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  1. For anyone that's interested, apparently the Blu-ray of Drugstore Cowboy released by the Imprint Films label contains an isolated score, even though it wasn't advertised on the list of features
  2. One curiosity about the parade scene: compared to the isolated score, it appears that none of the versions of "Worth A Life" or even "Hoist The Flag" on the LLL set match the corresponding scene in the film
  3. -Drei Klavierstucke goes between After Antietam and Flashback -Old 1812, Jefferson & Liberty, Jefferson & Liberty (Full Version), and Jefferson & Liberty (Film Mix) go between Forming The Regiment and The Decision/Second Flashback -Hoist The Flag goes between Worth A Life and The Year Of Jubilee -The Sicilian Circle comes right after The Year Of Jubilee As for the rest, I have to investigate
  4. ^now it remains to see how much of that is available outside of the movie
  5. Also, it might have been an accidental OD. Who the f--k are we to judge?
  6. Finally saw this in its entirety. Great conversation overall, and even Horner was a big fan of Hook!
  7. When given the right material, or challenged by the right director, he can prove his versatility. The Quad Cinema here in NY did a retrospective of his work a few years back, and it was full of roles that even most film buffs were not aware of. He even portrayed an actor with a Cockney accent in the 90s, for crying out loud!
  8. Wow! And here I thought all this time that the choir was singing in Latin
  9. Blade Runner K-PAX Although not one of my grails, an expanded Alexander would be cool, and it would require a Sony Music license
  10. I didn't know that he had mentioned it in a seminar. Do you have a link to it?
  11. Source music, film versions of a few album tracks, and potentially some unused cues. I, for one, am looking forward to the alternate "Charging Fort Wagner", if it was indeed recorded
  12. Too bad that the cue which immediately precedes this remains unreleased. Also, the recording of "Do You Know The Way..." is from Alshire International/101 Strings Orchestra:
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