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  1. We evidently disagree on what constitutes a theme park ride. On a different issue, for some reason I find the 2:1 ratio quite boring to look at. It was also not ideal in the cinema, because the thin black bars at the top and bottom were not fully masked the way they would normally be for a 2.35:1 film, which made the projection feel quite sloppy. On top of that, the cinema staff neglected to turn the lights off for at least the first five minutes, which made it difficult to get into the spirit of things the first time I saw it. Okay, but it also has a lot of genuine cinematic flesh around that theme park ride skeleton.
  2. Its character isn't as distinctive or uncompromising as the other two films, but I wouldn't say it's anywhere near as bland or banal as a theme park ride (even a wild one!).
  3. I think I'd vote for The Witch too because it really hits the mark at the end, where The Lighthouse doesn't quite - even though, for the most part, I find The Lighthouse more enjoyable.
  4. You say that about everything half decent!
  5. Better still, watch Lady Macbeth.
  6. Indeed, it's much worse. The latter is alright, the former atrocious!
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