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  1. Alright, here we go!! (Goldsmith Vol 5 I've been wanting for a while....The Godfather and Spider-Man can come with my next order)
  2. Episode X - Attack of the Snokes "Somehow Snoke has returned" -Poe This was clearly foreshadowed in the intro of TROS with those Snoke clones.
  3. Well my shipment finished going on unnecessary detours and made it to town, but too late in the day for it to go out for delivery today. It's just sitting somewhere, I should go in and find it.
  4. I can't wait to Surrender to some David Arnold Bond music! (and Amistad, and The Burbs). I'm going to pick up Spider-man and Godfather on a future order.
  5. I've casually listened to all of these, and The Little Mermaid was what stood out as being the one that I enjoyed the most. I'll try revisiting Pocahontas this week and see if my opinion changes, since I see a number of people have that chosen as the best one.
  6. Bummer for me, I was excited to get my CDs on Saturday, but it looks like the US Postal Service screwed up....my package instead of going from California to Idaho, went to Kansas for some reason, then now it's back in LA. Guess I'll be waiting a while.
  7. And for old films, he did trailer music for: Bachelor Flat (1962) None But the Brave (1965)
  8. The piano start does evoke the same feel and style as The Force Awakens full Trailer. I wouldn't be too surprised if it turned out to be the same folks. Same kind of sparse atmosphere with single piano notes.
  9. Maybe Williams got some sample libraries on black friday and wanted to try out some epic bwahhm versions of his Indy theme! "ah yes, indeed that sounds very fire, as the kids say"
  10. I'm surprised there weren't any 'gets it' in ID4....there's a plethora of opportunity: Satellite Gets It The Wrong Field Gets It AWAC Gets It Welcome Wagon Gets It New York/D.C./LA Gets It Jimmy Gets It El Toro Gets It Slimey Gets It The First Lady Gets It Mothership Gets It
  11. Haven't listened to the clips, but I do recall thinking it sounded like there were some cuts or something odd in the iso score of that cue, so I was guessing there might be some unreleased/ unused music there. Cool!
  12. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed this too. Woodwind Quintet is my favorite chamber ensemble and this was great to hear. That's super sad that he didn't live past 47.
  13. First that I have heard of Irving Fine and I really love this! You describe it so well. I love the warmth it has! I'm going to look for more of his works. ------------- If anyone wants to have some nice Renaissance music this holiday season, I've been loving the release by New London Consort of Tielman Susato's Danseyres. I've enjoyed every iteration of these dances that I can find, including a number of wind ensemble/ band arrangements.
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