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  1. A very good episode, for a change ! I like time loops in general, and here Chibnall doesn't screw it up too much. It helps that there is some solid humor, and a GREAT turn by Aisling Bea. 13 gives a little speech that could have been a defining moment of her tenure, if only it had happened 20 episodes ago.
  2. I only bought Always (bottom tier Williams imo). But I totally forgot about X-Men and Hard Rain, I should buy these too. I'm not yet sure about Glory, the OST never made any impression on me. Time to find some youtube suite to get a better idea.
  3. I feel for the people who were looking forward to this concert, but at least it's cancelled for a good cause !
  4. YES! Masada is top 5 Goldsmith in my book too, and missing the 2011 2 CD release is (was!) one of my big regrets. I didn't know the album was a re-recording!
  5. I had absolutely no prior knowledge of League of Legends before watching this.
  6. Agreed on pretty much all counts! I didn't expect much, and it was an excellent surprise. Most impressive were the animation, both in a dynamic camera movements and in minute facial expressions, and the music, a standout for me in 2021 (though admitedly I haven't listened to much). Compared to the 2 other series you mention that I've seen, Castlevania and Blood of Zeus, I would put Arcane above them, no doubt!
  7. I was 10 when the movie came out, and by that time my sister and I were already obsessed with the books, so my parents took us to see it, and that obsession expanded to include the movie. Later they bought the soundtrack, and I'm not sure I knew before then that you could listen to music from a movie on its own. I'm afraid we mostly used as an ersatz for the real thing, namely the movie itself, while waiting for the VHS release. We were mainly listening to Hedwig, Wondrous World, and highlights like the quidditch match and the chess game. The same thing more or less happened with Chamber of Secrets, then with Prisoner of Azkaban (which actually disappointed us, being a departure from the sound of the first two movies). It wasn't until I discovered (Lord of the Rings and) Star Wars circa 2005 that I got into film music per se. I actually listened to the first score (LLL edition) last week end, and I must say, there is A LOT of Hedwig Theme
  8. Oh yeah ! Typical ! But then, conversation or not, it didn't matter at all, because the Big Bad just... escaped. Right under their nose. Somehow ?
  9. Well, it's still a Chibnall episode, IMO lacking in the excitement and imagination and clever concepts to be found in Moffat's episodes, but I'm curious to see what the more serialized format does for the show and the characters. Karvanista was fun. The Weeping Angels sequence was infuriaring, Claire knew what they were and yet she turned not once but TWICE to look for the keyhole of her door !
  10. The only applause that bothered me was at the end of the Elegy on saturday- barely left time for the last notes to fade. On thursday there were those few seconds of suspended silence you might expect after a quiet piece.
  11. Aww, so he was camera shy at the time.... How far he's come that he got a starring role in the last Star Wars !
  12. His mortorcycle story gets funnier with each retelling! Maybe people were keeping their strength for the real thing
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