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  1. A lot of the SW fan attacks on Holt have been oddly personal
  2. Not exactly great for Holt's career either as she has received most of the fan hate for the score despite being handicapped by the "no original themes" arrangement in addition to being a wrong fit for the assignment in general (in terms of style).
  3. It would have been great in a score with PT/OT Star Wars themes and new interesting side-motifs (ala Solo). But in the actual score, it functions as the dedicated "Only Star Warsy Thing Allowed" musically and becomes very repetitive.
  4. Or a quite disinteresting release depending on what's released.
  5. The system is more the problem than the composers themselves. Producers, directors, and cultural zeitgeists
  6. As one of those guys, I usually find good music in anime and video games but I still wish those standards applied to modern Hollywood and what used to be a consistently good franchise for music.
  7. Does "Star Wars doesn't really matter anymore" count as a separate argument? Because that's where I'm at. Don't really care about the continuity stuff but the show is boring as sin and bad.
  8. This episode was a lot better but it still feels more like a Star Wars school play then a full movie. Seeing Darth Vader with pseudo Imperial March music reminded me of the scene from Ned's Declassified where Cookie is dressed as Vader while playing dodgeball. When the Grand Inquisitor came back to life, I thought he was going to say "Revenge does wonders for the skin"
  9. The violin cue towards the end of episode V is really good. I wish there was more of that style rather than the generic action drumming.
  10. JW has finally found it in his heart to forgive JJ
  11. It's the score that made her want to become a composer
  12. Kathleen Kennedy pointing a gun at her off-camera.
  13. I think there's also just better musical literacy there too
  14. Your posts seem to be getting simpler and simpler.
  15. I blame the "less is more" fallacy.
  16. I think it's part of the reason there's a rise in "zero pretense" criticism (ie the "average_______ enjoyer" Chad meme). I think people are just tired of having participate in THE DISCOURSE(tm) for every piece of media.
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