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  1. I think I Will Do What I Must is my least favorite of William Ross's cues on this release. I do wonder why he didn't quote any Battle of the Heroes or Vader's theme during this cue. I can understand not using BotH (or DotF) in full form because perhaps it's better to let those have their moments in the films, but could have been a cool idea to present some broken-up BotH, or just a few quotes, since Ben and Vader are having a rematch. Some of Natalie's underscore, the moodier stuff relating to Vader and Reva, feel to me like they'd be more at home in a Terminator film than Star Wars. Especially the music for after we first see Vader sitting in his chair in Ep3, very Terminator-ish.
  2. Interesting mix on the Ross cues. Horns, trumpets and woodwinds more on the left-side, low brass on the right. Usually hear trumpets on the right. Sounds like perhaps was a slightly smaller-than average ensemble maybe? or it just sounds a bit thin at times.
  3. Listening through it now...where is 'Ready to Go' from in the show? I only watched each episode once, but I don't remember this cue. Sounds kind of like one of Hans Zimmer's big emotional build-up type cues as it gets going toward the end of the crescendo.
  4. This sums up my thoughts on Obi-Wan Kenobi's music. I won't rehash too much of what's already been said, but I was overall disappointed in the music. I really enjoyed Ludwig's Mando music, and Shirley's work with Ludwig's themes in BoBF...I don't really have a problem with deviating from the 'star warsy sound' necessarily. As others have mentioned, because this is such an extension of the prequels, it didn't feel 'right' to not hear certain themes during certain key moments...and I really don't think Natalie's comments on needing to 'seed' the themes makes sense since we chronologically already have Vader's, Leia's and the force theme from before this series takes place. I'm not saying every theme that could show up, should show up... but at least some key moments should have had themes. Examples: -bit of Luke's theme when we first see him -force theme for at least that one moment where Ben uses the force for the first time in a while to catch Leia -Leia's theme could play in a number of spots -Vader's theme for at the very least his first appearance in the show, and would make sense in a number of other scenes I don't mind Qui-Gon's theme not appearing. Battle of the Heroe's quote could have been cool, but would be fine for me for their duel to have other music, although I didn't really like their duel music in the finale (I should listen again though, only watched it once). I did like some of Natalie's music...the things that come to mind were in that planet in Episode 2, and the midwest-United-States-looking-planet in Episode 3. I was not a fan of her Inquisitor theme(?) that plays when Reva arrives at the Fortress Inquisitorious. I really enjoy Williams' new theme, but I do think it's overused in the series. I enjoyed a lot of William Ross's work for the most part and I really hope this shows those who make decisions that Ross should really be considered for a Star Wars project in the future, and certainly if we do get 'Obi-Wan - Season 2: Ben gets a house', then I hope they give it to Ross completely.
  5. What a cool experience this must have been! Thanks to all those who posted pictures, helps me imagine it. Wow, Daisy attending must have added some extra magic to the night for Mr Williams!
  6. I'm glad to have them both. The Long Goodbye arrangement might be my favorite of all the Anne-Sophie versions, I love what Williams did with it.
  7. I will seek out that score next. I saw the movie at some point, but it's been a while, and I never listened to the music outside of the film.
  8. This is really a fun, great and lovely score. Cool to hear a score done in the 80s, which harkens back to an earlier golden-age Hollywood sound, and by a composer who's sound was a part of that golden age. The sound quality is great. All of the cues have interesting material, and I love the sweeping, 'classic Hollywood' theme that happens often throughout the score. The source cues are fun too.
  9. If Williams had scored Ready Player One, I wonder if he'd have quoted a lot of things or have stayed away from that overall. I image he'd have quoted Back to the Future at least.
  10. I definitely like the new helmets logo music better. I wonder if it could be Williams.
  11. Going to sit and read the liner notes shortly, then will rip and listen!
  12. I've always loved the theme and the horn solo. Excited to listen to this in full. I appreciate that MM gives his same level of care and attention to even smaller gems like this one and not just the big stuff.
  13. Is it weird that I've always liked the Training Montage? I even like it more than Banning Back Home!
  14. I don't usually listen to the samples but decided to this time...I just listened to the OST pretty recently and wow there is a lot more clarity in these samples, and it doesn't have the hiss that is sometimes noticeable on the OST.
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