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  1. Yes. it was. Wajda asked Pendercki if he could write the score for "Katyn" and he agreed at first, but when he saw the movie, some shots seemed too drastic and emotional to him. And this is because his uncle, chief of military staff, was among the more than twenty-one thousand Polish officers murdered by the Russians in 1940. The composer gave Andrzej Wajda full freedom in choosing fragments of his work. Wajda used "The Awakening of Jakub", Symphony No. 2 "Christmas" and Agnus Dei, Lux Aeterna and Ciaccona from "Polish Requiem" . The only movie for which Penderecki composed the score, apart from short experimental productions from the late 1950s and early 1960s, was indeed Wojciech Jerzy Has's "The Saragossa Manuscript" from 1965.
  2. So far I have 94 of his albums. Everything on CD. He is third in my collection, after Goldsmith and you know who
  3. I had an interview with Maestro eight years ago. Extremely nice man. During the interview, I asked, among other things, whether he was tempted to write something for a film himself, since his music was used by great directors, such as Kubrick, Scorsese or Wajda. "I don't want to waste time," he replied. "Besides, it would be a transition to the 'other side', which I don't want to do. "Other side?" I asked. "Look at John Williams. He composes very good music, various symphonies and concertos, he is comprehensively educated, he conducts, but everybody knows him only as a film composer. Similarly Ennio Morricone - even when he writes a mass, it's not as good and known as his film music. I think I'll stay on this side!" https://kultura.onet.pl/muzyka/gatunki/klasyka/szkoda-czasu-na-film/jn34jqn
  4. Ford says in this interview - this is a preview of the conversation - that he will start working on the next indiana Jones in two months. I wonder if he meant preparation for the role or actually filming. Anyway, great news!
  5. Indiana Jones 5 maybe? Ford says that he will start working on the next one in two months!
  6. There must be something wrong with me because I think the score is fantastic, it works great in a movie (that I really liked!), and equally well, if not better on the album.
  7. My review I wrote for Onet, one of the two largest Polish web portals. It's in Polish, but you can read it if you like, translated better or worse, using translate.google. Of course, no review will reflect what I really felt at these concerts. I went to Vienna not as a journalist, but as a Williams fan, passionate about his music for about thirty years. I'm glad that I could be at both concerts and I'm sure that nothing will ever beat it. Thank you Maestro! https://kultura.onet.pl/muzyka/wywiady-i-artykuly/koncert-johna-williamsa-relacja/0zp8rm6
  8. Personally, I think these were probably the most important concerts in the history of film music. I really mean it. Why the most important? Because John Williams was conducting the Vienna Philharmonic playing his music in Musikverein. And it was filmed.
  9. I'm sure it will also be a blu-ray, which is a standard medium for Deutsche Grammophon concert releases. They recorded it with nine UHD cameras.
  10. Lao Che, Can you confirm that the concerts will be filmed?
  11. Thank you Martinland! It was my first CD, bought in 1996 - previously I had a few Williams' soundtracks on cassettes As for the meeting, as I use the hospitality of my cousin and his family, I don't plan any meetings after the concerts - it wouldn't be too elegant on my part to leave them like that on Saturday. And on Sunday I'm leaving Vienna very soon after the concert. Although I'm sure JWFan Vienna meeting will be wonderful! I wish you and everyone present the most beautiful concert in your life! Anne-Sophie confirmed in interview two months ago that the concerts will also be filmed. I hope it wasn't her wishful thinking and she knew what she was saying. Yes, I will be his guest artist. That’s so amazing, isn’t it? I mean, this is John Williams’ European debut! Other than in London, he has never conducted in the Old World. Everything will be filmed and recorded, it’s going to be spectacular. .
  12. I had a dream last night in which I saw John Williams in a photo shoot with… Riccardo Muti under the window of my old apartment. I thought that I had to get down quickly, because such an opportunity to meet my idol won’t happen again. I don't remember any more, I just woke up. You can imagine my surprise when I looked here in the morning and saw these pictures. It's a totally surreal situation - in a few days I'll be at two John Williams' concerts, with one of the world's best orchestras performing his compositions. If it's really filmed, it’ll be a souvenir for life. It’s very cool to see Maestro in great form!
  13. Author of this article expresses exactly my thoughts that I had while listening to MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA and SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET. "Those damn Asians!"
  14. I think we should all remember one thing: nomination is also a kind of award. For many filmakres it's the biggest achievement of their entire career. That's why it's no longer said that "the winner is", but "Oscar goes to". And that's why 51, the number of Williams' nominations so far, is so important. I hope it will be 52 next week.
  15. Is mixed very well. But I watched it in IMAX. I don't know yet how it will sound in normal cinemas.
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