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  1. Edited my list because how could I forget Jerry's Total Recall
  2. Blade Runner Alien³ Close Encounters Of The Third Kind A.I. Artificial Intelligence Total Recall Minority Report RoboCop 2 Demolition Man Brazil The Fifth Element
  3. Slightly old news, but apparently the 4K release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture will contain an isolated score
  4. When I first heard that music for the helicopter scene, words escaped me. It sounded like Goldenthal was trying to create a whole new musical genre
  5. Yes! Not a fan of that "rolling" final chord due to some overuse, but I'm glad that someone else noticed it. I think that my favorite application of that technique would be the "Virtual Reality" cues from House Of Cards. That's probably where I first heard it, too!
  6. I may be the only one who wants it, but definitely The Pelican Brief!
  7. Kino Lorber announced that they will release Silence of the Lambs on 4K in October. I guess it wasn't part of the 4K titles that Criterion is working on
  8. Technically it's not part of the series (although it is licensed from Paramount), but Shout Factory's new Blu-ray of The Dead Zone will apparently have a commentary with isolated score
  9. This was my exact reaction and why I was so distracted in the earlier part of the day thank goodness for being able to work remotely
  10. Reminds me of this book cover
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