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  1. Haha, funny seeing the familiar faces jump on this forum as soon as that was posted Yeah this seems strange to me as well...January is very sudden indeed, it's tomorrow
  2. Was shocked when I saw that he's coming back in just a month! Unreal and unbelievable. I saw him in October in Berlin, as well as in Vienna in 2020, so I'll skip this one, but if he happens to go to London, you can bet I'm going there!
  3. Yes! I'm glad someone mentioned it, what the heck was that lol. A few bars off, maybe misread the line, haha.
  4. Oh crap, there was an autograph hunter trying to get his autograph at the very concert? Yikes...You'd think people would have more respect and know better
  5. Yeah, I mean my arms were tired from all the clapping on Saturday...Can't imagine John's after CONDUCTING for three days in a row, several hours each time.
  6. I know this is sensitive to ask, but has anyone able to...capture..the live stream? I watched bits of it as I have access to the Digital Concert Hall and it sounded amazing, but unfortunately obligations prevented me from watching the whole thing. If not, no worries, should be available online in a few days, apparently.
  7. He said at the concert yesterday that he’s going back to work in LA in a few days, so I reckon he flew back today or maybe tomorrow.
  8. Some people have asked me how this concert was different from the Vienna one. Vienna was my first ever JW concert in person, so it blew me away and left me in such a shock that I couldn’t listen to a note of music for a whole week after. That being said: Better in Vienna: - venue - smaller, tighter stage so the sound was more direct, which was an aspect of the sound I loved there - magic of Vienna (it also started to snow a few hours before the concert) added to its already historical significance - I preferred the program there Better in Berlin: - orchestra - as much as I like Anne-Sophie, I preferred the original arrangements of the pieces - orchestra again; really worth repeating as they played with less mistakes than VPO, and especially the string section was incredibly warm and pleasant sounding Both incredible concerts, as a whole I preferred the Vienna one because of the whole experience, but playing-wise, this one was better.
  9. What a night. First row, and I talked to Anne-Sophie Mutter during the break! She was just there in the lobby chatting with another woman. I thanked her for everything she’s doing and told her that the Vienna concert changed my life - she replied that it changed her as well, haha. It was really hard to resist taking out my phone and taking a photo at the very end, but I was able to resist, as no one else was doing it either.
  10. WHO IS READY New article on Berliner Philharmoniker website: https://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/en/stories/john-williams-portrait/?fbclid=IwAR0uhLBWS9SuelAwBtxxuMhUkq_6gM-f1P9VrQs16HGWBpCCNMZqqgrFfEE Would it be correct to assume that John arrived to Berlin this past weekend and they had their first rehearsals together today?
  11. I always wondered, how are these setlists put together? Does John put them together himself first, and then consult with the orchestra's management or however? And why and how do the setlist changes occur? I'm really curious.
  12. I'm pretty happy with the setlist, I think a big point of putting this one together was to make it complementary with the Vienna one. I'm excited to hear the fanfare and the Throne Room. I could do without a few pieces such as Marion's Theme etc., but we must not be picky Saturday, see you in first row!
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