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  1. He. Could. Have. Done. ......... You know what, i'll not.
  2. But my will get weak, and my thoughts seem to scatter.
  3. Quint seems to want political flamewars allowed on here. We can do without that. As for this news, life on Venus? Time to colonize, baby. We need to civilize that bacteria.
  4. We don't need to get weird in here guys.
  5. No matter how noble the intentions behind this may be, the result will be that most movies will become essentially committee made to ensure that the code is met.
  6. It clearly says under your name "a butt"
  7. Emitt Rhodes died in July and I have been listening to his music since then. Great artist.
  8. That's what she.... eh, y'all know the joke.
  9. I don't remember exactly. Something to do with needing dead composers to score the movie.
  10. Unlike many of John's other scores, which, for better or worse, do rely a lot on bombast, Schindler's List shares the more subdued emotional approach common to the most popular eras of classical music. As well, unlike scores that follow the drama or add to it, as it were, Schindler's List serves to comment on it, thus being by nature more of a standalone work, written in response to the movie more than for it.
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