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  1. What if John Williams scored The Deathly Hallows (or any other remaining film in the Potter franchise)? 😢
  2. It's his style and I like that this makes his music recognizable. But to a certain degree I agree with you, sometimes less is more.
  3. I have enjoyed the Potters the most and I'm obviously looking most forward to AOTC and ROTS!
  4. Saved you a click: He doesn't talk about future expansions.
  5. Are those still available for a reasonable price? I somehow never picked them up.
  6. Sorry if that has been discussed before, but does anybody know why it takes so long for lots of titles to get back in stock?
  7. "The North Star" alone would be worth buying the expansion!
  8. In order to get excited for 2021 I'd like to know what you predict JW and MM to treat us with this year. Let's see who gets the most correct guesses until the end of the year!
  9. Happy new year... I feel a complete Star Wars boxset coming in 2021 😍
  10. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fcd5KxqAJO0dgQ8y1sHfd0o9eCeTSF7sbNFWORc805o/edit#gid=772006574
  11. This better be true or else this will feel like she tells you she's on her period on the third date.
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