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  1. So, if you listen to "Battle of Syracuse" from the new Indy Movie and then listen to "Attack Pattern" you'll find something very similar.
  2. That is certainly an energetic title sequence! Great performance.
  3. I'll have a separate rules for good sex, but for now: Solo Sex: 3.0/10 Duo Sex: 9.5/10 Trio Sex: 9.0/10 Quartet Sex: 6.0/10 Quintet Sex: 5.5/10 Sextet Sex: 5.0/10 ... 120-Person ("Full Symphony") + 200-person "Full Choir" Sex: 9.6/10
  4. I’m crossing out rule 4. After a few years of reflection…sometimes you need sunny music on a rainy day.
  5. There’s hope. You can still turn it around.
  6. People who DON’T follow these rules don’t retire. They work to the bone and lose their savings the day after they retire!
  7. Yep, when you go back, you’re like…hmmm…it’s good…but not that good! Caffeine has tricked me too many times. But still it’s fun!
  8. This show has heart, but my god the technical production is terrible. The action sequences have all the energy of an asthmatic snail crawling on a salt flat.
  9. I was confused at first by the surprisingly tense portion of the theme from ~1:05 to ~2:00. Then I realized it’s all about that “passage of time” quality that fits a man in exile and hiding.
  10. Most music today is referenced with AirPods as part of the mixing iterations. The recording engineer might use some fancy detailed headphones for the original mix, but then they go put in some AirPods to see how it sounds there and tune it accordingly. Why? Because 9 people have Sennheiser HD400s and a billion have AirPods.
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