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  1. The director has previously worked with Ramin Djawadi (Elephant) and Harry Gregson-Williams (Penguins, Monkey Kingdom) so it's not implausible - Disney isn't skimping on the music budget, at least. If it does happen it will be a good excuse for Jon Burlingame to invite Newman back on his For Scores podcast. White Bird feels so far away, and even considering the Hollywood strike the release schedule is bizarre. Why release it only in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia in January and then sit on it for 10 months? Just delay it everywhere.
  2. Is there an official list of what tracks include Monty Norman's James Bond Theme and Paul & Linda McCartney's Live and Let Die? I hear parts of the above in these tracks: * James Bond Theme # Live and Let Die 101 Gun Barrel / Voodoo Ceremony * 102 Live And Let Die (Main Title) # 103 Bond To New York 104 Whisper Who Dares * 105 Oh Cult Voodoo Shop 106 James Bond Theme (Film Version) * 107 Bond Meets Solitaire (Extended Version) * # 108 Baron Samedi's Dance Of Death (Film Version) 109 San Monique 110 Snakes Alive (Film Version) * 111 Bond And Rosie # 112 Fortune Telling 113 Rosie Flees * # 114 Bond Drops In (Film Version) * 115 The Lovers * # 116 If He Finds It, Kill Him * 117 Low Bridge # 118 New Orleans 119 Just A Closer Walk With Thee / New Second Line 120 Fillet Of Soul – New Orleans / Live And Let Die / Fillet Of Soul – Harlem # 121 Bond's Watch 122 Solitaire Gets Her Cards * 123 Trespassers Will Be Eaten (Extended Version) * 124 Boat Chase # 125 Sacrifice (Film Version) 126 Underground Lair # 127 On The Train / Finale * # 201 Live And Let Die (Main Title) # 202 Just A Closer Walk With Thee / New Second Line 203 Bond Meets Solitaire * # 204 Whisper Who Dares * 205 Snakes Alive * 206 Baron Samedi's Dance Of Death 207 San Monique 208 Fillet Of Soul – New Orleans / Live And Let Die / Fillet Of Soul – Harlem # 209 Bond Drops In * # 210 If He Finds It, Kill Him 211 Trespassers Will Be Eaten * 212 Solitaire Gets Her Cards * 213 Sacrifice 214 James Bond Theme * 215 San Monique (Early Version) 216 Boat Chase Pt. 1 (Early Version) * 217 Fillet Of Soul – New Orleans / Live And Let Die / Fillet Of Soul – Harlem (Alternate) # 218 Underground Lair (Alternate Opening) 219 Sacrifice (Extended Album Version) 220 Baron Samedi's Dance Of Death (Extended Album Version)
  3. Isn't https://www.qobuz.com/album/crawl-end-crawl-from-the-motion-picture-quantum-of-solace-four-tet/y0ot60f0tfngb official?
  4. Japanese TV shows often use John Williams' music, but mostly Star Wars (for anything to do with space), Jurassic Park (dinosaurs) and Jaws (sharks). This week's episode of the quiz show Konya wa Nazotore used Hook for the first time that I can recall - maybe the producers were inspired by the release of the Ultimate Edition. The segment in question was regarding a fancy department store - I guess The Banquet is kind of regal. Aside from JW, How to Train Your Dragon is used very frequently, along with some older Giacchino themes. Overall they have good taste. 世界が感動!ニッポンのスゴいとこ2時間SP | TVer- 世界が感動!ニッポンのスゴいとこ2時間SP | TVer- 世界が感動!ニッポンのスゴいとこ2時間SP | TVer- Interesting that Japan is exactly the same, even down to HTTYD!
  5. Mike Matessino managed to get The E.T. Adventure from the Universal Studios attraction in the expanded 2017/2022 album, so maybe there's some hope.
  6. The electric guitar in Opening (track 1) and Blue (track 15) reminds me a bit of Clint Mansell's The Wrestler. I can't see myself listening to this album regularly, but frankly any new Hisaishi release is to be treasured.
  7. Hisaishi composed the music for the new Japanese film Silent Love (not to be confused with the main theme from A Scene at the Sea (1991)). The soundtrack is available on streaming platforms. VGMdb has the detailed credits. The soundtrack album is only 31 minutes long and is quite minimalistic (in the vein of The Boy and the Heron). Don't expect hummable melodies.
  8. It was a happy surprise to see a new episode in my feed! Would you consider releasing recordings (maybe a 'best of' compilation) of the live episodes?
  9. Does the bad blood between Éric Serra and EON mean a Goldeneye expansion is unlikely to ever happen? John Altman said in 2016 that he was on speaking terms with Serra again, and it would be good to see his tank chase cue released officially one day.
  10. Utterly bemused by Didier Deutsch's mindset. He's listed as a producer alongside Mike Matessino on the La-La Land Records expansions of 1941, the Fury and Rosewood - did he object to those not being quick and dirty re-releases, too?
  11. Hannon and Talbot (and writer/director Paul King) were on Edith Bowman's Soundtracking podcast recently. I haven't listened beyond what was in that episode, but the Bricusse/Newley Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory score is a childhood favourite and I'm glad it's referenced.
  12. Screen Archives Entertainment just shipped my copy. Hoping it'll arrive early in the new year.
  13. Begging Quartet, La-La Land and the other specialty labels to coördinate their releases so I don't have to pay for shipping twice Ordered from Screen Archives Entertainment who still have the cheapest (uninsured) shipping to Australia at US$16. Happily the US dollar fell a bit today - thank you, Papa Powell.
  14. I love the restrained funeral march-like motif in the first 30 seconds of Up in a Basket. It reminds me a bit of Elgar's orchestration of Chopin's Marche funèbre - can anyone think of other similar works?
  15. Great - we might be lucky and get a Blu-ray release down the track if they're going to the effort of recording it anyway.
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