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  1. I'm afraid it's not in my top 10 of action cues, this bright swashbuckling sound is not my favourite, though I'll still listen to it with pleasure. I'd put stuff like Desert Chase, Battle of Yavin, Dueling the Basilisk, etc., above The Ultimate War.
  2. Wow, absolutely great news, let's hope it happens !!! Oh boy, nothing is confirmed but just thinking about it is already stressing me out
  3. The score for Crystal Skull is good, and needs a better release, but it doesn't have Rey's Theme. So whatever the quality of the movies, TFA > KotCS for me.
  4. Indeed. And, if it's as brilliant, that it gets more than one season... Actually, thinking about it, Dark Crystal does prove that a so-so fantasy movie from the 80s (IMO) can birth a great tv show, so could be good.
  5. Also, hearing him, it sounds like the only thing preventing him from going to Spain to receive his award is the pandemic...
  6. Could be The Rise of Skywalker... I'm more distracted by that biiig framed photograph (painting?) of him at the podium... where can we buy those?
  7. Really great news, didn't see it coming ! This score has really grown on me over the years (not all JW scores do this, I must confess)
  8. Indeed. I'd put Patrick Doyle among them, he gave us Henry V and Dead Again pretty much right out the gate.
  9. You do mean the so-called "Tintin theme", the one we hear for example at the end of Pursuit of the falcon ? This soundtrack is in dire need of an expansion.
  10. I'm very intrigued by this. The books explore some fascinating ideas, sometimes poetically, and have their share of spectacular action. But there is also a lot of weird stuff, which I can't imagine translated to the screen.
  11. Masks are supposedly mandatory in theaters here, but I can't say many people are following the rule...
  12. I agree that the human element is weaker than in other Nolan movies (except maybe Dunkirk, can't remember that one), but still, I thought John David Washington and Robert Pattinson had enough charisma to make their respective character likable and keep me interested in what happened to them. As an aside: the end credits should have been split into 2 columns going in reverse directions ! 😁
  13. The score didn't really register with me while watching the movie, except as LOUD and not really something I'd want to listen on its own. But maybe I'll give it a chance.
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