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  1. Its funny how Williams said it would be a very piano heavy score but there is hardly any score, but its mostly piano/celeste still. I haven't seen the film yet, but I walked around outside today while listening to the OST and it was very calming and peaceful.
  2. I was thinking the same, especially since they are still peddling the tanglewood recording of the concerto. but I wouldn't put it past them to sell both either...
  3. I'm sure we're not allowed to ask this here, but does anyone happen to have a PDF of the oboe concerto w/ piano? I'm going to give it to one of my students to play but I somehow lost my copy along the way. Thanks!
  4. Its interesting seeing everyone's opinion here, which is honestly surprising.
  5. Oops I meant to say this but i guess the subconscious had to protest
  6. A long time ago I hated pretty much all "contemporary" music. I basically forced myself to listen to pieces until I understood it. Williams concerti was a huge help. I actually started with the Tuba concerto which is an exciting and more tonal orientated piece, especially the finale. But it isn't a straight forward melody. In shit style of music its more about appreciating other things, kind of like Jazz. I think the most important thing is to get used to hearing different kinds of harmonies and listening to the same pieces over and over again until they're more familiar. His newer second violin concerto for example I had to hear it a few times to really hear everything, and even so hearing it live was a game changer. So its more complicated music that requires listening to a few times to understand and get into.
  7. It got brought up A LOT, especially with people wanting a concert quite out of it. I think its the best of the three new films, but still not really memorable. I feel like thats another score that gets forgotten a lot too but is a real gem. I think as these scores age opinions and memories change. Or maybe its just age groups. When I was growing up in the 90's, and I think Williams even mentioned it somewhere, the 1941 march was basically memorized by the Pops they played it all the time and was a huge crowd favorite even if nobody remembered the film. And YES for the Indy stuff, totally correct. Also ET, a very fine score I can't see one spot in the score that I don't love, but like you mentioned the finale, I personally think its the only time where it doesn't really work with the film, and it actually makes the movie look inferior, which wasn't hard. I think nowadays most people don't care for ET, but when it came out it was absolutely huge. I'll never understand why, but it was. I have always wondered if he chooses things based on what he likes, what he thinks its the most liked by the audience, or both. Because in almost all of the original releases of the OST's, there are always cues that are incredibly and left out, or like...cut up so the good part is actually cut out.
  8. Under rated there are a lot. Memoirs of a Geisha, Lost World (can't agree with the above), and all three HP scores are master pieces. Maybe because some scores get played endlessly people get sick of them, but I think everyone thought the HP soundtracks were some of his very finest works when they came out. I don't think under rated is good either, maybe more forgotten about. Like Accidental Tourist, Empire of the Sun, The Terminal, Yes Giorgio (although the movie was trash), Seven Years in Tibet, and Angela's Ashes. What about Heartbeeps? I don't really think there are over rated ones either, just ones that get played way too much. Hedwig's Theme specifically got to the point of being annoying so I didn't listen to anything HP oriented for a long time. However if I can say that there was one that got way too much attention it was Lincoln. With Malice Towards None I love dearly, a complete and unique masterpiece, including all its forms. But the rest of the score....eh. The concert suite was really nice, but the second movement was never recorded (I think I heard him play all three pieces from the suite once at the Pops, "Getting Out the Vote" is always left out. its very very good, a bit Coplandesque, but incredible). I also think The Duel from Tintin has been way over played. Great piece, but there are other tracks in there that are great that have literally never seen the light of day since the movie, which I feel was almost instantaneously forgotten about. The Patriot is never one I really got into, but I have a huge appreciation for the writing which is so incredibly masterful and fitting. I feel the same way about Hook, although it has some really great moments, most of them were captured in some for in a concert suite or version. For the Indy scores, I always had the opposite feeling of everyone else. I think Temple of Doom is an absolutely incredible score from start to finish, and for me actually makes the other Indy scores look weak. Raiders is great, there's a ton of music in there when one of the themes gets thrown around. But even though Last Crusade had some great themes, there are really just a few cues in that one that are not just like "generic Williams action music". Its kind of a weird score for me, it has moments that are totally inspired and others which are just meh.
  9. I would say between 2010 to 2015 (whenever the new star wars came out) he actually didn't play much of those classic hits at all, although he did pull out some really nice stuff like Empire of the Sun and Saving Private Ryan. He did play Memoirs of a Geisha and then Lincoln every concert for a while though. Its interesting that out of all the movies from that decade, he still plays all that music even War Horse, but I think he played Book Thief literally once at Tanglewood on Parade and then never again.
  10. I feel like he expects that most people are "first timers" or whatever and these are "the hits". There are a ton of pieces that he used to play in Boston over the years that don't come up anymore that were standards every year. Superman was one of them. He played Dracula several times, and Memoirs of a Geisha was on the program almost every year for quite a while. But i can remember a time when Star Wars (besides the theme) was never played.
  11. This may have been mentioned here many moons ago but not sure- I have the piano-cello version of geisha but I always thought there was a version like that for Chairmans Waltz separately as well, but I can only seem to find the orchestra version. Does anyone know anything about that? Thanks!
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