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  1. I feel the same way. I had trouble focusing on anything else during the day. It's been an emotional shock for me, in the most positive sense. From my very first introduction to John Williams' music about twenty years ago, when I was still 5 or 6, to last weekend - it all felt like a great, inevitable musical journey of a lifetime. Seeing the face of someone who has been so influential on your childhood, just mere metres away, was completely unreal.
  2. I loved how after the concert on Sunday, the tuba and bass remained on stage to play a bit of the Imperial March. The remaining audience in the hall gave the two performers a good applause!
  3. It was a very friendly evening with lots of talking about everything. Just slightly disappointed that I didn't properly check the resulting images right there and then. Lesson for the future, I suppose!
  4. Yeah, you're right. I didn't know about the meeting at Falco's. Here's the German-speaking Facebook group that was referenced.
  5. The guy also wrote a blog post (English auto-translation), which is ever weirder to read. One thing that caught my eye is that he mentions that a John Williams Facebook-Fangruppe was meeting at a restaurant after the concert. Are there any Facebook fan groups, or did he just mean us?
  6. Actually it'a been Hans Zimmer in a John Williams costume all the time!
  7. The waiter took only two pictures, both of which have some faces hidden or cut off, so it's not so great. Anyway, here they are:
  8. Does anyone know if Anne-Sophie Mutter used one of her Stradivariuses during the concerts?
  9. He did that on Saturday, too. And he didn't come out to stage after that one.
  10. I agree with what you're saying, but I would be careful about generally bashing postmodernist/atonal music in retaliation. It can be quite a rewarding experience once you get used to the genre. Even John Williams has written many pieces in that style. His bassoon concerto The Five Sacred Trees is one of my favourite works of his!
  11. I am still waiting for my flight - it's delayed one hour, so you'll have to wait a bit more. You can forward all your late photo complaints to WizzAir in the meantime! It's tricky taking pictures of each other inside the Musikverein, though. We succeeded in taking a few, but one of the ushers promptly ran towards us, saying that no photographs are allowed. It was after the concert, and already outside the Großer Saal, so it seemed strange. Is the whole building copyrighted or something? 😀
  12. Here are a few snippets of John Williams, filmed by my sister:
  13. And I second that the last concert was better from a musical standpoint. Much cleaner performances, no desync in E.T., no bad notes in Jurassic Park, etc. That additional time for practice clearly helps.
  14. - The Flight to Neverland - Suite from Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Hedwig's Theme (ASM) - Theme from Sabrina (ASM) - Donnybrook Fair from Far and Away (ASM) - Dance from The Witches of Eastwick (ASM) - Adventures on Earth from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Intermission - Theme from Jurassic Park - Dartmoor, 1912 - Out to Sea / Shark Cage Fugue - Marion's Theme - The Rebellion is Reborn - Luke & Leia - Star Wars Main Title and Finale Encore: - Theme from Cinderella Liberty (ASM) - The Duel from The Adventures of Tintin (ASM) - Remembrances (ASM) - Raiders' March - Imperial March Here's a Spotify playlist. Not all of the versions match up with what was played in the concert, but it's close enough:
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