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  1. I love the Azkaban one, but due to nostalgic magic and my supercharged enthusiasm for film music at the time HP1 came out, I had to vote for the 1st.
  2. Thanks for sharing! That is really beautiful, loved hearing this. Really enjoyed all of this! It's really fun, a lot of tracks have such a fun feel to them, and I really enjoy the percussion in the 1st track.
  3. That include me? I kid....you should tell us about the piece!
  4. See The Composer's Thread for @bruce marshall's Prelude and Cool Fugue!
  5. Prelude and Cool Fugue by J.S. Bruce (aka @bruce marshall) Piano: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GFltO82uzfF2vg-urMvLAF6mhC53jqSz/view?usp=sharing Harpsichord: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KkbIjwIxNOELIVF7cZ08MOt6H_xE0kyi/view?usp=sharing
  6. Small observation, Disc 3, Track 22 Russian Church, has a cool swirling strings idea, which reminds me of the same/similar idea at the end of the Main Titles for The Poseidon Adventure, which I know came out the following year. I'm glad MM managed to include so much of the underscore even with it having some mild sfx and that JW didn't say 'no' to it. Really nice to have.
  7. I really like the harp part when it comes in, and the harp glissandos sound so nice when they happen. I love the build up and chord at 2:12, feels like such an arrival point...goosebumps-inducing!
  8. Thank you!!! I enjoyed everyone's music and the uniqueness of all of the entries. Thank you to all who took the time to listen to all pieces and voted, and thank you @Jurassic Shark for thinking of and putting it together!
  9. I recently got the blu-ray and watched the movie, semi-studied the score some and wanted to post some observations: There is 51 minutes, 20 seconds of score in the film. 1 minute and 4 seconds of source music, one of them being an excerpt of JS Bach's Toccata and Fugue in d minor, the other being music that plays on a film when the characters are sneaking through a theater. Williams scores the Universal International Logo with a statement of the main theme from the movie. The main title is certainly a standout cue, but there are some other great moments such as when the main characters are traveling on a train and there's a nice statement of the theme. There is some brief action music in a couple of spots that provide a kick of adrenaline that I really liked. There are two moments where the score becomes very quirky, goofy similar to some of Williams' comedy writing, for scenes where the characters were pretending to be drunk. I really like this score and I do hope elements for it can be found for a release!
  10. I thought it was a cool touch that the AOTC flashbacks were newly created...or at least we haven't seen that angle or take of young Boba picking up Jango's helmet. I think the shots of Kamino are new too.
  11. Great nugget of insight into JW sense of humor.
  12. Thank you @TownerFan& @mahler3 for such a wonderful conversation between you and the musicians. Loved hearing their stories and seeing their excitement they have for what they do and of course their memories of John Williams. I love seeing their sense of humor and getting to put more faces with the sounds I'm hearing when I hear them playing.
  13. Well, there's some software that tries to scan sheet music to import into Sibelius, but in the past I haven't had a lot of luck in working with it. @Jurassic Sharkhave you ever had success with that? I was planning to just input the notes manually into Sibelius myself.
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