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  1. Congratulations - it's all downhill from here.
  2. Thanks gents. I reckon I've aged 5 years for this one though.
  3. Christ, another one coming now? The pain. Stop the pain.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. This should be a good one.
  5. I haven't been here in some time and wondered why Stefan wasn't around. If you read this old friend, know that I wish you all the best going forward. Maybe someone in contact with him can pass along the message. How odd to witness the twists and turns of each others' lives like this over a forum. I hope you're all as well as possible, JWFan.
  6. Very dangerous. You go first.
  7. Mirror, The Sacrifice, The Saragossa Manuscript, Barry Lyndon, The Big Lebowski
  8. Anyone else still alive?
  9. I think it's finding its footing - despite starting off pretty weak and redolent of what makes new Trek so lukewarm. I want it to be great eventually.
  10. Thankfully we have you to preach the truth to those poor unfortunate souls who like different things than you do. Hate to be nothing but negative lately but this place is slipping back into its old ways more and more, which is a damn shame. There was a Silver Age for a little while there.
  11. Welcome to JWFan, it only gets worse. Might as well turn back while you can.
  12. I reckon if I were younger and without the obligations I have to family I might be more willing to trudge through the ongoing unavoidable stretch of often vapid journeywork for the promise of possibly stepping out onto the stage for real eventually. As it stands I've lost most of the fire I had for such things and am content to tinker in my own world as you've said, and I've taken surprising refuge in mentorship and teaching. Maybe it's as simple as feeling I have more to live for now than I did when these goals first took root in me and I began to define myself by them. Also helps that Hollywood insists on destroying itself from the inside - starting with music, big surprise. I'm not sure it's ever been a less hospitable environment for composers in the business. It's easy to begin parting myself from that madness.
  13. I've not done a lick of music related work since the new year and I don't miss it - make anything a job and watch the fun of it fly out the window. Instead been helping out with my wife's professional projects and figuring out how to best guide the girls as they enter some of their most formative years. I've no faith in the world they're becoming a part of so that's a tall order.
  14. Blume v. Quint? Don't make me choose.
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