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  1. Right, its very poppy but has mostly what are considered "jazz" chords, but its kinds of its own thing. I mean you have Michael McDonald doing all the harmonies in the back and then a bunch of jazz session players in the band, who actually do some pretty awesome stuff which gets covered up in the mix sadly. And wtf is Yacht Rock? I feel like every rock musician ever cringes at that term.
  2. Well with Herbie it depends if he plugged or not, i meant more unplugged but I agree the head hunter album is so incredibly tedious for me. And you know what I was really surprised, I was watching the new season of Stranger Things yesterday and out of nowhere I hear this violin concerto in the back and I'm just shocked to hear orchestral music, and then after a minute I realize, thats Korngold! Yeah makes sense, I feel like with beebop it started to go down hill. So then here is a question that people seem to also fight about. What genre is Steely Dan (like Pretzel Logic and after). People say its pretty much just rock, others say like if you really listen to the Aja album, it sounds much more jazz styled.
  3. I will have a listen! All the French jazz icons I see, although you are from Quebec. I only got to know their music when I was a student there but Petrucciani was certainly a legendary icon. That also reminds me of an album I have that is from a live show with Wynton Marsalis and Richard Galliano called "From Billy Holiday to Edith Piaf". It sounds kind of cheesy in spots but its a nice listen.
  4. I completely agree with you, although I like youtube to watch live stuff. So I guess a jumping off point too. Well that is hard to say I guess maybe this should have been prefaced with what people consider "jazz" to actually be. Like I said, I feel like its just turned into a giant stereotype. Like my girlfriend when I first met her said she liked jazz, and I said oh nice which artists and she said Kenny G, which of course induced wildly violent vomiting on my side. I feel like avid fans will have the same reaction as you, but sometimes if its based on age too, like if I ask a standard 80's kid what kind of rock they like their selection will be all 80's. I feel like the stuff Herbie Hancock plays in a standard set is what i guess the average person might consider jazz. Its kind of all over the place with flash stuff like beebop, but its a little funky and still has a tune you can remember. Actually, this is kind of what I had more in mind when you ask a standard person what Jazz sounds like.
  5. Actually I've heard that a lot! Isn't that why a lot of fans got upset with Miles Davis? Although it wasn't really the plugging in that was probably the problem, but anyway. Although I guess no fans will ever be as pissed as the ones who got mad when Bob Dylan "plugged in".
  6. Of course, but I meant more mainstream. I guess I could say that about any genre though. I feel like the average person doesn't really "listen" to things anymore and just have some sort of aural experience with whatever is fed to them by spotify and youtube.
  7. Yeah a dude playing like that with two fingers is a f*cking legend in his own right. Well, I didn't shoehorn anything. If you ask people what they think jazz is they're going to mostly say Sinatra and Ellington, maybe Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock because they're famous. I think Jazz is primarily considered to be the end of swing through beebop and cool jazz. Blues for example has always been considered a part. Obviously there is a lineage but if I said does anybody still listen to glam rock I'm not expecting them to mention Charlie Parker, even though the lineage exists.
  8. So like beebop and Kind of Blue style cool jazz is kind of on the side now?
  9. I know this forum is a little more particular than most, and I would assume there are avid Jazz fans on here. But generally speaking I feel like once 1970 hit, Jazz kind of died out being most closely replaced by funk in the popular realm and then later Miles released albums like Bitches Brew and On The Corner, which I can see why the mainstream wouldn't like it at all. But I feel like today if you see Jazz being played, its by wanna-be sophisticate douche bags who thing they're of a higher cognitive existence than the rest of humanity, or as Andre Previn once said- "hotel bands in funny hats". There are some of the original people left from those days, like Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter who still can command a bit of an audience, more so in Europe, but still. I mean unless you're going to listen to somebody singing popular "jazz standards" which you can kind of just have on, I feel like for the most part to appreciate it you have to actually sit and listen to the playing, like Brubeck, Miles, Coltrane, Bird, etc. So I often wonder if all of that music was just "a la mode" at the time and people listened to it but didn't truly appreciate or like it, or what. I mean I feel like Jazz has more stereotypes than any other music genre and I just feel like Jazz in any form is extremely niche now.
  10. I love the piece, had the classic hollywood sound through the whole thing with the little special ending. One can only hope they release a recording of this with Soundings and maybe a few others...
  11. He's probably just conducting his own piece. He has been doing that the last few years when he's not billed.
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