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  1. You've captured their stunt doubles! So here's what the leftwing American media is saying about JK, who has otherwise been unaffected in her career aside from losers on Tweeter, and that shouldn't even matter. Looks like these nuts want this series shelved. Sorry, Potheads! It's not happening! She's a mean lady!
  2. Yeah, as you've shown me, Lord Zimmer constantly belittles people and gets into it with them on Facebook. He's like a bored middle aged housewife on social media. What an embarrassment. Is he just out of work right now?
  3. I have the Micro Machines of that too from the same set, but I believe it's just Excelsior with different registration. I don't like those big plastic display bases for those models. That Micro Machine Enterprise is the perfect little knickknack to say I'm a Trekkie without cluttering the whole house with dolls and such.
  4. As much as I enjoy a nice relieving dump, I really wish my body would just get it over with first thing every morning. I take two, sometimes three or more shits each morning. I have to wake up extra early just to make sure I get it out of the way. This morning, I took a dump so enormous that it clogged the toilet when I flushed it. Now that I've enjoyed some coffee and apple oatmeal prior to leaving for work, I feel a second dump coming on. I think I'm too regular. One dump a day would suffice. Yes, my diet is high in fiber, but I can't help it if all my favorite foods are fibrous.
  5. I ordered this dollhouse of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. It comes with one of those squat ugly dolls that are shit, but the little dollhouse itself looks awesome. I will throw out the baldie doll. I also ordered a doll of the original King Kong by Neca, which looks cool. I also ordered a custom miniature dollhouse of the Psycho house by some artist in Ireland on Etsy for like 200 bucks. I guess I'll end up having a fairly extensive knickknack shelving unit.
  6. Looks like this forum is back to SW and HP. No surprise there.
  7. One of Roger Ebert's complaints about ESB was Chewie. He is fairly annoying in it.
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