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  1. I had a feeling there wasn't much missing from the OST for this one, but wow I didn't realize just how little! Unless of course there was music left off of both releases, but to be fair unlike the first two films I haven't really compared. But hearing the slim new material from this FYC, I'm not real disappointed any of it was left off. Now if only we could have had an FYC for Solo... [crime of the century]...
  2. But... but... I like David Arnold's theme for Godzilla.
  3. Yeah the music was the only thing that was really a step down for the show, apart from some weaker visuals in comparison to the film at times. I also think I liked the film versions of Monty and Josaphine, too. Otherwise, both Carey's and Harris's Olafs were great. I honestly think they tie in performance; and I think Carey could have carried his take just as well if he had been allowed to in future films. I LOVE how this show turned out, and yet I still really enjoy the film version.
  4. Is this movie not coming to IMAX? I wanted to pre-order my tickets for it but see no IMAX screenings anywhere in my area and even beyond. 3D is really scarce as well. I usually don't care for 3D especially, but this series is one of the few where it really excels. Anyone else notice this? (I'm in the United States in California)
  5. This may change after seeing the film, but after a couple listens this one is probably ranked 3rd best in the scores. Not that it's bad in any way! It just doesn't feel quite as memorable to me overall, despite some highlights. Oddly enough, I don't think the song is quite as bad now as I once thought, haha. But still my least favorite of those three. I definitely do feel like there are superior orchestrations at play here, but there is nothing that quite sticks with me like the majority of the first score did, and it lacks the extreme energy and even emotion at times that the second score had. It has a different mood overall, which is great for what it is, but not what I was expecting. There was just enough references to the older themes, but I also expected more of those as well. However, I can assume whatever happens in the film may have dictated those choices. Also, I do echo the person that said the villain's theme sounds like Owen/Blue's theme from Jurassic World. LOL. Not exact, but pretty similiar. I think it works fine in its use. I'm happy to hear that there doesn't seem to be much missing from the album. Powell is really good at making the right choices on his albums and filling the CDs to max capacity! Even though there are some nice bits, I have always been content with the albums for the prior Dragon scores, and even Solo.
  6. Definitely prefer the original title haha. Can't wait for the rest of the score! I am so mad I won't be able to go to the early screenings on the second in the US! ARG
  7. It's not more random than anything from the original film haha.
  8. So now having heard the extended samples, I still feel the same about the score: highly anticipated, but not blow away yet. However, certain tracks I felt like were about to get good right when they cut off, haha, so of course we still haven't really heard anything. That song though... echoing Richard's remark. Now that I have heard more of it, I may like it even less. Such a downgrade. Even if they weren't going to use one of Powell's themes this time as a basis, couldn't they have come up with something that felt more organically complimentary (such as what they did for the first film)? I can tell that the lyrics themselves seem to fit, but I just don't like how it sounds at all.
  9. I'm joining the "love" camp, for the score/songs and film. To be fair, I was never huge on Mary Poppins, even as a kid despite having seen it then (and re-watched it before seeing the new film). Sure, the original does some things better but, color me crazy, I feel like I connected with this film more. The songs and the film have several ways of tapping into depression/sadness, even the livelier ones if you pay attention, that I thought was both clever and meaningful. It definitely has some genuine heart and effort put into it above the usual "cash grab" attempts at reigniting a classic film. I'll take this any day over the BORING-looking remakes of Dumbo, Lion King, and Aladdin that all previewed before this film! At least here there was something new... and something catchy.
  10. I really like the suite! Is anything presented in it much different than heard elsewhere in the film score, from those that have seen it?
  11. What's with these digital versions getting bonus tracks now? Is it because there isn't enough room on the CD? There should be more than one then for us score junkies, hehe. It sounds good so far, but of course hard to tell from such short samples. It of course stays true to what has come before, but I will take everyone's word for it that it is an awesome score. I LOVE the first two. However... that clip of the Jonsi song... ehhhhhhhhh. It's odd because I like what Jonsi did for the first film, and of course love even more what they did for the second film (it helps to use one of Powell's themes as the driving force haha). But from the 30 seconds I heard of this new song.... it feels much more out of place. Please someone tell me it gets better in its full form...
  12. I am excited as hell for both the score and the film but... there's a track called "Furies In Love". 🦊 Guys... what kind of movie IS this?...
  13. I just rip that section as one track to keep them combined. I can never imagine to listening to them separate; it's just too weird to me.
  14. That clip in the above video from “The Death of Stalin” – Christopher Willis sounded like a lot of fun actually! Will have to check that score out.
  15. I still can't get over Solo not being able to be nominated for best score due to a deadline. Makes this year's Oscars totally irrelevant to me for it to not even be considered. It's one of the best new scores in years and... no, I can't. Not surprised Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom didn't get nominated for best score, despite it being my second favorite new score of the year. A vast improvement over the previous score, and moves at a real nice clip on album form, but I guess the epic choir statements weren't enough for a nom this year.
  16. Voice casting details announced AND first images! https://deadline.com/2018/12/dark-crystal-age-of-resistance-taron-egerton-anya-taylor-joy-nathalie-emmanuel-netflix-1202521189/?fbclid=IwAR01M0GQh-4mIYwraBP_Eo1A08BrQgEWkkZ9gmJwkb-p3YATPEbytUxl81w
  17. I have to echo this sentiment. Every time I made a compilation mix for something Potter-themed and had music to represent Azkaban, it was always THIS version of Double Trouble, not the film version. I am absolutely including this with the LLL set as an extra. It's why one of the biggest grails of the entire set for me is the Azkaban Teaser music. I remember when I first saw that trailer and was totally in love with the song and how it sounded. It was fast paced, actively orchestrated, and thrilling as it played over the various images of the teaser. Honestly, it's the best of all the Potter trailers that were made because of it. Knowing that the song would be in the film I was excited to have it. Knowing it was listed on the OST I was again excited to have it. But then the film played, and the OST played... the much slower and far less magical version of it. Sure, it was longer... but it didn't feel nearly as enchanting to me. I was honestly a bit let down. How could Williams had not at least had it play in the end credits suite/edit, and instead literally copy/paste the same version earlier in the OST? It was the biggest waste of space since the "End Credits" track on the Jurassic Park OST that could have gone to something else. But when I discovered the Prague recording of the concert version of the song... like others mentioned it was MUCH closer to what I always wanted to have from the Teaser (and in many ways improves upon it since it is longer of course). Even so, I yearned for this Teaser recording, and even feared that even if we got a sessions leak it still wouldn't have it (just like the Sorcerer's Stone session leak didn't have its Teaser music either). So honestly, the Teaser music was what I wanted the most from the Azkaban score that wasn't on the OST. I seriously NEVER thought this was going to happen.
  18. So the best score of the year isn't getting an FYC album or even a nomination possibility? Unbelievable.
  19. Once I finally heard this, I could never unhear it being edited into it and can't ever listen to the OST again. LOL
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