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  1. Maybe John Williams will compose a brand new Logo Fanfare for Lucasfilm!!
  2. I like this big picture in the background!! It seems to be from a recording session or something
  3. So cool to see his home working corner! Did someone figured out some of his books in the background?
  4. This is my piano arrangement of "Stalling Around" from Jurassic Park! Hope you enjoy it
  5. So cool!! He speaks very enthusiastic and seems to be in a good shape. I have a good feeling that we may get many more great musical surprises from him in the next years...
  6. I'm still deeply impressed by this special concert! The orchestra played so great, this concert hall is such a magical place and John Williams seemed to be very grateful to conduct here! I'm so happy to got the chance to join this concert!! An unforgettable experience...
  7. I wonder what Excerpts from "Jurassic Park" will be... Maybe it includes the complete "Journey To The Island" cue
  8. I think JJ Abrams hopes that, too. He will give him many opportunities to make the music shine, as he has done with his way of storytelling at TFA. I could imagine that it's important to JJ that the score for Episode IX focuses more on new themes (compared to TLJ). Because he wants to hear something new again. Don't forget he's a great John Williams Fan :)
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