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  1. This right here. Although the "T-1000 running" material of that mall cue was in a sense "copied" into Escape From The Hospital, there is loads of stuff missing that is not related to the chase.
  2. Great write-up by Tim Greiving: https://www.theringer.com/music/2022/5/23/23137188/vangelis-interview-obituary-soundtracks-albums
  3. I don't think the CD of the play contains unreleased music, but that cue you seek is on the Blu-ray's isolated score
  4. I've always rejected the claim that the elements were lost, since a lot of the unreleased music shows up on the features of the Special Edition LD and the menus of the Extreme DVD, and both of those releases were produced by a documentarian named Van Ling, so logically it stands to reason that he may have a backup copy of the sessions, or at the very least a copy of the music stems for the finished film. However, the recreation is pretty close to the original
  5. I made my comment somewhat in jest, but there are still significant set pieces from that film that have never been released, even on bootlegs (and those bootlegs are probably the "million" releases that you're alluding to; the score has only been officially released twice). So that is why I hope that Mike's working on it. In all probability, the non-Williams title might be something more popular, like Avatar, the Hobbit trilogy or the first few Pirates Of The Caribbean scores. Hell, I'd also be glad if it turned out to be Terminator 2
  6. lol I remember watching that scene and the combination of music and imagery being powerfully un-erotic (which maybe was the point). Almost as if the orchestra was screaming "Don't do it!"
  7. It always hits hard when it’s one of your heroes. Vangelis was the first performer of electronic music that I ever listened to; indeed, I think "Chariots Of Fire" was one of the first (if not THE first) albums that I remember my father playing, and thus a lifelong fan was created. As someone that pursues a career in the arts, I realize that when someone of his magnitude passes away, the reason for one's desire to become successful and well-known in the same industry as quickly as possible is not to gain personal fame or fortune, or for the reputation among peers. Sure, those added benefits are always nice, but the real goal is the CLOUT and CREDIBILITY to collaborate with any of the Greats, whether it be a musician, an athlete, or a painter—and Vangelis was all of those at different points in his life. In short, there are plenty of electronic musicians, but there was only one Vangelis. He was one of my heroes, and I lament that I will never be able to collaborate with him. Adios Maestro P.S. The ONLY, and I mean ONLY, upside to any of this is that now perhaps some of his unreleased works and film scores may actually be released complete
  8. That looks about right; those were the same titles that I discovered on GEMA a while back. One thing missing from that list is the source cue heard when Rusty's boss throws a farewell party after losing the election
  9. Interesting. Sorry to bring up Jade in this thread again, but there are still some bits in the film not accounted for on the LLL CD. As Jay mentioned, it would be cool if that score was to be revisited at some point
  10. Can someone who's well-versed in this score identify which cue is playing in this video, starting at 1:00?
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