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  1. He is the founder of Orchestral Tools sample company as well. Really fun music here!
  2. I do too, Ripley's theme has such a cold, dark beauty to it. It's a score I remember being quite haunting. Some of the electronic elements layered in with the orchestra are very unnerving. I've been meaning to check out more of his music.
  3. If it's Dante's Peak, that is a special one for me. Just so happened that I saw that movie around the time when I really started noticing film music and wanting to hear more of it. There's something about the main theme that stuck with me, and the OST was one of the first film score CDs I bought.
  4. I listened to this last night/ this morning. Sounds great! My buddy who's a big Trek fan came over last night with his FSM CD so we could compare. On this new release, there is more separation of the instrument details, the sound has a more crisp edge to it, and more warmth. The soundstage feels wider and I feel like I can hear the room the musicians are sitting in better. As it was described earlier, sounds more like it was recorded in recent times, and the difference is comparable to the LLL Superman vs the Blue Box for sound quality.
  5. Thanks so much for the info. I can't believe I didn't notice the choir gone from a lot of The Darkest Day! I'll pay attention to the rest of that as I go through it.
  6. Sorry if these couple things have been discussed already, I couldn't find it if it has been.... I've been slowly watching the film and listening to the LLL release, and looking along at @Jay's fun spreadsheet. A Couple details I have noticed: There are 3 endings to 7M2 Base Attack / Dogfight; The assumed Original version, with one long sustained major chord. LLL Disc 1, Track 12b (as well as the OST, and the World Records Bootleg) An alternate version, which has the dun-dundundun-duunnnnn (quarter note, quarter note triplet, whole note) rhythm, but the instruments playing the rhythm are split into a major chord. Only available on the "Other Boot", track 15 Base Attack - Dogfight. The 3rd version, the film version, which has the rhythm mentioned above, but the instruments playing the rhythm are playing the tonic of the chord, in octaves, rather than forming a chord. Only on LLL Disc 2, Track 12, and heard in the film. This is also the ending on the Live-to-Picture performances (as it should be, since it's the film version). In the film, 8M3 The Big Tamale first plays almost entirely without choir, then segues into somewhere around 0:11 of the same cue but with choir this time and plays to the end. Film edit: 8M3 The Big Tamale (no choir) 0:00-0:18 / 8M3 The Big Tamale 0:11-END This means there's a 'no choir' version of 8M3 which remains unreleased, but which can mostly be heard in the film.
  7. Thank you for the education. I am now remembering some old band music as I looked through scores in school band class, and seeing cornet and tenor horn parts. Cool that this group is carrying on this brass band tradition.
  8. You just need to tell them you're very Eiger for a replacement disc.
  9. I am really happy and thankful that MM gives such care and attention to the 'less important' works, though I understand they're not as big and exciting as stuff like HP and JP, but to have things like Pete N Tillie / Stanley & Iris with the same amount of love and care put into it, is a special thing, and I'm sure other smaller gems to be released in the future *coughstepmomcough*, will have the same love and care put into them. I also kind of like the mystery of wondering what gem we'll get next and I'll be excited for each one, whether it's The Paper Chase or whether it's a 10 Disc Star Wars Sequel Trilogy set.
  10. Really cool, and they sound great! No (French) horns? I see euphoniums, and smaller euphonium/baritone-shaped instruments but I can't quite tell what they are.
  11. An easy order for me, I missed out on the FSM one. Very happy this one is now the best it can probably sound.
  12. Disc 1 1. Main Title (Pilot Version) :46 Disc 2 1. The Boiler Room (Show Dub) :39 Disc 3 1. Main Title (Pilot Version With Overlay) :46 41. End Credits (Alternate Take) :52 Total John Williams: 3:05 That's about $9.99 per track + shipping ORDERED! But in seriousness, I really enjoy this kind of 60s television score music, so indeed, ordered.
  13. This is cool, I only have a few of these so it's temping. I love a good John Williams Boxset!!!
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