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  1. It's very flawed and honestly a pretty weird flick, but it's still watchable and has a cool space battle and score. In my opinion, it's the first one where the filmmakers no longer "got" Star Trek and were just making shitty action movies. As flawed as you may find the earlier TNG flicks, the ingredients are all there, even if they may have added in some unnecessary bits and maybe didn't mix it all together properly. They all have their moments. Kirk and Picard meeting, first contact, the cast actually having fun in a very TNG-type story. Nemesis is mostly dark and depressing. It needed less stabbing and Buffy vampires and more "The honor was mine, Captain."
  2. James Horner Collage It's arguably one of the very best Horner albums and one of the best albums I've ever heard period. It gets painfully good to the point where I honestly become emotional. It's the beauty of the music coupled with the tragedy. It's a nearly perfect tribute. Really, the only bit I would lose is the Klingon theme AKA Ripley's Rescue, which doesn't fit the tone of the rest of the thing at all.
  3. I don't know if it was a streaming issue, but I noticed the Disney+ Simpsons would flip/flop between very crisp-looking (albeit cropped) and like a zoomed-in DVD image with noticeably lower quality. I haven't seen the issue with any other content on the service, so I think it's the source material.
  4. I'm honestly just so happy Picard is back. With Kurtzman involved, I feared the worst, but Picard is...Picard.
  5. Catch Me is the last one he did that felt like his heart was really in it. Plus, it has Leo still looking like he did in Titanic.
  6. Well, the making-of book referenced in this thread was on point as far as I recall, even introducing me to Avatar back in the day. I see no reason not to believe it.
  7. What bugged me in Discovery was literally everything. I flicked it off.
  8. Seems like something that should just be left alone. It was fun on DS9 for a couple episodes (if rather ludicrous in the last one), but they're supposed to operate in the shadows, like black ops. Leave them in the shadows.
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