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  1. I became a fan of JW after 2005. Interestingly, Hook is the score I have been listening to the most during the last few weeks. I still voted for PS, as the Potter and Star Wars films defined my childhood and were the ones that made me become a fan of film music. So nostalgia may be a strong factor for me.
  2. Does anybody know why they don't use JW's music in video games anymore? (Except maybe Lego games?) Are the re-use fees and the rights more expensive than hiring a composer to record a completely new score?
  3. Is there anyone who has bothered to figure out the complete lyrics of the song in Track 13?
  4. Horner is my second favourite composer, so I would not go this far. Still I, too, cannot help being disappointed with this music, but that may also be because it was so highly praised by people who attended the sessions. This.
  5. I want to hear the piano version of Rey‘s theme, especially if that was performed by JW himself
  6. Mine shipped yesterday as well... Expected arrival in Germany: Hopefully this decade
  7. Does anybody have an idea how it will take them to ship the set, especially in the current situation?
  8. Thanks a lot, this was my holy grail cue from the score. Is there any chance that you could enable the download button, so we can get the cue in a better quality than 128 kB/s?
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