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  1. The 2 clues: https://www.facebook.com/varesesarabanderecords/posts/pfbid08HfpYrrh1kvPiLaNbokVYi9a34onMrLAYiSkTHf7nWq28iNjjdwaUv6PzUVQwjBPl
  2. Didn't ya'll hear the Avatar music he did with Horner for Pandora: The World Of Avatar? I thought his work on that was great!
  3. *shudders* Don't inspire him! There is still time for him to have an edit of the first half of the suite/credits be at the start of the album, then a repeat in the middle with the entire track, and then the second half at the end of the album that is just an edit of the end but call that the "credits" when the full version in the middle of the album actually is. HMM... does that sound FAMILIAR? *screams*
  4. For anyone who was following my Seamus Blackley interview about Trespasser the unmade Jurassic World game pitch that inspired aspects of the new film trilogy, the final part is now up. Spoiler: You were to play as Billy Brennan from Jurassic Park 3! For the full 3-part playlist, check it out here:
  5. John Debney on the film's new score: https://www.instagram.com/p/CirlnaSsqpx/?igshid=N2Y5NTAwYTk=
  6. HMMM... I guess having "ears" wasn't enough after all...
  7. You mean the scene where it attacks the hunters? Eh, I thought it was okay. I've seen FAR worse lol. Probably could have been executed better, still. Also, here is part 2 of my review with Seamus Blackley. This part may blow you away a bit. And even more next week when the third and final part drops...
  8. Not by a big margin, but it allowed the film to breathe more. Pacing was one of its biggest issues, and the extended cut fixes that a little. That and it has a substantially better opening (the prologue 65 million years ago plus the drive in sequence that was already on YouTube).
  9. Hmmm I'd still take it as cautious confirmation. People who aren't into film scores often get... confused? Haha. To them things sound "the same" or "close enough" in their brains, often. Not saying he's wrong. Just that he may not be right.
  10. Yeah I am not sure why they didn't just release the extended cut in theaters before putting it on streaming. They totally would have pushed it to the billion dollar mark if they had. Look at what happened with Spider-Man No Way Home when they did that.
  11. If you mean the GEMA list, no, it's not chronological.
  12. I don't understand the negativity around this poster/the film itself apart from the music. What did anyone expect?
  13. I shall! And part 3 as well. Both parts feature some never-before-seen art and video footage, along with his great recollections.
  14. Well next week's part 2 goes into a second game he had planned to do to make up for Trespasser. It was a sequel to the original trilogy of films. He called it... JURASSIC WORLD. Sound familiar? Except it was only a game. But then it didn't get made... but ideas from it got absorbed into the new trilogy.
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