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  1. I'd love to meet up, either before or after the concert!
  2. I'd guess that young people aren't really the target audience for symphonic orchestras. Classical music isn't that popular. Also, the rehearsal hasn't been advertised as much as the actual concert. If it weren't for this thread, I wouldn't even have been aware that a public rehearsal were an option!
  3. Yeah, these are selling slowly. Grab your chance to get one, if you aren't too old!
  4. You need to login with your vivaticket account. If you don't know your password (I registered via Facebook, so I didn't get one), you can reset it at vivaticket.
  5. Apparently, they started selling tickets for rehearsal a few hours early. I noticed that I was able to pick and reserve seats. However, I got stuck at the payment screen, because the website required that I pay via some Satispay app. I tried to set up that app, but it didn't accept my IBAN for some reason, so I lost my reservation. When I returned to the inititial website, the tickets were no longer on sale, and I have to wait until 14:00. It was pretty weird. I hope I can pay normally, without that app thing, once the proper sale begins. Otherwise, I don't think I can get the payment to work.
  6. I chose to stay at Hotel Bernina Milano. It's a 3-star hotel, very central, with reasonable prices, and the reviews seemed good enough.
  7. It was a wide range of prices, from a dozen euros or so for the cheapest seats, up to 158 euros for the floor seats, if I recall correctly.
  8. He just wants to stock up on his cookie supplies at Anne-Sophie Mutter's, and the whole concert is just a convenient excuse.
  9. I hope Milan isn't what completes or concludes John Williams' European appearances. I know he might be too old for these transatlantic flights, but I still want him to do a concert with London Symphony Orchestra, and, perhaps, one or two other European orchestras, like Royal Concertgebouw.
  10. I think the queue was simply too short, and people were let in to ticket selection in far too great quantities, to the point where everything was sold out in a couple of minutes. If they had rather stretched the queue, made people wait, and ensured that no more, than, say, 10-20 people were choosing seats at the same time, the whole process would've been a much better experience.
  11. No VIP tickets, but there was a presale for Filarmonica della Scala subscribers and music academia, which is why some seats were unavailable at the beginning of the sale.
  12. They just made a statement about the concert being sold out: https://www.filarmonica.it/news/da-lunedi-10-ottobre-in-vendita-i-biglietti-per-il-concerto-straordinario-di-john-williams-con-la-filarmonica In their Facebook post, they also mention that the only way to get official tickets is through Vivaticket. I assume they are referring to the possibility of tickets being returned and resold in that website. So keep checking the event page regularly until December 12th, and you might be lucky enough to get tickets.
  13. I was googling around, and it looks like it's going to be a mixture of formal and semi-formal in the floor seat section and loges, with semi-casual in the galleries. As long as you don't come in casual or sports wear, you should be fine. The La Scala website specifies a dress code as well:
  14. It's going to be a loge on the first (lowest) level. They are numerated, so you should have some additional numbers to identify the exact loge and seat.
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