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  1. Can we all agree that Horner was the best at composing or arranging source music in the style of the culture he was trying to emulate? Parts of Vibes and the source music in Jade fooled me into thinking I was listening to an ensemble band instead of a Hollywood composer
  2. Same. My favorites from him are Alien3, Demolition Man, Heat, and Sphere
  3. Goldenthal's label, Zarathustra Music, has uploaded a YouTube playlist of composer commentary before every album track. Pretty nifty!
  4. It's probably switched up from another cue that is called "The Hospital", but it runs less than a minute, and is not used in the corresponding scene. Interesting that so much of the music Vangelis composed went unused for this great film
  5. Small correction: It's actually "The Hotel" from Missing
  6. Technically, this is a Blu-ray update, but I thought it made sense to include it here, since the score is well-known and distinctive: Freud is at last coming to home video in North America (in Blu-ray, no less!), according to The Digital Bits https://thedigitalbits.com/columns/my-two-cents/101520-1400
  7. There are more, but not composed by him. However, it would be nice to hear them in great stereo sound
  8. A few source cues could also be included on a re-release
  9. For me, it would have to be Blade Runner; probably the most re-compiled, re-edited, remixed score in history, continuously circulated among so-called fans with an abundance of sound effects and pitch/speed issues. Just release the entire damn score, Vangelis!
  10. Just a heads-up that Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart are selling copies of two MGM titles that supposedly went OOP at Shout Factory's site. There may be more, but the two that I saw for sale are Carrie (the original) and the steelbook edition of Dances With Wolves
  11. On the Arrow Blu-ray of Sixteen Candles, there's an interview with Ira where it's revealed in the credits that he teaches at NYU. I'm also hoping that his Sixteen Candles score gets released eventually
  12. The 5,000 Fingers Of Dr. T, just for nostalgic reasons, as the film is a childhood favorite of my dad's
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