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  1. This is the only negative I agree with. Intricating the dialogue would easily bring out more character depth, but it would also confuse more numb minds. However I think the overall presentation and execution of the prequels are excellent! and the groundwork of the story is incredible! I'd rather have the magnificent story and execution of the prequels, than the simplistic coherence and streamlined acting of the sequels. Some of it even surpasses the OT. Lucas was a master, and it shows.
  2. The internet, back when you could type in any crazy combination of descriptors and it would come up with new music for you, when search engine results were as accurate as Isaac Newton, when recommendation systems were accurate and the majority of cool apps weren't limited smartphone apologetics with excuses. Nowadays every service is dumbed down and way more ads. In a few more decades we'll have nothing but the same music and tv, less access to open knowledge, every dumb thing is ownable.
  3. HISAISHI-SAN! Why are tracks 1 from PM and SA just the best. How can you find something more adventurous than the PM intro? and more exciting than the SA intro?
  4. Man, what really makes this tune so great (greater than we remember) is that iii chord.
  5. This whole sequence to the end the feels. I can hear the depths of storytelling, the sorrow, and the joy, feels like the essence of music.
  6. Grim Fandango Until Dawn Monkey Island OT various JRPGs
  7. I just watched all 7 intros. It was like the sensation of being stoned, on the wrong side of youtube / YoutubePoop etc. That is all.
  8. I liked the deepfake video of young Robert De Niro for Irishman. Lucas and Scorsese should team up and make a new film using deepfakes. Oh wait I'm thinking of new deepfake Lucas. Is he any good at directing?
  9. 1:00 - 1:50 Typical Uematsu Beautiful melodies Mmm I really like what they did here with one of my favorite tunes. Although the original is better, they brought the choir from the original track (the beginning) and dropped the melody over it.
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