.
  2. The slapstick scenes are more painful (rather than funny) when Marv and Harry encounter each booby trap in the apartment. Even Home Alone 3, bad as it is, didn't have this kind of cruelty.
  3. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York It wouldn't have surprised me if John Hughes essentially took his script for the first movie, changed some names and locations, and submitted it to Fox within a week of them green lighting the sequel. Essentially a bigger, NY-set copy of the first movie -- same kind of scary-misunderstood-person-with-a-heart-of-gold, Catherine O'Hara regurgitating her protective mom/shrieking harpy schtick, and Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern going through more painful stuntwork. There's some pleasures to be had in the movie -- Tim Curry as the snotty hotel manager, Brenda Fricker as the Pigeon Lady -- but everything was done better the first go-round. Even Williams' score. I can't bring myself to hate it though.
  4. Babette's Feast It's just a beautiful film, leisurely paced and cinematically filling like a good meal. Gabriel Axel keeps the film on point (with a charming performance from the late Stephane Audran), which is narratively simple but the message is profound. The first hour is tough going, but once Babette starts preparing her meal, it transforms into something else entirely. The food preparation scenes alone make the film worth seeing.
  5. I tried watching The Godfather and I felt myself dozing off. It’s one of those classic films that I have zero interest in finishing. Hell, I dozed off watching The Aviator.
  6. Red Eye A fun, quick, compact little thriller. Rachel McAdams's character is smart and resourceful, while Cillian Murphy's villain is a bit smarter than the usual bad guy. I wish Wes Craven had done more of these movies, rather than being pigeonholed as just a horror director. Beltrami's score feels like an extension of his Scream scores, helping keep the tension high.
  7. Some of those crossover comics are good. Too bad WB and Marvel didn't team up for JLA/Avengers back before Disney bought the latter. The scope of that would make Avengers Endgame look like child's play.
  8. Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary A very entertaining and thorough coverage of the development, filming, post-production, release and the film's cult status over the past 20 years. Everyone involved with Galaxy Quest gets interviewed, as well as a few ST actors and filmmakers (like Damon Lindeof and Greg Berlanti) gushing about the movie. Some very funny and touching remembrances of the late Alan Rickman too. There's a definite Trekkies vibe throughout the film too. A must for fans of the movie. Even if you're not a fan of the movie, you'll likely see it in a different light after this.
  9. Phoenix also had Michael Goldenberg adapting the film. I think he did a better job doing that compared to Kloves' work on Goblet and Half-Blood Prince. Wish he had stayed on the Potter series instead of butchering Green Lantern after...
  10. Reminds me of Julie & Julia in terms of approach. Lots of string pizzicato and playful piano lines.
  11. Just putting it out there for the forum members who compose and want to record their pieces cheaply.
  12. It was originally $99 Orchestra when they first started their Kickstarter in 2016. And now they have grown and rebranded as Musiversal earlier this year. But their business model is still the same. They've dropped the Lisbon musicians (Basic and Epic options), as well as the Los Angeles union options. Instead, they offer up options to record in Budapest (30 or 54 piece orchestra), Prague (22 string or 30 piece orchestra) or London (12 string sessions). https://www.musiversal.com/
  13. I have to hand it to Dwayne Johnson, he stayed with the project for over a decade. That's dedication. As for the actual movie... I dunno. Jaume Collet-Serra directing isn't exciting me, especially after the cringeworthy Jungle Cruise trailer.
  14. With the exception of A New Hope, they were gone in the TNT/TBS airings and replaced with a standard Lucasfilm logo. But that was before Disney purchased the studio outright.
  15. The Lighthouse It's such a fascinating and hypnotic film. You're really drawn into the deteriorating mindsets of Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe's characters... and you're not sure whether part of the movie is real or not. Director Robert Eggers really creates a starkly beautiful and ominous 1890s New England, highlighted by the sumptuous lensing by Jarin Blaschke. The mental breakdowns feel more palpable and realistic compared to something like Joker. This has to be seen on the big screen... it won't have that same impact if you wait till streaming or Blu-ray.
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