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  1. I don't if it has been requested before, but I love the Signature Collection and I am using these as the covers for my digital playlists. Can you maybe create one for The Rise of Skywalker as well? Thank you!
  2. You can say what you want about the prequel films (I personally like them), but the scores are nothing less than spectacular. Apart from Shore's LOTR, I don't think there is a score from the 21st century that can compete with them.
  3. Am I deaf? When exactly do you hear Holdo's theme in this track? I feel stupid right now, but the only theme I can hear is the resistance march 😅
  4. That's how I felt when I learnt that the final cue of Titanic was completely created by the editors and that James Horner never wrote it that way...Still it's so powerful and effective 😨
  5. I feel you... Mine is still traveling around the US from one airport to the other... Someone has to tell them that Germany is in Europe 😂
  6. The struggle is real...I'm still in the UK and will return to Germany next Sunday...So who will win the race, me or the set? Either way, it is torture 😭
  7. I don't know if that has been asked before, but does anyone know if that cue is included? I'm a bit confused about the runtime of this and the one of "The Chamber Opens and The Search for Ginny" (3:29) which don't add up really. Or am I missing something?
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