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  1. Adventures of Han > Obi-Wan Kenobi > Galaxy's Edge
  2. It just has to be this year's LLL Williams Black Friday title.
  3. In the post I quoted you said that Disney doesn't want to spend the effort to expand the Star Wars scores, which is frustrating for Mike. I remember us discussing a 2019 quote from Mike where he said that everyone involved agreed that the expansions should happen. I'm sure @Manakin Skywalkercan help me out here.
  4. Wait, do we know for sure that they haven't hired / won't hire Mike? Whar about the "everybody involved agrees it should happen" quote from 2019?
  5. ...other than Mike taking the time to properly remaster and assemble nine scores from scratch instead of providing session dumps à la Rogue One
  6. Why should people give up on SW expansions? I thought Mike made it pretty obvious they're coming... Even though we have no idea how long that will take.
  7. Finally! I missed both of them the first time and waited for them to be reissued. Since LLL has recently reissued three major JW scores, they must have the financial means to release a big title for BF. I can feel it! Cue @Holko's video...
  8. I was one of them and I bought it the very second it went on sale. I doubt that there were more than 5000 people posting in that thread 😂
  9. In that case @Manakin Skywalkerwill have our backs 😂
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