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  1. This is just the best. Thank you so much Crumbs, for all your work restoring this part of a score that I really love. (And seeing this again, my god how I wished Johnson had done IX as well. But this isn't the right place to discuss that, I know)
  2. As I understood it, Finale is easier to use for full scores nowadays compared to earlier versions. Btw, does someone know when, at jkms for instance, they moved from handwritten parts to using music notation software? Somewhere in the 90s?
  3. It’s a matter of the technology being improved since then, nothing to do with Williams’ orchestrations themselves.
  4. I think you don’t understand the difference between a principal and a soloist.
  5. I haven't forgotten how sluggishly they manoeuvered through the music (I only really get back to CE3K which indeed does sound spectacular) and how it is gloriously preserved by DG in many editions. I loved attending both concerts, but there is no question to me which orchestra was better suited for the material and better rehearsed.
  6. As I said before, for an orchestra that has an academy, this was the perfect opportunity to let many of them play. Now if the orchestra was on the verge of collapsing most of the time - like in Vienna, mind you - this could have been a problem. But I could only think of one thing after I heard 2 concerts and the dress rehearsal: I just heard the greatest orchestra in the world.
  7. I think that by now his age and Covid also plays a role in this.
  8. Someone ran to JW to when he left the podium. I sat above so couldn’t see what happened then. I guess the guard wasn’t where he was supposed to be. Anyhow it was quite pathetic, everyone should be able to realise that at such an event everyone wants to get an autograph, and let John have his privacy.
  9. More likely is that they have young people for an academic year, and this is a perfect kind of concert to assign to them. That’s still the Berlin Phil!
  10. Yes. I’ve never heard the runs in Harry Potter as well as yesterday. Also the warmth in their sound is amazing. Also the players were some of the most engaging I’ve ever seen in an orchestra, the leaders always making contact with each other. The concert master did incredible work too and didn’t seem stressed at all (like in Vienna). Only thing is, in a way I felt the sound was more magical in Vienna because of the incredible acoustics there. While the Philharmonie is fantastic still, you can sense it’s a more modern hall. But I’m sure this won’t matter for the recording.
  11. Let’s talk about his phenomenal Leia’s theme solo instead! Individual mistakes can always happen, and for the recording this one will surely be fixed. But it is the ensemble playing of this orchestra that was just fabulous. Even when Williams got a bit more tired at the end of the concert, the orchestra responded by keeping the momentum forward. Also I thought the first flutist was just absolutely fantastic.
  12. Also something to note is that he said we would be able to see it next ‘spring…. Or summer….’ Which indicates to me there’s no delay with scoring.
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