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  1. I'm not much of a collector myself, but I wonder how excited y'all are about the prospect of acquiring the inevitable Oma Tres action figure.
  2. I went in on Wednesday not knowing about the cameo and literally screamed when I saw him. I believe the song by JJ & Lin-Miranda is credited as "Oma's place".
  3. It's up now: https://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/music/reviews/john-williams-den-ve-wow-a-cheering-powell-hall-audience/article_03e6659d-1b2b-5bcf-ad56-5c0b685cc6d6.html#3 Williams looks so smart! Definitely will be wearing that in Wien. Nice program, too! I'm intrigued about the so called “Symphonic Suite from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”. Never seen the ET themes presented in this fashion in concert, I believe. Does that mean new arrangements or just an assemblage of themes to conform the "suite"?
  4. To me, film-wise there's no comparison, with Minority Report being much more finely constructed. And it holds up to this day. Both scores are superb, but I find the WotW more interesting, with its stark contrast between raw, powerful action pieces and the elegiac moments, many of which I find sublime. I agree with Croc about the Epilogue. Such an extraordinary writing. I always felt there was something Ligeti-esque about it, that makes it so compelling. I wish it were played live more, since I think it can hold on its own amidst classical works. I've always dreamed of a symphonic work based on material from this score. Unfortunately, for some reason Williams doesn't seem to be very keen lately on revisiting it in the live performances.
  5. Great job, both of you! Now I just need to hear a recording of that 2 piano arrangement! Is that even playable?
  6. I was rather surprised to read about this clicking issue, so I had to go check myself. It turns out the clicks are mostly >14kHz. I sadly can't hear a thing beyond 15kHz, so I could only make them out after taking out all other requencies. As Thor said, at least I am spared of these obnoxious noises.
  7. What an absolute delight! So glad to be able to listento/watch this concert in its entirety. The yet unreleased arrangements are truly wonderful. And the sound is pretty good, for a live outdoor perfomance. I might even add that the "harshness" that was pointed in the CD performance is much reduced here, probably due to two things: Mutter's further familiarity with the pieces as well as a more distant micing setup (studio recording tends to locate the mics much nearer to the violin).
  8. Sorry, that was me. My clumsy account management skills apparently ended up with me unawarely creating two similar users.
  9. I'm very eager to listen to these pieces being performed live, unfortunately I won't make it to this saturday's live broadcast. Does anybody know weher it'll be available afterwards? Will anybody be recording it?
  10. What an extraordinary album this is! I was eagerly anticipating it and I haven't been dissapointed in the least. I understand and adhere to the criticism regarding some of the playing. Mutter is an extraodinary violinist, but many of her stylistic choices usually make for performances that are far from being my favorite. That being said, the greatest thing for me about this whole project is that these arrangements actually exist at all. It's an unexpected gift to have JW himself revisit some of his compositions at this point in his career. His work is marvelous and in the future they might be played and recorded by any number of musicians. So for me, this performance may not be ideal in every respect. It sounds amazing and you can tell Mutter did put a lot of dedication to the project (we should actually thank her tenacity that Williams took the time and effort to produce it). And while I may not like some chocies to me that doesn't take away from the fact that these arrangements exist and we get to enjoy them. I can't wait for the Deluxe edition, particularly to hear what he did with Princess Leia’s Theme. I am bummed, however by the exclusion of Witches of Eastwick, sincce that is one of my favorite JW pieces (especially the piano/violin arr.). Here's hoping for a second album!
  11. I wasn't so keen on having this particular piece revisited, as I didn't think Williams would derive enough from it to make it a truly unique arrangement. Glad to have been so wrong. Can't wait for the rest.
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