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  1. What do you think about it? I liked it as a separate experience and in film too since it is a big part of movie sound design. Movie is also superb, watched it twice.
  2. I like Stargate and TND more. And Casino Royale is dope too, esp. this two brilliant action cues Still waiting for TND expansion that got delayed thanks to new Bond which was delayed too.
  3. Never listened to them in whole, but there is a great stuff like Portals. If we are talking about evolution, we all know what composer was and is good in it...
  4. Elfman and Arnold like the biggest wastes of film music, I think.
  5. Minus Alice, right? Silvestri in bad shape overall too btw. So sad to see your favourite composers in such way. And David Arnold is a shame too. He had so much potential in 90's...
  6. I mean, really. Scissorhands and Batman like one of the best soundtracks of all time. Now his signature style is almost vanished, except two excellent Alice scores. Even Silvestri not good in his recent works, but he at least saved his trademark sound and somewhat returned to form in Ready Player One. And to throw my 5 cents, Justice League score is absolutely underrated. Yeah, rushed, but even in this form much better than all this Zimmer hacks work. Plus merging Superman and Batman themes for the first time in motion picture ever and two absolutely badass action tracks of his who
  7. Oh, I've forgot. Jay, check my suggestion about adding my ROTJ analysis to your work.
  8. Holko, can you add what I've done to your spreadsheet and repost it like our joint work? If yes, I'll need to do last revision
  9. Only two cues were unused. I'm not very friendly with spreadsheets, but I will see what I can do
  10. That's actually what I like too. My favourite scores just have uber-great action stuff.
  11. Erich Kunzel re-rec. from 1997 credits Silvestri. Was it supposed for De Palma movie? Or is it even true that this is his arrangement? Because you can check some tracks from leaked unused Silvestri score. I can actually see it coming from him, because it sounds very much like Silvestri's signature sound. Even if it's not, by far best rendition I've ever heard. Update: it's him. There is shorter version on bootleg and it repeats orchestration of this version.
  12. I have no idea why there is no feedback. And it's a shame that previous post surpassed this when it's just another holy war.
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