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  1. Goes to show I've been away too long. Blame Alma. She now has 4 child locks on the PC. Took me 12 years just to chew through the first one
  2. Good eeeeeevening, Anyone else know about this "new" vinyl edition of EMPIRE OF THE SUN released by Warner Bros? https://elusivedisc.com/john-williams-empire-of-the-sun-soundtrack-2lp/ Award Winning Soundtrack On Double LP! Three Sides of Music For Superior Sound Quality! Pressed On Red Vinyl! A film directed by Steven Spielberg, Empire of The Sun was released in 1987. The score was composed by John Williams and won the BAFTA Award for Best Film Music. The soundtrack was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Score, the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score, and the Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. The film was an epic coming-of-age-war film starring Christian Bale, John Malkovich, Miranda Richardson, and Nigel Havers. The film follows a young boy named Jamie "Jim" Graham who goes from living a wealthy life to becoming a prisoner of war in a Japanese internment camp during World War II. Features: • Double LP • Red Vinyl • Music on 3 sides for superior sound quality • First time on vinyl in decades • Winner of the 1988 BAFTA award for Film Music Selections: Side One: 1. Suo Gan - Performed by The Ambrosian Junior Choir directed by John McCarthy, Soloist: James Rainbird 2. Cadillac Of The Skies 3. Jim's New Life 4. Lost In The Crowd 5. Imaginary Air Battle Side Two: 6. The Return To The City 7. Liberation: Exsultate Justi 8. The British Grenadiers 9. Toy Planes, Home And Hearth (Chopin Mazurka Opus 17 No. 4) Side Three: 1. The Streets Of Shanghai 2. The Pheasant Hunt 3. No Road Home / Seeing The Bomb 4. Exsultate Justi
  3. We can only hope that Leonard Slatkin and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra will record JW's First Symphony together with the remaining concerti under the NAXOS label (come on get a move on with the Clarinet and Trumpet concertos)!!!!
  4. Personally I'd love if it was a Horner title not previously released on LP or CD....like "The Dresser" (1983), "The Stone Boy" (1984) or "I Love You To Death (1990)
  5. In years to come my quaint little television box will be this big
  6. Spy Hard. The best Bond song never written! Even Bill Conti is having a great time parodying John Barry.
  7. Fasten your seatbelts. It's gonna be a bumpy night!
  8. The Irish will be next on the list: Chief O'Hara, Tommy & Nicole in Far & Away, Jenette Goldstein as the Irish immigrant mother in Titanic, Colin Farrell as the new Penguin...the list is endless....begorrah!
  9. Got my discs this morning. I've never been happier
  10. There's as much chance of getting Kate Bush than there is of Barbara Broccoli hiring John Williams!
  11. He'll probably get The Buggles to re-unite for the theme song
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