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  1. At least you saw him write it. I have a book with Morricone's autograph that came in the mail, and so I don't even know when or how it was signed.
  2. From the movies I watch, which are a blend of both mainstream and non-mainstream (leaning heavily on the latter), I'd say that I'd consider about 15% of them to be garbage. With mainstream Hollywood, I admit that it feels like most of it is unwatchable, and the more films I watch, the more I feel like I can't stand that industry, the Academy Awards, and all the commercialization. It's unoriginal, it's complacent and formulaic, it's guided by profits rather than passion. It feels like the studios and directors don't seek to challenge their audience artistically, intellectually or ideologically, they don't go into uncharted waters, they don't make films that would seriously impact you beyond their entertainment value, they don't want to take financial risks. That said, I'd rephrase the topic as "99% of mainstream movies are boring/unfulfilling/mediocre" Even considering the most recent Oscars, say, a movie like The Father, sure - it's not a masterpiece or anything, it's been done before, it's your typical "Oscar bait", but designating movies like these (of which there are far more than 1%) as garbage, seems a bit harsh, at least to my mind.
  3. I wanted to take a photo of the conductor and the orchestra when I was there, but I was kinda scared to be noticed. There were flashing signs in front of the audience telling everyone that taking photos, videos and using mobile phones is forbidden. There were ushers watching the audience from all sides, and nobody else in the audience were taking photos. The atmosphere seemed far more strict than in Vienna. But you might be able to sneak in a photo or two if you're very discreet about it.
  4. They also specifically mention rapid antigen tests here: That is determined by those who ask for the result, not the test issuers themselves. Philharmonie accepts any test done on the same day, so tests from the day before would be invalid. However, most airlines/border control officials will accept a rapid antigen test done within the last 48 hours, or a PCR test done within the last 72 hours. But you should check the info for your specific case and needs, as the rules vary greatly.
  5. I don't think it was very German of me to look completely puzzled at their initial attempts to communicate with me in German, and then pray to them that they speak English to me.
  6. That was my impression as well, and I was prepared to pay. But the testing station didn't ask me for any payment. They gave me an English form to fill out with my identity and contact details, and that was all they needed from me. The station was inside the Sony Centre, which is just on the other side of the street from the Philharmonie. 15 minutes
  7. They let me in with a negative result from a rapid antigen test, done on the day of the concert (this is a requirement if you are taking the test option, rather than vaccine certificate) at one of the stations in Berlin. The test was actually free of charge, which was a pleasant surprise for me. I printed and filled out a visitor form, which I was instructed to throw into a box by the entrance. Although they have this form at the information desk, they appreciate it when you complete it at home before the concert, as it reduces queuing times. As a tourist, I didn't really want to register with all those apps that I wouldn't be using anyway. Yes. I'll probably bring a formal suit, because of John Williams and the celebratory once-in-a-lifetime occasion. But last week I went to the Philharmonie in a black t-shirt and jeans, as I didn't bring anything more formal with me (I was planning to stay in Berlin for just one evening, so I didn't even order luggage for the flight). There were plenty of people who wore similar clothing, so I didn't feel judged or awkward or anything. But the majority of people were dressed formally or semi-formally.
  8. Did anyone manage to make a recording of Over The Rainbow? I saw this to late, and joined just in time for the final applause.
  9. Went to the Philharmonie yesterday, for the first time. The venue is amazing - you can clearly hear everything from the tiniest touch of the violin string and conductor's breathing to the ground-shaking orchestral explosions. They played Hartmann's Concerto funebre and Stravinsky's Firebird. I've never imagined that those pieces could be performed so perfectly. I've heard the latter performed three times by three different orchestras before, and I thought I had heard everything there is to hear about it, but its performance at Berlin totally blew me away. It was like hearing the piece for the first time, like I've never experienced it before. I can't wait for Johnny to take the stage. I think we're all in for a very beautiful concert. 20210917_204517_1.mp4
  10. Does this mean that there won't be any Adventures on Earth? It'd be kinda sad. I always loved that piece, and to hear the Berlin Phil play it would've been quite emotional.
  11. Not sure if it's the right thread for this, but I randomly heard a few guys playing some themes from Star Wars at the Ravenheart International Film Festival at the Cinemateket in Oslo. I had just finished watching a film, and managed to film the ending of their performance. The band's name is El Dorado, and from my understanding they specialise in film music. Here is their Facebook page and Instagram page.
  12. Last year, October wasn't that bad in terms of Covid-19 cases. It was late November that it really took off to the extreme all across Europe. If the Delta wave hits us this year, I hope it will wait for November.
  13. I'll attend the other two concerts, we can definitely have a chat before/after the concerts!
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