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  1. Probably a bunch of geeks that have dolls and are obsessed with Star Wars and Harry Potter.
  2. Yeah, it's just background music. Who cares about that stuff.
  3. Elfman's Justice League was one of the most disappointing albums I've ever heard. Made a sound I would not want to hear twice in my life.
  4. The socially distanced dream goes on.
  5. Arthur just wanted to be admired by Robert DeNiro on his talk show and a beloved stand-up comic.
  6. True, Joker wanted everyone to believe the world was inherently evil and that when forced to extremes, civilized people would destroy one another. That's why he had the remote detonator to ensure the ferryboats blew up when the passengers were unwilling to do it. "I came prepared." Fake news! Batman turns it against him with his own fake news.
  7. Nolan's movies were pretentious and nihilistic, but he still knew in the end that Batman was the good guy and the Joker was the bad guy, regardless of how Millennial audiences interpreted it. The Tod Philips Universe presents Joker as a tragic man that needs attention and is "forced" to murder people, whereas Bruce Wayne is a spoiled brat who deserves what's coming to him. It's a Love Letter to these idiot Gen Z kids living with their parents that can't adapt to society and demand it adapt to them.
  8. Makes about as much sense as inflating the Covid death numbers with murder victims and Christ knows what else because the victim supposedly had the virus.
  9. The Alien score was mixed fairly low and constantly drowned out even in scenes like the landing.
  10. And in their failed DC Universe, Batman The Impaler wants to kill Superman with a spear and brands people.
  11. I did think it was very funny when he was dating the girl down the hall and having a successful standup comedy career, which was entirely unbelievable and clearly internalized delusions. It was fucken' ridiculous seeing a creepy 50 year old A-1 nut boy with a hot young black chick. I really don't get why people want to make Joker's backstory about him being a failed standup comic. So lame.
  12. Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for chainsmoking and acting like a retard for 2 hours.
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