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  1. I'd rather eat and binge watch [insert 5+ season TV show here]
  2. Yes, preferably a sweeping historical fantasy epic (ala Lord of the Rings) or a Quentin Tarantino film
  3. Instead of a circus movie about Pee-Wee's infidelity (as shown through graphic imagery of women mudwrestling)
  4. I don't think Lincoln affected anything (unless JW was really set on scoring Jack Reacher)
  5. So it's not delayed yet? (not that Disney has has a big track record of doing that) And 30 minutes after the thread was posted!
  6. That was a prologue. The rest of the movie is technically a flashforward
  7. I think of it less as an independent story and more as Home Alone 2.0. Like the first one? Here's a bigger one with more pranks
  8. What will the Home Alone equivalent of The Mandalorian be?
  9. Maybe not a main main theme but I'd definitely call it the foremost theme, due to the number of arrangements and it's placement at the start of end credits and how the piano arrangement ends the album.
  10. Interesting, I wonder if this is another case of "finding the main theme" halfway through the score ala Schindler's List
  11. This is gonna be like the Endgame Portals scene for Indiana Jones fans
  12. Prisoner of Azkaban. It's a crime that the movie was released in June
  13. It wouldn't surprise me if it was. The score is full of subtle touches like that
  14. A contender for my favorite moment from the entire score. Never noticed the Get Out The Vote connection before. I always thought it was just a self-contained counterpoint line.
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