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  1. Despite the glut of releases over the past 4 years, my interest continues to be sustained due to a few of my holy grails still being stubbornly out of reach (Terminator 2, Heat, and Brazil for example). However, as I continue to watch older films that I missed out, I may possibly discover new favorites that I can add to the list. I don't have much faith in, or pay much attention to the newer stuff
  2. Appreciate the love for Missing! Part of Vangelis' one-two punch that year with Blade Runner, surely also one of the best scores ever created. Hopefully, if Vangelis gives permission, Missing can debut as part of the Universal Classics series What did you think of the 48 HRS. score, @Jay?
  3. I guess this sequel score is doomed to remain in the same purgatory as Conan The Destroyer
  4. I hope one of the boutique labels comes to the rescue with a "Brad Fiedel Terminator Collection"
  5. None of the three releases are complete, but the Milan release is the closest to the film mix. I tried to put together a Google doc comparing cues across all of the releases, but at some point I lost interest in covering the whole film; you can find it here. I'm a bigger fan of the second film's score
  6. Agreed. But in Spielberg's defense, the kids were also characters in the novel of Jurassic Park
  7. A shame that Paramount didn't at least include deleted scenes for Temple Of Doom or Last Crusade. I suspect that Spielberg may have prevented their release
  8. How could I forget A.I.??? I would also add Minority Report, but I need to revisit it first in one run-through
  9. That cue had puzzled me for the longest time, because I could never figure out why such a large section was cut out of the film. Then it occurred to me that it might have been spotted to start earlier in the film, and that the filmmakers simply moved it to start later, for whatever reason. So, I experimented with the cue and the corresponding scene, and sure enough, it appears that the music was spotted to start right when McClane hangs up the pay phone ("We're fucked"), and synchronizes perfectly with the rest of the action. In doing so, I noticed just how much the filmmakers tampered with th
  10. A quick explanation for the rationale behind this video will follow, right now I'm burned out at work
  11. I really wish there was a poll option for liking the first two Alien films equally
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