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  1. I watched two obscure movies most people here have never heard of. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi in 4K version on the Disney Channel. I enjoyed them. I liked the newly enhanced visual effects although everyone says they hate them these days. I was baffled because the newly enhanced Cloud City sequences were amazing, as well as the Little Shop of Horrors thing in the sand pit and the galactic celebration at the end. Looked great!
  2. The Sony versions are excellent. The Disney ESB sounds like it's mostly playing in one channel. I thought it was my headphones malfunctioning but it's the way it actually is. Imperial March sounds good though.
  3. Fuck the ocean. It devoured Titanic. It deserves our abuse. But if it helps you sleep at night, all my masks are reusable.
  4. They played the Liberty Fanfare during the signing of the Abraham Accords weeks back.
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