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  1. Who usually leaks them? And if it so common practice, why nobody even tried to block ways to do that?
  2. Can anyone provide me a source with Rian Johnson's post of TLJ main titles, please?
  3. I like them a lot. ESB includes concert version of Han Solo and the Princess as was written by JW
  4. Can't get why at least first Star Trek score got so much aprreciation. It is so dull in comparison to SW, no offense to Jerry Goldsmith
  5. '97 SE for ANH Imperial Audiophile Edition for ESB Vosk's leaked ROTJ sessions Easy
  6. It seems I can't edit the post anymore
  7. That's '96 recording from "The Hollywood Sound"
  8. Ah, I see you're a Man of Culture as well
  9. I'm also in rock, metal, electronics (mostly synthwave), but now I'm listening almost only soundtracks and planning to roll into classical music because I've understand how much I love orchestral music, but metal still kicks ass btw
  10. Title says it all. If I'm correct, this all started with '93 Anthology of SW, then Raiders in 1995, E.T. in 1996, RCA 2CD's of OT and so on
  11. Which is your favourite/best one? Suggestions are welcomed
  12. I wonder why JW re-recorded whole end credits piece from ANH but end up using only beginning with coda for ending.
  13. I would add The Hijacking from AFO, that cue literally got me into Jerry.
  14. I'm new to him so feel free to write your suggestions.
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