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  1. Oh wow, I really had no idea! Thanks for sharing
  2. I think the motif is cool, doesn’t need to be more than it is for these redundant characters. As for Duel of the Fates, I’m absolutely convinced that these are all false rumors that originated in clickbait websites taking Don Williams’ words about the ‘Phantom’ theme totally out of context. I don’t think it was ever recorded or even planned.
  3. It’s amazing generally how Powell treats his fans. Not just speaking about this release, but also his online presence (talking about the themes of his scores and such) it’s almost like he is a film composer who started out as a film music fan.
  4. Well Hans needs an orchestrator anyway because someone needs to write out the MIDI to sheet music and proofread. As I understand the score was made under considerable time pressure so dividing the work among 7 people (maybe some of them weren’t available for the whole period?) doesn’t say that much I think. I mean there are JW scores with 3 orchestrators (or maybe even more) and it says literally nothing about the creative process.
  5. Yeah it's clear that many just love JJ as a person. Which I totally understand from what I've seen from him – Williams also is enamoured with him even which makes little sense if you think about how Abrams handled his scores.
  6. It's not so much about what you or I think about the movies, but you can't leave Boyega's 'boy' JJ alone if you want to talk about the poor handling of his character and by extension the racism he talks about – to me it seems that he solely blames Johnson for it and I think that's unacceptable.
  7. It isn't about what TLJ did, it's that whatever TROS did is so much worse in my opinion. You cannot only blame Rian Johnson for his arc and claim that Abrams did just fine.
  8. I'm really perplexed by this. Surely Johnson's handling of the character wasn't ideal (although, with good intentions I would say), I just CAN'T get my head around this defending of Abrams and by extension attack on Johnson's (IMO vastly superior) film. Finn's character was absolutely at its worst in TROS. Abrams didn't need to save someone's 'shit', he just needed to write a decent story.
  9. I can live without Hedwig and Tintin, but Remembrance should have totally been on the CD. If they swapped it with Jaws, and had re-recorded SW Main Titles my impression of the album would be already quite different I guess!
  10. Totally off-topic, but you have an awesome signature. On-topic: Thanks for your work, @Holko🤩
  11. I'll get back regarding my own dream program, but I did think that Dudamel's 2014 program with the LA Phil was really quite fantastic. It resembled multiple facets of his career, and featured longer stretches of music and offered various soloists to really shine: Olympic music, concert work (Soundings), full Schindler's List Suite, Jazz with Catch me if you Can etc. while still ending with a greatest hit in the form of Throne Room and Finale which I prefer to the regular Main Titles arrangement.
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