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  1. The Fabelmans will premiere in the Toronto International Film Festival in just two days. Between Helena's theme and this, some lucky attendees will get to listen to music from a second new Williams score in just a week. How incredible is that?
  2. Harry Potter may not have "ridden" Fawkes, but the bird certainly DID take him for a fly (and Ron and Ginny and Lockhart). "Fawkes leads the way to the Chamber tunnel; he carries Harry, Ron, Ginny and Lockhart back up the pipe." (From Potter Wiki) So, I guess the old man IS right in a way, and it's some of you younger nitpickers who are getting more forgetful.
  3. I love the work you've done, ragoz350! Painstaiking fan work like yours never ceases to amaze me. It gives us such insight into the evolution of these works as we will never be able to grasp from any official source. One more fact that I'm often surprised by is the existance of these leaked JW manuscripts. I have looked for those online without any luck. I am aware that it's copyrighted material, and therefore its improper to ask for them in these forums... However, any clue as to how one may make oneself acquainted with such treasures will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Loved every second of this. Can't get enough of Williams talking, I wish it was much much longer. Also, beautiful performances, brilliantly filmed and recorded (How come I'd never realised before that there was a piano in Princess Leia's Theme?) Simply wonderful.
  5. Here's a new interview with Natalie Holt on Obi Wan: Source: https://www.starwarsnewsnet.com/2022/07/natalie-holt-interview-trb-transcript.html You can also check out the link for some transcribed highlights.
  6. You are right in that it's not as terrible as in Gathering of Friends, but still I find it inexcusable how they could screw up like this. I find the compression creates such an 'unnatural' sound all throughout the album. But let's agree that can be a subjective appreciation. But to me those louder clippings are unbelievable. Like designing a beautiful state-of-the-art car and screwing the paint job. Who QCs these albums? Listen to Rounds from 8:05 on. Is it absolutely terrible? Maybe not. But if I did as bad a job at my work (not sound related BTW) I wouldn't last long. I'm sorry If I tire you all with my ongoing rants on this subject, but the quality of the sound is integral to the quality of an album, and its houldn't be something to worry about for new, high-profile recordings in 2022. I just find it ironic how the labels (Sony Classical, DG) are pushing Super Ultra High Resolution, vinyls and whatnot, yet it all sounds like s**t to me. This is not something I have experienced so markedly in other releases of the same labels. I have been thinking wether they migh asume the average consumer for these albums is not the traditional classical music consumer, and therefore the mastering should be made to sound more aking to pop, or something. But well, the work itself is glorious, I adore the new arrangements and love the performance. It's just sad I'm already dreaming of the remastered edition for the 20th anniversary.
  7. Regarding MQA, little does it matter in this case. Sadly, the mastering will still sound as awfully compressed as the regular CD and UHD versions.
  8. You're absolutely right. I didn't remember the cue quoting it so overtly, yet there it is, at 0:59. Thank you!
  9. Strauss' Der Rosenkavalier is quoted in AI. Please explain...
  10. Could these recordings have something to do with avoiding certain reproduction rights for the originals? Seems weird, but I can't quite understand the need to rerecord them. Not that I'm complaining, (the more recorded versions out there, the more to choose from). BTW, is that an edit at 3:23 of Harry's Wondrous World? PS: Happy to hear a different approach, but count me Team Ritardando.
  11. I'm sorry if it's been discussed previously in this thread, but I found the compression of the regular CD so excessive it is incomprehensible to me that DG could issue the album as it is. Just 27 seconds into the first track (Olympic fanfare...) were enough to notice something was off. I felt so confused by the muddy loud parts that I had to rip it to look at the sound wave. As you can see, it shows abundant compression, while maintaining a wide dynamic range (this is the Imperial March). But doesn't seem too bad from afar. However, on closer inspection, the flat summits and valleys are all around in the louder moments. That extreme compression can be found in every track. It's such a shame, because it's an extraordinary album, I love the performance, and of course such a meaningful historic event. I have experienced compression with DG releases before, but never at this level. I am very dissapointed. Those of you who have listened to the other versions (DVD, vinyl) have experienced this too?
  12. A quite irrelevant detail that made me laugh is that, for some reason, people kept congratulating Williams on his 90th birthday throughout his performance. And one of the presenters even said his birthday had been yesterday (here it is, together with some Williams anecdotes from Ian McDiarmid):
  13. Another Image. Source: https://twitter.com/StarWarsNewsNet/status/1529905840819298304/photo/1
  14. I feel that too. Can anyone knowledgeable on the technical aspects of mastering explain why that is? Is it a matter of compression, mixing, both?
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