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  1. I enjoy Williams' source music in general, but I view it as a bonus if it's included and not incredibly important. Perhaps someday there will be a 'John Williams source music and oddities Collection Vol 1' starting off with 4 alternate takes of the Shawm cue.
  2. Pretty sure that none of the actual film cues have been previously released, only the album which was a re-recording/ specific recording for the album material. On second thought, listening to my 2010 Poseidon Adventure...maybe this alternate End Title isn't actually an alternate...maybe that's why it's not needed on the new set. I think it's just an alternate take perhaps.
  3. Very excited for this set! I don't mind buying Poseidon Adventure for the 3rd time, especially since it got the MM treatment. I am curious about the alternate End Credits not being there though. I really like the source music from Poseidon Adventure as well and I hope to hear a sonic improvement in those tracks. Earthquake, I'm not very familiar with aside form really enjoying the Main Titles, so that will be fun to dig into! I'm pumped to hear the remaster for The Towering Inferno as well as the additional cues on this release. I really do love the early 70s John Williams sound, so yes...I can't wait! Side note, looking through the 70s scores we've had expansions on it really hit me that Mike has checked off quite a number of the 70s scores. There aren't that many left! I will bundle this with Stargate and the Western Box Set.
  4. The Egyptian Fahrenheit 451 / Twilight Zone: Walking Distance (re-recording) Mysterious Island (re-recording) North by Northwest Psycho Vertigo Missing a lot as you can see.
  5. This reminds me that I need to get to know Herrmann more. My collection has a large hole where many of his scores should be.
  6. I love the oboe solos in 'Images Of Sean.' It's a beautiful voice to carry Sean's theme. I love the forceful low brass in the the first part of Anderton Escapes (Don't Run, John), and the segue from Don't Run, John into Anderton Escapes is awesome. I love the energy of the action cues in this score. I really enjoy the way this score flows chronologically and the different moods it strikes. It's awesome to have this score expanded and remastered!
  7. ohhh, so it wasn't necessarily specifically written to be a Universal logo theme per se? It's more like how a composer might write music relating to the score over the top of a logo, like the Logo in Harry Potter?
  8. I haven't even listened to the Alternate yet. It would be great to know more about what was intended with these. I'm sure someone will get to it before me, but I will try to sync them up.
  9. I love the subtle details in this score, and the re-mastered sound helps them to be fully appreciated. There are a lot of details to pick out in the dark and low texture of the two Pre-Crime to the Rescue cues. Images Of Sean is beautiful, I love the oboe solo. The unused Collage cue is really interesting. I don't have my OST around, but are the female vocals mixed in quieter on this release? I felt like the vocals blended more with the orchestra, rather than sitting on top.
  10. My copy came in last night, haven't had time to listen though. I read through the booklet. Very nice liner notes going through each of the themes and which tracks they appear in! I love reading Mike's technical notes on the releases he works on. I'd read a whole booklet just on that kind of stuff. Realy excited to start listening tonight.
  11. The trailer music 'worked' okay in terms of giving a sense of epic-ness (in my opinion), but I don't find it amazing like a lot of general public does. What do people find so appealing about this kind of epic-anthem type of music? I remember seeing people online saying how disappointing it was that Williams didn't put the awesome epic trailer music in the movie itself.
  12. I think I'll have my copy tomorrow so I'll sit down and give it a nice listen. Though probably won't get to do a full listen-through due to distractions. Will probably be in chunks of 20 minutes or so throughout the week.
  13. Ordered, 186473. Wow, I just listened to the first sample and yes...sounds fantastic! Separation of instruments is great, has a real punch to it, wonderful clarity and as others have said, the 'space' sounds much better. Sounds more like I'm in a room with an orchestra in front of me.
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