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  1. It's amplified in this release. I double checked the original album ripped in WAV and the Spotify version to make sure I wasn't just remembering it wrong. It's just too boomy on this version and in No Sign of Ghosts sounds like a rap music car is parked next to you. Maybe I'm getting tinnitus. It doesn't ruin this release by any means and I can understand the "it's a spooky movie" argument as well, but I prefer the sound of the OST. Horner-approved!
  2. It's a fantastic score but Horner included most of it on the OST and the added bits are fairly inconsequential and repetitive. The OST is all you need.
  3. I will say that the unreleased bits I wanted the most were the three appearances of the cartoon theme, which are included as "bonus tracks" outside the chronology of the score. They're fun, but very brief and having them as part of the full package, I can't say they really add anything. None of the new bits do. What I'm getting at is that in terms of the score, Horner's original album was perfectly assembled.
  4. I'm already worried it won't include the bits that use the melody from the Doug E. Fresh song because of licensing issues.
  5. While it's true the dynamic range of the original was so extreme that the softer parts would be too soft and the loud parts would be too loud if you cranked up the soft parts to compensate, I think I still prefer it to this new version. It just sounds weird. And the booming bass is too damn much in No Sign of Ghosts. It's like a rap music car driving by. I'll have to listen to it some more and I guess turn down the bass?
  6. I compared it to the album and the new version is just too darn loud.
  7. Listening to this now and while I'm not that far enough in to form a solid opinion overall, I can already tell you the bass is way too much on this mix.
  8. I haven't heard it. I don't buy CDs anymore because I have nothing to play them back on. If only they'd get with the times and make these releases available digitally.
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