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  1. I'am (almost) sure the Blu ray version will contain the entire concert, including all the pieces from the first part, conducted by Stéphane Denève.
  2. The concert is just starting, in case anyone forgot https://www.stage-plus.com/video/live_concert_9HKNCPA3DTN66PBIEHFJAC1M
  3. Maybe you don't have to anymore. I managed to buy this at the Japanese Ark Square store, along with Avatar the Way of Water. They still seem to have it in stock. ($32.80) https://arksquare.net/detail.php?cdno=VCL-807-253-2335 I just don't know whether the disc will be defective or not, because I don't remember whether Varese pressed all of them with an error and then sent replacements to all customers and stores, or whether it concerned only the first copies and then they sold the corrected ones. I wrote to Ark Square to add a replacement if they have it. EDIT: they replied We have got the lot of the amended second pressings for "CITY HALL".
  4. I'm sure this hasn't sold out. It's been cancelled. There was no warning, it disappeared due to Varese moving to a new location, and then didn't return. 250 Goldsmiths in the collection, but not this one. Pity. I'm left with the first edition. I'll never put off buying any Goldsmith or Williams again.
  5. Same as the Japan concert (Matsumoto or Tokyo, both filmed): possible, but not certain. Maybe Pittsburgh has a slightly better chance of being released on Blu-ray because of Anne-Sophie Mutter's participation. For now, we only have the premiere on Stage+. However, I think DG will release something next year.
  6. Great photos and reports, thanks! I'll definitely watch it on Stage+, hopefully it will be released on Blu-ray. Was there any encore played at the end, after "The Imperial March"? (Unlikely, of course)
  7. Yes, he looks at least a few years younger than during his Oscar interviews in the spring, and he is also full of joyful energy.
  8. Concert Program: Williams Just Down West Street … on the left+ Williams Cello Concerto+ Williams Olympic Fanfare and Theme++ Williams Excerpts from The Book Thief++ Williams “Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra,” from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade++ Williams “Helena's Theme,” from Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny++ Williams “The Raiders' March,” from Raiders of the Lost Ark++ Williams “Princess Leia's Theme,” from Star Wars: Suite for Orchestra++ Williams “Adventures on Earth,” from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial++ John Williams Conductor+ Stéphane Denève Conductor++ Yo-Yo Ma Cello The times when the Maestro himself conducted the entire concert are slowly coming to an end, I'm afraid. This is of course completely understandable. He will be 92 years old then. I hope this or Carnegie Hall get filmed by Sony and released on Blu-ray. If not, it'll be a missed opportunity. It's nice that there are rarities: "Just Down West Street ... on the left", of course "Cello Concerto", Excerpts from "The Book Thief" (!!), "Helena's Theme". On the other hand, again a very familiar repertoire, "Raider's", "Motorcykle", "Leia", "Advetures on Earth"... I'm surprised there aren't more from the "A Gathering of Friends" album. Williams will likely return for two or three encores. Hopefully together with Yo-Yo Ma.
  9. Six years ago I asked JNH about this in an interview: You have collaborated with M. Night Shyamalan eight times , including on "The Sixth Sense" , "Unbreakable" , " Signs " , "The Village". However, you no longer worked on his last two films, "The Visit" and "Split". Have you gone separate ways? Absolutely not. We are still very good friends. "The Visit" was a production that didn't need music, and with "Split" I simply had other obligations. I think it's a great and crazy movie with a great soundtrack. If you like soundtracks, its ending should surprise you very positively. I love working with M. Night Shyamalan, he always inspires me a lot. We met recently and I can tell you that it's quite possible that there will be a sequel to "Unbreakable." Full interview (translated from Polish by Google Translate): https://kultura-onet-pl.translate.goog/wywiady-i-artykuly/james-newton-howard-geniusz-z-przypadku/h5er1cc?_x_tr_sl=pl&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=pl&_x_tr_pto=wapp
  10. Yes, since yesterday. I even watched Hisashi's concert from Vienna. And I'm going to watch Vivace, this year's documentary about Anne-Sophie Mutter. The Tokyo concert has the advantage over Milan or Vienna 2 that it was filmed. Therefore, as a Blu-ray, it's much more important to me, even though I was in Milan. I think it'll be released in several formats, including CD.
  11. At the encore, he performed "Raiders March" (from the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark") and "Imperial March" (from the movie "Star Wars Episode 5 / The Empire Strikes Back"), John Williams waved hello to the crowd as he left the stage. So no Yoda's Theme this time?
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