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  1. M A S T U R B A T I O N *giggles* I miss the days when you could stone someone just for saying JEHOVAH! It's the chuckle brothers! :p She's a witch! Burn her!!!!
  2. I miss you too @Stefancos. *Hugs* BurgerKing???
  3. It's the only Silvestri score I actually like and own. In my opinion I think it's his magnum opus. The movies would have been a great venture for James Horner had it not been for the severe difficulties he and Cameron had on Aliens.
  4. I was doing it with Tippi while I was typing if memory recalls
  5. I miss @StefancosHe was a load of laughs...........I think!
  6. Plenty fingering is what's needed and you're almost home
  7. I tend to ruin things when I make a surprise, unannounced return 😛
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