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  1. I heard the piece a few months ago when it was played by Ralph van Raat and the North Netherlands Orchestra, the Prelude is a wonderful jazz-inspired piece that complements the Scherzo very well. Can’t wait for the piano concerto that he will write!
  2. Your opinion is all fine, it’s the part about JW’s time that I do not understand. Especially considering he’s got 2 new scores coming up, there’s the recent Yo-Yo Ma and upcoming Mutter album, his plans of writing a piano concerto… it’s not like this had any impact on his other activities. We got this theme, the other option would have been a theme by Holt. I’m just surprised to read on a JW forum that people would rather have that option. (Btw, no I do not think it’s as good as Leia’s theme, but I do enjoy it a lot and I don’t think it’s as one-dimensional as some claim here.)
  3. I think JW should do whatever he wants and the idea of fans deciding on how he should spent his time quite preposterous.
  4. JW at 90 years old decides to use 2 weeks of his time to write a Star Wars theme and people at JWfan wish he’d spent his time differently. It’s incredible.
  5. I can totally see where you're coming from and deep down I always hope whenever we get a new theme that it is written with the sensibilities he had decades ago, however - after a few listens I think this piece is quite perfect in capturing what it needs to do while kind of fitting in with what film music is today, and so I think this will speak to a big audience. I'm really impressed by the fact he can adapt his style so wel to current trends while still sounding like himself.
  6. Yeah I like to think of the Shrieking Shack! Absolutely love the new quiet ending for the Cello concerto. Sooo much more poignant than the original loud ending which always seemed to be a bit out of place tbh. So, I understand the bad compression is not because of Spotify but actually like that on CD……? Yikes.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CcqUZu4JqOO/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Wonder if this means they’ll start recording soon.
  8. While I totally agree that TLJ and TROS have have weak OST programs, guys, it’s SO easy to have an 100% improved listening experience by combining the OSTs with FYCs, please all do yourselves this favour, it’s not that difficult. Both movies’ climaxes are just great that way, and thinking of the music that is still missing I just can’t wait to hear what an expansion will give us eventually.
  9. So happy everyone looks so much more relaxed than during the 2020 concerts, John and the orchestra. The result is audible.
  10. It’s very very unlikely at a classical concert for the soloist, esp when it is for a big piece like this concerto, to come out at the second half for just another piece. This will be the regular Marion’s Theme.
  11. Does this man age at all? Can’t be there this time unfortunately but hoping there’ll be a recording.
  12. I’m always thinking that if someone had the capacity to ghostwrite for JW, he/she’d be so good that it would be weird they wouldn’t have a composing career of their own – considering the difference in quality between JW’s music and most other film music. Sad reality is that frankly most people don’t care. I once spoke to an orchestra musician who basically confused Zimmer and his method with that of JW (saying that he had heard other people actually wrote for him) but after I corrected that with a passionate monologue he was like ‘oh well’ and it wasn’t like I fundamentally shook his worldview or anything… 😅
  13. What @Not Mr. Big says is not really that subjective, in my humble opinion.
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