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  1. When we say Star Trek, how do we ensure purity? Discovery is impure.
  2. We have a bonded pair (also siblings) that one day just snapped and decided to hate each other.
  3. We still don’t know how long this virus can live outside of moist environment. Chances are you’d only whiff the half dead Coronavirus and inoculate yourself. That’s a big fail for the dying thing.
  4. Don't be absurd. The Berman era had wallpaper. Berman was a visionary. He grasped before anyone else what music set to picture would turn into 30 years later.
  5. I hate you for sharing that. I'm going to go sob in a corner for the next three hours. This directionless drivel we're getting from Jeff "Mom Bought Me a Mac With GarageBand On It" Russo is a true shame.
  6. The shitty designers on nuTrek stuff really have a back for making the technological future look frightening and inhuman. ”Wouldn’t be cool if these ugly scary things were just floating around in San Francisco?”
  7. You’re not a skeptic. You’re a dolt. You’re giving her free advertising and publicity.
  8. 9 years later the OP no longer holds true. But I also don’t get the Sunday dreads anymore. I can see this place was an analgesic. An opiate. This place was refuge from the woes of having a boss and being an employee.
  9. I hear he is risen from the dead to score a Trump campaign ad.
  10. She at least writes her own damned music, which is more than what most pop musicians these days can say. She's talented. Not just for how young she is, but compared to most pop musicians out there right now. I also have a rule: it's idiotic to judge a person's talent and skill based on their point of view. Not the same thing. I apply this equally to fools who try to dismiss Wagner, Walt Disney, one day John White Man Williams, and yes, even Billie Eilish by the likes of you and weepy strings up there. Don't turn into the crap you're trying to oppose. That's a wonderful album.
  11. I wouldn't be able to enjoy his music if he didn't have 5 oscars to his name already. It's why I've given up on Jerry Goldsmith with his piddly one. And if John doesn't win a lifetime achievement award, I am going to stop being a fan altogether. I only want to listen to the oeuvre of highly-award-winning-lifetime-achieved music and composers.
  12. I think the pandemonium is dying. Over a 20 year period viewership has plummeted -50%. 1998: 55 million viewers 2018: 27 million viewers 2019: (the first up year in a long time) 29 million viewers. Most people know BS when they see it.
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