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  1. Oh you're still very young as far as language learning goes! I've seen people in their 80s picking up new languages! It's more about determination and a methodical approach, than about natural talent or the ability to absorb new information, though kids are definitely at an advantage here.
  2. I was more like 10 or 11. What helped me was that I didn't know any English back then, so there was no lingua franca for me to use, and I just had to learn it.
  3. Not before @Thor writes his. I went through the great difficulty of learning Norwegian, in the hopes of putting it to good use, and now he loses motivation! Pfff. I call it false advertising!
  4. True - βιβλίο, λόγος, χρόνος - all that sort of stuff greatly speeds up vocabulary learning. In the cases where the common roots aren't that obvious, I always have a Wiktionary tab open, so that I can make those connections between the languages that I know, and the languages that I am learning. It's better than the blind cramming strategy. Still, there aren't too many shortcuts here, even if most European tongues stem from the same ancient family. It still takes about 30-60 minutes of learning each day for a whole year, to get to a basic-intermediate conversational level in a new language.
  5. The letters will be the least of your worries 😀 Grammatical noun cases, genders and verb tenses/aspects would take the most effort, I'd guess. But yeah, you're right that it's not a particularly hard language in comparison to most others. I was actually thinking of learning Ancient Greek, just to be able to enjoy all those classical works in their original form, but it's more logical and practical to learn Modern Greek first. Now, with 250 pages of John Williams analysis, I would actually have a very concrete reason to do that 😀 In any case, I am currently learning Italian, and I still have many other languages on my bucketlist, so I am not sure when I would get around to learning Greek.
  6. Just received news that Penderecki passed away this morning
  7. John Williams composing the score for Jaws:
  8. Just a shot in the dark, but could it be that John Williams is just too expensive as an A-list composer? Big movie franchises may have a significant budget allocated for the score, but for a one-off film, which is not certain to be a success, perhaps they take a more cautious and practical route?
  9. "I'd love to have muscular arms like that. I should probably take up conducting myself!"
  10. I don't recall anything from the music of the Joker film. I think it got my attention in a couple of scenes, but that's all I can remember. I may have to watch the film again to try and hear why it won the Oscar. And of course, I really loved The Rise of Skywalker score, and I still hum those new themes, even though I haven't seen the film since December 19th. You're attracted to them immediately, and they stick with you for weeks to come. Then again, I went to the film with the specific intention of paying attention to the score.
  11. I think it would take longer than 3 weeks to prepare the physical release. Nine cameras, two concerts, several rehearsals and pick-up recordings from dozens of microphones. I wouldn't be surprised if this took months. Also, afaik there's going to be a documentary/behind-the-scenes featurette as well.
  12. The Sony post is gone, but not forgotten.
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