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  1. The only truly legendary theme I can think of that outclasses them all is The Legend of Ashitaka from the original restricted album. Couldn't find anything this legendary/epic-like from Williams. This sensation of getting sucked into a whole other world and existence, like you're about to be there for a while (the theme after half-way.) So cinematic, how he folds the v-ii keychange into the melody: that unexpected G minor! sounds like he's trying to bend metal. Very wistful. Anyone remember this intro scene, or know of others like it?
  2. Then you have those Rotten Tomatoes 100% movies about a mom who knits skirts and lost her kid to the neighbor boy and they end up BBQing together on the weekend and that's it. Whenever I see a trailer promoting its Fresh score I turn it off. The site is ultra rigged, if we can't contribute to the tomato meter then no point looking at it.
  3. There is a mathematical proof of interest against this need. Meaning, one can never assume what the worst is, because it can never be within the scope of human psychological attention, even if you strive to find a good marker, it won't do. Art diminishes its impact the worse you go, so worst is always an impossible assumption. Short-hand, we can't measure how bad art is, we can only measure how good. This is additionally why people who argue what art is are in the wrong. Anything can be art to someone. (It won't mean I like it.)
  4. Order your movies from best to worst. Assign the lowest one a 1, and increase each consecutive by 1. Divide the highest number by 5. Divide all the numbers by that number. You're done. (Personally I prefer doing the log way where 2.5/5 stars has the most films, then 2/5 and 3/5 has exponentially less, etc until 5/5 is just one or two films. If you want to know the log way, it's simple I can post that.)
  5. Whenever I browse through movie screencaps I end up just clicking on the hot girls in the movie, and eventually it takes me to porn links. Nahh but there were some good ones in there. Waterworld, The Shining, other horror movies, Eraserhead. Good screenshots.
  6. Okay, recently I found a perfect meld between the Braveheart OST love themes, and the kind of surreal, ethereality found in Meeting the Maidens. It's so perfect... I just wish I could find better versions/arrangements. Never watched this show. This even has the exact pentatonic leap as Polovtsian Dances another favorite LOL. So Aika is 3 for 1, this is Crazy.
  7. Jurassic Park has this phasing quality to it where some days I'm just like... this is it. This is Williams' best. It's a very peculiar quality, where some days I think it's obviously more like 1. SW > 2. ET > IJ >>..., but JP is the only one that later exceeds all these scores. This mindset happens under wholism; instead of analyzing musical particulars and textures, leaving me to believe SW is the best, it's the mindset of how iconic a score really is, ie. what really stands the test of time. It's amazing. Usually during this mood I'll have E.T. as no. 2... so JP > ET >> SW, but then during the more analytical mindset it's all switched around. At the end of the day, I'd really have to place Jurassic Park no lower than 3rd or 2nd place.
  8. It goes like, da-da-da dun-da dun-da dun. Da-da-da dun-da DAAH - da, Dah dee dumm- da, Dah dun dun, da- Da-da-da dunn. da- DAH-da-DAH... de dumm. No, I don't know.
  9. I'm actually John Williams! It's not one I like sharing, but it's one I think emphasizes exactly the mindset one should understand his music with. That is, real thought. My personal favorite is You are Al Bhed.
  10. Uematsu absolutely decimated his period from 1994 to 2001. There is absolutely no competition, he understands what music appreciation is. I even play some of his weaker tracks and I'm elated and drooling... and it's not the type of example I'd normally use to show this composer off.
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