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  1. The piano part was hard to hear for me but the string insert from Mother and Son was really effective
  2. Finally got around to finishing episode 12. The first Star Wars show that I can fully call "good" and maybe even the best Disney SW property. It feels like an adaptation of a SW EU novel, which sounds like a bad thing but works incredibly well onscreen here. After a slew of cheap looking Volume-shot shows, it's great to see something with cinematography and real sets. The score does everything it needs to. It may seem pretty perfunctory but having an "invisible score" is by far the best approach for this.
  3. There was a 10 second french horn solo that played over the scene where Spielberg is giving instructions on how to act in the war movie (Williams' classic disillusioned Americana sound) and a bass drone that plays as the bully forces him to pick up the volleyball
  4. I think a new Nazi theme could work too (depending on the film's tone as the TLC theme has a kind of comedic bent to it).
  5. They're only showing it in 600 theaters nationwide so probably not.
  6. I feel like a lot of it (not all) is just the same bullcrap about you know what.
  7. This. Dear Basketball's theme is basically the Flying theme from American Journey but the presentation really sells it, to the point where it might be the best dramatic John Williams cue of the 2010s (and you can easily argue it was the primary driving factor of its oscar win). The Fabelmans is a more long-lined melody and sounds more distinct in Williams oeuvre. Mother and Son could have been a more definitive presentation had the strings interlude been longer but I think that part was written for the film.
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