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  1. As a fan of all things Jurassic, I think overall I prefer Jurassic World as a film over Fallen Kingdom. However, I think Fallen Kingdom's score is light years better than Jurassic World's. I was honestly disappointed in the first score after Giacchino had delivered the highly energetic and exciting Jupiter Ascending not long before it. Apart from some standout tracks and moments, overall it is honestly my least favorite Jurassic score of the franchise. I honestly felt his themes were greatly expanded upon in the Lego Video Game more than in the film! How's that for odd? But Fallen
  2. While I have seen John Williams several times now (with David Newman conducting at times) at concerts, had Michael Giacchino respond to a tweet, had John Powell respond to a Instagram comment, chatted on Facebook with Bill Brown and Bruce Broughton, and had e-mails with Benjamin Bartlett... I have only truly met one composer. David Shire, composer of RETURN TO OZ. I went to a signing event when Intrada had their expanded release about 6 years ago now (wow... can't believe it was that long ago). And here, the evidence! Ugh my shirt. Double ugh: my face. I need to work out again some
  3. Borders?! *cries* I'm feeling old... OLD! I miss it, so!
  4. Where did you get your copy of the re-recordings? I've been trying to find them lately, by chance! And I am excited for this release!
  5. I for one enjoyed the first season and the direction it went. First couple of episodes I was hesitant but the characters grew on me and it isn't so terribly tame that you don't feel like they aren't in danger. And this trailer for season 2 seems to confirm the continuation of that trend.
  6. I stand corrected, then! Well shit, I hope they ask him, then! LOL. But I still stand by what I said about the quality of their other composers' work.
  7. As much as I would LOVE for Don Davis to return, I know he has been retired from film score composing for some time (concert/operatic works only, unless I am wrong). However, if Giacchino does it instead I would still be excited. Speed Racer and Jupiter Ascending (all opinions of the films aside) are some of Giacchino's most energetic and interesting scores, especially Jupiter Ascending. Hell, the fact on that film that they had him compose suites just based off of the script was such a cool way to do it that it is clear they take music in their films seriously no matter who the composer is. H
  8. The other 2 Dragon scores. I know the thread says not to, but it has to be said once more just to make sure it happens, by golly! Okay FINE... did all the music to the first Shrek get released? That was the first score that brought my attention to him, despite it being a joint effort with Harry Gregson-Williams. However, I can totally feel which parts were Powell. When I first heard Narnia: Lion, Witch, Wardrobe was going to be done by Gregson-Williams, I was hoping for that sound they did in Shrek. While I like that score, I felt like it didn't have some of those quali
  9. ON IT Btw... anyone know when "World Is Not Enough" will be back in stock?
  10. Wasn't sure where to put this but had to post it... uhm can Williams make THIS transition happen in a concert?!
  11. Oh hell yes! I was following the "Kong Is King" site when they originally posted those production and post-production diaries every week as they happened! And I remember (and have still downloaded) the Howard Shore video and then remember being really shocked when suddenly they were doing it with James Newton Howard without ever giving an explanation, and then having removed the Shore video! Don't get me wrong: I LOVE JNH's Kong score, but I was forever curious with what Shore did! I finally read that thread about the score and Doug's comments... WOW. I really hope it gets released
  12. I had a feeling Release 5, given the unit count and price announced at the top of this thread, had the biggest possibility of being something I wanted, and I was right! I actually was hoping it would have been Jurassic Park 3 (which they said they would likely do), but Tremors is a fun score and never truly had a proper release! Didn't Intrada release like a promo album once or something? I should have seen the possibility of it coming, given the attention it has been getting this year with the new film and the new Blu-Ray/4K release. So I'm getting Tremors. Anybody here getting an
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