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  1. As the video mentions, she has a solo album coming out soon and will be releasing an unreleased solo record from 1999 too.
  2. Silvestrov is an intriguing composer, I think. I tend to connect with his style. My introduction to him was his Symphony No. 5, which I might have shared on here already a couple of years back.
  3. Just saw this news. Traveling to Berlin was not in my wildest plans. The wild ones have been amended.
  4. Korngold's pre film concert works are probably his most interesting. They feel a natural extension of Vienna Romanticism, with some 20th century shadows. Of course his Violin Concerto is pretty great. Rozsa's concert works have more vitality. They put the old romantic notions through an intense rhythmic course. To me, they feel more modern than a lot of avant-garde composer of the time. Because while the serial school wrote cold academically modern music, Rozsa wrote in a modern classical idiom that did not forget the fact that humans still populated the modern world and fac
  5. Rest in peace. Very sad But nice that he was hosting up to the end Noble way to go, he gave it a good fight
  6. Having John recognized like this would be great. Perhaps making a Twitter page for the purpose to raise awareness or whatnot might be a good idea. Probably best to wait a couple of months time for certain unmentionable things to blow over. Although the best thing would be for him to win the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He deserves to be able to wear this getup!:
  7. Who's the bot here? The newbie or the ones calling the newbie a bot? I can't tell.
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