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  1. He watched the first episodes tonight - just for Ewan really - and I can't say it was that enthralling. Came here to see what this place thought. Music is just sort of there, innit? Reports of my banning are greatly exaggerated. I am merely retired from JWFan, the internet, and music making as a whole. I seem to only ever check this place anymore when I'm away from home. Hope you're all well.
  2. Nobody is the anyone of any time but themselves, I reckon. Furthermore, who are you people?
  3. Other Topics always thrived on the spirit of bullshittery - something no doubt dampened in the wake of these troubled Trumpian times.
  4. I thought I felt especially touched by her presence today.
  5. Congratulations - it's all downhill from here.
  6. Thanks gents. I reckon I've aged 5 years for this one though.
  7. Christ, another one coming now? The pain. Stop the pain.
  8. I haven't been here in some time and wondered why Stefan wasn't around. If you read this old friend, know that I wish you all the best going forward. Maybe someone in contact with him can pass along the message. How odd to witness the twists and turns of each others' lives like this over a forum. I hope you're all as well as possible, JWFan.
  9. Mirror, The Sacrifice, The Saragossa Manuscript, Barry Lyndon, The Big Lebowski
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