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  1. I don't even mind that he riffs on the wedding melody from Deep Impact.
  2. What I always took away from Bicentennial Man was the relaxing angelic twinkly bits. The kind of stuff that would be right at home playing in a Disney theme park.
  3. Williams v Horner I enjoy Mecha World. The Horner track immediately gives me the warm fuzzies, but the tone completely changes and sounds like a mishmash of Sneakers and Casper? I have to go with...John Williams. This time.
  4. The Intrada version of First Blood is now streaming on Spotify.
  5. This is not a weekend excursion. This is a serious investigation of the stability of the forum. Your posters, who I represent, are deeply concerned.
  6. Brent Spiner doesn't look bad anyway. The right makeup artists could make it work well enough. I just don't get why they originally made him look like his mouth was stuffed with acorns.
  7. Pretty close. Then they screwed it up in one of the dumbest possible ways. Maybe Solo flopping is why they'll never do another non-Jedi/Sith story again.
  8. Since more stuff is going to be made anyway, I would like to see more things not about the Jedi, Sith, force, lightsabers etc. It worked well for The Mandalorian despite some problematic (for me) inclusions. It's as if there's a mandate that everything Star Wars must feature that stuff. Even Rogue One had Darth Vader and a blind Jedi slapped into it. And Solo...Jesus H. Christ.
  9. Looked like something for the video game/anime crowd. Cameron as a producer doesn't interest me in the least.
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