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  1. Orlando Sally Potter should get more work. This film blurs the line between gender and time but it is so enrapturing. Aleksei Rodionov's cinematography is crisp and clean, complementing Tilda Swinton's gender fluid character.
  2. Castle in the Sky - Joe Hisaishi The 1998 re-recording in Seattle for the U.S. dub improves upon the original soundtrack. It hews closely to the original compositions but having the orchestra perform them gives it more power. Just having Hisaishi and Miyazaki oversee the re-recording itself is a mark of approval. Just beautiful.
  3. They were sequels. Pat Hingle and Michael Gough played the same characters in all four movies.
  4. If Keaton's deal makes, the movie would actually take place 30 years after Batman Returns. Meaning Batman Forever and Batman & Robin would be retconned out, a la X-Men: Days of Future Past.
  5. I've always respected Joel for how he owned up to Batman & Robin's failings. Would've liked to see him direct a darker Batman film the way he wanted, it would've been interesting to see how it differed to his "toyetic" movies. It's a shame he passed.
  6. I'd thought you would perk up.
  7. He's in talks for the role. It could break down and they can try to get Affleck again.
  8. Michael Keaton to return as Batman in "Flash" movie Wow.
  9. That’s a damn shame. At least it wasn’t COVID.
  10. Another thing I miss since Disney bought Lucasfilm is the incredible Dolby Digital Surround EX mixes. You could use any of the prequel or OT movies to show off your home theater system. The Disney movies sound good, no doubt, but not quite as robust.
  11. X-Files: Fight the Future - Mark Snow It's nice to get this score properly mixed, thanks to LLL's expanded release. A proper big-screen expansion of Snow's music for the show, with some fine orchestral writing in "Crossroads" and "Crater Hug." It's more about tone and atmosphere than motifs and musical storytelling, but it fits the movie (and CD release) just fine. Child's Play 2 - Graeme Revell It's strongly thematic and propulsive for a slasher movie -- and for his first major studio film, Revell delivered in spades. It's fun (much like the movie itself), but apart from the action cues I don't hear much of Shirley Walker's touch on it. Whoever recommended her to Revell deserved a raise though.
  12. The Walk For all the positive buzz it got, it never clicked for me. As good as Joseph Gordon-Levitt is, I never really buy him as Phillippe Petit. Dariusz Wolski's digital photography is rather drab and while the climax is uplifting, it's a slog getting there. I expected better from Robert Zemeckis. Can anyone explain why Zemeckis continues failing upwards? He keeps losing money for studios and yet they still want him for big budget films. There's only so much goodwill Forrest Gump and the Back to the Future movies can get you.
  13. Nightbreed - Danny Elfman I like this one! Shirley Walker's orchestrations are all over this score, a more carnival and macabre take on Elfman's Batman style -- like those brass layers -- an underrated score for sure. Really beautiful and harmonic. I wish he worked with her more in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She gave Elfman's music a real zest and energy.
  14. The latter. Takes me back to the good old days of DVD and studios saved their annoying ads for VHS. Now it's a rare thing to see, unless you're a director that specifies "NO ADS" in their contracts like Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron or Michael Bay.
  15. It is. It's nice to pop in a disc and have it go straight to the main menu or feature playback.
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