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  1. She wrote a Bond song. Not a Billie Eillish Bond Song. Lame.
  2. Hopefully it’s just a one day fluke from a sudden revision to how they confirmed count cases. Previously confirmed meant: You have a positive nCoV lab test. Now it can be: You have a positive nCoV lab test OR Contact History AND Fever/Low White Blood Cell Cound AND Pneumonia with nCoV characteristic chest x-ray. So they dumped a bunch of people from the past few days into one day.
  3. New cases yesterday: 2,002 New cases today: 14,840
  4. The hilarious part in this tragedy is that you will see over the next few weeks how virtually every company who sells a physical good is clamped down at the balls by China. Even things made in NotChina rely on some piece that is sourced from China. @Quintus should be pleased to know that Apple is fucked, because Tim Cook put every supply chain egg in the China basket. And he is gonna have his nads quite tenderized.
  5. Alex is beyond blue and white collar. He is a film critic, photographer, and coffee creamer of discerning taste!
  6. That’s micro aggression and offensive!
  7. Even if you trust no one, if there was a systemic global conspiracy to suppress huge numbers, we’d feel something around the world by now or very soon. Are the China numbers underreported? Most likely. Are they underreported by a huge factor? That seems much less likely. I think China’s draconian measures are probably working.
  8. Chinese new case counts are way down as of yesterday. We may be in the clear soon, unless we are being lied to.
  9. Choose or you’re dead to me!
  10. The Advenchurs of Qlueless Quint, Episode 2:
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