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  1. Jurassic Park has this phasing quality to it where some days I'm just like... this is it. This is Williams' best. It's a very peculiar quality, where some days I think it's obviously more like 1. SW > 2. ET > IJ >>..., but JP is the only one that later exceeds all these scores. This mindset happens under wholism; instead of analyzing musical particulars and textures, leaving me to believe SW is the best, it's the mindset of how iconic a score really is, ie. what really stands the test of time. It's amazing. Usually during this mood I'll have E.T. as no. 2... so JP > ET >>
  2. It goes like, da-da-da dun-da dun-da dun. Da-da-da dun-da DAAH - da, Dah dee dumm- da, Dah dun dun, da- Da-da-da dunn. da- DAH-da-DAH... de dumm. No, I don't know.
  3. I'm actually John Williams! It's not one I like sharing, but it's one I think emphasizes exactly the mindset one should understand his music with. That is, real thought. My personal favorite is You are Al Bhed.
  4. Uematsu absolutely decimated his period from 1994 to 2001. There is absolutely no competition, he understands what music appreciation is. I even play some of his weaker tracks and I'm elated and drooling... and it's not the type of example I'd normally use to show this composer off.
  5. Essentially, masterpeice movies, TV or video games that repeat the same few cool ideas throughout. I've pretty much named 3 movies and games which are masterpieces. I really love the Matrix ost in the film, it's so Meta
  6. The masterpiece game called Contradiction or the film masterpiece Casino Royale.
  7. Star Wars: A New Hope Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Homeward Bound 2: Lost in San Francisco Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey Princess Mononoke E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Titanic Home Alone 2 The Fellowship of the Ring
  8. Since everyone wants to list invalid options like The Book Thief, The Force Awakens etc. I get Williams' masterpieces all to myself
  9. I don't find E.T. to be a childhood film as much as HP or Home Alone, because with the latter there's such a powerful connection from the entire film and its music, to Harry and Kevin, even when they aren't in the scenes. With E.T I feel the narrative and music connect a lot more with E.T. rather than focus much on Elliott. So the highest-quality scores in this category for me are. 1. Home Alone 2. Harry Potter 1-3
  10. Nah I'm moving up Moan Alone one or two more spots. That score is legit.
  11. Hook was akin to a piece by Handel. Big and all over the place, lacking real substance. The Harry Potters were like Tchaikovsky works. More simplified, but simply perfected.
  12. This is a common noob statement. You need to cross-reference more, ie. from Bach, to totally different genres like Mozart. A theme is one thing that can occur throughout an infinite amount of time. A melody can be many things that occur during one definite time. An example, a theme in Beethoven's Fifth is he most always ends his triplet patterns late throughout the symphony, ie. 1-2-3, 1. A melody in Beethoven's Fifth is everything you hear here, for example: All instruments from 0:28-0:40 come together to form a predetermined melody that can'
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