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  1. This was in the original 35mm print plus some more changes. I highly recommend to watch this vid And do you know about one guy who have visual comparison site with a shit ton of photos and descriptions? Insane stuff. Here is the link: https://starwarsviscomp.wordpress.com/
  2. There were three changes for ROTS at all: Transition wipe in one scene was changed on DVD but it was mistake that was corrected on 2011 BR. Added some plants on the roof of Kashyyk building in which Yoda was chilling for two scenes. Clone troopers have lines when they are attacking Utapau.
  3. Because this is the perfect version. Audio mix and picture are top-notch on both 1080p Blu-ray from 2011 and both versions from 2020 You can check this review btw https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Star-Wars-Episode-III-Revenge-of-the-Sith-4K-Blu-ray/257143/#Review
  4. Generic trailer music. But pretty good, thanks to Williams motifs
  5. I'm not a hater of PT, love them almost equally to OT. I know about all of their flaws of course. My least favourite is AOTC because of pacing and sloppy romance stuff. And you can't argue that aesthetics and worldbuilding is on the absolutely different level from OT. And I'm also love all this "dull" politic-diplomatic Senate stuff. Plus I've started from TPM, and prequels never were hated in Russia like they were in the West or other parts of the planet.
  6. I don't think that Disney will put the originals. I've heard something like Lucas said that this are the ultimate versions and there is no need in the originals. And I'll bet that there is pretty big amount of people which want them, maybe not as many as the soundtrack lovers, but still. Disney just sitting on the gold mine. Almost everything SW is still selling like a hot cakes.
  7. Just look at this. This is 4K scan of the original and theatrical Czech print of The Phantom Menace. And on the second picture is horrible, DNR-ed, and wax-looking 4K version of TPM from 2020. (2011 Blu-Ray looks like shit too) There is no comparisons of OT because they are all looking like shit on DVD and Blu-Ray and like a little bit improved abomination on the 4K release. (DNR-d to hell on all three releases) If somebody doesn't know, TPM was almost completely shot on film and this look was altered to bring it more in line with AOTC and ROTS.
  8. Seems like they removed it or I haven't simply noticed them. Mixing is pretty good.
  9. I've started listening to OST and it's already more interesting than it was in the movie because there are lyrics in Russian. And since I'm from Russia, it's only doubles the coolness of it.
  10. Saw the movie. Score is nothing special. Not bad, not good, pretty average. Typical RC bravado. At least he didn't reused whole track ideas from Modern Warfare 2 like in Bad Boys For Life. Nice use of choir and one little reference to Silvestri's Avengers theme in the end. That's all. Enjoyed the movie tho. I'm thinking that separate listening experience will improve my opinion but I'll need to wait for score release.
  11. Yep I like to do it by simply listening to them. It's not that hard if differences is not minor
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