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  1. Is it not for sale or something anymore? Funny I also hear some Sabrina sounds in the concerto in more than one part actually! I wonder if it was just in the back of his mind from the arrangements. I loved the concerto, absolutely need more than one listen. It is absolutely amazing to me how one composer can have such a diverse repertoire. Stravinsky and Schonberg are really the only two other composers that come to mind like that. It's interesting that this piece also featured a big harp solo, less so than Highwood, but he's done that a few times in his works. There is a
  2. I am actually really excited to hear this. I am a fan of the Scherzo, which I think most people here are not. I will note that it is very different from his other works, although so is Conversations....
  3. I'm really excited for the Boston performances as well, I will be sure to attend both.
  4. I actually like all of the concert versions from Empire of the Sun, those are incredible. That's actually my favorite Spielberg movie, Jurassic Park. I really enjoy Always as well, the concert version and film, which nobody really seems to like either.
  5. Then in that case, I change my choices to 1- The Sun Comes Up 2- Elmer Gantry 3- The Subterraneans 4- Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 5- Dead Ringer
  6. Memoirs of a Geisha Sabrina Empire of the Sun Accidental Tourist AI (although this one is really hard, they're all gold)
  7. That has been a question that has been bounced around buy ticket buyers, but I think its not going to change, especially since all the pre-sale tickets are essentially for donors or big sponsors. Something similar happened a few years back at the Pops in Boston, they held a TON of tickets for a corporate sponsor so the normal donors had slim pickings (nearly sold out) when their pre-sale came up. People were being bumped up but you had to call after a certain date when they unannounced released unclaimed held tickets. So who knows.
  8. I like to drop thermal detonators and walk away
  9. I seriously have no idea why people hate on this movie so much. I mean is Jar Jar really that off putting? Nothing will be as dumb as three movies with new characters that hardly get developed, except for one who magically got named Skywalker...who's character actually didn't get developed. And a dude who is not force gifted but yet can adequately fight a Sith. I think all of the prequel scores are great, but this one really does have a lot of special moments in it. It also amazing to me that none of the Star Wars movies sound like a continuation of the same thing, but all different but wit
  10. I'm coming back to this kind of late, but I found the tickets for inside to be a little pricier this year but I would guess they could really use the money. Lawn tickets are $30. The hotel/air bnb situation is ridiculous. Everything is really really expensive, a lot of places for those weekends specifically wanting over $600. There are other prices I think kicking around, but seems mostly everyone is at least $200 a night.
  11. I hate to be Buzz-killington, but for anybody who wants to go to the JW concerts at Tanglewood this summer, the shed is already sold out, with only lawn tickets available and I think those will be limited as well. So when general ticketing is available on the 17th, be sure to log in right when it opens up.
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