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  1. After watching several of this guy's videos on soundtracks, I have to say this one leaves an impression as one of the best-scored films.
  2. Casino Royale was my fav because I like Craig's character so much and the added atmosphere of the script and its setting. I watched Skyfall and didn't get it: Bond should've been hospitalized because he can't function and the script was confusing? Can someone who likes the movie explain. Maybe I need to rewatch.
  3. Those horns at 3:30. This melody evokes such powerful emotion in the movie. I used to praise Williams higher because he can write a great melody, but Horner is much better at those melodic 'moments'.
  4. If he's a nobody now can we make fun of his name? Fancy Elfname.
  5. I won't watch this movie unless that's Kyle MacLachlan in that picture. Be sure to like this comment to affirm it's Kyle MacLachlan.
  6. It can't possibly be both! The odds! It must be either the music that makes it so good, or the game that makes the music so good. I know there's been a lot of praise for The Dig as a game, indeed. I always felt the best game ever was Grim Fandango and greatest soundtrack probably FFX. Though it's odd for me to realize that any soundtrack in history never feels like a perfect soundtrack, even FFX. There's always lots of extra tracks that I just want to skip. Never found that perfect music.
  7. What kind of soundtracks do I prefer? Titanic.
  8. Materiacollective has some other pretty darn good live band recordings hidden within their selections. I like their Undertale and Pokemon OSTs. People oft forget how good the Pokemon OSTs are.
  9. YESYESYESYESYESYES FFX and Xenogears are the two best soundtracks IMO for any film, TV series or video game, and this is a phenomenal fan remake of the latter.
  10. I'm one of those eccentric prodigies who prefers Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  11. I recently figured out what one of my favorite melodies of all time was, that was stuck in my head. I have a giant list above, and in the list I had included a midi of a melody that was stuck in my head, I had labeled "by Grieg or Rimsky?", but now it's time to replace it with the real thing:
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