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  1. Ahsoka 1x03 Time to Fly I really liked this episode! Sabine's lightsaber training at the beginning of the episode was really fun, first with Huyang and then with Ahsoka. Sure, it was very reminiscent of Luke's lightsaber training, but I guess for whatever reason they are doing a lot of specific callbacks to the first film in these early episodes... and I don't really mind it, strangely! I thought it was neat when we got to see Hera talking to some New Republic leaders via hologram, since that Mon Mothma actress from Andor returned, and there was that one senator guy that's obviously a Imperial loyalist mucking things up; Hopefully he gets revealed before the end of the season. I was so confused when she left that meeting and ran into her son. She's got green skin and appendages instead of hair, why is her son a normal human??? Can different species procreate with each other in the Star Wars world!? The space battle above Denab was a lot of nonsense but it got the job done I suppose. It was kinda comical that Huyang had to analyze the ring to find out what it was, even though it's completely obvious, and that he got knocked out for all the action. The first part of the battle against Shin in her ship was cool, but then the second part when Ahsoka went outside made no sense; Why did they concentrate all their fire directly at her so she could block it with her saber, instead of just shoot at the wing she wasn't standing on? Seeing the space whales as they headed for the planet was kind of cool; I guess that explains why we saw those whales in that Boba Fett episode. So I guess these whales migrate from one galaxy to another or something, and the witches figured out how to ride them to other galaxies or something like that? How did Thrawn and Ezra end up getting trapped in one, can't they ride a whale back? Hmm. I kinda liked the callback to TESB to turn their ship off so they can't be tracked, but then they turned the power back on right away so IDK. Very short episode!
  2. Trailer for the final season of GHOSTS!
  3. Thank you for pointing this out. "Big" is a creation by Amer. Mike did not use that word or anything similar to it in his post.
  4. Ah OK, so the expansion contains everything recorded, but more was written down that wasn't recorded, and then they performed that bit at older LTP concerts of the movie, but have since dropped it. Is that right?
  5. Are you guys saying that the Bad Dates track on the Concord expansion does not contain the complete recording of the cue? It's a replication of a film edit?
  6. The Juilliard situation is simply that he's bequeathed the sheet music in his house to them, after he passes. The Live To Projection sheet music would only go to an orchestra who has booked a performance. Like I said, you have no legal means of seeing the original manuscripts, they're only available via illegal file sharing amongst fans.
  7. You can't get any legal access to these manuscripts. You have to delve into the world of illegal file sharing, which is not something discussed on this message board.
  8. The only Star Wars music legally for sale has been the selections published by Hal Leonard, and some piano reductions. The original manuscripts that were used to record every cue when making the films are not for legal sale or rental, though edited versions of them to match the final picture are prepared for the Live To Projection concerts.
  9. Yeah I saw that. Sadly it's not really a sign it's releasing any time soon. But yes at least Unity rolled back the shit that would have affected this game.
  10. Right but it's different because the Amazon Prime subscription I already pay for is suddenly going to get ads now, something I never saw on that platform before. I'm being forced into having something different than what I signed up for. This is different than when Netflix rolled out an ad supported version, which was a cheaper option that didn't affect my existing subscription.
  11. What do you mean? He said this change (including ads) brings them in line with a list of other services. His posts reads to me like he sees ads on all those services when he watches them. Unless I read his post wrong.
  12. Wait, what? We've had Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Max at various times (we rotate too) and have never seen an ad on those platforms once to date. How did you end up seeing ads on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Paramount+? I've never had Peacock but I thought I read there was an ad-free version of that too.
  13. Probably a good candidate for the General Movie chitchat thread then.
  14. Here's the thread for it: https://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/35256-williams-composing-new-piece-for-yo-yo-ma/ You posted in the thread! A handy reference to keep in mind is this thread; I always keep the main post completely updated with all info about upcoming JW works and concerts.
  15. Nintendo put out a new Super Mario Wonder video
  16. What post of mine is this replying to?
  17. I'd say all the arrangements were written/recorded with the dual purpose of being an album track and an end credits option.
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