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  1. For me The Rise of Skywalker is the worst of them all. It just never clicked for me. Never even had a real engaging sequence. At least Attack of the Clones has fun action sequences and interesting things that happen (often visually). But TROS... it all looked like everything we've seen before. And don't get me started on all the other issues that movie had. And people like to hate on Last Jedi... to me that one at least felt like a movie.
  2. I have a strange and probably too personal of a memory associated with this movie. So of course, I am gonna share it. I was, I believe, a sophomore in high school. I was totally in love with this guy I had been hanging out with, but I wasn't out of the closet or anything so I doubt he knew. But we were friends, at least. Well, at one point, he got a girlfriend (I know, the nerve of him), and he wanted to see Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones. I wanted to see it too... and so did his new girlfriend. So, we all went to see it... and as you can imagine, for me it was awkward. Silently sitting beside them as they made out with each other... snuggling... yeah, it was mini torture. Until... I started to hear the dialogue in the movie. I laughed a little. Then the "romance" on the screen played out, which was mirroring the ridiculous high school play-style nature of the one beside me. I laughed again. But then, finally... the moment came... when Yoda appeared onscreen, ready to fight Count Dooku. And he... began to jump around like a leap frog, flailing around his lightsaber. And I didn't even laugh. Instead, I frowned, looked over to my friend and his girlfriend to see what their reaction was. They laughed, and seemed to dig it. I looked back towards the screen, my frown not escaping me... and all I could think was: "This movie is so bad. Thank god. I needed the distraction."
  3. Yeah, I am actually trying to remember if the "danger motif" appears in this score...
  4. Damn, only one real alternate. Still! Gonna get this!
  5. Can't wait to see the tracklist and hear clips. Really hoping for some interesting alternates!
  6. I remember a lot of people not liking this score? But I definitely am a fan of it.
  7. I have always been a huge Harry Potter fan... really enjoyed the first Beasts film... thought the second one was a weird mess that actually wasn't as bad upon a recent rewatch... ... but Secrets Of Dumbledore was honestly my least favorite. And I didn't even have high expectations. A lot of what was going on didn't make sense or was poorly explained (and I have read the books, if that helps show how much I know about Wizarding World stuff). So many elements of the plot were sloppy, things that people didn't like from the second film are often wrapped up now in ways that feel rushed compared to how they were clearly intended to be more drawn out and a bigger deal. Basically it's kind of a lot of the same reasons why I hated Rise Of Skywalker. These kind of "course correction" movies don't work, honestly. At least not for me. And having Hogwarts blasted all over the posters, trailers, etc... was such a bait. THANKFULLY this film doesn't queer bait, imo (and I am a gay person saying this). But now we were HOGWARTS BAITED lol. It was entirely pointless. So much of this film may make sense on a surface level, but if you think beyond what they are telling you it falls apart so fast. Like all of the election stuff. Just a convoluted pointless mess. But honestly... I think what killed this movie the most for me was that it was boring. Just incredibly boring. Even moreso than the last one. I am just not invested in this story anymore. I WILL say it had a couple of good scenes I liked. The stuff in the prison rescue was fun and good (although again entirely pointless and just doesn't make sense in the grand scheme of things), and the scene of Dumbledore explaining the past with Ariana is straight from Deathly Hallows that was nice to finally get a movie-verse explanation. But even that... I kind of didn't care about since I already knew it from the book. Especially since we still don't SEE it, just have it talked about. I think I would have been more excited over a decade ago, honestly. I wouldn't care if they stopped making Beasts films now. Especially since they ended it in that strange semi-wrapped up way with Tina suddenly showing up. Like why the hell was she absent? I really would have preferred a Beasts series that was a sort of Indiana Jones-like adventure of Newt going around the world, running into beasts and strange/good/bad wizards and etc. I actually thought that WAS the original idea sort of proposed, wasn't it? And the first film seemed to deliver on that a bit. But no... instead we are having weird boring political thrillers and a confrontation being set up that we already know the outcome of. I just can't believe they've made Potter boring. And actually, while most people are still blaming Rowling for this half-cooked story, I think they ALSO need to finally change directors. Bring in someone FRESH that will make the films feel more alive again. Otherwise, if there is another film in this series with the same story, writers, and filmmakers... I may just wait for HBOMAX.
