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  1. In the words of Quartermaine... "I'VE GOT IT!" *EXPLOSION*
  2. Right?! To be fair, I think the "Fast" franchise did pick up in entertainment value by the 5th film, and continued to do so from that point on. Which hardly EVER happens... it's almost the reverse of what normally happens to a franchise. Once it knew how ridiculous it could go, it finally "learned to stop worrying and love the bomb."
  3. It's just their way of trying to get people back into theaters, in the US anyway, since everything is really ramping up to reopen everywhere soon. California, for example, is dropping most of its mandates in presumably a few days. And that was one of the most stringent states in the US when it came to COVID. So, the promise of something ONLY in theaters as a preview for a huge franchise, they are hoping it will bring people out to have a look. Obviously I am excited and am going to see F9 mostly just to see it haha. So their tactic worked for this fan. Usually I wait for the "Fast"
  4. Ditto! I need this... but instead of a reissue I've been begging for complete releases...
  5. For NIGHTMARE, if they did ever do a new release, I do hope they still include the song instrumentals on a second disc. It was a grail for me to finally have those. However, if they do, I hope they fix the volume leveling issues of them. It is clear they took them from a stem (you can even still hear a vocal echo faintly in one part of a track), which is fine since it is likely the only way to do it. But the uneven volume leveling within each of the tracks (which I suppose was done as part of the film mix for the vocals and effects) was distracting and inconsistent. I was able to fix this larg
  6. @Yavar Moradi Thank you so much for your contribution to this release! This is one of my favorite Goldsmith scores! Your story alone helped me purchase it again despite having the two volumes already!
  7. "AM I PRESSING THE RIGHT BUTTON? WHAT AM I DOING?" "You're in all caps, John. Can you turn them off please?" "WHAT? A CAT? I'M NOT A CAT." "No... "caps", as in upper capitalization, like THIS. It looks like you're yelling." "ISN'T IT BETTER TO READ LIKE THIS? I CAN'T SEE THE LETTERS AS WELL OTHERWISE." "Nevermind... can we focus on getting your webcam on... again...?" "WEBCAM? AM I DOING A SPIDER-MAN FILM NOW? I TOLD STEVEN I DON'T LIKE BIG STORIES ANYMORE UNLESS THEY HAVE REY!"
  8. Wow, no idea! Would have to hear it to find out. I live sort of near Hollywood, not Orlando. Not sure when I'll be able to ride it haha.
  9. Of course I know that. I'm the arranger of his memoir! http://jurassictime.trescom.org
  10. This season looks MUCH more interesting/exciting than the last one. While I liked season 2, it was definitely more disjointed than the first one. And the "villains" that came and went in the second half... groan. It just felt like a lot of filler. I'm excited that we get to visit "old park" ruins from the looks of this trailer, which was something touched upon in the first Jurassic World. It may not even be the Visitor Center they are in, but some other old building. Not 100% sure, but still pretty exciting. Maybe Hammond DID have a bungalow/lodge like in the novel that we never saw? That woul
  11. That would make it a 3 CD release then, since the OST is actually 2 CDs already. Think they would do a 3 CD release for this score? I hope so honestly, it's one of my favorite Zimmer's now... ESPECIALLY since I just now discovered the "sketches". WOW! I definitely want those part of a CD release.
  12. I never had the OST of BTTF3, not even downloaded... was the sound quality much inferior to the Expanded Edition? Not that it matters to me now, but for others who may just want that that instead due to price. I think it did at least have all of the train climax music, albeit out of order.
  13. Back to the Future 3 Expanded Edition 2CD set is now sold out from Varese. I luckily got a copy from MovieMusic (there may be more) and I guess is still available at Screen Archives. I had put off getting it for too long haha, so if anyone else has too this is basically your last chance not to get gouged. And for anyone hoping maybe they are just temporarily out of stock, I got confirmation from e-mail that it is "sold out".
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