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  1. I eventually caved and bought this set, and can confirm that the isolated score for the first film only showcases Faltermeyer's work, no songs. EDIT: also, it doesn't include the unused cue "Bad Guys"
  2. It may be that JFK is released on 4K UHD for its 30th anniversary in 2021, and might be tied to an expanded score release
  3. I think Roger Feigelson hinted somewhere that new or more complete elements had been discovered for Legend. edit: here it is On another note, I watched Seconds recently and was blown away by the score. As good as LLL's release was, I so wish that the original elements existed instead of having to rely on mono stems
  4. I remember MV mentioning (back in 2016-17?) that once Randy Edelman told a Sony Music executive that LLL would possibly handle the score release, Sony Music immediately decided to handle the release themselves, but all these years later...
  5. 1. Zodiac 2. Seven 3. Fight Club 4. Gone Girl 5. Panic Room 6. The Game 7. Alien³ 8. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 9. The Social Network 10. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Where did he say that? Shame. We missed out on an isolated score
  6. Has anyone figured out the chronological order for Ad Astra, incorporating both the sessions and the OST?
  7. Out of curiosity I revisited the Blu-ray of Images today, and in the booklet it says that the mono soundtrack was remastered from the D/M/E (dialog/music/effects) reels. While it's obviously preferable to have the original master tapes, I wonder if any of the labels considered reissuing the long-OOP Prometheus album with the missing cues from the music stem of the film, similar to Quartet's release for The Long Goodbye
  8. No, "Final Theme" was a cue composed for the end credits that was ultimately unused. On the Intrada CD, track 13 combined "Final Confrontation" with a version of "Wesley's Fall" that had a different ending, heard at 5:31 here
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