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  1. I think it's actually aged well with time. I've caught bits and pieces of it on Pluto a few times this year and it really just exuberates joy. You can tell Spielberg had a blast making it. It's quite well paced to, and Andy Serkis's performance is really something special. I think expectations played a part in it's reception, but now with almost a decade passed, it's just a fun little movie. Too bad they never made sequels
  2. Yup. Each decade of the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60, 70s, and 80s had a very distinct style and tons of things that were unique to each decade. The 90s had a lot of stuff that was unique to that decade too, but by the end everything kinda settled into a same kind of similar style that has been more or less steady through the 00s and the 10s. I'm sure most people who are old enough do not feel that that 90s was as long ago from now as they felt that the 70s imagery they only saw through TV and movies in the 90s was from then
  3. Yavar, don't feed the trolls. You're doing exactly what he wanted someone to do
  4. It's true. The pilot episode takes place on May 17, 1976 It aired on August 23rd, 1998, which is 22 years, 3 months, and 6 days later. 22 years, 3 months, and 6 days after August 23rd 1998 was November 29th 2020
  5. @BloodBoal hopes it is Pan! Out of all your options most of the post 2005 LA recorded ones are presumably off the table, though you never know (exceptions were made for Giacchino's Trek expansion)
  6. More time has now passed since That 70's Show debuted, than the amount of time in the past it was set
  7. I dunno about that. The opening of Meet Han is a pretty straightforward rendition of Powell's Secrets theme
  8. I just realized there's a third option too: that Powell typed in the wrong cue number on instagram! 7M45 is Parting Ways. Sabacc Rematch / To Tatooine is 7M47/7M48 Nobody thinks the "Sabacc Rematch" part of that track (7M47) is Williams, only the "To Tatooine" part (1:10-end) (7M48) What if Powell accidentally typed 7M45 when he MEANT to type 7M48!? We know he accidentally typed 5M33A when he meant to say 5M32 the first time he answered the question. Maybe he made a second typo too? Somebody should ask him on Instagram di
  9. There's two options Option 1 is that 1:10-end of To Tatooine (Dice and Roll) is a Williams demo re-recorded, and Powell forgot when answering a direct question about Williams demos on instagram Option 2 is that some guy typed the wrong info into a Zimmer website, and Powell was telling the truth on Instagram.
  10. How could we possibly know? I think we have to take him at his word. He actually answered the question 2 different times and gave the same answer both times Cue sheets? I've never heard of any cue sheets or recording logs leaking. What are you referring to? It sounds weird because it was written to segue into the end credits, which it does in the film (but not on either album)
  11. Yea I almost split it up mention different parts but then just changed it to that entire chunk The ending part for almost certain, I think I'm surprised it wasn't on the OST!
  12. No, he didn't. He said that about Empire Recruitment and End Credits. On instagram he was specifically asked about the JW demos written in 2018, and he replied that 5M32 integrated some, and 5M32 is the cue from 0:00-6:09 inside the Kessel Run track (aka Reminiscence Therapy on the OST)
  13. If anybody else knows more specifics or has different theories about different timestamps I'd love to read them
  14. I think Gonna Be A Pilot and Parting Ways are the only times Powell just re-recorded one of his demo cues with little or no alterations I think the actiony stuff he took the gist of a demo cue but then there's extra Powell-isms on top and around that But we don't really know any specifics until the demos get released one day or something, or the sheet music has precise information
  15. Do you ever ask nicely for anything any more? 01 Meet Han - we don't know, but presumably all or just some portions of 0:37-end 05 Gonna Be A Pilot - the entire track 21 Family Stories - we don't know, but presumably either 0:00-0:43 or 1:00-end... or both 26 Kessel Run In Less Than 12 Parsecs - we don't know, but presumably either 0:35-0:50 or some/all of 3:46-4:55, or both 32 Maul's Call / Parting Ways - the entire "Parting Ways" cue, which is the cue from 3:39-end Actually, @BrotherSound might be able to tell us exactly
  16. No it's very common for sure Just today I was kinda surprised that the Gremlins 2 and Total Recall complete versions were already 5 years old @The Big Man talks about this feeling a lot
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