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  1. I always am a bit sad when a composer works on a Ridley Scott or a Michael Mann movie, tho. They do their best and end up replaced by songs, temp track, or both The music is actually pretty solid, love the electronic stuff. It's clearly an upped version of The Crown especially, but most of the work Phipps as done since 6-8 years. I like it a lot.
  2. Imagine you're British, you have East Enders, Sherlock, and sometimes, yes, sometimes, you're the baddie in a movie. It's funny, you laugh. Imagine you're in a wheelchair, you are not in anything, ever, all the time… until you are an evil creature. That's basically the thing. Visiblity is so low for minorities, whatever the minority, that you cannot be just picked as "the villain" or "the guy who dies first all the time".
  3. Agree with this. Every year has highs and lows… I probably just went through a few lows in a row.
  4. I always try to be positive and open-minded, but feels like she took over his ProTools stems and… voilà! I'm not a big Newman fan, TBH, but this felt quite off to me, unfortunately Call me tired, exhausted, bored, angry, petty, I don't know… maybe I was not in the right mood, but this score flew over my head. Felt nothing. Remembered nothing. What's wrong me with???
  5. Started Series 2 and… I realised I'd never seen The Christmas Invasion… which might explain why I was never very keen on Tennant.
  6. Watched ANT-MAN 3. Usual Marvel stuff: botched editing and subpar sound mixing. Beck's music is never heard and doesn't really shine IMO. Everybody but the audience seems to be having fun in front of blue screens. The Kang stuff is really good, but again, it's quite complicated and it slows the already sluggish movie to a stop.
  7. Finished Series 1 (third time) over the weekend and… well… I have a complicated history with Doctor Who because when it started again back in 2005, I was so eager to discover the universe that I downloaded every episode every week and watched it with so much excitation. And then the Eccleston was replaced and… I couldn't muster Tennant. So I dropped the show. And every time they had a regeneration, I was like, "this is the moment I've been waiting for!!!" and dropped again because I love The Ninth Doctor so much. I also play Magic and I found the Doctor Who decks so good that I started rewatching from the beginning… the real beginning. Done with Season 1 and 2 of the First Doctor (the first one was way better, IMO), and I was quite sick recently so I bought and rewatched Series 1. This time, I promise, I will watch the rest of his run and discover all the great episodes. I am a huge Thick of It fan, so I'm very excited about Capaldi… and even if everybody hates the 13th Doctor's episodes, I really like the actress. The plan is to be done with AT LEAST the Donna episodes of Tennant's era to start the NuNuDoctor with everybody else
  8. I'm starting to believe that the person responsible for the music at Marvel simply hates catchy tunes.
  9. My opinion and my only question I have is: "Why?" It could be good. It could be awful. But why? Why live action? Why these people? Why Sony? Why??
  10. I knew Laura Karpman was talented, but I could not if she had had a chance and missed it or wasn't simply that good. I was wrong. THE MARVELS is clearly on the top of your superhero soundtrack for me. I know the bar is low, especially the last few years, but it's filled with themes and musical ideas that are simply missing from… the rest. It blends sci-fi, vocals, (slight) atonal material, percussives, nice action pieces. The orchestrations are rich and lush, and while the album is a bit long (here we are, in 2023, complaining about album length every three posts), it keeps being fresh and surprising. I have a very select list of good Marvelmovie soundtracks and this one just joined it right away. Armstrong's INCREDIBLE HULK, Goransson's BLACK PANTHER, West's SHANG-CHI, Djawadi's ETERNALS, and this one. And that's it for me
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