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  1. Ohh............Nice find. This IS what it sounds like...A merge of sorts . But he must have had a system rather than pick notes out by ear. I wonder what it was. Thanks very much for this. Was it a transcription ? Bizarley It really reminds me of my Late Fathers music. Wish I could pick HIS brains.... best ed
  2. Posty delivered today. Do any of you Knowledgeable Harmony Jedi's have a handle on how Johnny wrote this music. It's heavily chromatic but to my ears NOT octatonic...Any clues as to how this works ? best ed
  3. hi no not really. Just for runs. Most of the solo winds are from Berlin. My new template has triple winds so I'm using all of Berlin via capsule. I have a touch screen to change any articulations and also to control Cubase, Pro tools and Sibelius. T
  4. an easy test is to listen to all the different recordings of the Star Wars Main Title. Almost all of the ones NOT recorded by JW are considerably wetter . The only exception I can find is on "John Williams-Greatest Hits"......that one is drenched...I suspect added. T
  5. Sorry. I meant Dutoit's planets. Decca Montreal . T
  6. I think it's a left over from his TV days. I suspect his ears favor a tighter more intimate sound because that's all they had to work with for Telly . but this is a wild guess. t
  7. well that's not reflected in the classical recordings. It's a subtle thing. And yes I guess Goldsmith's Star Trek TMP isn't significantly wetter than star wars but it IS wetter. I'm sure JW just prefers it dry. Fantastic Voyage is musically very dense already so it would suffer definitely . And maybe it was a style thing then . Lord knows the eighties where about reverb in pop music certainly because the microchip allowed it. Trevor Horn is swamped in the stuff . But i hear a definite absence of it in William's. As if the whole recording is 40 feet closer than his peers. t
  8. oh the new stuff sounds great. I'm talking 70's 80's really. And it's really the overall reverb. t
  9. the older it is , the dryer it is certainly . But he's so exacting a composer in every way i suspect it must be a choice. Superman compared to the Debney sounds tiny. Almost a smaller orchestra. Which it might have been I don't know. T
  10. Question: Do you think the Maestro prefers his recordings to be much dryer than other Soundtracks and Classical recordings ? I can't help notice how bone dry and in your face so many of them are. It's very obvious when you compare them to either other peoples readings ( Debney, Kunzel, Gerhardt et al . ) The Brass especially. Very little in the way of depth . Bizarrely his Performance with the Boston Pops of Mars IS quite wet. And sounds very similar in depth to Dorati's ( possibly my fav ). I also find his panning's extreme. Fiddles way over on the left sometimes.... Thoughts ? T
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