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  1. The Irish will be next on the list: Chief O'Hara, Tommy & Nicole in Far & Away, Jenette Goldstein as the Irish immigrant mother in Titanic, Colin Farrell as the new Penguin...the list is endless....begorrah!
  2. Got my discs this morning. I've never been happier
  3. Letting everyone know that I am in rude good health and resting comfortably in the panic room of my Bel-Air mansion.
  4. Well I for one will look forward to Johnny's new Violin Concerto.
  5. There's as much chance of getting Kate Bush than there is of Barbara Broccoli hiring John Williams!
  6. He'll probably get The Buggles to re-unite for the theme song
  7. Such tragic news to hear this first thing this morning from Stefancos. So thanks Steef for that heartache. Today is the day that cinema has truly ended. Now is the time to die. Go back to playing your banjo, Zimmer!!!
  8. They send shit out to customers now? Do you know if it's top-grade shit as I'd love to get some? Alma's been on my house about trying to get good shit for her roses!
  9. Seriously yes...I actually yawned trying to get through your reply.
  10. M A S T U R B A T I O N *giggles* I miss the days when you could stone someone just for saying JEHOVAH! It's the chuckle brothers! :p She's a witch! Burn her!!!!
  11. I miss you too @Stefancos. *Hugs* BurgerKing???
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