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  1. Avoid the Esper Edition like the plague. The BSX re-recording still has the wrong speed for several tracks
  2. Some of the tracks are definitely remixed ("Dr. Tyrell's Death" and "Main Titles" for example), but for the most part, to me they sound faithful to the original recording
  3. As a Vangelis fan, the release is nice, but as a Blade Runner fan, it's frustrating. And many tracks STILL have the wrong speed! The highlight of the Trilogy is CD 2, and the highlights of CD 2 are "Dr. Tyrell's Owl", "At Mr. Chew's", and "Leon's Room", imo
  4. And that's Phil Spector's limousine in the opening scene of Easy Rider when Hopper and Fonda are completing the drug deal
  5. They did a 5.1 remix for the Blu-ray in 2010: https://www.slashfilm.com/hitchcocks-psycho-gets-first-time-ever-51-surround-sound-blu-ray-release/
  6. I think it comes down to this: if you hear modern sound effects in the mono track, then it's clearly not the original audio
  7. Off-topic, but The Pianist deserves a proper release, beyond just ONE track of Kilar's material on the OST
  8. The film score is spread across Discs 1 and 2 in chronological order, with the exception of both discs ending with a version of the "A.I. Theme"
  9. If Roger Feigelson is to be believed, apparently it is possible to assemble Legend from complete elements:
  10. Not an example of a fully rejected score, but when the (incomplete) sessions for Heat leaked, I found myself preferring Goldenthal's compositions over several of the songs that Michael Mann replaced them with, despite having loved and grown up with those songs
  11. Yeah, I had a brain fart and confused M83 (who scored Oblivion, which did have an isolated score) with Daft Punk. Yikes! Same director, though
  12. There's always the isolated score for those who want to fill in the gaps
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