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  1. That seems to be very true that most cannot distinguish a difference. I can say that for me, there is a certain 'solid-ness' and/or 'crispness' with lossless files that I can detect over compressed audio, even at 320bitrate MP3 (have had people do some tests on me). However, this is with some higher-end headphones & good amp. Listening in my car, on lower-end earbuds, or my stereo which is not very good at this time, I don't think I could pass the same test with accuracy. That being said, for me it's also a mental thing where I want to know that my music isn't missing any info
  2. Hey, I'm just trying to think like Disney! Maybe even put a couple exclusives on a vinyl-only set so completists have buy it all!
  3. But one thing that could be possible for eventual Star Wars expansions (but that isn't an option for the specialty labels) is for extra material to be available exclusively as digital downloads, or am I wrong on this? So perhaps there could be 2-disc sets released physically but then extra bonus cues (especially for all the Sequel trilogy stuff) released as lossless downloads available for separate purchase. Possible?
  4. Yeah, something about the voicing of those major chords, I can hear what you mean about Dances with Wolves. Sounds like it could work for a nice ride on a horse across some fields.
  5. Totally understand the criticisms of the Finale track, and of having the Main Title appear at the end along with the end of the End Credits, but there is something special about ending these 9 film's scores with the piece that began them.
  6. Expansion/C&C Hook: The Mike Matessino Editon Premiere Alcoa Premiere Theater: Season 1 & 2 Box Set Concert Arrangement Irina's Theme Concert Work Wind Quintet (1960)
  7. I don't remember hearing the "Rhatama", but I only listened to that once, I need to give it another listen later.
  8. He should re-work Reunion of Friends, have it lead up to Rey's theme in Lydian mode segueing into 'End Credits and Rey's Wonderous World'
  9. yeah, I can tell there are some clear edits and some abrupt moments. I wonder if any of these queues is segued to from the Main Title? I don't hear one that would sound obvious. I also wonder if the cue that segues to the End Credits is a life of existing material and perhaps is why it's not on the FYC.
  10. I feel like we'll hear DOTF. What I think would be cool is to have the Dule of the Fates ostinato repeating figure, but something different in the choir...so it can have some uniqueness. I think we'll hear Roses' theme. My wish list: -Han's theme (if Han is referenced), a slow subtle version. -Droid motif -Anakin's theme (not sure if there'd be an opportunity) -a brash/forceful trombone version of Imperial March, perhaps for the fleet we see in the trailers -Jar Jar's theme (just kidding).
  11. Wow, recently I was actually wanting to explore whoever might be doing modern takes on big band and/or swing music. Thanks for listing out some names! If you have any other suggestions I'll add them to my list as I start exploring.
  12. 3 times we hear the Force Theme played all the way through, and not just the first phrase like most of its' appearance in TLJ! I really like the version in Track 3. I really love the warmth of the new theme that is reminiscent of Anakin's Theme. Overall, I do notice more dissonance in this music and it makes it feel related to ROTS a little bit. He gave some nice big parts to Don Williams timpani, very loud. Track 9: Love the Emperor's Theme on low flute (alto flute or bass flute?) I'm also liking that there is some variation in the p
  13. I enjoy Williams' source music in general, but I view it as a bonus if it's included and not incredibly important. Perhaps someday there will be a 'John Williams source music and oddities Collection Vol 1' starting off with 4 alternate takes of the Shawm cue.
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