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  1. I love all the complaints about it being in mp3 quality. I could understand if you paid money for it but dude it's free.
  2. There are a couple that are on the soundtrack which were done by Jeff Russo. But most of the really interesting energetic ones were done by Cassidy Byars, and can be found in her "drumline music" albums, some of which (maybe all? ) are actually free. This was a nice article that covers all (I think) of the songs that were used in the show from other artists. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.menshealth.com/entertainment/amp34166262/fargo-season-4-soundtrack-songs/ I sort of felt that through the first half of the season. But all the pieces start c
  3. I've been listening to the score lately. There are some really great tracks, and I really love the main Fargo theme, which has some great variations throughout the soundtrack. I was surprised to find out that most of the percussion tracks were licensed music from a different artists.
  4. What a great discussion about the Mandalorian show. haha
  5. @crumbsIt has a similar structure but it's definitely its own distinct theme. I'm not sure if it's just coincidental or if it's actually meant to resemble Kylo's theme. It only really sounds like Kylo's theme to me in certain statements. Other times it has a similar structure of melody but has a completely different feel. It's been woven though all of season 1 and 2's score in various forms. As @The Illustrious Jerry mentioned, Grogu already has his own theme in "Bright Eyes" (confirmed by Gorannson himself). This could be a second them for Grogu, bright eyes being the more playfu
  6. Some of my favorites (not in order): Denis Villeneuve Bong Joon Ho Wes Anderson Quentin Tarantino Park Chan Wook Cohen brothers Lee Chang Dong Alfonso Cuaron Alejandro Gonzales Innaritu Paul Thomas Anderson Also writing this made me realize there are no women directors on my list. Unfortunately female directors have been severely underrepresented. They've always been out there making movies but the awards industry is so biased against male directors that it's much harder for them to make names for themselves. I've w
  7. Is it just me, or are the strings in the very beginning of Mimban Battle really similar to the ones in the opening of over/less okay from httyd?
  8. I didn't know where to ask this, but since this thread was revived I thought it was fitting. I've always wanted to find an isolated version of the force Awakens teaser #1 music with no sfx. Does that exist anywhere?
  9. Yeah, it flows amazingly well! This is definitely going into my ROS edit. How did you know how to arrange the separate parts? Has the sheet music for this cue been released/leaked?
  10. Lol I didn't realize individual users votes were public... How embarrassing.... I'll be honest I haven't even heard of more than 50 percent of these others I just haven't gotten around to listening to. I'd love to listen to every one of John Williams scores, but there are so artists/composers out there to listen to, there just isn't enough time! Far and Away and Memiors of a Geisha are next on my list of John Williams scores to listen to.
  11. This description is actually pretty revelatory for me. I've always thought of this as Stoick's theme until I saw it described in the booklet as a part of the "viking warrior" theme. I never noticed the similarity to the "winds of change" theme until you pointed it out. It makes perfect sense now that they could serve as father/son themes because of how similar they are, where one is more gentle/friendly and the other is more tough/stubborn. From now on I'll think of them as "winds of change (Hiccup)" and "viking warrior 2 (Stoick)" haha Thinking about how this theme a
  12. That theme at 1:50 appears at exactly the moment stoick first appears. So if what Grieving says is correct than it would be the Viking warrior B section. Then that just leaves the theme at 2:26, but there's a strong chance that one is just a variation of the Viking warrior A section. I'm not versed in music theory enough to know exactly what the similarities are between that and the main viking warrior theme.
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