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  1. 1. Jerry Goldsmith 2. John Williams 3. James Horner 4. The Sherman Brothers 5. Elliot Goldenthal
  2. I think it’s the presentation in the tracks..... i hear small inconsistencies in it personally and that is what does it. I have to adjust the volume to. It’s my personal taste. ANd the Full version of the main title has all those damn sound effects!
  3. This is just a for fun thread. Do you think MM should tackle it? I know Perseverance Records did a complete release but something about it bothers me... What do you think?
  4. I have a weird feeling along awaited Williams score thought to be gone will be in the next lot from VS.
  5. I think that would be great but it was a MCA release... Would that change anything? The problem with that is though we will never have originals for any sort of expanded release of true nature or alternates of that matter...
  6. Yes, it was a more heavy PG-13 they cut so much to try to get it to PG, what settled the PG-13 Rating was the use of sleeping medication as a way to make people fall asleep. They couldn't remove that because it was a key plot point. So they tried by removing violence. On a side note Joe was told to make a Teen film (around High School age), not a children's movie.
  7. The last bit of the film is edited a lot, it was originally way more graphic. They wanted to try and cut it to a PG rating.
  8. The cue you are thinking of is Patton theme. Jerry had them use a combination of two tracks from the Patton/Tora Tora Tora. The tracks being Track 9 Entr'acte and Track 10 Attack. Which was edited together for the film. It was excluded from this release because it would have required licensing and such for it. Also Patton was a 20th Century Fox Film and Small Soldiers is Universal. at the time of the films release the license for ti was still held by Varèse. That was a big issue I always had with the score was the huge gap in the release. I had the opportunity to look at Jerry's Sketches and Courage's orchestrations and even noticed that there was snippets of music that was not used on the OST and did not even make it into the film that is included in this release Such as Assembly Line, Gwendy's Attack , and a few others. That is the reason on a few tracks it says extended but you think it's been released before. It has.... but not in it's complete form Valkyries goes between Fire in the Hole and Trust me.
  9. Well the vibe was suppose to be stupid sounding and I somewhat like it and would buy another copy if it gets released.
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