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  1. Wait, someone actually filmed that ovation? Where can I watch it?
  2. Obviously the degree to which you comment about it
  3. I think most people don't. That orchestra is like 1 or 2 years old, with most of the players being children and amateurs.
  4. An open-air concert with the Longyearbyen symfoniorkester. The polar bears would serve as a nice deterrent against non-serious fans and autograph hunters.
  5. At this rate, after La Scala, John Williams will surely do a concert with the Oslo Philharmonic
  6. I've also had that post-concert depression after Vienna, and I do have it now after Berlin. Luckily, La Scala next year gives me another John Williams experience to look forward to, so it's not that bad.
  7. Should've stood for 6 more minutes and set a new record
  8. I'll have to listen to the recordings to give you an exact answer, but I do remember there were some slip-ups in the brass and woodwind sections, as well as problems in the percussion. A quite obvious one yesterday was during the Theme from Jurassic Park, when the timpani came in way too early with the roll.
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