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  1. I would guess that he would make a short speech and leave at best, with you being crowded in with a bunch of people pushing each other. So unless you have a ton of money to blow, then I think you will be disappointed sadly. I hate to say it, but it's near impossible to get at him unless you have a sighting when he's in the audience, but even so there were people escorting him in and out. I just remember, now maybe.... 20 years ago, he would come out of a side door into the main entrance of Symphony Hall in Boston and do a nice little meet and greet with literally whoever waited there, as long as you were polite. And then that stopped eventually and people waited outside for him to go to his car, but then there were a lot of people being dicks, with one woman actually trying to get into his fucking car I remember, and then a year later I was waiting outside pre-concert and saw him almost get into an accident (being driven) and the driver got out and yelled to some cops that a car (which had sped away) had been following them from the hotel. It's really a pity these crazy people ruined it, but I can understand why he doesn't meet anyone anymore.....
  2. Really a pity these are not still up! I had the battle of yavin and lost it
  3. This concert was actually packed. Because of the traffic, a lot of people leave before the concert is over, which is really a shame. The musicians always look like that now, they have a lot of material to get through all summer, with very little rehearsal and a hectic schedule, and seems to get more and more every year. The few times I see them perk up is when John is around.
  4. She did mention Witches of Eastwick which was done in Tanglewood. She said it wasn't on the album because it wasn't finished, but Gil Shaham actually recorded it maybe... two decades ago? It was the violin/piano version, but I'm still curious, as it would maybe seem it was done then or maybe he re-did the whole thing, kind of like Far and Away.
  5. Still unusual, unless it was done on the fly. I just had another listen, besides the intro, you know there's nothing in there really changed, the melody is just copied to the violin, with a few bars thats an obbligato. however, yoda's theme is a bit like that too,
  6. This is kind of heartbreaking, this is my favorite one on the album. I'm curious about that though, since supposedly, that's one of the first ones that he agreed to do. Is there anything in the album notes that mentions him? I know on the cinema serenade albums, everything was clearly defined as to who did what.
  7. Thanks guys! Too bad about the sound quality of the mass, but pretty interesting stuff.
  8. I read his new book recently, and had bought a collection of discs that had his older concert music on it. But over his career he has written quite a bit, but recordings of any of it are very difficult to find. Wondering if anyone knows where it can be found, if it all. Especially the concerto for guitar and marimba, and the most recent one for trombones and organ. Thanks!
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