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  1. Who? I got my info from inside sources, doesn't mean it is all 100%, I take everything with a grain of salt, but everything I have gotten before or told before has been factual in the end.
  2. Another section from right after the opening of the fanfare from Death of Koschei the Deathless (AKA Baba Yaga). Same theme as the slow one up there but faster and not developed yet. 2039458610_BabaYagaopeningafterfanfare.mp4 Thank you so much for the compliment and likes and everything x I used to be so shy about sharing my work but now years later I'm like, either someone likes it or not. Music is subjective so it's all good
  3. This is from a recording session of Death of Koschei the Deathless, part of an 11 minute piece. Was called Baba Yaga at the recording session then I changed it as I’m expanding it. 1197758851_BabaYagaLovethemeandResolveclip.mp4
  4. Also if you want to hear any of my longer pieces or other shorter ones, let me know xox
  5. Thanks The Tafta Hindi one (the fast paced one) is not part of the 6 part suite but I can put them up here since they aren't released officially anywhere yet. Most are just 15 secs etc, one of them is a backing to a vocal so no point having it up here too, but there are three others I can share The Opening Fanfare which is the 15 second one, then two parts to an old mythological philosopher in the Middle East called Juhha. One sec, I will put them up one by one since I am so clumsy with computers x Arab FIFA Opening Ceremonies - Fanfare 01 Arab FIFA Opening Ceremonies Fanfare.mp3 Arab FIFA Opening Ceremonies - Juhha's Intro 02 Juhha's Intro 1.mp3 Arab FIFA Opening Ceremonies - Juhha pt. 2 1084265330_03JuhhaPart21.mp3 So in this 5 it goes 1. Fanfare, 2. Juhha's Intro, 3. Juhha Part 2, 4. Migrant Birds, 5. Call to Champions Thank you for even asking xox
  6. I only write at the piano and then I orchestrate it into finale until the orchestral recording in a huge studio. I mostly write for 90+ piece orchestra so it always has to be in a large studio like Air studios in London with the Philharmonia Orchestra or at Katara Opera House with the Qatar Philharmonic x
  7. Here's the audio file for the first piece Arab FIFA Opening Ceremonies - Call to Champions 610985280_06CalltoChampions.mp3 Fixed. I'm awful at computers lol, the link for that one is back above your post Titled Tafta Hindi Variation NBA x
  8. Hey I'd do a bit better job than some recent people when it comes to making an orchestra work, lol Tafta Hindi "Variation NBA" 10 Tafta Hindi Variation_ NBA (May 2011).mp3
  9. Another of the pieces I wrote for the opening ceremonies that was part of the score x Arab FIFA Opening Ceremonies - Migrant Birds 1271997156_04MigrantBirds.mp3
  10. So the reason Williams was asked to come back was because the woman composing couldn't come up with any good theme that Kathleen Kennedy liked? And that the score will comprise of what she writes and what Bill Ross will do with the theme and none will have anything to do with the others work? Seriously? Fire her! Get Bill Ross to do it all then!
  11. Horner only had 2 weeks, there's no way anyone can write that amount of music in 2 weeks. I'd barely be humming one tune that I thought was appropriate by that time let alone have anything on paper! ROFL Williams make's sure he has PLENTY of tie to write his scores and would never accept anything with less than a few months turnaround as far as I know.
  12. I come from the world of Classical Music (oboe player) however it's usually Ravel, early Stravinsky, Richard Strauss, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Rimsky Korsakov, Vaughan Williams and Puccini amongst others then in Film music it's Korngold, Steiner, Waxman, Friedhoffer, Goldsmith and Williams, and, yes of course, I am pretty influenced by Williams as much as everyone else, although I do love me some Borodin and Saint-Saens, and many others.... As for it sounding menacing. I sort of didn't want to write anything happy as it's the last piece in the opening ceremonies and a call to battle so to speak (soccer/fotball wise that is) You are battling the other nations till one stands above all as the winner so I went more call to arms than most would do probably, lol
  13. Yeah it was a bit, many times we were turning to each other and going, "are we not supposed to know what they are saying to each other at this point?!" Which started the usual argument at home... My bf likes subtitles to everything and I hate them unless it's obviously a foreign language. He was like, SEE, I TOLD YOU, YOU ALWAYS NEED SUBTITLES...... ugh, lol
  14. Enjoyed Dune. I don't think it can really be done better than this, looking forward to the next installment. Not a big fan of the score but it didn't bother me in the film except a few times and that was just to do with it being too loud and not being able to hear the actors. Who mixed it in?! Anyway, can't wait for the second movie, glad it is definitely being done otherwise it would have been a "WTF" where's the ending? lol Yeah, I don't think Anakin's mom's theme was on the album was it? Oboe solo I think.
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