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  1. Someone's been playing too much Deus Ex. Good dystopia read though!
  2. God works in mysterious ways.
  3. I edited my post to attack Brucey’s points and not Brucey. And to stay farther from politics. Colorful language remains as it is not directed at Brucey!
  4. Because you don't fucking get risk. Suppose you're a dumbass and you get behind the wheel of a car while drunk. Worst case you'll kill a dozen people and crash into a tree and die and you're out of the picture. Risk is capped. If you're a dumbass who gets COVID, you can go to a pool, a club, a hotel, a party, fly to Rome, visit the Vatican, come back, visit Nana in the nursing home and chain reaction get millions of people sick. Risk is uncapped. All of this started with one person and you are opining about personal risk.
  5. Mask up and open up. Simple. But your state, like many others, is overrun with numbnuts too busy whining about how a piece of cloth ends liberty. If you don't want to lock down AND you don't want to wear a mask, then you deserve every bit of economic calamity, depression, mental illness, and death in store for you. Shoulda saved up for a rainy year instead of getting buried in a mortgage and debt you can't afford. But you didn't even do that. Because you're not survival worthy. If you are willing to do one or the other, then I am sorry you are suffering, but that's the price we individuals pay for our collective societal dumbness.
  6. Both of them are globalist wannabes. If they'd kept their promises on securing the border against threats and acting as sovereign entities rather than puppets of global opinion, the US and the UK wouldn't be where we are today, and we could crowd the beaches as we pleased.
  7. Welp...guess a lot of people gonna die.
  8. Help I’m being brigaded by a ginger, a broken man, and a nut!
  9. That’s my go to if the other isn’t available. I don’t like the yellow cream that has the consistency of vanilla pudding.
  10. Chocolate cream filled. With powdered sugar on the outside.
  11. Why would I marry myself to some silly concept like that? I think for myself and come to my own conclusions, and happily piss off every idiot and group of idiots that thinks I owe them some allegiance. Look at Quintard, his jaw is still stuck to the floor because I said Williams is manipulative and should have let a new generation take over Star Wars! “How could a JWfanner think for himself!?”
  12. People who got the OG SARS never regained their damaged lung capacity. People keep saying this is no problem for young people, but that’s not true. Plenty of young people are exhibiting pulmonary and vascular changes that look permanent even though they haven’t dropped dead. In men who’ve had it, even asymptomatically, it seems to have lasting effects on the nads and testosterone production. We don’t know what that will mean down the line. If you want to risk turning into a shitty, wheezy, Girly-man, low-energy version of Darth Vader, go out mask free and get sick to your heart’s content.
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