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  1. I have no problem with memorability of Elfman score. Plus two full-length action tracks rocks
  2. Who needs this Junkie's junk? Even if it's not released yet, Elfman work already beat the shit out of it.
  3. Action-adventure, can't get enough of his writing style. Esp. those snares
  4. Don't get the joke. I'm think that AOTC is far from being horrible movie, yeah, romance stuff is awful, but overall it's not that bad. Still better that absolutely ruined piece of shish named Sequels. Prequel hater detected.
  5. With latest Manakin Skywalker version of the score there is pretty much no reason to wait till official expansion
  6. His 80's style, 90-00 style or sequels approach?
  7. I hope that he will announce expansions of HTTYD sequels in the near future since I'm sure Solo and HTTYD expansions are doing fine.
  8. I'll grab CoS for just one thing: Quidditch, Second Year
  9. Expanded edition of Edward Scissorhands, such a beatiful work. Elfman def. at his finest.
  10. I'm think that this is a great theme. Yeah, score is overall is pretty meh and gets beaten down to the ground into pieces by Solo, but I'm really like the themes and some action stuff. But it is still worst scored SW movie of all time, thanks to the rush.
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