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  1. That's great ! I'll absolutely try to get tickets. It's really perplexing that there is still no news of a concert in London and/or with the LSO. Maybe John Williams is superstitious and doesn't want to try again after the 2018 miss
  2. Can't wait to read this ! Ordered ! Strange that this escaped my notice.
  3. Great news ! Given what he had said, I didn't dare hope he would return so fast.
  4. I love his work too, thank you @Thorfor the tip about his new album ! To the ones you've already mentionned, I'll add Silence Night and Dream, and 10 Pieces for orchestra (both non film).
  5. Great video, but is it me or does John look incredibly bored during the performance ?
  6. I like a lot of his scores, but here are my favourite non-Tolkien : Silence of the Lambs Looking for Richard Esther Kahn The Cell The Yards The Aviator Eastern Promises
  7. There was also Steamboy (my favourite Jablonsky, and a great movie too), Howl's Moving Castle (Miyazaki + Hisaishi, what more need be said), and the first season of Battlestar Galactica which put Bear McCreary on the map.
  8. The "t" is silent but not the "s". Desspla. Here he pronounces his own name (thanks Wikipedia) :
  9. It's not too late for Williams to write a theme for Rey. Remember, he had to wait till Attack of the Clones before he could write the series' first love theme.
  10. To be fair, reading the first posts of the thread (minus all the blank posts), people weren't fooled by the anouncement.
  11. You're right, there never was an OST album for this one... Well, the word used in the interview is "re-edition", but I hope it means "release"!
  12. An interview (in French) with Stéphane Lerouge on underscores, about the making of the box set: https://www.underscores.fr/chroniques/disques/2023/10/the-legend-of-john-williams/ It's a very nice read. My main takeaway is that apparently a Rare Breed reedition is in the works.
  13. Danny Elfman's music for Tim Burton's movies, yesterday evening at the Royal Albert Hall. Overall I liked it, I was glad to hear for the first time live some great music from Beetlejuice, Batman & Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Corpse Bride. But the main attraction was hearing the man himself (looking weird and fit at 70) perform songs from the Nightmare before Christmas. Main gripe was the bad electronic amplification. The music was loud most of the time, even in what should be quiet moments, and in the most orchestrally dense moments it was sometimes illegible. It also drowned out Danny Elfman's voice at several points, which, come on, I'm no expert but can't they do better than this?
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