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  1. It took me 30 minutes of frantic refreshing 3 different browsers to get the two tickets, but once they rebooted the server, I had 40 seconds (ticket reservation time of 15 minutes) to enter my bank details and confirm the purchase, with 5 seconds left in the end...And this was in the members presale.
  2. They used close mics for basses as well, the Teldex mics - saw it up close when I checked them out.
  3. Slovenec! Pozdravljen Cool that you know Iztok! Perhaps we'll meet next time then
  4. Can you try again? Should work fine in VLC, I used Quicktime on macOS to capture it.
  5. Aaaand it's gone lol...Good thing I screen captured it John_Williams_and_Vienna_Philharmonic_Orchestra_-_The_Imperial_March_(excerpt).mov
  6. Yeah, my friends wrote that, I gave them the info about the brass section wanting to play The Imperial March, so that info came from here
  7. Dude, me and a girl were having the cake at the Sacher Cafe 2 hours before the concert, and I kid you not, she looks outside and say "is it snowing?" and surely enough, it was. If that's not magic, I don't know what is. The Universe came together this weekend.
  8. She has SEVERAL?? Edit: just checked, she has two...out of 240 or so accounted for..wow
  9. I'm in the same space. This weird state where I listened to the first two pieces of the concert on my headphones, and I immediately went "no no no, that's not what that's supposed to sound like...the sound is wrong and the dynamics are lacking". So strange, and I agree with you, the whole thing was a dream.
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