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  1. Initial price €240 per ticket, most likely. Looks like a PDF ticket to print@home...
  2. Mutter is now also credited on the Musikverein webpage: https://www.musikverein.at/konzert/eventid/43257
  3. Maybe I'm too stupid, but where can I listen to or download the leak...? Any hint or PM welcome :-)
  4. ASM: Here I am, like a kid at the school Holding hands with a god or a fool JW: Will you look at me, quivering, Like a little girl, shivering? ASM: You can see right through me. Can you read my mind?
  5. I do - again, as in 2018 - hope so...
  6. Simple question: are you coming to Vienna?
  7. Not me. I still love his wonderful playing of the guitar.
  8. After reading the entries to this topic over the weekend, I just wanted to make clear that I'm not going to stalk the maestro. I was just curious where he is going to stay. Also curious about his travel (privat jet or first/business in a scheduled flight) and overall schedule. Who will travelling with him (his wife? Management? Private doctor maybe?) Is he going to stay in Europe for some days, etc. Anyway, reading some topics in this forum over the years, I somehow had the feeling that it's not that difficult to move to the dressing room after the concert and ask for an autograph, but that might have changed within the last years. I also have the feeling, that people are getting more egoistic each year and the internet is likely to boost the hype on Williams. Still remember the times, when I thought I'm the only one who listens to this kind of music on a regularly basis.
  9. Any guess where JW is going to stay in Vienna? At the Imperal?
  10. It's marked in red below, under the word "Balkon". So they are next to each other.
  11. Although I didn't succeed in 2018 with tickets for the RAH, as I recognized the whole thing too late, I very much liked their "queuing-mode". One has at least the feeling, that everything is going a civilized way. With Musikverein, it feels like a bunch of people trying to squeeze through a door at the same time. Survival of the fittest...
  12. Still very sad and disappointed about this mornings experience... Not so much about ending without a ticket, but about the overall process watching a website doing nothing. How is this working? Is it just about fast internet speed? Does distance, geographically, makes a difference? I would have prefered an email kind of "You bought tickets for 2018, so you are able to buy this time before the general public"... Still thinking that there are still tickets there, that will be released. Is there anyone who bought tickets right on Tuesday morning? Was it able to select tickets from the entire hall?
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