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  1. Ooh yes, "tranquil" is a good way to describe it
  2. Two of us have met up so far! With our beautiful wives, in Bellagio!
  3. It's essentially a concert arrangement of the memories of home theme, though paperwork indicated it's a revised version of "Cinque's Legal Mind". It does not appear anywhere in the film - the film uses the original version of "Cinque's Legal Mind"
  4. Thank you for this post, I really feel vindicated in my believe that this score is a masterpiece, and this new album of it is too. And I agree with all of your individual track comments! "The Tiger's Tale" was the very next cue that was recorded after "The Bible Scene", around a third of the way through recording. The revised version of "The Bible Scene" was recorded towards the end of scoring.
  5. @TownerFan has astutely pointed out that most if not all of the restaurants in the area of the concert won't even start dinner service until 7 or 730, and with the concert starting at 8, it doesn't really make sense to try to all have a dinner together. Instead, he will share a bar here which we can all go to after the concert, and hopefully someone will remember to get a group picture!
  6. You just click on the timestamp of a post, and your URL becomes a link right to that post
  7. Yes, his theme is by far the most prominent theme in the score!
  8. I hope @Holko wants to do one! I just love this theme. It's somehow calming while also a little mischievous or something. It's hard to put into words! I didn't say "best", I said "one of my favorite cues", which, yes, was referring to "Prisoner's Song". I love it! And I'm so glad it's in the main program, and not the bonus tracks (since it's technically source music). Wow, an astute analysis, well said! Oh, man, that's not how it worked at all, and now I feel that I failed to explain it properly in the liner notes (unless you didn't read them) The first 6 minutes of the track is the original version of the cue, where the "Give Us, Us Free!" scene was scored with an orchestral version of Cinque's theme. After that in the track is a revised ending that replaced all the music for the "Give Us, Us Free! " scene with a choral rendition of the Dry Your Tears Africa theme. This replacement happened in both the film and original OST album; the original instrumental Cinque's theme ending had never been heard before now. The bonus track contains two other options that were recorded for the "Give Us, Us Free" scene - first a powerful choral version of Cinque's theme, then an awesome instrumental rendition of the Dry Your Tears Africa theme. Neither was used anywhere and have never been heard until now. There is no alternate for the majority of the Tales of Horror cue, only the ending was revised. Yea! That part is so neat! Do share your thoughts on that release, too!
  9. The players of both scores are listed in the booklets
  10. We've enjoyed Florence, Bologna, Venice, Murano, Torcello, and Burano so far! Into the Dolemites tomorrow!
  11. So did Hook's, and HP1 Coca Cola The rest debuted on specialty label expansions, apart from TFA
  12. 1979 - 1941 teaser 1991 - Hook teaser 1995 - Nixon trailer 2001 - HP1 teaser 2001 - HP1 trailer 2001 - HP1 Coca-Cola 2003 - HP3 teaser 2015 - TFA teaser 2015 - TFA teaser unused The 2002 HPCOS commercial cues I'm fairly certainly were entirely arranged by Ross.
  13. The concert is a week away! @TownerFan, will you help set up a gathering in your city?
  14. It's pretty cool to get two of December 1997's scores in complete form on the same day. And we already got Titanic! I distinctly remember TND and Titanic opening on the same day. I already had both soundtrack albums before then. I saw TND on opening night, and caught Titanic later
  15. Same thing happened with Going Home, Spielberg used portions of both versions in the final mix there too
  16. No commentary on the scene itself, just, godddamn, how good is the John Williams music here
  17. Sergeant Riker is not a feature film score by John Williams. It is an expanded re-edit of Kraft Suspense Theater season 1 episodes 1 and 2, "The Case Against Paul Ryker" parts 1 and 2. Williams had scored those two episodes, and he did not compose any new music for the expanded re-edit.
  18. The OST album gives away the reveal immediately, but watching the film or listening to the full 105 minute score in order, how would you ever guess that the theme that represents Cinque's yearning to be free would suddenly be turned into a song with lyrics, over footage of Limboko being destroyed
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