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  1. Indeed. I'd put Patrick Doyle among them, he gave us Henry V and Dead Again pretty much right out the gate.
  2. You do mean the so-called "Tintin theme", the one we hear for example at the end of Pursuit of the falcon ? This soundtrack is in dire need of an expansion.
  3. I'm very intrigued by this. The books explore some fascinating ideas, sometimes poetically, and have their share of spectacular action. But there is also a lot of weird stuff, which I can't imagine translated to the screen.
  4. Masks are supposedly mandatory in theaters here, but I can't say many people are following the rule...
  5. I agree that the human element is weaker than in other Nolan movies (except maybe Dunkirk, can't remember that one), but still, I thought John David Washington and Robert Pattinson had enough charisma to make their respective character likable and keep me interested in what happened to them. As an aside: the end credits should have been split into 2 columns going in reverse directions ! 😁
  6. The score didn't really register with me while watching the movie, except as LOUD and not really something I'd want to listen on its own. But maybe I'll give it a chance.
  7. Incredible movie ! I'll need time to process it. I didn't even realize while watching that the Protagonist is never given a name ! One thing I'll say, I would have liked a more uplifting ending, à la Inception and Interstellar, rather than the hero coldly shooting someone in the back of a car. Maybe they could have ended with him and a past or present Neil going off to further aventures.
  8. I hear echoes of 160 Bpm too... Nice !
  9. Great to see some love for the Epilogue from the Fury in this thread! So let's see... Summon the Heroes The Map Room (Raiders of the Lost Ark) Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra (Last Crusade) Avner and Daphna (Munich) Epilogue (The Fury) Dance of the Witches (Witches of Eastwick) The Tale of Viktor Navorski (The Terminal) Star of Bethlehem + Setting the Trap (Home Alone) Exsultate Justi (Empire of the Sun) ---------- Intermission ---------- To Thornfield (Jane Eyre) Seven Years in Tibet Man Against Beast (Jaws) The Big Rescue (Superman) Blood Moon (Images) Becoming a Geisha (Memoirs of a Geisha) Pulling the Cannon (War Horse) Dueling the Basilisk (Harry Potter 2) Farewell Neverland (Hook) So that's already 90 minutes of music. If we add a few encores for the brave: Rey's Theme (Star Wars 7) The Throne Room (hard to beat as a conclusion)
  10. The little Mormont is fun, but Alia is on a whole other level.
  11. If the question is whether Zimmer's music is aging well, I answer Yes. I've often read people saying that the use of synth gives his scores a dated sound, but there is no problem to my ears. If the question is whether Zimmer is aging well as a composer... Well he hasn't impressed me since Interstellar, though I don't dislike Chappie and Dark Phoenix (and I haven't heard everything he has done). We'll see how his next batch of movies goes... if they ever get released
  12. I spent the last few years in awe of the simple fact that a movie star from the 1930s (and incidently the star from 1938's Robin Hood which I watched a lot in my childhood) was still living among us. So now it is over. RIP madame de Havilland
  13. And by the way, earlier on that day, during the traditional July 14th military parade (smaller scale this year, due to covid concerns), a military band played the second half of Summon the Heroes, followed by Olympic Fanfare and Theme. Can't say that I'm overly impressed by the performance... But cool anyway.
  14. Watching. It's just songs with 0 synchronisation or relation to the fireworks. Utterly lame.
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