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  1. Same here. I thought that it would just be nice to have that vinyl, since the stock won't last for long. The fact that I couldn't currently play it is of least concern to me
  2. RotJ is so beautiful that it literally makes me cry. The Luke vs. Vader climax is one of my favourite musical moments of all time. PoA is not that mind-blowing, but it's still one of JW's best scores. So on a purely emotional impact scale, RotJ wins hands down.
  3. Perhaps you're used to another recording of it, like the one on the OST album? It's very slow, and meditative, probably so that it could match up with the lazy movements of the Brachiosaurus in the film, and if you've been listening to that a lot, a fast-paced version might seem weird. At first, I was also of the opinion that John Williams speeds it up too much, but I've deliberately switched to the other recordings of the theme in anticipation of the concert (I expected him to conduct it in his usual tempo, which seems to be fast nowadays), and that tempo kinda grew on me, after many, many listens. So the recording from Vienna feels alright to me. It's lively, as it should be, and when I now go back to the OST, that feels too slow and dragged-out.
  4. Of course it didn't! That was one of my favourite episodes of the podcast. I am a fan of Jurassic Park myself, so your feelings for the score were totally relatable, and David's insightful analysis was very much appreciated, too. Just mentioned the editing mistake for the benefit of future listeners, so they get a flawless episode
  5. In the Jurassic Park episode, David is recorded saying the exact same sentence twice. The first time from 37:33 to 37:50, and the second time immediately after that, from 37:51 to 38:06.
  6. The importance of the shape of the hall seems overstated to me. It's really the turtleneck that is responsible for the accoustic nuances.
  7. Do you mean this piece? I couldn't find anything else. I mean, I can see where you're coming from, but it would be a real stretch to call that 5-note motif an inspiration for the Jurassic Park theme. It's a completely different style of music, too. There are no uncanny similarities that I can hear.
  8. I'd have preferred to hear it with ASM. It was one of the better tracks in Across The Stars.
  9. Apparently I received a 'refund' from JPC of €1.68. I wonder what's that about.
  10. This is just what I needed in these times of isolation and boredom. An unparalleled performance of the Imperial March on demand!
  11. Small Blu-ray readers that connect up to your PC or TV go from €50 to €100. It's a great investment, because the video and sound quality upgrade is very noticeable, and DVDs are being phased out anyway.
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