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  1. I've just listened to this latest episode from 99% Invisible, which covers their composer Sean Real, and how she wrote and performed a really nice score using a music box: https://link.tospotify.com/cPQqE8PrEbb An alternative way to listen to the episode is through their main website: https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/sean-exploder/ Sean Real has also produced her own record from the music that she has written for the podcast, which is available in many different formats, both physical and digital: https://seanreal.bandcamp.com/album/sean-real-their-99-orchest
  2. Did he say he disliked Wagner's music specifically, or was he talking about his person, i.e. antisemitism? If I recall correctly, he mentioned Wagner in one of the bonus interviews on the Vienna Blu-ray release, but I'll have to double check that. I don't actually remember what he said.
  3. Should have also asked about what the inspiration behind Rey's theme was.
  4. What if he's going to Berlin just to have some beer and pretzels with his buddy HZ?
  5. Berliner Philharmoniker would be a great choice for John. So many legendary recordings have been made by them, and when they play romantics like Beethoven, they have no equals in the world. I'd be really curious to hear how John's music would sound on that orchestra. I actually had plans to go to some random concert of theirs, just to hear them play live. I've heard that they do great New Year's Eve concerts, and since the tickets to Berlin are fairly affordable, I was considering the option to meet the coming New Year there. Of course, when the pandemic began, it all had to be pos
  6. If John Williams conducts a concert, and no one is around to hear it, does it happen? (It's World Philosophy Day today btw)
  7. I liked the score for TFA, but with TLJ and TROS my feelings were mixed, and the albums have been mostly collecting dust on the shelf since the release of the movies. But now that I'm revisiting those scores again for The Baton podcast, I'm starting to really appreciate them. Going through every single cue, paying attention to what's happening in the music, and the way it all interacts with the stuff on screen, opened my eyes and ears, and allowed me to fall in love with those scores.
  8. "I like film music as well, especially John Williams." "Who's John Williams?" "He wrote the music to Star Wars." "Oh, I don't watch Star Wars, so I wouldn't know." Never saw her again.
  9. The whole tour has been postponed by a year due to COVID-19. All purchased tickets should remain valid and automatically transferred to the new dates in 2022, so do check your e-mail or wherever you got your ticket for the new information. I've been really looking forward to this tour, and I hoped that cultural life would have normalized by the next year, but it seems that the problems with 2020 will spill over into 2021.
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