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  1. Hehe I guess you're right! The evidence: https://derrickdavismedia.com/how-fandoms-ruined-my-life-then-saved-it/
  2. I mean this IS Jurassic June fan celebration (and recognized for the first time by Universal officially, with their own logo for it and everything)... so maybe it COULD be Jurassic Park 3? Hence why it would be released this month. But who knows!
  3. Speaking of Jurassic, check out this unreleased Giacchino score!
  4. Just ordered directly from BuySoundtrax and I also got the two extra tracks. Stoked! Call me crazy but with some scores I am a completionist!
  5. Anyone have this yet and can reflect on sound quality and etc since we don't have samples still? I decided to wait until I heard feedback.
  6. It definitely needs a new release even if it is just remastered. Gorgeous music.
  7. Ah I see, thanks. I was looking at old files and a document I made back in 2009 haha, so perhaps I didn't note "Flying Szalinki" having that cue within it. Strange they would have it twice, but it is Intrada. Looks like I was right about everything else, except that I didn't know "After The Bees" was after "The Machine Works". Why combine it with "Bee Flight" then when it isn't meant to be? Ugh. Again, Intrada. And if they see this, I'm sorry but it's okay to criticize. People do it to me all the time lol. Just my personal preference to not do those things, but hey it's their product.
  8. Being familiar with the old bootleg and the old Intrada release, I can say (with pretty good certainty) that this release has everything from them (and MAYBE slightly more?). The first two "extra" tracks at the end are very short little moments for when the baseball hits the window and then when each of the kids get zapped by the machine, so I can maybe see why they were placed there for listenability. Hey, I'm just happy they made it this time. There were originally two cues for when the kids are zapped, but I see they combined them into one track. However "Astride The Ant" seems to be something that was NOT on the old bootleg! I'm not sure what that is, honestly, since it doesn't match up with anything. I'd have to watch the film again to see if there was music missing from one of the ant moments that even the bootleg never had. But if that's the case, I had never noticed before. The one thing that always confused me in the past was that the bootleg had a version of "A New World" with an opening about 35 seconds longer that is not heard in the film or on the old Intrada release. But looking at that track list, "Bee Flight" is combined with something called "After The Bees." Well, combining the old bootleg of the bee cue with that mystery bit from the bootleg fits the track times! I do wonder why that bootleg had mixed it as an intro to "A New World" though since it led to so much confusion, but I am 99% certain this solves it. Just thought I would let people know who were familiar with the older release and the bootleg from long ago. Can't wait to order this new release!
  9. Has the ImageMovers Logo music ever been officially released before?
  10. Oh god, I had forgotten about that! I think the trailer did have some misdirects too, if I recall. And the trailer music they used (not from the film) was very action-oriented hahaha. Was very late 90s/early 2000s of them to hype it up like some intense thrill ride when in reality it was more of a moody atmospheric mystery film. I think the cast and the basic premise sold the movie to audiences. Back then, movie stars usually still carried a film's success compared to today. Are there any true movie stars left that are guaranteed to sell tickets?
  11. Always loved this film and score! Shame about all the spoilers in the listing (and some of the track titles too, if you read into them). The movie always felt cozy to me? The perfect rainy/gloomy weather, staying in at home for the day kind of film. I remember it being a bit of a hit at the time (unless I am mistaken) and was even parodied in one of the "Scary Movie" films. A shame it kind of got forgotten after that, so I hope this release may convince more to watch it. Then again, given how critical we have all become, I'm sure some will see it as derivative trash and wonder what the hell I ever saw in it. Oh well.
  12. I love how shady it feels to keep it unsearchable, to be like, "Those in the know will find it! Everyone else has to get it on eBay for astronomical prices or buy our astronomically-priced box set!"
  13. If I had to criticize, that is the one mixing choice I didn't agree with on the release. On past releases it was much more balanced at that part. I suppose they were trying to match the film mix more but it just doesn't work for me.
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