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  1. I wonder if he played the little fragment of Leia’s theme in the credits of TLJ.
  2. I don’t know much about Horner, but these painful examples of self-borrowing combined with that infamous interview I’ve heard from him, don’t create much sympathy for the man.
  3. I can only imagine the horror that will emerge on social media if they actually proceed with that plan. ...which is probably part of why they'll not do it.
  4. You know, I don't think the lack of planning of the ST would have been a huge deal *if* TROS just wasn't such a poorly conceived and executed movie. That movie does detract some of my enjoyment of the previous two, even while I know I shouldn't let that happen. Also, what happened around TLJ is just... mind-boggling. I remember reading everywhere on the internet that everybody had faith in Johnson... And clearly Lucasfilm and Kennedy were in full support of him, the movie also became a financial succes... but then the internet decided it was the worst movie ever. Amazing.
  5. Haha well it’s maybe due to overexposure since I’ve heard them frequently but if they’re playing standard rep (i.e. Strauss, Mahler) with a conductor that they like, they’re absolutely amazing. But if not, they can sound like they don’t give a shit about what’s going on. It’s really fascinating how they’ll just drop the ball after deciding they don’t like the conductor. The audience will give a standing ovation regardless! Anyways, their winds and brass are truly some of the best. Only their string section is objectively lacking compared to the Berlin Phil. There’s definitely a difference in quality there.
  6. Preferences aside, Powell at least sounds like an educated composer. Giacchino’s amateurism can’t compare.
  7. I’ll eat my hat if he got to conduct the Concertgebouw orchestra. I don’t think they’ve even performed anything by him yet. Anyway the Berlin Phil is a better orchestra and he’s much more at home with the LSO. That seems far more likely to me.
  8. Holy shit thank you for posting this. The church bells in my hometown have been playing this tune every day since I was a kid and I never knew what it was!
  9. No. Scherzo for X-Wings on the TFA soundtrack album is the example that comes to mind right away (but this is getting a bit off-topic).
  10. It’s not so much about tempo choices, it’s about tempo inconsistency within pieces. But people call me crazy when I dare mention that, so I’ll stop saying it I guess. Btw, this Imperial March is fantastic indeed. No complaints from me about that performance.
  11. I liked the Han/Kylo stuff. Rey/Kylo stuff, while certainly not as interesting as in TLJ, keeps my minimal interest in the film. I like to watch some isolated Palps scenes. But it’s still quite terrible.....
  12. One of her favorite scores is one she played cello on...?
  13. I know, but I’d love for a miracle to happen!
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