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  1. I think it's nonsense. We're talking about 30 second snippets here in a *huge* score that by the way many moviegoers probably would never hear otherwise. Also, many concert versions have their foundation in the score, such as the second half of 'Rise of Skywalker'. Why not the other way around? I agree though that there is a little too much Force theme in TLJ, and in TROS as well, but that also wasn't helped by the tracking of even more Force theme (such as 'Peace and Purpose' from TLJ when Exegol blows up).
  2. I thought it was glorious to hear the most beautiful part of Leia’s concert version in the film (so much so, that I didn’t even realize how controversial the scene itself was).
  3. Aw come on, it still has energy. It's just a hair slower.
  4. Interesting. I guess that I just like the music so much that it never bothered me…
  5. All I’m saying the score does what it needs to do for the intended audience. I have never heard anyone complain about overscoring except some movie buffs on the internet. And Columbus could’ve toned down the score in post-production, right? I assume he didn’t for a reason.
  6. It’s interesting to read this from a guy like Rickman and I remember also Norman Lebrecht’s comment that it ‘completely failed to match a kids movie about wizards’ or something like that. Actually the kids that grew up with it all love the score and it’s a huge part of the nostalgia for these films. Williams knows all too well what to do for this kind of film…
  7. What’s with Rian Johnson? He intended us to see the movie with music only, for which I’m quite thankful. The isolated score was never released, only pirated.
  8. I could also imagine it would be a good setup for a final Oscar campaign, by letting the theme sink in before it's out so the impact of the score will be bigger – people will actually be able to hum it before they've seen the movie!
  9. It absolutely does! Didn't the acoustic in the room change after some renovation? In what year was that?
  10. Isn’t it more likely this will be closer to the Sequel Trilogy in sound? And hopefully Mangold will prefer a kind of TLJ- like wet mix.
  11. I heard the piece a few months ago when it was played by Ralph van Raat and the North Netherlands Orchestra, the Prelude is a wonderful jazz-inspired piece that complements the Scherzo very well. Can’t wait for the piano concerto that he will write!
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