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  1. Thanks guys, really appreciate it!!! Did you happen to read either of the other two posts?
  2. Hey guys, sorry it took me a while to get this up. This is a new blog I put together, I was going to publish it in the general discussion section, but let me know what you guys think! https://www.the-la-sound.com/
  3. Hmm, I could be wrong I don't quit remember. I know it was in the program note, and is on the score, which I unfortunately can't find!
  4. Still could have been in the back of his head. Its like a seed, he takes that one little bit and goes in his own direction with it. I think that type of thing is what Stravinsky meant when he said "great composers steal"
  5. Yes! I was going to put it on my blog but it might be easier if I just DM it to people who are interested.
  6. Sure, I'll put it up in a few days. Only have the hand written copy at the moment
  7. Listen carefully in the brass, the melody constantly goes from one instrument to the other. There is the melodic line, but also you can see all of the different parts, are fragments of the original melody. The pizzicato strings, that seems to me more of an transition/ intermezzo type of thing into the big finish, so naturally it would be free-er but the piece actually has an over all form too it. The sections actually have a relatable concept, rather than just a Mozart kind of one separate variation after the other. This piece is really a testament to what a (insert word of praise here) composer he is. For such a short, little thing for HBD, he wrote a very intricate and fascinating work. I can put up the full one if people are interested, I have done many hoping to turn it into a website, but I need to put up pieces of the scores (which many i don't have anyway) and was afraid that Hal Leonard would complain.
  8. Yes, I have done a full one. What is your question?
  9. Actually, now that I think about it Always has been programmed in Boston before. Jurassic Park I think I heard conducted twice in maybe.... 20 years of going to see him in Boston/ Tanglewood. I think it isnt done much because it takes a lot of rehearsal to get the right balance and pitch. Most recordings, even the Vienna one, is pitchy in the big lush moments.
  10. I still have programs of back in the day when its was just JW and the Pops in Boston, and it was a concert of basically whatever he wanted, opening with golden age stuff, then a Mozart violin concerto, and then I remember he did the Accidental tourist, Close Encounters, and the first HP fresh off the press, whenever that was. I'm not sure when it became "film night", but i remember it started to alternate kind of, with a lot of the same stuff getting rotated. For years ET was the encore, and now its the Imperial March. Sound the Bells and the Cowboys Suite were used a lot to open concerts, and for years and years I think Memoirs of a Geisha was a staple. He used to do Dracula a lot in Boston, but I remember now that I've seen him conduct Close Encounters many times, but only at Tanglewood, maybe once in Boston, but I can't remember. Super man used to be a staple as well, haven't heard that in years now either except he did conduct it last year at Tanglewood with ASM. Old man ramble over...... must be time for my pills....
  11. Incidentally, was the footage of him on the NIXON cd-rom only an interview? what there any video of him during the recording sessions?
  12. I know things get better with time, and technology and countries spending idiotic amounts of money on the Olympics. But is it just me... or is that show that is happening (can't even say goes with) John's glorious music just plain ugly? I mean, I remember being in marching band as a riff raff highschool kid and we did much better than that.
  13. Sarah Willis actually was at Tanglewood this past summer, she played with the orchestra on film night, and she posted a picture on instagram... or maybe facebook of an interview she had done with Williams that day (or around then), and then said video interview was never published. I wonder if it had to do with another concert that never happened...or has yet to.
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