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  1. Pemberton subsequently approvingly retweeted @filmsonwax's improved version of the trailer:
  2. Australian shipping report (amounts may vary for other countries): for an order of 4 of the new releases, shipping was cheapest at Intrada ($31), followed by La-La Land Records ($36.50), followed by Screen Archives ($37).
  3. I took @Gibster's post to mean re-releasing The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day. Unfortunately I don't think they've been in stock since June 2021 (based on my La-La Land Records emails).
  4. It was good to see Nicholas Dodd conducting at the Sound of 007 concert. I don't think he's collaborated with David Arnold since Paul (2011).
  5. Brett Mitchell's cover of the title track:
  6. I just stumbled upon Q The Music Show (via FSM), a small James Bond tribute ensemble (founded in 2004!). Honestly, I'm impressed - I think these covers are much better than the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra's.
  7. David Arnold has known about the release for some time. I hope this means Moonraker and Licence to Kill are likewise back on the cards.
  8. Yes, I'm worried the moment has passed for Sequel Trilogy LTP concerts, unless Taika Waititi's movie and/or Rian Johnson's trilogy (a) actually happen and (b) are tied in to the ST, neither of which seem likely (which is fine by me, though a Waititi/Giacchino collaboration with a longer run up would be a good chance for the latter to atone for the understandably undercooked Rogue One).
  9. Early days obviously, but I think it's a great score, despite its brevity. I'd place it above the similarly restrained Stepmom and The Book Thief. Selfishly, I wish Spielberg's movie had called for more music, and I hope this won't be their last collaboration.
  10. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is performing Star Wars: A New Hope again under Nicholas Buc's baton on 2023-01-28 (2 performances in 1 day!). They've previously done the original trilogy and The Force Awakens. I'd be keen to see TLJ and TROS in the future, movie quality aside.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Is it a coincidence or is there some tie-in to Jaws in the film?
  12. Does anyone know why the international release of this film is so delayed (March in Germany!)? I'll have the score months in advance of getting the chance to hear it in its original context.
  13. For what it's worth, Screen Archives had the cheapest international shipping for me at $16 (compared to $17.25 at La-La Land and $20 at Intrada).
  14. I'm mainly curious whether 'fresh outputs of the 192k/24 bit master files' means any audible difference from the 2016 release. Too bad this is the only release I'm interested in in this batch - once again, international shipping fees are going to cost almost as much as the product itself Bring on more David Arnold and Thomas Newman expansions!
  15. That said, https://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html is an evergreen explanation of why high-resolution audio is at best a waste of space when it comes to playback.
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