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  1. Soundings is more or less a "concerto" for orchestra as well just without the title.
  2. I thought there really isn't one until I saw this and remembered The Long Goodbye. The tune played like a standard is pretty good, but the score itself is annoying, have to admit. And I think it is TRAGIC that in a bonus track they have that awesome jam on the tune, and that stupid singer is whining over the entire thing.
  3. Or if anybody else had a piece that isn't by JW, I would be happy to do that as well. The problem with the Williams stuff is the inability to easily get the full scores. I don't know if HL will loan them for study purposes, but other publishers do.
  4. You are talking about the concerto "reduction" right? Although, none of them are really reductions, they are versions for whatever instrument and piano that function perfectly well in their own right. Especially the Oboe Concerto. I almost like it better as a chamber piece.
  5. Thanks! I have been kind of busy with other stuff.... but if you have any requests let me know!
  6. There's a part of the melody at 18 seconds that is the first two notes of the JP theme but thats it
  7. Actually, will has engraved editions of all of his scores. A lot of it will probably never get released because the film studios are greedy, but also he handed all the publishing to Hal Leonard, who makes a ton of money already so their stuff isn't expensive, but at the same time they're not really a publisher like Boosey Hawkes for example. But the biggest hold up seems to be Williams ok-ing all of it. But that happened with Boulez, after he was gone his stuff became more readily available.
  8. I was once told by a composition teacher that if we just compose on instinct, you will just instinctively end up ripping off other composer whether you realize it or not, and that's why he told me, the only correct way to write music was with a tone series and mathematic formuli. That is total crap, but natually composers do do that sometimes, and sometimes they do it intentionally. Williams has done both, with Tree Song being my favorite example of taking a sound that inspired him and made it his own. But there are some tonal qualities in this prelude that sound that same, but ult
  9. I know this is an old topic now, but out my old guitar and started to play through rounds and realized that the copyright on the music actually says 2006....
  10. This one is too hard, because I really love the three of them equally.
  11. Nicest person on earth, if you're not an asshole. I saw him have to sneak out a side entrance of Symphony Hall in Boston once to get away from some people, and some woman tried ti get into his car. Another time I he was being followed by some creeps from his hotel and his driver did some crazy driving pulling into Symphony Hall while these creeps sped away and the cops followed them.
  12. Well, we can only hope that his scores are all released one day, but highly doubtful, until it gets to the point of being a million years from now, but still the scores for Korngold and such composers the studios supposedly still are very stingy with. It is amazing what greed does. They were so concerned with making a buck that music that could have been beloved staples, is now kind of forgotten about except by serious fans. Although this may be an unrelated rant........
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