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  1. Okay, I have to apologize in this thread. Went over to a friend’s house who has a wonderful surround set and we watched/listened to the blu-ray with Dolby Atmos. As Flight To Neverland started I was prepared for the late horns entry and when the moment came... It actually sounded just fine? Like pretty much else on the album all of the problems in ensemble playing suddenly vanished? What is this sorcery? In a space like the Musikverein it makes sense that subtle timing differences actually blend well together because of the acoustics but I just can’t believe how it did translate to
  2. But you do love the SW sequel trilogy, right? I think it'll be closer to that than Indy 4 which is already 13 years old.
  3. Just amazing news. And sometimes I wonder why people that are totally cynical about it are even on this forum – Even if the score turns out to be just ‘serviceable’, more Williams as he nears his 90s is *always* a good thing. And I have a feeling he’ll still do that Spielberg film.
  4. His concerto no. 1 is atonal but very romantic in my mind. Or do you mean something like Treesong?
  5. The list says he’s popular among ClassicFM listeners. What does it really say about canonification and, does it really matter? Williams is a caliber on his own really. What’s the point of comparing him to Händel or Tchaikovsky or any other composer that made totally different music in the past?
  6. Nice to see Williams on there, but it’s a silly list anyway. There used to be a campaign encouraging people to vote for their favorite videogame music so that it would be ‘recognized’ as classical music. Now I love videogame music, but I don’t see the point of putting the soundtrack of Banjo Kazooie next to Mozart.
  7. All great composers based their stuff on standard chord progressions etc..... what really matters is, what do they do with it? There’s the greatness of this particular cue.
  8. Oh man, that’d be so great to hear one day. TLJ is great but the ending scene and credits is just kind of unfocused compared to the brilliant Farewell and the Trip/Jedi Steps and Finale from TFA.
  9. If ‘Buckbeak’s Flight’ for you is just ‘I and VI moving back and forth with a lot of percussion’ I suggest you take a closer listen.
  10. Lol I always used to think the Rebel Fanfare at 0:49 was some kind of variation... doesn't sound so bad.
  11. In general, the strings often don’t sound so good, often out of tune. Level of playing (and/or sight-reading?) had increased a lot by the time the prequels came around. And editing as well, I guess. I think it may sound a bit ‘unprofessional’ at times if these were well-rehearsed recordings of classical pieces, but of course the circumstances were different. I might have said something about it at one point because I think they get glorified a bit in comparison to the current LA players.
  12. Happy birthday to the Maestro!
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