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  1. After a few days in which I first had to realized what really happened, I want to say that the Berlin concerts were an incredible experience to me. I was there on thursday and saturday... Just the moment when John Williams himself entered the stage was overwhelming! The orchestra was fantastic and the interaction between the musicians and the conductor was so enjoyable, you really felt how much fun everyone was having on stage, and that carried over to the audience as well. By the way, the audience was phenomenal! So much euphoria and respect shown to John Williams, you could really see how grateful he was about it. One of the coolest moments was, when he announced he would be composing new Indiana Jones music in a week or two, and the audience flipped out and making him smile about it. The program was great too! One of my highlights was the Olympic Fanfare (which I haven't been able to get out of my head since this weekend) - When the brass section started, I thought "Wow! What a sound!" - but when the basses, timpani, and the rest of the orchestra joined in shortly after with this great, deep chord, I was completely overwhelmed. So John Williams captivated me from the very start! The program was full of highlights from Close Encounters, Harry's Wondrous World, Marion's Theme or Throne Room & Finale, but I actually liked every piece! And as the absolute top of the cake, they even played Theme from Jurassic Park, my absolute favorite soundtrack since my childhood, so that was something very special and meant a lot to me! When he announced it as "...the last 5 minutes of the movie" my first thought was "Oh my god, are they really playing T-Rex Rescue & Finale now? The 14 minute standing ovations at the end of saturday's concert was somehow the perfect ending to an unforgettable weekend, and I'm so grateful to have been there, and happy for all the other fans who had the same experience. Hopefully we will see each other again soon, to the next magical journey...
  2. Maybe John Williams will compose a brand new Logo Fanfare for Lucasfilm!!
  3. I like this big picture in the background!! It seems to be from a recording session or something
  4. So cool to see his home working corner! Did someone figured out some of his books in the background?
  5. This is my piano arrangement of "Stalling Around" from Jurassic Park! Hope you enjoy it
  6. So cool!! He speaks very enthusiastic and seems to be in a good shape. I have a good feeling that we may get many more great musical surprises from him in the next years...
  7. I'm still deeply impressed by this special concert! The orchestra played so great, this concert hall is such a magical place and John Williams seemed to be very grateful to conduct here! I'm so happy to got the chance to join this concert!! An unforgettable experience...
  8. I wonder what Excerpts from "Jurassic Park" will be... Maybe it includes the complete "Journey To The Island" cue
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