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  1. Ah yes you're right, sorry those pdf's are screenshots that I took of Trent B's Google docs, couldn't tell you why though, had them for so long and didn't remember where they came from till you said. Same with the other Google doc unfortunately.
  2. Hhhmm maybe overall theme isn't the right way to put it. Set up and pay off instead?
  3. Not sure how useful these will be for ya, but I downloaded editing guides which are pretty old for Eps II and III, also there's this google doc that also has a breakdown of TOR music files. Revenge Of The Sith Editing Guide.pdf Attack Of The Clones Editing Guide - Sheet1.pdf
  4. Well certainly the creature designs are the same, I wonder though would the overall theme of learning to be one with nature and working with it would of been the outcome of this arc? Logistics aside, wholeheartedly agree that wookiees would have better and helped ROTJ be higher regarded, not sure if it'd reach Empire levels as there's still plenty that give ROTJ a more kid friendly feel (I know that's always been the target audience but coming off Empire ROTJ has a more childish sense of humour about it outside of the Ewoks).
  5. Hadn't heard of this arc, do you have links to any more info? For Clone War's the only remaining complete arc animatics I've seen are the Utapau ones. Then there's the Dark Disciple arc and whatever the Boba Fett Vs Cad Bane scene was from have made their way online, are there any more? As far as wookiees in ROTJ, my understanding was finding enough actors that were 7ft+ and creating costumes for them was more expensive compared to hiring uumm people of smaller stature. As for the latest episode it again was kind of predictable but overall still enjoyable. I think the show is starting to go heavy on Omega being force sensitive. Although now I'm not sure if it's Cid that sells out the Bad Batch, but whatever happens it still feels like Omega will be captured by the Empire and if it's not Cid calling in favours, it'll be the Bad Batch asking Millegi, Gungi and the other wookiees, plus any other characters we meet to help in her rescue.
  6. Groovygoth666


    Could this be the "Hook Hook Hook" vocal overlay from the leaked sessions?
  7. As has been said, the first two episodes didn't feel like a strong opening, personally would have liked Crosshairs episode to have been the first episode, but drop Cody leaving at the end and stretch his arch of becoming disillusioned over the course of the season as it felt rushed by having it done in one episode. Episodes 4 and 5 were enjoyable if not predictable. I feel that with Cid towards the end of the series she's going to sell out the Bad Batch to the Empire to save her own skin, with Omega asking "how could you?" and Cid replying "Sorry kid, it's just business", later having a change of heart and trying to save the Bad Batch by calling in favours from people like Millegi. But still looking forward to what's in store.
  8. Ya, bottom of the page under theme
  9. Agreed, Johnson wrote the film using TFA as a jumping off point, how he handled it is what most people debate. Absolutely agree again, as you say JJ's approach is that the mystery itself is more interesting than the answer, but RJ is having to build off those questions and come up with his own answers, again it comes down to how he handled them. It's also reported that Luke was supposed to have rocks floating around him in that last scene, till RJ asked JJ to change it, so there's definitely some collaboration between the two. As far as Rey goes TFA is telling us (well can be interpreted at least) that she's important. She claims to know about being classified and that she's waiting for her family to return to Jakku, which is a major part of her wanting to go back there. Then there's Rey and Maz's conversation after Rey grabs Anakins lightsaber - MAZ "That lightsaber was Luke's. And his father's before him and now, it calls to you!" REY "I have to get back to Jakku." MAZ "Han told me. Dear child. I see your eyes. You already know the truth. Whomever you're waiting for on Jakku, they're never coming back. But... there's someone who still could." REY "Luke." MAZ "The belonging you seek is not behind you. It is ahead. I am no Jedi, but I know the Force. It moves through and surrounds every living thing. Close your eyes. Feel it. The light. It's always been there. It will guide you. The saber. Take it." REY "I'm never touching that again. I don't want any part of this" Also the fact she is able to use the force with zero training and being under the impression that Luke is a myth could add fire to the belief that she's more important without knowing it. But the film also wants to treat Rey's origins as the mystery box, and by heading to Ahch-To in the finale she's letting go of that and choosing to move forward. Which puts Rian in a difficult position for starting his movie. He choose between continuing Rey's origins as being a mystery or unimportant to the story, not acknowledging it at all or coming up with an answer. And he chose to answer it with his own take, which many found underwhelming.
  10. Agreed, for me this comes down to a very big problem that the live action side of Disney Star Wars has, outside of the sequel trilogy the focus is on throwing as many references to the OT as possible in a very cheap attempt to get you endeared to the new property. While the animated side has very much tried to enrich and add to the larger story, with the references to the OT being minimal
  11. For me it felt like it's a planet more suited to the prequel era than the sequel, just based on it having more impact on that era and not being of any revelance after that though. But yeah Bad Batch really scratches that itch in following up on Kamino's place in the larger story.
  12. The thing is how trailers are made. Usually either a small amount of footage or an early cut of a film is handed over to a different company to make a trailer, with the director or producers having little say in what's used. The only studio that seems to go out of their way to be deceptive is Marvel. As far as footage being in trailers that weren't in the film, this isn't anything new either, go look at the trailers for Ghostbusters or Home Alone and you'll find stuff that wasn't in the final cut. In this particular case though, watching the trailer, Ana De Armas is only in the James Corden scenes, so to watch this film expecting her to be a major part is lost on me. The trailer isn't selling her as being integral to the plot or overall story. Just that when the main character is on the late late show with James Corden, she's there. If the only reason the plaintiffs watched this film based solely on those few minutes of footage and didn't get what they expected they are certainly in their right to demand a refund, but $5 million for false advertising is absurd.
  13. True, while the stories in BOBF, The Mandalorian and Obi Wan aren't the main story, there's a whole galaxy out there to explore and Tatooine seems to be the one planet that gets visited the most in the live action shows. Which is a shame, because the animated side has explored many different planets, only returning to Tatooine sparingly.
  14. At this point "well if there's a bright centre of the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from" feels more like Luke can't see the bright centre because he's stood on it
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