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  1. OK, so once again I'll be relying on my bad ears to enjoy this release and just not notice any of its flaws...
  2. So the last episode, probably the best though that's not saying much. As @Chen G. said, at last there is some pathos here that hits the mark. Between Anakin and Obi-wan, between Reva and Obi-wan, and especially that last scene between Obi-wan and Leia with the score playing Leia's Theme. That was quite moving. The final Vader-Obi-wan duel was nice, though Obi-wan was suddenly laughably overpowered. I like that they ended with Obi-wan going forward to some unknown adventure rather than burying himself in the sand to wait for A New Hope.
  3. Whohoo ! No idea how much (good) music is missing from the OST, but never mind, that's an instant buy
  4. The first part of the piece (the friendship theme) shines better with the slower tempo. But the second part (victory theme), yeah, that's too slow.
  5. Sorry if I missed something in the thread, but how do we know that ?
  6. Those two facts are causally linked.
  7. Two thirds though this thing, it's become apparent that it's just mediocre. Beyond some fleeting moments, the only consistently good element is Ewan McGregor's Obi-wan. What a waste of perfectly good nostalgia.
  8. That's the Obi-wan from the prequels, our Obi-wan has clearly fallen far from his best.
  9. Nah, it wouldn't have saved the scene. In fact, the imperial march would have been indelibly ruined if it had been used there.
  10. I liked Obi-wan et Leia's interactions better in this episode, especially their undercover stint on the truck and Obi-wan opening up about his family. And wait, he said that he wishes Leia were his daughter, is that supposed to mean that he regrets not having children of his own, or that he was in love with Padme ? Vader looked a little wrong in television format, and A LOT wrong in that first scene on Mustaphar. That was horribly done. You don't reintroduce an iconic character like this with a boring business phone call. The voice was good though, so that was that. I appreciate and respect that they are sticking to an unheroic and out of his depth Obi-wan, but that means his character arc better resolve with some sparks...
  11. I'm particularly fond of the 3 notes build-up at the end of the theme (especially the string-heavy arrangement at 3:30 in the single). It's so simple and effective, both tragic and hopeful. It reminds me musically and spiritually of the last phrase of Rey's Theme, which in a way makes sense given that Obi-Wan and Rey are pretty much in the same situation when we meet them: alone in the desert, eating instant meal while watching the sun...
  12. I like it ! And it fits the description made by Natalie Holt. Now I wonder how (or if) it's going to be used for the title sequence in the show. Not long now !
  13. That's great news, but... I'm disappointed if that means implicitly that Matt Smith and Capaldi won't return.
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