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  1. Far & Away, Elegy and The Throne Room for me, but I liked everything.
  2. Yes. I'm sure I've seen and heard the real Berlin Philharmonic. I don't care if someone important was missing or not, everything was done perfectly. And the Saturday concert was absolutely amazing! Maybe even more than the Friday one. I was sitting in a row behind Anne-Sophie Mutter, a chair next to her. She reacted like a true Williams fan, she even enthusiastically screamed after every piece.
  3. I really don't think that the lack of a few stars of the Berliner Philharmoniker would have such an impact on their performance at the concert as the absence of Robert Lewandowski in Bayern Munich in a football game.
  4. It was a night to remember! The Friday concert lasted 115 minutes, not including the 25-minute break, and it was pure magic. I won't write anything that hasn't already been written here, but the experience was absolutely wonderful and also felt different from the Viennese in many aspects. Mostly because there was no Anne-Sophie Mutter and Williams was much more talkative. The performance of the Berliners was of course phenomenal. They played as if they were designed to perform that music. I suppose that the first encore, 'Princess Leia Theme', was omitted because maestro could be tired and exhausted - but I hope it will be performed today. If not, maybe it'll show up on Bluray in the version played on Thursday. When it comes to highlights, I must say definitely 'Far and Away' (pure joy!) and 'Elegy' (very touching) maybe because they are so rarely played, but I liked everything. 'Superman Theme' was a monster, as were 'The Throne Room and the Finale' and The Imperial March'. Maybe I would skip 'Nimbus 2000' in favor of 'Fawkes the Phoenix', but it's a minor matter. Today I'll see the maestro for the fourth time in my life (I have also been at Vienna concerts twice) and it's something that a few years ago was only in the sphere of my dreams. If I manage to go to Milan, I can say that it'll be my Perfect Five.
  5. I'm now on the train from Warsaw to Berlin and I'm really looking forward to tonight's and tomorrow's evenings. I'll see Maestro for the third and fourth time, after two concerts in Vienna. This is something absolutely incredible for me. I'am glad that the reviews and reports are so positive. By the way, what time did the yesterday's concert end, since it started at 20.00?
  6. When was the last time Williams conducted a choir at a concert? It would be wonderful if, in a place like the Teatro alla Scala, the temple of the world's opera, he would use it in several pieces. Imagine hearing Duel of the Fates, Hym to the Fallen or Call of the Champions there...
  7. Of course the cameras aren't allowed inside. Taking photos or filming with mobile phones as well. And thank God.
  8. Add a minute after each of the pieces for applause, sometimes the orchestra will stand up, a few times Williams will say something. The concert without encore will last 90-95 minutes (''m not counting the break after Jurassic Park). There will also be encores, from 3 to 5, probably they will last about 20 minutes. And the Blu-ray release is inevitable.
  9. I don't think Devil's Dance will be included, since it was on the Vienna album. However, I hope that there will be few more titles we haven't heard about yet.
  10. How amazing it is! There are some challenges ahead for me next year, but I'll do my best to be there. I hope this concert will also be filmed.
  11. Right, I completely forgot about Rey's Theme! So my updated version of the encores I'd love to hear at this concert (mixed with what needs to be played for obvious reasons) looks like this: Overture to the Oscars Rey's Theme Theme from Schindler's List Flying The Imperial March
  12. If the encores look like this, I'll definitely be more than happy: Overture to the Oscars Theme from Schindler's List A new violin arrangement from the upcoming album Flying The Imperial March
  13. Please no 'Nice to be Around' again. We already have the perfect live version from Vienna.
  14. Hopefully not. This concert will definitely be released on Blu-ray, and the possibility of downloading it to a computer could have a negative impact on sales.
  15. I think so too. I suppose the program will be very different - hopefully! - not only because there'll be no Anne-Sophie Mutter. There would be no point in repeating program from Vienna, except for the biggest hits - Main Title from Star Wars, The Imperial March, The Raider's March, maybe two more. Williams is aware that the concert is being recorded. We'll probably hear Schindler's List again, but this time Theme.
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