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  1. Might as well rename this place JayFan dot com. How embarrassing. You let losers like Bruce Marshall run amok in this place and institute rules specifically to ban Drax. You know what? Go blow. Moderation note: This post is in violation of Rule #1 and the user has been banned for 24 hours
  2. There's a little known theme he seems to have associated with him. I think it's called The Imperial March.
  3. I'll likely be the first one here to go on it since none of you go anywhere cool.
  4. And it always helps when they just upgrade the old HD transfers, many of which were average or lackluster.
  5. Epic Universe is barely under construction. They won't open that for years. I want to go back to Universal Orlando soon. @Unlucky Bastard should use his new passport to come.
  6. I have a weird relationship with the Rambo series where I prefer the modern sequels to the originals.
  7. With newly enhanced visual effects, THX and digital sound and a few new surprises.
  8. I prefer to watch everything the way GL intended
  9. I never cared for it. I tried to get into it when they released them on videocassette in '99, but it just didn't take.
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