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  1. Thanks Jay! Some interesting tidbits here! (I wonder how much of that is the journalist extrapolating) (JW being uncharacteristically unmodest ) A little disappointed that nothing is mentionned about a possible concert in Berlin, but another Vienna would be extremely fine
  2. A lot of great picks here! My vote goes to Victory Celebration (Return of the Jedi special edition).
  3. I read it last summer ! I agree with you, it's fascinating stuff ; at least until the sobering account of the bombings, which brings a necessary and unsettling balance to this thrilling story of discoveries and groundbreaking experiments by ultra-competent scientists. Mostly though I was in awe of the herculean amount of work that went into that book, the research and the writing. And now I'm a little sad that I've already forgotten most of it I've bought Richard Rhodes's follow-up, Dark Sun, about the making of the H bomb, but I haven't started yet. Maybe you'll find
  4. Maybe JW will compose some new themes ? Incidentally, wouldn't that be JW first score (or partial score) for a movie directed by a woman ?
  5. Great pieces of music too ! Are saying JW's fanfare writing abilities peaked in 1999?
  6. Hmm, I'm not sure his fanfare writing ability didn't peak in 1996 with Summon the Heroes, but yeah, Galaxy's Edge is fine and this is exciting !
  7. I'm afraid it's not in my top 10 of action cues, this bright swashbuckling sound is not my favourite, though I'll still listen to it with pleasure. I'd put stuff like Desert Chase, Battle of Yavin, Dueling the Basilisk, etc., above The Ultimate War.
  8. Wow, absolutely great news, let's hope it happens !!! Oh boy, nothing is confirmed but just thinking about it is already stressing me out
  9. The score for Crystal Skull is good, and needs a better release, but it doesn't have Rey's Theme. So whatever the quality of the movies, TFA > KotCS for me.
  10. Indeed. And, if it's as brilliant, that it gets more than one season... Actually, thinking about it, Dark Crystal does prove that a so-so fantasy movie from the 80s (IMO) can birth a great tv show, so could be good.
  11. Also, hearing him, it sounds like the only thing preventing him from going to Spain to receive his award is the pandemic...
  12. Could be The Rise of Skywalker... I'm more distracted by that biiig framed photograph (painting?) of him at the podium... where can we buy those?
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