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  1. I would have liked to hear The Rise of Skywalker instead of Marion's Theme, because I agree that the latter was redundant, but otherwise I had no issues with the programme, or the arrangements for ASM.
  2. That's true. If I feel like I must watch something ASAP, then I just do it at home. That said, in the past couple of years I haven't been in the mindset of "this is a list of films that I want to see; now how do I get my hands on them?", but rather "oh, that's a nice programme for the next month. I guess I'll get tickets to this, and this, and this..." I've become accustomed to deciding between the limited options presented to me, rather than thinking of my own unlimited options. I feel like in this way, I see many films that I never even knew existed, or films that I would never look for on my own. You never know what to expect, and experiencing it on the big screen is also a bonus.
  3. Yeah, that's precisely what I do every evening! That's why every household in a 3 km radius around me have all bought new curtains and blinds for all their windows. But seriously, I just go to Cinemateket pretty much everytime I want to see something. It's an irreplaceable daily dose of escapism for me, and it's cheaper than buying a DVD, let alone a Blu-ray for a film that will likely just collect dust on the shelf after I'm done watching it.
  4. Nah, I try to avoid watching films at home if I can. Haven't got the proper setup for it.
  5. I think Blu-ray is the best that you can get as far as home video formats go. The cinema where I watched it had a 35mm copy of it, though, so I was more than happy.
  6. I watched Tous les matins du monde directed by Alain Corneau, and based on the 1991 novel by Pascal Quignard, who also helped to write for the film adaptation. The film focuses on 17th century French violists-composers, who perfected the viola da gamba and the playing technique - Marin Marais, his teacher Jean de Sainte-Colombe and his two daughters. Not much evidence survives about their personal lives and relationships, so it's likely that the story is mostly fiction, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. After the film, I immediately went to Spotify, and started listening to viola da gamba pieces writen by those composers for like two hours. I did not think that I would enjoy such old pre-classical music, but it all kind of changed my mind. The emotional depth that emerges from the pieces heard in the film is comparable to composers like Frédéric Chopin. The film really opened my eyes to some very old music, which I had considered to be too primitive before.
  7. Ah, sorry, that's my mistake! While looking at the written score, I saw an "oboe solo" in the 4M3+4 cue, and didn't check the melody more closely. It's playing something entirely else. I am not even sure what, because I can't quite hear it in the recording. Isn't the parents' portrait scene the first time it's heard?
  8. I use Spotify, because it's convenient, but ultimately it's pretty bad towards creators, especially the smaller, independent ones. They don't get adequately paid for each listen. Bandcamp solves that issue, but it doesn't have everything I need, and it's annoying to switch between two apps.
  9. To be honest, I wouldn't be able to distinguish between a .wav and a 320 kbps mp3 in a double blind test. I just like to have the physical discs and LPs as a token, rather than a source of impeccable lossless audio.
  10. Good job on getting Dan Higgins for the Catch Me If You Can episode! Some really nice insight into how the recording sessions are organised.
  11. I envision a Quentin Tarantino film about John Williams, where Spielberg says the well-known line, and Williams answers: "But do you know why they're dead, Stevie? Because my shotgun had a field day with each and every one of those motherf***ers. That's right, that's what we call eliminating the competition. The only way of getting to you, Stevie. Now if you'll get me a Royale with cheese, I'll tell you how I finished them off." And so the film begins. An Oscar winner if you'd ask me.
  12. A link was posted earlier in this thread to a Japanese shop, where it was still available.
  13. I find it difficult to be satisfied by Nolan's films lately. He seems like a one-trick-pony with his superficially profound screenplays, which have become quite shallow in my opinion, and the dialogue begins to suffer a lot. Yeah, he tries to compensate for it by increasing the scale and budget towards the extreme, but it's not what I want. I liked Following, I loved Memento, which to this day I consider to be Nolan's best work. But when it comes to Interstellar, it just feels like a 2001: A Space Odyssey adaptation stripped of all its fundamental philosophy, such as the many references to Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra. I want Nolan to make a good old small and self-contained drama for like $10 million at most, without trying to reach for some grandiose themes with which he doesn't really know how to work.
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