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  1. Very nice ! I could practically hear JW's smooth voice in my head talking about his new Steinway Surprised to see him name-dropping Images. To think that that score is nearly 50 years old !
  2. Disagree The best action setpiece is easily the big two way battle at the end. I remember very much enjoying the pure chaos of it.
  3. The 2013 release of The Missouri Breaks by Kritzerland. At some point in the past I would have answered that question with Elfman's Batman releases by LLLR, but fortunately those got a reissue
  4. I vote for the 80s, because Masada, Under Fire, Poltergeist, Legend, and The Salamander.
  5. X-Men at last, good! Bumblebee might be good too, though it's been a while since Marianelli put out something I really liked, I'll give it a listen.
  6. A good batch indeed ! Knowing is my favourite Beltrami (love the mood and the amazing finale), and though I'm not familiar with Lionheart I know it's Goldsmith and it has a great theme, so yeah, I'm getting this
  7. I don't yet see the musical potential of the Young Spielberg movie for anything beyond another Book Thief-like score (not my favorite). So I vote IJ5.
  8. Yes. If he uses those themes as much as he used the Force Theme in the last two Star Wars it should be more than enough !
  9. That's great news, I'm glad Indiana Jones will remain in JW's private preserve (for now at least). Now they just need to make that damn movie as best as they can, and let's hope for good things with the music. I do think it has more potential than the Young Spielberg biopic.
  10. Not even Pan's Labyrinth ? That one is spectacular IMO, one of those rare 70+ minute soundtrack where every track has something to offer.
  11. Thanks Jay! Some interesting tidbits here! (I wonder how much of that is the journalist extrapolating) (JW being uncharacteristically unmodest ) A little disappointed that nothing is mentionned about a possible concert in Berlin, but another Vienna would be extremely fine
  12. A lot of great picks here! My vote goes to Victory Celebration (Return of the Jedi special edition).
  13. I read it last summer ! I agree with you, it's fascinating stuff ; at least until the sobering account of the bombings, which brings a necessary and unsettling balance to this thrilling story of discoveries and groundbreaking experiments by ultra-competent scientists. Mostly though I was in awe of the herculean amount of work that went into that book, the research and the writing. And now I'm a little sad that I've already forgotten most of it I've bought Richard Rhodes's follow-up, Dark Sun, about the making of the H bomb, but I haven't started yet. Maybe you'll find
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