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Found 15 results

  1. Hey all, as a growing student of music I've always been interested in the members of this site that also play, read, study, and or write music. So I figured we could use our own thread. Here we can discuss musical concepts from quarter notes to perfect double augmented 5th intervals! Post your music here (providing links to sites with you music and not direct mp3's. Keep our boards clean people! ) Comment on the music. Look for it's strong elements. Suggest diffrent courses of action. Don't just dismiss a piece of music as bad. Suggest styles of music individuals can compose in. Honestly I created this thread as a students helper. If you having trouble in you studies talk about it here! I suspect there are many members of the board who are interested in music. Justin - Who'll probably post some of his music later on.
  2. Hello everyone! This is a forum I've dedicated to piano transcriptions I've created myself which were either unreleased at the time, or unreleased as of now. There are some exceptions that I've made, but hopefully the sheets are a little more complete than to what was previously released. This is as of now a product of the six or so months I have spent in creating this (and playing them!), so I hope you will have the same enjoyment as I did Here is everything I've written for your pleasure: WAR HORSE (includes Dartmoor, 1912, Seeding, and Horse vs. Car, The Reunion, Remembering Emilie, and Finale, and The Homecoming [NOTE: I made this about two months before the official news of a published piano book for War Horse was to be released. Take your pick, but I enjoy both!]) THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN (includes Sir Francis and the Unicorn, Snowy's Theme, and The Adventure Continues) NIXON (includes The Turbulent Years, Growing up in Whittier, Making a Comeback, The Miami Convention: 1968, The Meeting with Mao, and The Farewell Scene) SINGLE SHEETS (includes The Carriage Ride to Thornfield from "Jane Eyre," The Early Days; Massapequa from "Born on the Fourth of July," Arlington from "JFK," End Credits from "Presumed Innocent," and Gillian's Power from "The Fury") THE STAR WARS BATTLES (includes The Battle of Yavin and The Battle of Hoth) GROUPED SHEETS (includes: Angela's Prayer and Lord, Why Do You Want the Wee Children? from "Angela's Ashes"; and Theme from Jurassic Park, Welcome to Jurassic Park, and End Credits from "Jurassic Park" [Again, these were already released, but the versions here are a little bit different as well as a little more complete]) MISCELLANEOUS (includes The Family Farm from "The Patriot" by John Williams and I Can't See You Anymore from "The Amazing Spider-Man" by James Horner) THE TREE OF LIFE (includes River from "The Tree of Life" by Alexandre Desplat [for Two Pianos; you and a friend can play together!] [The complete score for this can be found here]) Again, I hope you enjoy!!
  3. I had not seen/heard of his theme for Global Battle Of Bands in a long time...and it has aged like fine wine. How dare we not keep up with this guy! That's up there with some of the best music I've heard in the last 10 years. Now if only other composers learned to use an epic chorus this well. So, Marcus, what else have you been up to? Share some new works with us? AKA. The Official Marcus Paus Appreciation Thread.
  4. Greetings, all of you! Encouraged by comments made in another thread, I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you all to visit my freshly launched website, www.marcuspaus.com! It features a lot of audio selections (including selections from a couple of my film scores), an extensive (albeit still incomplete) worklist, as well as news, various links etc. Hope you'll enjoy! Cheers, Marcus
  5. I'm going to make this thread my own music thread instead of just the "lotr" type cue I posted. I will be posting upcoming soundtracks of games I do, short movies (and feature ones soon if all goes as planned!), and what not. So if you wanna hear what I have to show, just stay tuned I guess. (Old post)Hi! My name is Walid Feghali, I have posted here previously with a much unexperienced voice of my own. However, I stand much more experienced today, with a much greater sound ! Here's a new orchestral piece I wrote these past days to balance out my orchestral palette of my computer. It's something in the likes of Howard Shore's music, and I would love some of you great fellows to give me some critique on it! Is it too much like Mr. Shores work, or does it have its own voice? I'm hoping for the latter, as this is my heart and soul... Thanks for listening, hope you enjoyed it! Walid (/Old post)
  6. Greetings everyone, Just a couple of weeks ago, Norwegian contemporary classical label AURORA issued the first album to solely portray my chamber music. The centerpiece is my Sonata for Cello and Piano, written for two of Norway's finest virtuosi, cellist Johannes Martens and pianist Joachim Kwetzinsky. The sonata is complimented by two solo works, Trauermusik for scordatura (detuned) cello, and 4 Memento Mori for solo piano. I'm immensely proud of the stellar performances by Martens and Kwetzinsky captured on this disc, and urge you to check out their work: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Marcus-Paus-Trauermusik-Memento-Sonata/dp/B00FESKLJS http://www.grappa.no/en/aurora/marcus-paus/ Hope you'll enjoy! Cheers, Marcus
  7. Hello There, for the ones who already saw some of my piano tributes, i just did for Christmas A new tribute to John Barry on the Black Hole with guest French Horn player Marc Papeghin. there are a lot of dialogues, so feel free to turn on the subtitles, there are french and english subtitles. Thanks for your comments ! hope you'll like it ! (i don't think many people did a cover of the black hole music on youtube i'm afraid ...)
