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  1. Mark Mancina - Money Train Took the shrinkwrap off my LLL CD and listened to this today, for what I believe is my first time ever hearing it at all. It's sort of a Speed / Bad Boys / The Rock lite, without a strong memorable theme like Speed / Speed 2 / Twister / etc all have. There was a lot of fun music but nothing I was blown away by.
  2. What are your favorite aspects of this season?
  3. I bought a CD of trailer music in the 90s Lots of good stuff on there, Like Jerry's Judge Dredd trailer cue (this is actually the recording Intrada accidentally put on the first pressings of their Judge Dredd set IIRC)
  4. What music did you like in the film that is not on the 85 minute soundtrack album?
  5. What does that have to do with him attending Williams' birthday concert?
  6. Stranger Things 4x05 The Nina Project Well, if episode 4 had a very strong "end of act 1" feel, this was very much a "start of act 2" feel - lots of scene-setting going on here. Lots of good stuff though! I liked the reveal that Owens and Brenner are actually working together! BTW, didn't Brenner die in the first season? It's been a while but I thought that was what happened. I thought they had pretty good effects going on to show Eleven mostly as her current self inserted into events from 7 years prior in the Hawkins lab when she was 8 or whatever, occasionally showing her actual 8-year-old self in mirrors or flashes, etc. I couldn't really figure out what Brenner and Owens were hoping to have her find out in these memories, but I suppose that will be revealed in the future. I also wondered if her getting her powers back (briefly? permanently?) was the main goal, a side goal, or an unintended side effect. BTW, there's no chance in hell that MBB shaved her head again for the show, right? It's a little longer than before because its a wig this time yes? The one Hopper scene was kind of interesting; I had forgotten about his backstory with his dead daughter, and thought the new info that he was an agent orange maker in 'Nam and as a result knew the risks having children would bring was pretty intense. I still wonder what the point is of showing him in Russia for this much screen time, other than I suppose it allows a bunch of child murders to keep happening in Hawkins without him there as sheriff to actually do something about it. Now that a third child has died I wonder if federal backup will be coming into town... I liked the clue Agent Harmon gave to the boys before he died, and that they heard a modem on the other end. I had no clue who Mike was talking about when he said they knew a hacker in Utah, until it hit me: Dustin's girlfriend! That should be fun! Argyle was pretty funny in this episode, though I'm starting to wonder if he doesn't actually smoke weed at all and is just faking it. Holy hell, Murray going into full karate mode on the plane was pretty fun! I think his character is a really great addition to the show. The crash landing was kind cool and man I have no freaking clue how they are going to get themselves to Hopper from wherever they are, unless their story will go in some completely different direction or something I loved the scooby gang investigating the Creel house! It was so clever when Steve realized they could use the lights to see where Vecna was in the upside down. There's gotta be some reason Vecna has set up shop in the Upside Down version of the Creel house; is it just because Victor's family was his first victims? The earlier scene of Nancy piecing together Max's drawings to figure out it was his house was kinda funny - how convenient that she drew everyone to the same scale and from the same angle! The basketball boys finding Eddie was unfortunate, and boy I didn't realize Patrick's time was already up! I liked the simultaneous nature of the scooby gang all forming a circle around where Vecna was (similar to the circle of lights in the Hawkins lab flashbacks?) as he did his thing and bent Patrick's body in front of Jason and Eddie. The question is, will Jason and the other basketball boys now be on our heroes' side, or he will he double-down on assuming Eddie is behind it? Oh, of course it'll be the latter
  7. For me personally it's never more prominent that the opening of Surprise Attack
  8. I actually forgot it was in Battle Beyond The Stars and Wolfen before Wrath of Khan. According to this video it was used in six of his scores before Willow
  9. I'm surprised only 1 person has mentioned Elfman's two Spider-man scores so far. I'd love complete releases of those too, just didn't crack my top 10
  10. Early reviews are in and are positive https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2022/06/westworld-season-4-is-an-upgraded-model https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-reviews/westworld-season-4-1235171245/ https://variety.com/2022/tv/reviews/westworld-season-4-review-1235299707/ https://collider.com/westworld-season-4-review-evan-rachel-wood-aaron-paul-jeffrey-wright-hbo/ https://www.theringer.com/westworld/2022/6/23/23179356/westworld-season-4-preview-review-hbo-evan-rachel-wood and some EW articles https://ew.com/tv/evan-rachel-wood-playing-different-character-westworld-season-4/ https://ew.com/tv/james-marsden-westworld-season-4-return-what-happens-next/
  11. The Boys 3x05 The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies Hmmm, after a really good and funny run of 4 episodes, I suppose it was too much to expect that level of energy and comedy to continue throughout; This is very much a scene-setting episode, putting pieces in the place for the end of the season. So while it wasn't as satisfying as what came before, a lot of important stuff happened I enjoyed seeing Kimiko happy her powers were gone, but wasn't terribly amused by the long musical sequence that expressed it. I wasn't surprised Little Nina showed up to expect Frenchie to do a job for her, and kind of don't get why Frenchie doesn't just take her out of the picture to get her off his back Hughie, Hughie, Hughie.... this guy is so insecure, and so incapable of being a good and honest boyfriend, it's sad to watch! He's such a bad liar, and even when he knows he should tell the truth, it's always too little too late and he just doesn't see it. I'm also not surprised he's more addicted to V24 than Butcher is, so much so that he sides with Butcher over Annie at the end of the episode. Oh, Hughie! It was nice to see Queen Maeve again, since she's somewhat been on the sidelines for a while, but man that was some fucked up shit that she got off of Butcher basically saying she deserved to die that she wanted to bang him. I wonder if there will be a good reason for Homelander only kidnapping her instead of killing her beyond she's a main character they don't want to off yet. He has shown no problem killing anyone he wants to for a while now! The funny in the episode came from Ashley being made CEO of Vought (lol!), and the pretty funny boardroom scene. I loved that they all kissed Homelander's ass, and then the one normal business question that got asked he just had absolutely completely no idea what to do with since Edgar always covered that stuff. So did he not recognize the "supervillain" that blew up in NYC to be Soldier Boy? The other funny was the Blue Hawk stuff, which was pretty on the nose but funny enough to not matter. That and Seth Rogen, who had already appeared on the show as himself in the past, so does this imply he's playing himself again and just using an online alias? LOL. His scene with Crimson Countess was funny, but then it was pretty brutal that she got captured by Butcher who allowed Soldier Boy to kill her in exchange for his help (I guess?) I can't believe how fractured The Boys is now after the first 3 episodes showing them all getting back together - they almost immediately fell apart! Now it's really just Butcher and Hughie with Frenchie/Kimiko and MM sidelined, and Butcher doesn't seem to even really want Hughie. They don't even have Starlight and Maeve any more either. It's gonna be tough to get from where they are now to however the season is going to end, which to me appears to me attempting to use Soldier Boy to de-power Homelander.
  12. This thread isn't about what other people might want, or how well something might sell, it's just about what you desire!
  13. I am indeed referring to the suite on MFAD2 I would never consider a boot to be an existing expansion, that's ridiculous
  14. Yes but her revenge was stated to be personal, and specifically only at Anakin.
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