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  1. The 4K release of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles promises a bonus disc of over 75 minutes of deleted and extended scenes -- although it's not quite clear if the bonus disc is a regular Blu-ray
  2. Am I the only one who is reminded of the opening credits from Basic Instinct when listening to the main theme from Hollow Man?
  3. According to Elsewhere.com, "...the intention [from their sources] is to fully preserve Vangelis' legacy, which means that the intention is to eventually share as much as possible of his creations with the world. That would include his unreleased music, but also paintings or other art. But patience will be needed for that. Much needs to be organized, and the mourning over his passing is still fresh." http://elsew.com/data/latest.htm
  4. Yes, Stone mentioned that some time ago on his social media accounts, but great to see that the score was finished before V's untimely passing
  5. I hope that they are very good chances! The clarity of the music was a highlight during the screening
  6. Just returned from seeing it in 2D IMAX; it was great! However, the lights in the theater turned back on just as the end credits were rolling! Did anyone else experience that minor annoyance?
  7. Well, I guess that we won't be getting a Jaws reissue from them after all. Or maybe they will release it next year
  8. And barely even that. On the 10th anniversary DVD of Reservoir Dogs, there was an interview about the dedications on the cover page of his script for the film, where he proclaimed himself as a bigger fan of Melville than Godard
  9. Never seen Kids, but your quote reminded me of this statement from bell hooks: "Kids fascinated me as a film precisely because when you heard about it, it seemed like the perfect embodiment of the kind of postmodern, notions of journeying and dislocation and fragmentation and yet when you go to see it, it has simply such a conservative take on gender, on race, on the politics of HIV."
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