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  1. eitam

    Kobe vs Steven

    One of those needs a real release.
  2. Since we're talking personal preferences... Overrated : Jurassic Park. The main theme is great obviously, and Dennis Steals the Embryo is fun, but the rest is noisy action or soporific underscore. Underrated : Schindler's List. Every single cue on the OST has its highlights, and some have the most beautiful music written by Williams. I'll never understand why some think it's the least deserving of his oscar wins !
  3. I'm guessing you're missing a negative here.. which is in keeping with the spirit of this thread
  4. I thought episode 7 was the best one yet, by which I mean, legitimately good. The Elrond/Durin drama was utterly engrossing, Elendil and Miriel had some poignant moments, even Theo and Halbrand are on the verge of being interesting (I liked the latter's minute reactions to Theo and Galadriel's interaction and to the cheer on their departure). Even the Harfoot had their share of tragedy with the burning of their caravan and had to stop being so cutesy. Part of the merit probably goes to director Charlotte Brändström, I hope the show doesn't regress when they go back to Wayne Che Yip for the last episode.
  5. Okay, not an awesome concert, but I just got out of one of those "Very best of John Williams" concerts. It was passable, fine even except for a problem with the brass (top weak at times, or with some undue discordance). But I got to hear Summon the Heroes live for the first time ! As well as Adventures of Mutt and A Whirl through Academe of all things (those were not on my bucket list). More baffling, for Star Wars they played Throne Room, then Leia's Theme, then the usual Main Title arrangement. At least it got Leia's theme stuck in some people's head.
  6. Oh well. Maybe I was right not to waste time then. Glad it worked out for you!
  7. So it wasn't possible to select seats on the map, right? I went with the "best seat", (which of course wasn't at all..)
  8. Could have been worse. I was expecting something along "you must follow your heart", not "you have to touch the darkness".
  9. Oh, so no reason to assume he left on bad terms with the orchestra or because of some internal tensions
  10. They did ? Wikipedia says the "America, the Dream Goes On" showdown was in 1984, 9 years before the end of his tenure. Are you referring to something else ?
  11. I always thought Troy was a lot better than its reputation would suggest. Das Boot has been on my to-watch list forever.
  12. Agreed, though the last episode was redeemed for me by its sumptuous ending.
  13. I've seen the 3 Lord of the Rings movies, 3 Star Wars movies, first 3 Potters, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Gladiator, Titanic, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, and Superman. Overall I'm always slightly disappointed by those concerts, I'm going primarily for the music but I find that the dialogs and sound effects are dialed too loud for my taste.
  14. Just seeing the full list with 57 new movies or tv seasons per year, I experienced a moment of defetism... But I'll admit that Black Panther 2 looks good and She Hulk looks fun.
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