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  1. Hey all. I uploaded a newer piece on youtube and was hoping if you guys listened to it and liked it that you would help me out with thumbs up for algorithm purposes. The piece was called Baba Yaga when we recorded it in 2019 but it's officially called Death of Koschei the Deathless now. I wasn't allowed to share it all until it had a world premiere and that happened 18th of Feb. Much Love and Thanks!
  2. Not sure if I posted this but I wrote 7 little pieces (a suite) for 2022 World Cup in Doha, this time not for the opening ceremonies but for a pyrotechnics and fireworks show that played every night for a month over the Arbian Gulf. I wanted to share at least one of the little pieces I recorded with the Qatar Philharmonic. Hope you like it. 04 4. War (NBA) Mix PF v4.wav
  3. Growing up he was my favorite actor, from the Carry On comedies. I never realize someone dubbed his voice on top of Darth Vader, lol. No one might get it but thought I'd share!
  4. A little anecdote. Years ago when one of the composers there, a friend of mine, was getting up higher a bit he said they heard my stuff and wanted me to join the Zimmer group. I was like cool, I don't mind, but wait, what was I supposed to do for my first year.... be Zimmer's Chauffeur. I'm sorry but what?! lol. I'm not a struggling composer, nor am I ever hard up for money, compared to most people I have plenty. I was like, I'll hire him a chauffeur myself. I am not driving my BMW M series Z4 coupe, which I had just bought, from my house in West Hollywood to Malibu everyday and put miles on it and then drive him to Santa Monica, every day and back just to show him I'm wanting to be a composer. Like how insane is that? Instead I worked for Chris Young, I did menial things sure, that's not a problem, you want me to pick up your dry cleaning because we're on a movie, or pick up the kids and get them home or get you cigarettes, no problem. I'm also taking down dictation and reviewing scenes and coming up with ideas for scenes and orchestrating while I do everything and learning so much and he got me my green card etc etc. But to just be a chauffeur for a year and nothing else?! Thank you but WTF NO! ROFL
  5. Until the Baroque period CENTURIES ago when Back, Vivaldi and others decided to actually take you on some form of journey through a musical landscape filled with themes and modulation and orchestration and it continued growing from then on. Zimmer comes from a pop background where he and others like him do not know how to do all that, hence the simplistic and to some people "hypnotic" quality of his efforts lull them into thinking he is some sort of musical wonder. He really is not, plus, who is actually writing his stuff? Do you know that on one of his nature scores, he was on tour, three other composers did all the work, he did not write one note, yet it is his name on it? And no, this is not second hand info, trust me on this or not, it is true. Not even the main theme was him. Don't get me started hehe
  6. Yes I know, it was just Star Wars, and no, that was the cute part. The way he was walking and needed some help here and there. I go pretty much every year, I can't remember him needing any help last two years and when he was conducting the way he was breathing even felt different. Still, more power to him and if only all of us are doing half as much as him at that age
  7. That doesn't even make sense....
  8. Sunday Night. Magic. Had a double date with my BF and another couple (and some extra friends who wanted to tag along lol) having great food and wine, sitting in a garden box at the Hollywood Bowl enjoying Gustavo Dudamel and John Williams conduct the Los Angeles Philharmonic to some of his iconic pieces. What more could a person want....... I didn't record all the pieces but here's a selection for you First, Call of the Champions, Gustavo conducting. Call of the Champions 2023.MOV Duel of the Fates, Gustavo Conducting and a few unfortunate flubs by one or two french horns. It is a very challenging piece and extremely high at points... Duel of the Fates 2023.MOV Helena's Theme, John conducting. Sorry for the shaky filming, I think it's when I spilt my wine, lol. I thought they played this better than they did last year. Helena's Theme 2023.MOV Theme from Schindler's List. Bing Wang (concertmaster) on Violin and John conducting. She played it beautifully I thought. Theme from Schindler's List 2023.MOV One of the Encores. Flying Theme from E.T. with Pride colors of course at the end! John Conducting x Flying Theme from E.T. 2023.MOV Last but 100% not least. The incomparable Imperial March. John conducting, then Gustavo comes in to foil hi, then Gustavo conducts whilst John finds a light saber and then both are on the podium. Imperial March 2023.MOV This was the first time in which Williams to me showed his age, I mean he is 91. The cutest though was when he was introducing the three pieces from Star Wars. "First we will start with the Asteroid Field, and then on to Princess Leia's theme and finally the Throne Room and end credits to Star Wars... uuuummm, hope? Wait, I forgot the title to the movie, can someone please tell me the title to that movie?!" Everyone shouted A New Hope and he pointed at the crowd as if to say, yes that one! Then a hundred We Love You's came out to him <3
  9. Oh for Fucks Sake..... Mary Sue? What are we, 11?.....
  10. I just went to the one at the Royal Albert Hal in London last month. It was hysterical to go from complete orchestral fantastic music to basically sitting on the same key with repeated notes ad nauseam for the Zimmer fare. My friend who I took liked both but preferred Williams because of the magic it had, he's not musical, to me it was worth sitting through the Zimmer stuff to get to each Williams piece. Tonight I head to the Hollywood Bowl! Can't wait!
  11. He uses every brass, Trumpets, French Horns, Trombones, Bass Trombones and Tuba, muted and unmuted, so it would depend where you are talking about in the score.
  12. Yeah I put them there in order but they did switch x
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