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  1. Short, humble, optimistic: another great speech from John! I wonder what he gets offered at the beginning?
  2. Thanks, now I won't be able not to think about this whenever I see the term !
  3. Happy birthday to Mr. Williams, unforgettable actor behind the iconic Oma Tres character in Star Wars, and occasional film composer ! Don't forget the Zelda theme music
  4. 1/122? Ouch. But it's those same critics who release "best soundtracks of the year" lists that are 80% remixed songs or weird noises as different from a typical JW score as possible. Though given that, I'm surprised too that Desplat's Little Women apparently made such an impression on them. Maybe it's the "politics" part of the award game weighing in?
  5. I agree with those examples, and off the top of my head I would add the March of the Resistance before the final battle (yeah a repeat of the same scene in TFA, but still effective), the quiet elegy at the beginning of The Force Is With You when Rey is laying on the ground looking up at the fleet of her friends being destroyed by the Sith (IIRC), or the variation of her theme when she is revived by Kylo. Hey, maybe we're grasping at straws, but there are quite à a few of them !
  6. I must confess, I wasn't aware of him until today when I browsed the wikipedia page of surviving actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood. His career and longevity are certainly impressive!
  7. RIP Mr. Douglas I've only seen him in The Fury and 20000 Leagues Under the Seas, but the latter was one of those movies I watched over and over in my childhood. As pointed out before, Olivia de Havilland is untouchable IMO in the little informal contest of "greatest surviving legend of Hollywood"
  8. I still haven't heard Joker, maybe I'll even like it, but God, to read that it "helps redeem the reputation of movie music"? That's just insulting.
  9. He. Evil Michelle Yeoh was one of my favourite parts in Discovery, I'm in.
  10. Well I thought last night's episode, Praxeus, was very good! I liked the mystery, the hopping around the world, the companions coming into their own with a mission rather than standing uselessly behind the Doctor. Even the humor worked better than usual! Coming after Orphan 55, the ecological message had the advantage of looking nearly subtle and of pointing at something more immediately concrete and threatening, namely all that damn plastic. Didn't recognize Warren Brown as Jake, and yet I rewatched some Luther just last month...
  11. Finally got to listen to the interview. It was very nice to hear Williams talk about Vienna, about his brother, about Ben's Theme. I didn't expect to hear him adress the condescension (of lack thereof, in the case of the Vienna concerts) of the "serious" musical world toward "film" music. Mainly what I take away from the interview, is that he is not closing the door to future concerts in Europe, or to future oscar nominations! It gives me hope for more good things to come
  12. That would be my pick too. Though maybe Follow Me could make for a nice concert piece à la Snowy's Theme.
  13. OK, so now I really need to buy the bluray. Nicely played Disney !
  14. Gosh, this Anne-Sophie is such a fangirl. And just because she's a world class violonist, she gets to hang with John Williams, while the rest of us admire him from the shadows. That's so unfair!
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