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  1. I don't know why you guys don't let this thread die.
  2. Hollywood's going to be in such deep shit at that point they'll be consolidating delayed upcoming movies. Godzilla vs Kong vs Ghostbusters vs Wonder Woman: No Time to Die: A West Side Story.
  3. I have my doubts this movie was generating any serious buzz anyway. The whole production came out of nowhere and the movie seemed fast-tracked. They slapped in trendy Gen Z star (Ghostbusters doesn't appeal to kids these days), Gen X doll from Clueless (appeals to Gen X and millennials and perhaps has Gen Z crossover appeal due to his appearances in popular comedies, Marvel and also his physical appearance, botoxed and de-aged to still appear theoretically in his 30s) and the original cast in minimal roles (appeals to the old timers), while completely ignoring the garbage fem remake. It's all very calculated, but weirdly calculated. I'm not sure who the hell this is for. Ghostbuster kids on a farm? When I was a kid, I typically didn't like kids in movies and TV. I looked up to the adults. A perfect example of this is Jurassic Park, where I didn't want to see the kids, but rather the grown-ups (and dinosaurs). Ghostbusters? In their 30s and 40s. Batman? 30s, possibly pushing 40. Enterprise crews? 30s, 40s, 50s and God knows what for Picard. Made sense to have seasoned officers in charge of the flagship. In the JJ Abrams Star Trek, the ship was ludicrously inherited by a bunch of kids. Point is, I liked adults in movies. Nowadays, these roles have all been de-aged and kids are being unbelievably and annoyingly cast in the roles. Is everything for kids these days and do kids actually want to see kids in the roles? Again, we now have Ghostbuster kids on a farm. Bob? Gun.
  4. They were still better than the Disney movies.
  5. My parents cared fuckall about me and I turned out stronger and self-reliant. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be hiding in my bunker playing video games and eating canned vegan chili for the next two months.
  6. That's plenty of time to abandon this kids on a farm storyline and reshoot it with the original cast. Too bad Hollywood is also shut down and the original cast are elderly.
  7. It started out alright because it was far more Picard-centric, although I still don't get the Federation Romulan android thing. While the series somehow connects them all, what the hell did the android attack have to do with rescuing the Romulans? Why call off rescuing the Romulans from certain doom when Starfleet's mission has always been one of peace? They want you to just accept this stuff because it's in the script.
  8. I'm sticking to the essentials since we'll soon all be dead from the Communist Virus.
  9. Batman Forever Delivering big once again on the spectacle after a comparatively lowkey return of Batman in the previous flick, which was apparently too weird for Warner Brothers. That didn't stop them from slapping the guy onto practically all conceivable paraphernalia in '92. This time around, it's still weird, but it's far more marketable with a hip all-star cast whose big names fly all around the screen during the opening credits, a diverse tie-in soundtrack album with something for everybody, a friendly circus that doesn't kidnap and murder children and less women being brutally shot. We swapped our plastic McDonald's tumblers for glass mugs. Sounds like a recipe for success. For being the biggest movie of '95, it holds up as an entertaining enough funny book flick. There are some real wild visuals in this one, a lot more fun, even human conversation accessible for the straights. The blondie female lead in this one (Nicole Kidman has never looked better) isn't oppressed, pushed out of a window by her boss and/or having a psychotic episode. She's the most normal one! She has a thing for Bats and Val Kilmer suits up, only occasionally looking badass in the suit. Hey, Joel. Can you tell him to scowl once in a while? Look remotely intimidating? Keaton was better. Jim Carrey is a convincing psychopath. He steals every scene, of course. Tommy Lee Jones' performance is bookended by his best scenes. Most of it is comprised of yelling, laughing and making weird noises. I think he's great casting, to be honest. Who else is in this? Oh, that's right. The kid from the Disney Three Musketeers is Robin. I like the scene where he goes on an adventure in the Giger-inspired Batmobile with fins that flap around, tries to pick up hookers and then rescues a 90s babe in double denim from a neon street gang. It's unrelated to Riddler and Two Face and it's just kinda cool to see the streets of Gotham overrun by these punkers who scatter once Batman arrives. Audiences would do the same for the following entry in the series.
  10. I also didn't like the combadge Riker was wearing. Why is everything ugly now?
  11. Well, websites like that are for people who want attention. Don't give it to them.
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