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  1. All these heroic militaristic fanfares? You mean that one 3-minute cue? Big deal.
  2. Read Pauline Kael's 1979 review of 'Alien' and realize that the post-Alien world really wasn't much different from the pre-Alien world.
  3. I mean, the score's almost brilliant and that's what counts, but that cover looks like secondhand videostore, ca. 1994.
  4. No, take another pick. But hey, if there are guys who think 'The Abyss' is good music, who am i to argue? But this doesn't belong in a AVATAR 2-thread but a much bigger question FILMmusic vs. filmMUSIC. Sadly you would have to title it 'User Mattris from Star Wars Disenchantment thread held captive Kathleen Kennedy until she confessed that Emperor Palpatine was Jabba's brother' to get some attention.
  5. That's were we differentiate: i consider this stuff loved by either deaf guys or guys who are much more in love with movies than with music (as Music). Is Abyss great? Titanic? Probably for guys that like movies more than music, but to me as a purely music-driven person, i have a hard time accepting that people find stuff like that the pinnacle of the medium.
  6. I never forget that Don Davis interview which i will quote here (it proves Cameron musically has something like the lowest common denominator and has been pretty successful running with it):
  7. Never doubt Cameron's talent for submerging any composer's original talent.
  8. No he shouldn't. To have some assistent hack elevated to mad genius level is wrong on all levels.
  9. Prisoner's Song is imho one of the top three additions.
  10. Nice for a background listen, like one of those countless Zimmer et al. nature documentary scores. I am convinced Simon Franglen is just an AI that put together 50% recent Horner stylistics and 50% trailer clichés and that's the result.
  11. Very static LOTR, meaning i vastly prefer his more varied Cornenberg/Crimes of the Future writitng.
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