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  1. Why not? Am I remembering wrong, or did John actually score the Tucker movie only to have the score rejected?
  2. I wonder when some upstart country will start using Holst's Jupiter as anthem music. Until then, it is hard to beat the US, UK and Italy
  3. Oddly enough, I have not been compelled to dive deep into Rota's film scores, but I adore many of his concert pieces.
  4. We lost it for almost 24 hours starting Tuesday, then it went out again for almost 9, and then it went out again for three or so hours. So no light or heat. We still had gas and a lighter so warm drinks and meals got us through the situation. We basically cooked perishables and ate them before they could spoil.
  5. The alternate medal ceremony version of "Summon The Heroes" is plenty joyous, I think.
  6. The opening of Heidi deserves to be on here.
  7. The first scores which opened my eyes to film music were Horner's American Tail scores. I was a classical nerd who had thought that real music ceased to be written around 1920. Then, I heard some John Williams (Far and Away) and Miklos Rozsa (Ben-Hur) on the radio. I was super impressed. And then I absolutely fell in love with Superman. I was hooked. The concert works of Rozsa and Williams are what led me to appreciate more challenging classical works as well.
  8. Patriot's Day Not too bad, feels like it might have been made a bit too soon and the end gets a little bit corny as a result. Centering the movie on a fictional character does not help things. But the direction in certain sequences is very good, the Watertown shootout being the highlight. 3/4
  9. HBD and many happy returns to the greatest living American composer!
  10. The movie is watchable. The score is listenable.
  11. Some corporate logos are better than others. Some are iconic and were designed by big names like Saul Bass and Raymond Loewy. This is a thread for them for some reason. Here's the logo of the former American Bell, by Saul Bass. and here is Bass' pitch video for the rebranding.
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