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  1. Hmmmm that could very well be true but, how do we look at film music concerts, with orchestras surviving only because these actually sell out multiple nights in a row? Or is it just that even less people enjoy classical music?
  2. It's surely possible, however, what I kind of forgot is that it is way harder to do edits when the music has to be synced with video. And since the audio release has to be identical to the video release, that's probably why they couldn't do many crazy edits (same with Vienna).
  3. A good editor would be able to retain the take and replace that note – but tbh, I somehow hadn’t noticed it until it was pointed out here.
  4. I have heard them in Amsterdam. But whatever. When the Nimbus 2000 recording comes out, maybe you'd like to give a critique on what exactly is sub-par about it.
  5. I sort of get the point, but I can’t help but feel it comes of as a little whiny given the extraordinary quality of this orchestra including the woodwinds, whoever they were. They were absolutely world class and I have heard a lot of live orchestras.
  6. Yeah it's pretty bad - but most of all a fuck-up of the editor.
  7. So your problem is the alleged snobbery towards JW, I suppose? Or the quality of the orchestra?
  8. But what exactly is the problem here? The fact you would’ve liked to hear these players or the assumed snobbery that is underneath it? Whatever your ‘de facto’ Berlin Phil is, I think what really matters is that the institute itself invited Williams. The orchestra can take on different forms.
  9. I understand some of you would’ve liked to hear some of the more famous soloists, but still. Imagine that when some of these academists get approached to play in the orchestra, they stop calling it the Berlin Phil. That makes no sense at all – they are playing in the Berlin Phil from that moment on. And you’re listening to the Berlin Phil! Should they rename the orchestra also everytime that an older generation retires? This is not how an orchestra works.
  10. I like the sound of the hall and the Viennese horns, but the Berliners played it better.
  11. I'm happy that they did actually put in that work, unlike the recording of another concert.
  12. Thinking about the program, I think one of the most succesful ones I’ve ever seen is the LA Phil celebration in 2014. There, they truly celebrated JW the musician in a broad sense and it was less about crowd pleasers, even though it had Darth Vader on stage during the encore.
  13. I wonder what's with the more 'intellectual' film score enthusiasts that they will often leave out Williams in favor of Herrmann, Morricone, etc. ? I have a suspicion that they see him as somehow less artistic and more a business man type of composer but I think that's very naive.
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