  8. Greetings everyone! During the winter and spring of 2012, I had the privilege of composing for the Norwegian dance company FRIKAR, a group of extremely acrobatic modern folk dancers. For this particular production, they were joined by four Chinese kung fu monks, equally impressive in their daunting display of grace, virtuosity and control. I actually had to write two versions of this music simultaneously: A 60 minute (and then some!) stage (and touring) version, scored for string trio and percussion, as well as ca. 30 minutes of orchestral selections (arranged in several suites)devised to accompany a TV version of the performance. The TV version aired on Norwegian television last night, and included some really stellar performances by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. I do hope you'll enjoy! <a href=http://tv.nrk.no/program/mkmf33000012/moeter#t=5m46s> (The music as employed in the film is actually taken from both versions of the score, and follows a slightly different logic than I intended, and a few items have been abridged for choreographic purposes. But there are already some plans to make the full orchestral suites commercially available) Best wishes, Marcus
  9. Hello There, for the ones who saw my tribute to Yoda and E.T, i did this time a tribute to Alan silvestri and on the movie Forrest Gump. there are a lot of dialogues, but as the main purpose of the video is the music, the voices are not put "in front". so i created english and french subtitles so everybody can enjoy it without any difficulties, to be disturbed by the music and not hearing the dialogue or trying to hear them and not enjoying the video. Thanks for your comments ! hope you'll like it ! Next videos will be on : Twin Peaks, Return of the Jedi, What Dreams may come for an unknown date, and , i hope for a christmas release, a tribute to John Barry, on the music of the black hole with my friend Marc Papeghin on French Horns as a musical guest !
  10. Hello guys, yesterday i put online my new piano tribute, a medley on the music of E.T here is the link. soon, will come 2 new tribute on star wars. it's called episode 7 for hook and episode 8 for E.T because the episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 will be exclusively done on star wars (logic !! ). episode 1 has already be done on Yoda. you can find it as well on my channel at www.youtube.com/didiermartini , including other tributes to christopher reeve, john barry, alan menken, etc ... thanks for watching and your comments.
  11. Greetings everyone! The soundtrack for my second feature score, for the Norwegian film "UMEA4ever", will be available shortly from Amazon, iTunes, etc. Samples: "UMEA4everSoundtrack": http://www.amazon.com/Ume%C3%A54ever/dp/B004VS527S/ref=sr_shvl_album_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1302291173&sr=301-2 The score is highly unorthodox in its orchestration, as it is scored entirely for saxophone, accordion and double bass, with only a little additional help from percussion. It is performed by virtuoso contemporary music group POING, which consists of three of the foremost performers of their respective intruments, Rolf-Erik Nystrom (alto sax; currently nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2011), Frode Haltli (accordion; prestige label ECM recording artist) and Hakon Thelin (Ensemble Modern etc.). The soundtrack is released by MTG Music. Although unusual in its timbral qualities, I think fans of Williams, and of an older school of film scoring in general, will find something to relate to, and I do hope you'll enjoy it! Cheers, Marcus
  12. Hello There, maybe some of you know me, i'm the one who posted the 80 videos of john williams on youtube there : www.youtube.com/user/martyprod2 i'm as well a piano player and composer, and i record for fun sometimes, piano tributes to my favorite composers and musicians. as i'm suffering from a weird hearing illness, all my tributes recorded from christmas 2011 to today have been recorded without hearing what i was playing. They are all improvised. On this one, i did an exclusive one on john williams, the first one of a very long serie on Mr williams. there will be 6 episodes (of course) on Star Wars and Episode 7 and others will be about other movies he scored ... the first one is about Yoda. it includes french and english subtitles, and soon, italian and spanish subtitles as well. The piano transcription of my improvisation is available for download on my website here : http://didiermartini...iams-episode-1/ Thanks for your time, your listening, and your comments. Didier. [media=]
  13. Hello, i'm Didier, the crazy guy who post all the williams video on the youtube channel www.youtube.com/martyprod2 that you maybe know... i recorded and did this tribute to Mr Reeve, who was a pianist as well. i did the video using a special "technic" ... (it's explained at the beginning of the video). i played my own version of can you read my mind from john Williams, and somewhere in time from john barry. the video is subtitled in english, english impaired, and in french. soon, it will have italian, spanish, and romanian subtitles. thanks for your support link to the video on youtube : the recording is a one take recording. Thanks for your comments ! Didier. PS : i have a website there : www.didiermartini.com . i did a lot of other tribute who are on youtube or on my website if interested. Thanks.
  14. Hi! I am a 22 year old composer trying to get some work, so now I'm currently working on my orchestral reel for a good showcase, to show what I can do these days with my keyboard and computer. I've been writing three scores in the last three days, and I'm planning on writing 2 more for the sake of this reel. I would love for you music fans to give me some pointers or just say what you think of my orchestral sound and composition: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12797960/2012%20Reel%20Walid%20Feghali%20-8_eq-mp3%20-.mp3 I want to write music for games/movies/trailers, whatever's out there! Thanks in advance! /Walid
  15. Greetings, everyone! Grammy award winning Ensemble 96 just released their new album Kind, featuring my work The Stolen Child, a W.B.Yeats-setting for choir and string quartet. The album is available through amazon, spotify, etc. (not sure if it's download only), as well as through the record label's own site, www.2l.musiconline.no. Hope some of you might enjoy it! Best, Marcus
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