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  1. Just the other day, saw a car screaming through a parking garage with The Asteroid Field blaring out the window, echoing through the garage. Wish I could have stopped him and chatted!
  2. I enjoyed listening through all the Williams material on this set (I will listen to the rest sometime...). I have only listened to the other release of this a few times, so I wasn't overly familiar with it. The sound quality sounds better to me, though not hugely different (didn't expect it to be). I do like hearing the cues separated as opposed to more of a suite as on the older release. I wonder if there will be any Williams on Vol 2. Maybe just a couple bumpers, Main and End Title...
  3. I didn't listen to any of this until now when I downloaded from HDtracks. Half-way through and really enjoying the sound of the recording and the mixing. It's interesting, it sounds like there is more sub-bass to the basses/ other bass instruments...I can just feel the bass more. Also, I can hear woodwinds in the mix more on some tracks where they normally are more covered by the rest of the orchestra. This all makes for a really fun listen.
  4. Mine arrived yesterday, I plan on listening later on today!
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IaVeDNtAWBkJjC1VMpLFTxV9IM9CA3bx/view?usp=sharing Here's a very simple tune, and clocking in at under a minute...no development at all. Think of it as one statement of a simple theme. Instrument: celeste I imagined being in an airport, alone, looking out the window as silent cars pass by. Maybe the flight got cancelled and I'll be late for Christmas. Anyway, that's the mood.
  6. If Williams declines, they should give it to Joe Kraemer
  7. Williams, once they cast Daisy Ridley as Indy's long lost daughter, because no one else is allowed to write her theme.
  8. huh, if Ridley gets involved, it will be called D A V I D
  9. Huh, some of these productions could be fun and interesting, but they should have announced that they're handing over their entire music vault to Mike Matessino for him to have his way with to really get people excited.
  10. Yeah, just meaning that I can understand that viewpoint. It's not my preference though. My preference would be just having cues overlap as composer originally intended them to.
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