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  1. Really surprised Game of Thrones theme was not on here with that collection her picked
  2. The book should be re-titled "How to write like a douche bag"
  3. Can you imagine hearing the premiere of both the 5th and 6th symphony, plus the choral fantasy, PLUS some arias all in one night in a freezing theater?
  4. I lament the days when concerts were longer than they are now, especially with the Pops. Even before the plague in recent years you would be out before ten....sometimes I feel like it was even closer to 930.
  5. https://now.bso.org/details/26930?playlist_id=45 Here is the link to the BSO now video recording of the Sunday concert. Naturally, the Williams/ Mutter section is completely cut out, with only him conducting the Imperial March as the encore.
  6. The acoustics in Paris are not exactly the same as in Berlin. I am not sure I would call them out dated either at all...... It really depends totally on person preference I think. Being at symphony hall in Boston recently, where I haven't been for almost a decade, i was actually kind of shocked. The so called "sweet spot" of the hall in the back balcony really wasn't great, the best spots were just above the orchestra in the balconies, but even so that was not perfect but much improved. I would call those acoustics out dated, but the hall is built that way there isn't much that can be done. On the total flip side, the main concert hall in Beijing for example, you can literally hear a pin drop from any seat in the place. I have never heard acoustics so good. But I can see for example, old world style conductors or orchestras not liking that kind of sound, thinking it too sterile or something. I would say the hall in Berlin is between those two, I personally think it is a nice sounding room, although the only piece I ever heard there was Gurre-Lieder that requires some 200 performers, so impossible NOT to hear well. But it has a clean but warm sound, if that makes any sense. So I guess the short answer is they are similar, but not exactly the same which would really drill down to a preference thing. Although have they been refining the place since it opened? I haven't been there since maybe 2016, I think the alst time I was there it was to see LA Phil play Williams "Soundings"or Barenboim playing Schubert. Both sounded very good in that room.
  7. AI would be wonderful. A score I really love that I think always gets forgotten about.
  8. Wasn't the Devils Dance performed though at Tanglewood when they first premiered everything?
  9. Nice! Actually there were cameras all over the stage, BUT I don't know if they were filming those shows, or just today.
  10. Was it just me, or were these performances extra special? I felt the same about film night. Something about them was more intimate, I don't know why. I will say that it was nice hearing the (slightly revised) concerto, which hearing it close up and clearly, that piece is all blues style harmonies but very narrative. What a masterpiece.
  11. no Miguel sent the right link,its like finding Waldo, but he's in two of the pictures
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