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  1. Back in stock at LLL's website for those that are interested
  2. Isn't it technically an American production, since, according to the director, Columbia Pictures co-financed it?
  3. Keep the OST for "Ripley's Rescue"; it's the only way to hear it without the accidentally duplicated percussion
  4. And at the very least, to fix the sonic error with "Ripley's Rescue" on the DE
  5. Yep! Been waiting for this one since MV casually mentioned that LLL was working on it. Probably my favorite Elfman score, and his most atypical
  6. Classic. And I don't buy the filmmakers trying to explain that the film was an homage to 50s B-movies; sounds like a lot of backpedaling
  7. From The Digital Bits (bold emphasis is mine): Good to hear that it might be released on 4K disc, but bad to hear after I already bought the 3-film set
  8. Slightly off-topic, but what do people think of Wallin's mixes for Robocop 2 and The Fugitive? Those scores sound great to me
  9. The warehouse scene is in every version of the film. And the deleted scenes have been in every home video release since 2001
  10. You can see part of the original assembly of shots (including Lacombe looking up at the sky) in the "Home Videos & Outtakes" feature on the 40th anniversary Blu-ray, which confirms Mike's theory
  11. It would be impossible to know without access to an early cut of the film, unfortunately. How I wish that more footage of this film would leak
  12. The vast majority of this cue was dialed out in the film, so here's what it looks like restored to picture:
  13. From the liner notes of the 2010 release, I remember reading that the 35mm 6-track mag was archived to 2" 24-track tape in 1998 for safekeeping (and was eventually the source used for the first LLL CD). I can understand if the mag deteriorated beyond repair, but the 2" tape was also damaged?? Damn
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