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  1. I really hope JW is able in this stage of his career to promote Powell - they seem to be friendly with each other and Powell has only produced quality in recent years, if you ask me.
  2. I genuinely think that the succes of LOTR’s music is so more connected with the popularity of the films than, say, Star Wars.
  3. She didn’t strike him down in anger, but merely reflected his force lightning back to him. Lame, but that’s the explanation there is I think. But why didn’t palps just quit the force lightning then....? Ugh this movie. I’ve been able to forgive SW for a lot of these kind of things but in this one it’s just too much.
  4. So happy to hear the second concert was great as well. I’m still in awe from yesterday. What maybe impressed me the most is the fact that you can truly feel from his energy on the podium that there is no ego at all. Just the music. Yet at the same time he’s able to pull off an immediate and genuine standing ovation the very moment he walks on stage...... That is truly exceptional, and a treasured memory for me personally.
  5. Sure, but in this case it isn’t weird to prefer the originals.
  6. Sorry I could’ve been a bit more nuanced - what I actually mean that, after getting over the initial excitement of these arrangements, to me there’s isn’t really a point to the violin/orchestra interplay and they’re just created to provide a virtuoso/soloistic vehicle for Mutter, requested by herself. I didn’t notice her behaviour on stage by the way.
  7. They gloriously messed up the climax of E.T. (when the flying theme comes in). It went by pretty quickly, but is seemed like there was no consensus of the new tempo. This was the most obvious one, but stuff like that happened every now and then.
  8. Basically how I felt for all the Mutter pieces! But it was great to have her for ‘Remembrances’.
  9. The concert was absolutely amazing, but yes, aside from the ‘Remembrances’ encore, I felt there wasn’t really much to the Mutter arrangements, aside from providing her a chance to be a diva. Also, even though the VPO sounded great generally, you could tell it was all fresh music for them and there were some painful mistakes, some of which may have been JW’s fault. It made me feel a bit nervous honestly! I hope they’ll be more secure tomorrow since this is all recorded. But that aside, it was a legendary afternoon and something I will never forget!
  10. I guess that depends on whether you see these movies as aspiring art or mere entertainment. I’m happy we got at least one movie with a clear artistic vision in a blockbuster franchise like this.
  11. As all the plot leaks seemingly came out of Bad Robot (TLJ didn’t have any of these issues!) it seems clear that the reddit damage control also comes from BR just to make JJ look good. But I do think that a slightly longer version could make it a little more enjoyable.
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