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  1. Why don't they offer this digitally? I know many film music fans are seriously out of touch with the changing times, but with shipping costs being what they are, Varése can only win. Hardcore fans will buy the cd, no matter what, but those dreading another 15€ surcharge like me would be more than willing to pay the asking price for a digital download. Oh well...
  2. It's more british and regal in tone (shades of Walton), and the conclusion indeed anticipates the throne room music in Star Wars (doesn't get more ceremonial than that). ..and Silverado.
  3. Because only one is a march, the other's a hymn or some bastard of it.
  4. On Amazon Prime and by jove and vatican, it's bad. I have no idea how it matches up to the old cut but there's so much cheap tv in this (shoulder shots, establishing shots) that you can hardly believe an operatic director like Coppola would sign stuff like this off. But he did. Well, there's always G I+II.
  5. A grandfatherly Bond score in tempo, but i still can't help but love Barry's portentous eminence and sometimes even ethereal elevation he gets out of a bad Sly 90's potboiler. Case-in-point: Ray meets May at her Funeral, with one of these, flowing wordless choruses harking back to 'The Last Valley' (one of his masterpieces).
  6. It's inevitable, as the demographic here people gets younger, they just don't connect to ancient movies like 'List of Adrian Messenger' or 'Blue Max'. It's a wonder (and testament to Goldsmith's genius at eclipsing the movies he wrote for) that many still people cherish so much of his pre-80's stuff. The 90's are easier on the ear, and certainly more in tune with 'modern' sensibilities, though i don't think that's a badge of honour. But often enough, his old instincts helped to cover the tracks (of simplification and one-dimensional, lowest denominator application).
  7. 70's, the tangent being that it was just is the best filmmaking decade, for composers and everyone else.
  8. Signs is no more Varése territory than CMIYC (or whatever non-Varése release will turn up here). Varése releases their back catalogue, not random scores of the last 40 years.
  9. Weinstein was a systemic abuser who operated over decades (like some others mentioned here), here we are talking one random Instagram accusation. I will still point out these fine distinctions just to keep myself sane.
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