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  1. This has actually sold out in the European Varese store as well, I hadn't noticed before. I was lucky enough to buy it yesterday from MovieMusic.com, it's still available, if anyone is interested. https://www.moviemusic.com/soundtrack/M11391/small-soldiers/
  2. Cool. But I've never heard of Williams thinking of retiring in the late 90's. And I'm sure that's not true.
  3. If I understood this review right, the bottom line is that it's not good because it can't be good. I don't care what the status of this critic is, whether he is great, legendary, influential. Why should we care? He is simply unprofessional.
  4. Metallica is working with JNH on orchestral version of 'Nothing Else Matters' for 'Jungle Cruise' Movie https://blabbermouth.net/news/metallica-is-working-on-orchestral-version-of-nothing-else-matters-for-jungle-cruise-movie/
  5. He wrote one: Escapades. He based it on his music from the movie, but still...
  6. Williams has assured many times that he will never retire or withdraw from music, so at least we don't have to be afraid of that. If his health allows him, of course. I'll be happy if he writes two or three more scores for movies that he finds interesting. I don't really believe (I'd like to be wrong) that Indy 5 will be among them. But look, this is Williams, he surprised us many times, didn't he? Who knows, maybe we have another wonderful decade ahead of us with cool musical projects, including film scores? And remember that Anne-Sophie Mutter is many things, but what she is not
  7. Saw it yesterday. It has such a complicated plot that it's difficult to follow it at times. I liked it very much, although it didn't affect me emotionally as much as Inception and Interstellar. My review (in Polish). Spoiler free. https://kultura.onet.pl/film/recenzje/tenet-recenzja-filmu-christophera-nolana-miesza-nam-w-glowach/ldm0gvb Score is very loud, intense, rhythmic and clinically close to the film. It reminds me of Dunkirk at times. A lot of electronics. Besides, industrial and dubstep elements...
  8. 30 or 40 percent wrong? How wrong? What do you mean? The only thing you can stick to in the flub/misatke category is the several seconds of the Main Title from Star Wars, which doesn't sound so terrible to tell you the truth - the rest, such as the slightly slower pace of Out to the Sea and Shark Cage Fugue and The Raider's March are the question of Williams' subjective choice. Both Viennese concerts are legendary, despite the fact that they took place only six months ago, and the blu-ray is only a confirmation of this. I've been to both concerts and now I've seen it at home three
  9. I am so disappointed that Williams has a slightly loose jacket. It bothers me. And that the girl on the right in the eighth row has such a sad face throughout the concert. The whole experience is ruined for me now.
  10. Would you prefer the picture to be 4: 3? Then it certainly wouldn't have the "filmic look"
  11. No, part of the concert is from Saturday. I don't have time for a more detailed analysis now, but the concert is a combination of both days - you can see it perfectly thanks to the changing people in the seats in the audience.
  12. Come on... Why do I have the impression that after the concerts everyone was delighted? This is a live recording - minor flaws are acceptable, and fortunately I hardly hear them. I don't mind the slower pace here and there, and even if the orchestra is a bit off the pace at the start of the Star Wars Main Title, it's not something that would bother me. The performances are fantastic, the sound is perfect, but knowing that these concerts gave Williams and people gathered at Musikverein great joy is priceless. Blu-ray gave me a lot of emotions that reminded me of what I felt during those two won
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