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  1. As someone who listens to a large variety of classical and sometimes vg music, not much film music has interested me enough to invest. However, if I ever want to return to one of the most sensational sounds to behold, this is it. Lando's Palace theme is what I call, the essential recommendation to those who maybe heard Williams and enjoyed him. This brilliant melody and vision of goodwill epitomizes Williams' whole career, it will easily fit any great movie scene.
  2. Quentin Tarantino firmly meditated this November over all his films that "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is really the best thing I've ever done." I'm wondering if he'll ever "change his mind." Yet, despite overwhelmingly poorer reviews compared to his other works, Django (8.3), Pulp Fiction (8.9), Hollywood (7.6), I just watched this film and can see a bit where he's coming from, but in terms of his reportoire only. Character-wise, these are maybe the best batch of characters we've seen from the writer slash director, but in an understated meaning. For one, I didn't really care about a movie generalizing 60s 'kids' and featuring their silly trends, but for a Tarantino film you could feel the talent click into place from the main stars. Now, the film is a fictional drama, but based on some historical stories of whose preknowledge isn't remotely necessary to understand. "Ugh another DiCaprio movie" I said, about an actor I'm lukewarm about, where by the end I felt he played one of the best co-stars in his career. Understated, like a salad, or a tape worm. A great match all three. The cinematography was literally 20-20s, relevance intended, as it was also understated, like utterly simple themes but, only Tarantino could make this feel way better than it looked? He made simple flashy stills of concepts come actually alive, like a real home that would be ours. And aside from the actors, the writing may have played a huge role, although on the surface simple [1]. There was a lot of simple in this movie. Simple story, simple tropes, simple dialogue, simple meaning. So was this movie, simple? Or one of his best ever? For me, I only enjoyed it a lot after it was over, because only then I realized how much it truly transported me... this time it was similar to a David Lynch show or movie in this sense. World building. That was it. Tarantino had crafted this other world so well, but out of such very simple pieces, and some great role fits. As a cohesive piece, I feel that DiCaprio had too many 'acting' scenes. I still would've trimmed his time in the movie and focused on writing a second act for Brad instead. The use of the dog as a character was genius, in fact I gladly recognize him as the fourth main character of the film, and was overall happy to see good major films still being made. Beforehand I just got done rewatching Scorsese and his Wolf of DiCaprio, and was utterly disappointed by the triteness and lack of novelty. The movie seemed like all shock and no content to me, feeling like a good director was starting to decay, but from the reviews it should have been something meaningful, no? With Hollywood I had the exact opposite reaction, and have placed this film closer to Pulp Fiction, in an understated way, or perhaps, one single overstatement.
  3. I agree with your posted critiques though, aside from graphics and dialogue (that I really don't get, seems like an arbitrary, unappreciative judgment), but with the other critiques given I still wouldn't see how that makes it the bad game of the series or not one of the best video games of all time. Player reviews about Escape are specifically ridiculous, the critics actually had it right somehow. The focus on exploring imaginative islands and varieties of characters in big world-building maps now with full-player control, paired with (actually) brilliant graphics and moods in 3D imo and the clever gameplay of investigating stories and places by learning about characters and gathering an arsenal of unique items, makes the collective gaming experience unforgettable and one of the greatest adventures, bar none. You can disagree. I still consider Curse of Monkey Island the better game, I think we agree that's obvious, but maybe we just disagree on how great a game (and games) these are if Escape is not tremendously underrated.
  4. Escape from Monkey Island, the fourth entry of this series, is the most underrated video game I believe in history. They've made one huge social mistake, in trying to distance themselves from what a niche breakthrough it was, incorrectly deeming it like "dated potentials of a done generation" in its appeal, graphics, art, and world-building. Although I'm thrilled to play such marvelous news as Return in what's otherwise a somewhat silly and backward gaming generation now, I can't help but express, what a clusterf*** of gamers and consumers we have representing this industry sometimes. Zero sense of imagination. Easily one of the Top 20 best video games. Ever. It's so incredibly awesome that you could be part of its lineage! and am looking forward to being very open and excited with Return. Congrats!
