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  1. Davies returning is probably good news... It will be interesting to see how he does Doctor Who 20 years later. Maybe he'll bring back Murray Gold too, oh and that Steven Moffat guy who always wrote the best episodes of seasons 1-4...
  2. Happy with Scherzo, Han's Theme and Throne Room. Less with Yoda's Theme, with Marion's Theme sitting right next to the March, and with Nimbus 2000 right after Hedwig instead of Fawkes or Window to the Past. Oh well, I'll do my best to enjoy the concert anyway
  3. The trailer looks good. There is color ! Though I also had some unwelcome reminiscences from Jupiter Ascending. Yeah, it feels a little like adding insult to injury. But in the end I was quite glad to hear his music.
  4. I can't pretend to understand that I prefer the B theme actually it's lighter and jollier. The A theme is just too solemn and boring (to my ears).
  5. That was a good part of the appeal of Anne-Sophie Mutter's presence in Vienna: it meant that lesser-known pieces were played (Sabrina, Cinderella Liberty, Donnybrook Fair), and a few of the better-known had a fresh spin put on them (Hedwig's Theme, Devil's Dance). Though I'm selfishly content she won't play in Berlin, otherwise the concert would feel too much like Vienna bis. I did, and it didn't, sadly.
  6. I hope Yoda's Theme won't be played. Never really got into that one.
  7. I'm not going to hype myself, in all probability it will be more Star Trek and Blake Neely* *with all due respect for those fine compositions and for the amount of work that goes into each release
  8. I wouldn't part from it for less than €3000! Though at that price I would offer the shipping fees.
  9. I'd say the most essential missing from Bespin's collection are Looking for Richard, The Yards, and The Cell. The Cell in particular might not be to everyone's taste, but I find it magnificent, in its way.
  10. My dream program would begin with Summon the Heroes and end with Throne Room. Somewhere in between I'd need Becoming a Geisha and The Tale of Viktor Navorski. Probably some Jane Eyre too. Oh, and Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra (since Williams just played it in Tanglewood he might again, if only to make his joke about playing it "without the motorcycle" ). Edit: and Rey's Theme!
  11. As said above, Salem's Lot is worth a listen too.
  12. Or there are several expanded editions of Hook coming out on CD this year, not just one.
  13. Interesting, I didn't think of it as a love theme, merely the main theme getting a (sort of) triumphant statement in this cue. Elsewhere in the score it leans more toward feelings of melancoly and loneliness, especially when played on the theremin, which serves to illustrate both the concept of space and Neil's grief for his daughter. Or that's my take on it.
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