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  1. Second half seems to flow much better, dramatically, than either TFA or TLJ (though one wonders *what* exactly they did cut out). The new theme is reminiscent of that first 'Amazing Stories' episode with the ghost train, just that it's better utilized here. The abundance of emperor material is disheartening, though. The movie's just the same old shit repackaged, as was expected. And it probably will be more successful for it.
  2. And the rest of the cast looks like an early Coen brothers warm-up.
  3. Marian's right, it's not a beloved classic, but i always enjoyed it (it was often on german tv).
  4. I stopped at the (widely available) 2004 Varése. 35 minutes are enough of this, and the sound is not as bone-crunchingly dry as the original Tomlinson mix.
  5. He played a bro dumbass in the HBO series 'Girls' and he did it beautifully (you wouldn't guess from his delicate facial appearance).
  6. Yes, at least as far JNH is concerned. Btw, if you scrap 'Indoctrination' and 'Morality in Darkness', you have a pretty good album without much standstill.
  7. Well hidden. The reviews sounded more encouraging.
  8. Same old, same old. Americans just don't know when to stop. It's no Peep Show, but as far as these polished/overscripted US shows are concerned, it was breezily funny.
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