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  1. Hi there, our orchestra is doing a concert with music of John Williams and we would like to do a video projection of photos of the maestro and/or movie stills (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Schindlers List). Is there a ressource where to find such photos that one is allowed to use for a official concert, ideally at low cost or no cost at all. Any hint is welcome, thanks! All best, Alawill
  2. Hymn to the Fallen https://mixcord.co/acapella/p/9VXeZtU2pi7vHt-bvkwTXQ/?fbclid=IwAR3u2_4L9nV3chkxhd6RHknlbt_gtEr5DcsNbV_d2HJVwWomWeVQPzemYMM
  3. Are you sure? I thought that's the Austrian Version. The German one is by Beethoven.
  4. Sounds great - is it available in German, too?
  5. I thought this is the fanpage for John William Waterhouse?
  6. On Saturday, I saw two guys running out of the venue, towards the artist room, even before the end of the concert. They both missed the "Imperial March", maybe even the encore No. 4 (not sure anymore when they left the hall). They missed one of the best parts of the concerts.
  7. I'm thinking about getting "Far And Away" on Bluray - is there any edition with JW-related bonus?
  8. Really? Not more? Anne-Sophie Mutter usually is around 70k per concert, depending on venue/festival/etc., of course.
  9. Back home I have to say: what a wonderful concert (Saturday), with some minor - I guess coordinative - mistakes (e. g. E.T.), but overall: unbelievable. The critic is strange... "Den Höhepunkt stellte wohl das Thema aus Sydney Pollacks Verfilmung von Sabrina dar." "Sabrina" as the highlight of the concert...? Is he serious? Here's another one: https://www.diepresse.com/5754852/harry-potter-im-goldenen-saal
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