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  1. Not sure how that effects the pacing? Lot's of drawn out shots that could easily be trimmed down or even cut altogether. Even if the main goal was world building it still feels like I don't really know anything about Ferrix or Morlana One, well Ferrix seems to be a junk planet of sorts and no idea what Morlana One is but "Corporate" is based there, but who are they and how is their own security able to act on different planets? So far in the near 2 hours of Andor I know less about these worlds than Lucas managed in nearly the same amount of time for ANH. For the characters a lot is really well established in the first episode, but the second feels like padding than any actual development, with the third being the most impactful to them.
  2. As many have said, the pace is very slow for the first three episodes, really feel a lot of it could of been condensed into an one hour or so episode. But it is a breath of fresh air for a Star Wars show to take it's time, just not maybe this much . Still not sure what the Corporate people are or their relationship with the Empire, but they actually seem competent for the most part and not cartoonishly evil. For Andor himself, he seems to be pretty much the same character as he is in Rogue One, so wondering if there's going to be more flashbacks to fill in how he got to be where he is. Overall though I did enjoy it and will stick with it. A big problem is nobody can agree on "what Star Wars is" or what makes a Star Wars well Star Wars, feels like a lot recently has been nostalgia bait and the new takes being mostly incoherent for both story and action.
  3. First Film in Concert, was amazing! Really enjoyed seeing the film like this so will be keeping my eye out for more. Yeah was a bit odd at first, sounded like it was just the music without the choir. But the part where the Emperor is electrocuting Luke still gave me goosebumps. Haven't seen the first two, but it all flowed nicely to me. Actually prefered the bit just as the rebel fleet goes into hyperspace, it had always been quite a sharp change before. But yeah for the musicans some of those edits must be terrible to perform (but they still managed to pull them off). At the 7:30 performance they did Through The Window, which was a bit odd as well but maybe as they're already doing Return of The Jedi it was just to give the orcestra something a bit different but still Star Wars? That plus Ewok Feast and Part of The Tribe, which both felt really bare bones done this way. The first time I was a bit confused, but the second time noticed it was the trumpets, wasn't expecting that so a nice touch indeed. Prefer Yub Nub myself , you nailed it on the head with it being more wistful and melancholy, which is maybe more fitting as instead of being the end of the story it's now leading into the sequel trilogy? Also it's been a very long time since watching the Special Editions, but did some of the dialogue during the celebration montage seem to be mixed louder to you?
  4. Well I'm not mad, just disappointed. Going over both quickly it does seem they are the same, for the most part, the instrumental has what is possibly an overlay of strings during the first 40 seconds or so which is used in the film, so you're still technically right. And yeah I used the YouTube video, had no idea where it was from as only found it a few hours ago, thanks for the info, I'll see if I can get it in better quality now.
  5. So using this BTS video and the instrumental that @filip was kind enough to point out, I've edited a full vocal film version of A Whole New World. Well sort of, the vocals in the youtube video are a different take to the film but it was either that or just a direct rip of the film audio with the SFX - https://drive.google.com/file/d/15moKxhoxfCe5nwr5IyqDNgdbPVNuQ4mp/view?usp=sharing Having a quick listen against the film audio, it sounds the same up till "Say hello to your precious Prince Ali", then a microedit somewhere in the music and the rest of the vocals is a different take to what is on the album.
  6. Thanks for the update, while I'm not interested in Mary Poppins, it's still good to have that info out there for anyone else.
  7. I dunno, apart from TLJ and the animated stuff Disney Star Wars has consistently had messy productions, with the main idea be let's film whatever and figure out how to fix it later and hope it works out.
  8. Gareth was working on the reshoots as well, from December 2016 - And he shot the Vader corridor scene, which was a last minute addition -
  9. Not with Spacecamp, Intrada one's are usually easy to get into, it's Lalaland releases (especially my recent Empire of the Sun) are a struggle to open.
  10. Thanks for the thorough breakdown, there's quite a few there, now to get hunting!
  11. Never knew the film instrumentals were released, would definitely appreciate a breakdown of which one's are out there
  12. Yeah it had the monologue, The Music Behind the Magic box set is the only place to get the Prologue as a instrumental.
  13. I am curious when it became common for people to describe Disney films as kids film's? Those first ones certainly had scenes that while by today's standards might be tame but for the time were quite intense. Walt himself said "I do not make films primarily for children. I make them for the child in all of us, whether he be six or sixty." So even he didn't think that was the target audience.
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