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  1. They must have done it on purpose.
  2. Sounds like you could lose your balls to this virus, gents. Stay safe: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022418v1 https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.21.20037267v2
  3. Because they don't like what they are mandated to do and prefer to meddle in the small easy things. If every national government had exercised its powers to protect borders (land/air/sea) back in January, we wouldn't be here. Instead they tried to eke out a couple of extra billion here and there and now are paying tens of trillions globally for it. It's not malicious conspiracy Pekingduck, it's organized incompetence.
  4. It is the most underrated tool on JWFan.
  5. So what have you done? Have you helped anyone in need? Or are the poor just theories to help argue here to you?
  6. Italy and France are not counting coronavirus deaths that occur in houses or nursing homes?
  7. Oh no. Goodbye Pekingduck.
  8. Modern world sees debt as magic. Angela knows what debt really is. As long as you can fight this off and the economic downturn without issuing debt, it's better in the long haul. Before listening to the calls for collective debt from your neighbors and their government economists, remember that your neighbors decentralized and federated your country after WWII to weaken its economic power. Shows you how much they know...
  9. BTW, saw today that the Luftwaffe is airlifting patients out of Spain, Italy, and France to Germany for care. At least one Western country is stepping up to be a team player.
  10. Doesn't matter. We have enough data to know this is not like what we've dealt with before, regardless of specific numbers. In the absence of conclusive evidence, you don't sit around and wait for exact numbers. You act to reduce your downside risk in order of most immediate and catastrophic threat.
  11. Germany is also testing more people. South Korea style. They have 3x more ICU beds per capita than Spain and Italy. Etc.
  12. You best shut your borders if you want to keep it that way.
  13. Alex, all he is trying to say is that in less than a week you can expect 60,000 total deaths instead of the current 30,000.
  14. I love that you see so much kick-ass conspiracy skills in all this insane government incompetence.
  15. I locked my doors last night before going to bed. Guess I’m going to slide into a totalitarian state.
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