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  1. He's under 70, not obese and/or in poor health in a nursing home that wasn't locked down like Fort Knox due to the pandemic? Then the virus was likely a minor inconvenience.
  2. Of that, I have no doubt. Obese people make up a high percentage of the deaths.
  3. The remasters of Batman and the Schumacher movies are beneficial either way. Batman Returns was already a strong transfer but the others were merely satisfactory, better than the DVD, but not great. Batman had some weird ghosting issues and hazy look in the climactic scenes. JP and TLW especially I also consider excellent upgrades from the old Blurays, which were dated HDTV transfers.
  4. Batman's climactic scenes have a teal tint, but it's the best that movie has ever looked. Just stunning. Batman Returns doesn't seem to be much of an upgrade, if at all. The previous transfer was the best one. Black crush seems to be an issue, but the movie was always dark like that. But I also agree that the colors look a bit odd. It's definitely the questionable one of the lot. Batman Forever looks a bit too dark, but I could be wrong. Maybe I need the THX calibrator. Still, an excellent transfer, along with Batman & Robin. Most people probably don't care about these, but I'm glad to have them. The digital versions are constantly marked down and they include the original audio mixes, whereas the discs are stuck with the new ones. This is what annoyed me. The Burton ones were redone with new sound effects, but the real issue is that the music seems to have been mixed lower. I may just be overly protective of the original soundtracks and it certainly isn't that offensive.
  5. You're not in a nursing home, are you? If not, you'll be fine.
  6. I believe that without GL's vision, it was no longer really SW. Mandalorian feels closer and aside from some jarring Jedian additions, it was refreshingly detached from the Disney universe. Plus, it's not a cartoon, so I can actually watch it.
  7. They weren't wrong in opening up the beaches. They were wrong not correctly informing the public of the shark problem, letting people go too far into the water, not securing the pond and not letting the Chief, Coast Guard and experts handle the situation. Mistakes were made, but letting people lounge on the beach was not one of them.
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