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  1. Amazing as always, thank you so much. How great to have it confirmed that Williams himself actually played the Rey’s theme quote at the TROS climax.
  2. While the reviewer may have a point in some way, I'm always amazed by these people's lack of putting their observations into perspective. So true, and maybe that's why reviews of new music shouldn't be written upon first hearing...
  3. Listening a second time I think the piece is already far more compelling than I initially thought - It'll be hard for me to surpass the first concerto but that one also took me a lot of time to appreciate as the masterpiece that (I think) it is. There's a couple of moments where Mutter and the orchestra seem to be out of sync, and since this is a premiere it is only logical that the performers may not have the kind of 'overview' on this big piece as they probably will have in the future. I'll be very happy if it gets a clean studio recording at some point. Mutter is a great vi
  4. Powell without a doubt. I have respect for Desplat though and he's written some things that I absolutely love. But he can be quite boring as well. (HP8 comes to mind, where he knocks it out of the park with Lily's Theme right away and then proceeds with the dullest score I could imagine for a film like that.)
  5. I didn't care for the film at all but the have been listening to the score a lot throughout the pandemic. I really think it's great and it only gets better over time. There's a growing maturity in his emotional palette that can be heard in this one and other recent scores.
  6. I remember there is this video of JW joking to Dudamel and Santaolalla about how a coffee inspires him in the morning. There's clips of this discussion on YT, but not containing that particular part. Does anyone know where to find it?
  7. Happy that I can now finally own this wonderful presentation of one of my favorite filmscores of all time.
  8. I like TFA’s sound a lot, but I would say the brass and especially the trumpets are just so loud that it just drowns out a lot of colours in the orchestra. Rian Johnson did mention something about the sound he wanted for TLJ’s main title that as opposed to TFA – which is weird since they re-used the one from TFA but anyway I think it says something about how he approached the overall sound of the score. It is my favorite mix of the ST for sure. When I first heard ‘Escape’ in the theaters I nearly jumped out of my chair because I realised they had ‘learned’ from TFA.
  9. Reminds me of the fact that Willem Mengelberg championed the young Korngold's 'Sinfonietta' more than a century ago and angry listeners would send letters complaining of the inclusion of this 'kwajongensbombast' ('bad boy's bombast'). Wonder what will happen now!
  10. Not surprisingly, it's Stéphan Denève conducting! https://www.concertgebouworkest.nl/nl/concert/made-in-america-3 John WilliamsE.T.: ADVENTURES ON EARTH John WilliamsSTAR WARS: PRINCESS LEIA'S THEME John WilliamsSTAR WARS: MAIN TITLE
  11. The orchestra will have a new manager and they just announced there will be a concert next season with works by American composers - Among them Bernard Herrmann and John Williams! https://www.parool.nl/kunst-media/artistiek-directeur-ulrike-niehoff-vaart-nieuwe-koers-met-concertgebouworkest~b64f3078f/?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F
  12. Okay, I have to apologize in this thread. Went over to a friend’s house who has a wonderful surround set and we watched/listened to the blu-ray with Dolby Atmos. As Flight To Neverland started I was prepared for the late horns entry and when the moment came... It actually sounded just fine? Like pretty much else on the album all of the problems in ensemble playing suddenly vanished? What is this sorcery? In a space like the Musikverein it makes sense that subtle timing differences actually blend well together because of the acoustics but I just can’t believe how it did translate to
  13. But you do love the SW sequel trilogy, right? I think it'll be closer to that than Indy 4 which is already 13 years old.
  14. Just amazing news. And sometimes I wonder why people that are totally cynical about it are even on this forum – Even if the score turns out to be just ‘serviceable’, more Williams as he nears his 90s is *always* a good thing. And I have a feeling he’ll still do that Spielberg film.
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