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  1. I know this is an old topic now, but out my old guitar and started to play through rounds and realized that the copyright on the music actually says 2006....
  2. This one is too hard, because I really love the three of them equally.
  3. Nicest person on earth, if you're not an asshole. I saw him have to sneak out a side entrance of Symphony Hall in Boston once to get away from some people, and some woman tried ti get into his car. Another time I he was being followed by some creeps from his hotel and his driver did some crazy driving pulling into Symphony Hall while these creeps sped away and the cops followed them.
  4. Well, we can only hope that his scores are all released one day, but highly doubtful, until it gets to the point of being a million years from now, but still the scores for Korngold and such composers the studios supposedly still are very stingy with. It is amazing what greed does. They were so concerned with making a buck that music that could have been beloved staples, is now kind of forgotten about except by serious fans. Although this may be an unrelated rant........
  5. You know I'm sure it has been discussed before. But the end credits track on Clones. That part where Dooku meets Palpatine, you can clearly hear this hideous cut at 1:14. Too bad some of the original titles don't stick. Psalm of the Sith is way more powerful and fitting. Anthem of Evil sounds like some dumb mickey mouse shit. I also preferred "Concerto for Hubcaps" as the original title for the Knight Bus.
  6. Excellent response. I think in general, you cannot compare artists in the same way as say, scientists. Einstein's contributions to science absolutely CANNOT be compared to those of Beethoven. Einstein created the foundations for modern (even though by now his discoveries occurred to him a long time ago) they're still valid and in some aspects still too advance. Beethoven wrote great music that remained influential for a very long time, however a lot of other music has come since then, that if you had to make a check list for what makes a good composition, that is of equal standard. Unless you are so touched by Beethoven's music to say he still is the best (and i think that with a modern audience not many people know more than his symphonies), than it is a complete dogmatic and mindless approach to just keep repeating and repeating and repeating that he is the best. There is no one best, there are many bests. And Williams is certainly one of them, which need only require self reflection and not the brainwashed none sense a bunch of scholars put out there, many of whom do not even play an instrument. I will also say in regards to the Previn video, I love hearing him speak. But apparently the person who, I don't even know what his/her point is, like they didn't even seem to listen to it. All he said was that Tedesco influenced a young kid into basically paying attention, listening, and focusing more on being able to create what he wanted. Tools, which yes that is very important. But that is what a good teacher does. So how does what Previn said, prove Williams influences could have possibly come from anybody but Tedesco ? Just because you can't hear it, doesn't mean its not there.
  7. If you have such a bitter attitude, plus, seeing as you are so knowledgeable, then why ask in the first place? So you can have a reason to put down Williams? So you went to such a great length to trash the man on a fan site for him? And I will mention as well, if you think Previn learned everything from that guy, then clearly you have no business coming on here and being a jerk to those who commented. Read his book, which has very little to say about Tedesco and more much of well documented learning from experience in the field. Unless, of course, you will find some way to put that against him as well, and say he was lying to make his legacy more appealing.
  8. In some cases, yes. But you also have to look at the historical context. Boulez 100%, but he wouldn't admit it. Mozart, on the other hand, was apparently not shy about how much he admired Haydn's work. Beethoven was a student of Haydn as well, after a rumored refusal to be taken by Mozart. Especially in his early works, you'll hear a lot of Haydn, but there are a ton of moments in Beethoven's music where you hear influence from Mozart's operas. The Ode to Joy, as simple as it is, seems to have been based off a piece from Marriage of Figaro (although I can't remember which piece or which opera for sure, could have been the Seraglio). I'm not sure if Beethoven ever mentioned Mozart much, but I am absolutely certain living in Vienna at that time, he would have heard a ton of his music on his own or through Haydn. But then you have composers, like Williams, where his music is not apparently inspired by one precise genre or composer. Debussy was the same way actually, his music very much came from diverse interests as well. He even (in some way I forget) petitioned to have a gamelan group from Asia come to the worlds fair in Paris back in the day. But the best example would be Stravinsky, who drew on a billion influences.
  9. Yes, but you have to know about a lot of different music from the complete duration of his life. I think the clearest example is Treesong, heavily influence by l'Arbre des Songes by Henri Dutilleux. I think I've mentioned that before in another post. If you think about composers that spent a long time with a teacher and were part of a "school", those composers music changed very little during their time. All theirs works were kind of variations on the same idea. Williams on the other hand is an extremely well read person with very diverse interests, and it shows in the wide variety of music that he's written. There is so much originality and freshness in his music, but if you listen carefully you can hear where his inspirations for the piece came from. Same thing for Pierre Boulez, who I think most people on this forum don't like or even know. But he denied pretty much all his life influence by his teacher Messiaen, and the brainwashed disciples that ripped off his style are too dense to listen to any other music that isn't written by Boulez, and wouldn't know when they write a BS analysis of his work. But actually if you listen to several pieces, including the Notations for Orchestra, you will hear a lot of Messiaen in there. Same thing with Beethoven, can hear a lot of Mozart and Haydn in his music...... can go on forever about it.
  10. I would say, as was common in those days, a lot of histories most famous musicians and composers did not have degrees, and a lot of business was done by word of mouth, recommendations, and hand shakes. A degree wasn't overly important in arts. In addition, a lot of composers only spent a short amount of time in schools, usually quitting and just getting to work, once they realized that there is only so much you can get out of a classroom and and you really learn from experience, and also a great many teachers of composition are extremely narrow minded anyway, and students tend to get frustrated and bored. I think if Williams doesn't get too interested in the topic, it was probably not very important/ didn't really make much of an impact on his music. You can really hear in his music that all his influences come from self study, rather than a method by a certain teacher.
  11. If there are any anime fans on here, I'm trying to find a movie I saw maybe...... 20 years ago. I don't really remember much about it, besides there was a kind of side character that looked just like Dr. Robotnik (from the Sonic games), and the two main characters were kids that die and run around in an afterlife world trying to get back to the living world, and when they do they can't remember each other. Sound familiar to anyone?
  12. Exactly. And try to find some good videos or websites/ books on music analysis. That will really help you move along
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