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  1. In years to come my quaint little television box will be this big
  2. Spy Hard. The best Bond song never written! Even Bill Conti is having a great time parodying John Barry.
  3. Hitch

    Pet Peeves

    Alma's boobs have finally started to firm up. It only took her since March to get that bicycle pump to work.
  4. Fasten your seatbelts. It's gonna be a bumpy night!
  5. Good evening. My poor long suffering wife Alma concocted up a "delightful" meal to me tonight. Peanut hummus with fruit and veg sticks. It had the same colour and consistency of Geoffrey and Stanley's poop I shit you not! Even they cocked their own noses up at it. I simply have to stop feeding them foie gras under the table!
  6. Tell me about it. Alma fingered me last night with her wonky pinkie and now I've to isolate for 6 weeks!!! The durty bitch!
  7. The Irish will be next on the list: Chief O'Hara, Tommy & Nicole in Far & Away, Jenette Goldstein as the Irish immigrant mother in Titanic, Colin Farrell as the new Penguin...the list is endless....begorrah!
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