  8. Some of ya'll may be interested in this little production I worked on with @GoodMusician: an illustrated audio drama of an unused script from Jurassic Park, brought to life as an illustrated audio drama featuring the original production artwork. I also got to interview for it the co-writer of the script: Jurassic Park's production designer Rick Carter. Spared no expense! https://jurassicoutpost.com/jurassic-time-interviews-production-designer-rick-carter-with-its-updated-illustrated-audio-drama
  9. I mean, OF COURSE they do! Billy was Grant's lover! They need to bring him back, or at least mention him, to make things make sense! Hear me out: I mean why else did Grant leave Sattler? At the end of JP they totally set up their future with kids and etc. But in JP3... no? But why? BECAUSE Grant fell in love with Billy once he started working with him! He explored a side of him he never knew he had! Obviously this upset Ellie, but they remained friends because she understood he now "found himself". Both Billy and Grant are clearly bi. HOWEVER... after the events in JP3, Grant and Billy's relationship deteriorated. I mean talk about lost trust after that whole bit with the eggs! Way to go, Billy! So Billy ended up leaving Grant for the "rough... smooth" girl he was hitting on in JP3. For years, Grant remained alone... again. Cut to Dominion... where Grant and Ellie finally reunite. Ellie's husband and their son sadly died in a bizarre incident in Columbia a few years ago, leaving her widowed and with no ties to her family life. So, in Dominion, we will explore how Grant and Ellie come back together... just as JP intended. I am joking... of course. I mean... am I?
  10. Yeah, that's about all I'd wanna say about it too. Nothing really noteworthy, just a little cringe. But certainly nothing damning like Ezra Miller, haha!
  11. *sigh* I will forever love him in Parks & Rec... but while he doesn't creep me out (are you referring to his real-life antics?) I don't think he is very engaging of a character. Especially in Fallen Kingdom (then again all of the characters feel "off" in that film). I agree that Bryce's character of Claire should have just carried it herself (at least she technically still is the protagonist of this trilogy). It's just a shame that we are now three movies into this new series, and it's really hard to care about or even know what the further point is of the lead characters. Instead we are all excited about the legacy cast coming back. It just makes those new characters all the more pointless. I feel like if more of the legacy cast had been part of this trilogy's plot all along (it really wouldn't have been that hard), they may have felt more pressure to make the new side characters that much more interesting.
  12. My favorite "cameo" of his was in Grindhouse: Planet Terror. Now THAT was a fun way to have him randomly be in the movie. If I recall, it wasn't advertised that he was in it before it came out, either. So it really was a nice surprise.
  13. This sort of quick sell out hasn't happened in a long time, has it?
  14. Wow, very interesting! While they did produce 1,000 less units for this score compared to the first, this one definitely seems to be more popular! Kind of surprised but not at the same time?
  15. Well, Hidden World is for sure coming now... but in early 2024. And from one of his replies in the comments, this includes the release of the printed sheet music score. https://www.facebook.com/1689850014571627/posts/3095325250690756/?sfnsn=mo
  16. To be honest, this Spielberg film is the one I have been more excited for than anything he has done in the past decade. I am honestly glad he chose to do this over another Indiana Jones film... especially when that one also still happened! I am really curious how the score will sound.
  17. I absolutely love the song. I mean, it's basically a song made after Powell's theme, and of course they both worked on it. So it feels very much like a piece of the score, unlike the other two songs in the trilogy.
  18. For me the "reprise" is the true full song, and the first appearance feels more like a fun introduction to it. I still feel the album version of the song is mixed so differently that it is worth just including instead of recreating it in this new mix. Makes for a more interesting variation of it to have, imo. In a way I am kind of torn on what mix I prefer for the song honestly. Maybe I am just used to it after so many years, lol.
  19. Yes I love the unreleased cue! If I had to guess, it takes place at this scene, starting at around 2:43 perhaps. No wonder we never knew of it since the scene is unscored in the film:
  20. So far can pretty much only echo what everyone is saying, although I haven't fully listened to it yet. I went straight to both "Where No One Goes" songs and WOW... quite a different mix compared to the OST version! In a good way, mostly! If you are a giant fan of this score, I definitely recommend hanging onto the OST version of the song now not only for the alternate edit but now also the very different mix.
  21. Not disagreeing with these assessments, but I think I missed the intel on HOW these things happen? Doesn't the composer have control of the sound mix for the OST as well as these expanded releases? Which is truer to how they want it to sound, usually?
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