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  1. I sat in the first row next to his entrance. When he came in he winked at me. Best. Day. Ever.
  2. Every person who is caught saying "they could have done more" will be removed from the concert hall immediately.
  3. The samples sound fantastic! I can't wait to listen to the whole thing. And oh my god, that splash art is beautiful! Jim Titus is a beast.
  4. You're not the only one. I recently had a similar issue with a wrong address. I contacted them a week before they shipped STII and kindly asked them to change it for me - no reply at all, they just shipped it to the wrong address. Luckily, I still received the CD in the end. This issue, however, together with the new customs rules, made this the last time I ordered from them directly. I will try some European resellers from now on (with Glory being the first attempt).
  5. If Hook isn't one of the two SME titles I will do a Padmé and die of sadness.
  6. Am I confusing something? The Horner is STII. But I don't recall having seen that Williams title.
  7. Yessssss! Powell knows what his fans want... The third one will eventually come, too!
  8. This. Somehow 2021 feels worse to me than 2020 (we got some pretty exciting expansions last year!), and promising that flood didn't help either... Disappointment was inevitable. - no Hook - no Patriot - no Willow (not that anyone actually expected it, but OF COURSE no SW or Indy) I will still remain hopeful.
  9. OK, so Hook would have been the only release that would have saved the "flood"... Seems like 2021 will end with a puddle.
  10. They probably leaked that 30 CD Star Wars boxset as well and none of us noticed!
  11. Sorry if that has been asked before, but how exactly does this digital concert thing work and why do you have to book a seat for a digital event? (just curious, as I'm going there the other two days)
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