  5. Confidence level 75% Note Something being overrated or highly overrated doesn't entail one doesn't love it, right, as clearly some popular Williams scores that are overrated are still amazing. Therefore, scores in the same category of "overratedness" are not equally good, in fact they're just as varied as any other scores. With this being clear, these are my personal tiers, subjective to me. Highly Overrated (---) Born on the Fourth of July The Lost World Saving Private Ryan 1941 Overrated (--) Jaws Saga Far and Away Seven Years in Tibet Catch Me If You Can Slightly Overrated (-) Schindler's List Close Encounters of the Third Kind Jurassic Park Hook Empire of the Sun Finely rated (0) Star Wars Saga Indiana Jones Saga Memoirs of a Geisha Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban The Cowboys Slightly Underrated (+) E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Superman Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Stepmom Amistad Underrated (++) Sabrina Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets A.I. Artificial Intelligence Always The Towering Inferno Highly Underrated (+++) Home Alone 2 The Patriot Angela's Ashes The Accidental Tourist The Terminal Conclusion Since my confidence is 75%, I'd be open for suggestions as to what I should reevaluate or put in.
  6. How Troy could've been improved is up to anyone at this point... (I actually really like the movie so I have no idea, it's just, if it ended up being popular then Yared would've gotten a lot more attention for his rejected score.)
  7. A milestone. I added The Legend of Ashitaka to the list and to the top 10 and I now feel so proud to have this excellent and coherent Top 10, as per the thread. It feels complete! Still probably missing a lot of Uematsu and other composers, but working in progress...
  8. I don't know why this thread is not just for any music (to compare composition styles) but to compare my favorite track from JW, when the flutes here sound the epic Star Wars triad then three hsteps lower, in their second repeated counter the last triad is played rather softly as to fade out. It wasn't intentional by Williams but it is utterly beautiful and logical: the instruments are having a conversation, and sometimes Williams' music is equated to alien or supernatural emotional conversations like an extra invisible character in a movie, and because Williams music is already so well-constructed, some moments even accidentally in their conversation will hit home or make perfect logical sense. See, the flutes are like a guiding spirit here wanting to give their voice heard to the hero, but they know the more powerful forces in instruments are at play to the story, the grand scheme of this epoch, and they're passively fading out to give way to the story being taken over by the less pure but more human string section, or to the conscience of the hero. It is like watching the primordial universe being formed or like stars communicating amongst each other to plan planets. That one softer flute triad is a brilliant mistake of the sort that when a composer conducts it, he would often go back to write more of what the player played. The fading flute part is excty 3:27
  9. Fxed broken links Added: Che Gelida Manina Aika Hakuna Matata Leia Journey to the West Somewhere Out There moved America the Beautiful much much higher a few rearranged... still nothing that tops #1
  10. As a friend once put it, Nolan relies a lot on fast jarring shots in place of good story development. I'm sure there are much better movies out there than some I listed, so thanks for sharing your lists. I still don't really want to watch the Indiana Jones movies, I could never get into them really . Just saw this pretty good pre-SW sci-fi called A Boy and His Dog.
  11. For underrated I think I'll add to the top Eyes Wide Shut definitely, and perhaps maybe(?) Waterworld, The Man From Earth, and Total Recall (need to rewatch them first.) Just trying to think of more movies. We probably get a lot of flack for posting overrated lists, so Godspeed you martyrs. Try just taking your own Top 100 list and write if they're overrated and underrated on IMDb. That should be easy, then do the opposite for IMDb's Top 100--write if they're over or under. Which ones do you recommend based on my preferences?
  12. Best movies in the IMDb Top 30 are Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, and The Matrix.
  13. Because people voted hundreds of other movies better than them that aren't. Pretty self-explanatory. You are free to agree with them. I don't, hence the thread, although for me I trust IMDb still more than any site for recommendations; an imperfect gambit. It's why most of their Top 500 I don't list as overrated but well-rated. Well I like it but certainly don't love it. The overrating of it doesn't help enjoy it more, but I enjoy it for its uniqueness. It's not, say, unforgettable or essential story-telling--it fills its own little space without connecting deeper. Casino Royale on the other hand is probably one of my Top 3 movies. Much better than Shawshank and most of IMDb's Top. (I seem to kind of enjoy other casino movies for some reason, Casablanca, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Ocean's Eleven, Grim Fandango...) Anyway, go ahead and post your own lists!
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