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  1. Flights to Boston or Albany near concert time are rather pricey, man.
  2. What's the transport picture like? I'd fly into Boston, I'd wager, but would I have to rent a car or are there like any bus or charter lines going out to Lenox/Stockbridge?
  3. Funnily enough, when I frequented a classical music board and shared some of JWs concerti there, the Flute Concerto got a lot of praise. The others not so much.
  4. I think I will do my best to make it, will definitely try to snag a ticket. Got a little money saved up. Seeing and hearing JW conduct an orchestra live is an opportunity I don't want to miss out on in my lifetime. So, I want the lowdown. How do I get the tickets on the 17th? How much will they be? Where can I stay in town?
  5. His concert work is not that far from his film work. The same spirit is there, often the same sort of technical complexity. The main difference is that the overall and thematic structures are more angular.
  6. Anna Karenina Dario Marianelli Lovely period Dario. Was one of the first new scores that I took notice of when I was first discovering film music. Still keeps my interest for sure. The waltz theme is one of the best film themes of recent memory, imo.
  7. It became one of my favorite Horner scores. He always had a great sense of flow, and I think this score really is one of his best in that regard.
  8. Was that the Moderna? EDIT" nvm, saw the pole results I'm getting my second dose of the Moderna later this week.
  9. Unpopular opinion maybe, but I've never been that big on Titanic, or even Braveheart for that matter. I prefer Horner on a slightly smaller scale I guess.
  10. Black Sunday, JW Muscular underscore with some intriguing moments of orchestration and musical direction.
  11. He did not bring Bilbo up, but when Bilbo was brought up Quintus accused him of supporting terrorism.
  12. Ribbing and even some hazing were the name of the game. I encountered it when I joined, knew about it when I lurked for nearly two years before joining. A lot of that stuff I have no problem with, and the rules don't really target it. The rules target behavior that goes way beyond that. Slanderous and dangerous baseless accusations, baiting people for fun or to vent real world frustrations, and weird self-indulgent trolling do not generate a unique atmosphere. They suck all the oxygen out of a forum.
  13. Just for some clarification, I am not a newbie, I've been here regularly for three years now. And I first joined five years ago. I'm quite sure I have been seen by and have interacted with Quintus on several occasions.
  14. I have observed Bilbo's posts on this board, I follow him on Twitter, and I have engaged in conversation with him on Discord. He has been very clear that he strongly detests the actions of violent terrorists like the PIRA and their political wings and enablers. He has publicly called them out on social media. What is more, he has repeatedly expressed his admiration for British culture and history, especially WWII and the RAF. Trying to paint him as a terrorist sympathizer or supporter is slander and bullying, pure and simple.
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