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  1. As a friend once put it, Nolan relies a lot on fast jarring shots in place of good story development. I'm sure there are much better movies out there than some I listed, so thanks for sharing your lists. I still don't really want to watch the Indiana Jones movies, I could never get into them really . Just saw this pretty good pre-SW sci-fi called A Boy and His Dog.
  2. For underrated I think I'll add to the top Eyes Wide Shut definitely, and perhaps maybe(?) Waterworld, The Man From Earth, and Total Recall (need to rewatch them first.) Just trying to think of more movies. We probably get a lot of flack for posting overrated lists, so Godspeed you martyrs. Try just taking your own Top 100 list and write if they're overrated and underrated on IMDb. That should be easy, then do the opposite for IMDb's Top 100--write if they're over or under. Which ones do you recommend based on my preferences?
  3. Best movies in the IMDb Top 30 are Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, and The Matrix.
  4. Because people voted hundreds of other movies better than them that aren't. Pretty self-explanatory. You are free to agree with them. I don't, hence the thread, although for me I trust IMDb still more than any site for recommendations; an imperfect gambit. It's why most of their Top 500 I don't list as overrated but well-rated. Well I like it but certainly don't love it. The overrating of it doesn't help enjoy it more, but I enjoy it for its uniqueness. It's not, say, unforgettable or essential story-telling--it fills its own little space without connecting deeper. Casino Royale on the other hand is probably one of my Top 3 movies. Much better than Shawshank and most of IMDb's Top. (I seem to kind of enjoy other casino movies for some reason, Casablanca, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Ocean's Eleven, Grim Fandango...) Anyway, go ahead and post your own lists!
  5. You can utilize critic reviews and awards, though I will be utilizing IMDb scores because it's the only thing which doesn't seem fake and curated as propaganda in the world today. Anyway, a film I just saw recently that strikes me as definitely underrated on IMDb is Top Gun. I thought it was brilliant, visionary, well directed and acted, and much preferred it to movies that essentially seem overblown in attributes or ie. less significant in message, like Shawshank Redemption and other films on the IMDb Top 250. I think these certain films are technically right, but don't cut at the heart of story-telling like a good David Lynch film for instance. My short list for now, Very Underrated The Family Man Top Gun Riding in Cars with Boys The Time Machine (2002) A Scanner Darkly Now and Then Waterworld Underrated Lost Highway Mulholland Dr. Kingpin Predestination The Thing Memento Eyes Wide Shut Homeward Bound Dark City That Thing You Do! Ponyo Boiler Room E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial All Dogs Go To Heaven Magnolia Troy The Count of Monte Cristo Almost Famous Harry Potter 1 & 2 Casino Royale (2006) and older Bond movies Home Alone Howl's Moving Castle Overrated (in the IMDb Top 500) The Green Mile Se7en Shawshank Redemption Leon: The Professional Prisoners Schindler's List Django Unchained Joker The Dark Knight Rises One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Princess Mononoke (one of the greatest maybe the greatest score though) Avengers movies Fargo Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2001: A Space Odyssey Whiplash Before Sunrise/Sunset Zootopia 12 Monkeys The Hobbit films Arrival District 9 I'm sure I missed a lot or haven't seen every movie on IMDb, but I'll come back to add more. But what's cool about this is, others can recommend you movies based on what you like. What does your overrated and underrated list look like? What movies would you recommend me based on mine? Also, the greatest horror movie I've seen is Until Dawn, so it would be considered an underrated movie since it's usually not classified as a film.
  6. I used this line of reasoning in another thread to explain why I think Harry Potter is actually Williams' closest-to-perfect score, while Star Wars might be his best. Some of us can just feel the thematic potential in the particular symphonic invention he built with HP, and many of these themes were so spot-on for being fresh inventions. It's hard however to say how movie direction would assist this feat, if Williams would have to work with or more against the demands.
  7. A better question would be, 'who would film your score?' I want David Lynch to do a take on James Bond.
  8. If we had to decide before we even knew about the next films and what may come, although JP may have been a better head start for Williams, the HP scores were already becoming much more deep and sophisticated than the latter, being more like Star Wars in effectiveness and scope, and even beyond Star Wars imo in potential, we just desperately needed to witness Williams develop it. I think HP was Williams' greatest diamond in the rough, the greatest seed he planted. It's a no-brainer.
  9. Same. I can't think of anyone better.
  10. I'm a member a little more extreme into melody than most. Got to love Uematsu, Kondo, narrative settings that are just begging for long characteristic melodies. It's harder to find this in movies. Not much of a gamer either, just always listen to game music.
  11. Or a good video game with NPC exploration and investigation ?
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