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  1. I know there are some controversial choices in there and it's heavy on Star Wars. But hey, if everyone had the same opinion this thread wouldn't make sense. In release order: -Star Wars -The Empire Strikes Back -E. T. -Hook -The Phantom Menace -Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets -Attack of the Clones -Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban -Revenge of the Sith -The Rise of Skywalker (fight me!) 10 Honourable mentions (can be swapped with one of the above any time): -Superman -Raide
  2. You know damn well that one of these titles will be Hook. Right?... RIGHT???
  3. As Horner's OSTs are usually very comprehensive and represent his scores well, there are few expansions that are "essential" (unless you are a die-hard fan like me). Titanic is the first one that comes to my mind, as this is a rare occasion where I consider the OST to be a bad representation (it contains lots of unused material and is missing key cues). So the LLL is absolutely necessary. Braveheart was worth getting for "Romantic Alliance" alone. I'll also add Krull to the list. Willow is missing a lot of great material as well, so once Intrada
  4. I'd love to listen to the whole thing but I don't think I will find the time anytime soon. Has anyone listened to this already and is willing to summarise the most interesting points (especially whether Mike said something about future releases)?
  5. E.T. (Lalaland Records) - It went OOP before I was even aware of it. I still hope for a reissue some day.
  6. I just came back to this forum after watching Hook only to find MV's message. This must be a sign! Last time I watched Jurassic Park LLL discovered some spare copies of the set hours later and I could finally pick it up. I guess it's time to watch some Star Wars.
  7. I'm not hating on Boba Fett, but he's always considered as one of the coolest SW characters, though when Phasma died in TLJ after having significantly more screen time in two films it's "wasted potential", "bad writing" and a "sh*t character".
  8. 1. SW sequels (It will be revelatory and the amount of new music with Mike's assembly will make me feel like listening to these scores for the first time) 2. SW prequels (probably my favourite from a purely musical perspective) 3. SW OT (Mike's treatment is long overdue) 4. Indiana Jones (even as no. 4 it's still a set that needs to happen) 5. Oliver Stone 6. Universal
  9. I didn't know where to post that, so I'll just leave that here: Someone sent me this screenshot and I just wanted to know whether this could actually mean something. What do you think?
  10. I think it's also due to the lack of proper releases. I'm sure not everyone on this forum listens to the countless fan edits containing tons of great unreleased prequel music.
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