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  1. Oh, I missed the opening ovation, didn't see myself throughout the whole broadcast, but who cares, as long as we got the best versions of the performances The performances of Luke and Leia and Imperial March were incredible, best versions I've ever heard.
  2. That was fun! Too bad those tracks didn't make it, but understandably. Can't wait for the official release with high quality. Looks like the whole concert on today's broadcast was from Sunday.
  3. Enjoy the concert, everyone! Just Sunday footage so far, interesting, looks about half of the concert was cut for this broadcast so far.
  4. It took me 30 minutes of frantic refreshing 3 different browsers to get the two tickets, but once they rebooted the server, I had 40 seconds (ticket reservation time of 15 minutes) to enter my bank details and confirm the purchase, with 5 seconds left in the end...And this was in the members presale.
  5. They used close mics for basses as well, the Teldex mics - saw it up close when I checked them out.
  6. Slovenec! Pozdravljen Cool that you know Iztok! Perhaps we'll meet next time then
  7. Can you try again? Should work fine in VLC, I used Quicktime on macOS to capture it.
  8. Aaaand it's gone lol...Good thing I screen captured it John_Williams_and_Vienna_Philharmonic_Orchestra_-_The_Imperial_March_(excerpt).mov
  9. Yeah, my friends wrote that, I gave them the info about the brass section wanting to play The Imperial March, so that info came from here
  10. Dude, me and a girl were having the cake at the Sacher Cafe 2 hours before the concert, and I kid you not, she looks outside and say "is it snowing?" and surely enough, it was. If that's not magic, I don't know what is. The Universe came together this weekend.
  11. She has SEVERAL?? Edit: just checked, she has two...out of 240 or so accounted for..wow
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