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  1. https://www.justwatch.com/ Also, for European films, this is a good database: http://lumierevod.obs.coe.int/ I've got early working hours, and a long commute.
  2. Is anyone here using Letterboxd? If you do, share your profiles!
  3. For standing tickets that cost €8 each? Are you insane?
  4. I'm following Vienna Phil on Facebook, and whenever they post something starting with "We regret to announce", I always get a mini heart attack.
  5. Haven't you seen his picture in that article? Swol and coked up, assaulting other composers. I'd say the man is in his prime.
  6. Yeah, I'll probably pick up a couple of seats for the Oslo concert, too, because why not, but I am definitely in no rush to do it before 2021. For all I know, I could die of old age by then.
  7. Additional dates have been added: Amsterdam - 28th February - Ziggo Dome London - 5th March - The O2 Manchester - 7th March - Manchester Arena Copenhagen - 23rd March - Royal Arena Oslo - 31st March - Telenor Arena Stockholm - 1st April - Globen Tickets for these go on sale in two days
  8. Kinda started to regret picking the e-ticket/print@home option without thinking when ordering tickets. Would have much preferred an actual, physical ticket from Musikverein, to keep as a souvenir. Tried contacting them, and it turns out I can't change that now.
  9. The general sale of the tickets for the 3Arena in Dublin should begin in a few hours, but somehow I managed to get one before that. I think the Ticketmaster system is broken. I wonder how the setlist will differ from HZ's earlier tour. I was also at Telenor Arena in Oslo during his last one, and it was stuffed full of his most famous scores. If the upcoming tour will also be a "Best of Hans Zimmer" type of concert, then I don't think that there's a lot that should be changed.
  10. https://thehardtimes.net/culture/shirtless-coked-out-hans-zimmer-wants-to-know-if-sydney-opera-house-ready-to-fucking-party-tonight/
  11. Oh, I am sure he'll play the concert arrangement of the Porgs Suite from TROS as an encore. Three times.
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