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  1. Lots of little nuggets, Goldsmith also omitted i. e. the bordello raid and other cues under 2 minutes, but they are much more memorable than the suspense stuff.
  2. A little bird from LA just told me it's Lorne Balfe's turn now.
  3. Certainly not, be aware - and i will continue to preach that to the choir - that what you get are numbers that are by necessity neither reliable nor could they be. It's not like we had a dry run for a worldwide pandemic but right now it seems much more sensible to follow social distancing routines and not read too much alarming stuff every day instead of gazing at death counts that may or may not mean much. I'm more for singling out his yellow press tactics.
  4. That's gonna show 'em! Maybe you add some more, gives your silly belgian armchair pulpit announcements even more ill-deserved urgency.
  5. I think you post fake news and can easily stop it.
  6. Stop quoting fake deaths.
  7. Since there is no clear cause of death = 'coronavirus' but a highly variable combination that the guys doing doing the counting have to acknowledge (over dozens of countries) you have your answer why this death count doesn't work.
  8. And you for your Aussie skin cancer.
  9. Luft waffles. Yummy.
  10. All hate us, though, because Angela opposes Eurobonds.
  11. I do not disagree on your second point, the first point: no, that's strictly not true, only if you follow a narrative that even the big publishers find hard to establish, mainly because there are many dissenting voices from science and epidemiology in between - that's a good thing, actually! Again, let's talk again after easter, as it is right now (here in Germany, at least) there are many empty emergencies and lots of people tested positively. You do the math.
  12. Not really. Two things that nobody who has boarded the panic train likes to hear, but on which many scientists agree: we do still not know to what extent these 'death counts' just mirror the usual death rates from prior years during winter season (with a slight increase because of the *new* calamity), which accounts for ca. 1.8k deaths daily in Italy alone. We know why that is, we test people that die for various reasons (heart attack, cancer and so on) but claim that cv19 is the cause as soon as we get the test result 'positive' - this is a big calamity, actually, especially because the tests are dodgy, too. So Alex' death count is highly dubious at this point, because god knows what exactly is counted. Second, there are leads that the extremely high pollution in Italy and China contribute to the high mortality, especially of old patients whose immune system already lags. Which would be another factor why i. e. Germany or Austria have these low rates. Especially in regards to the economical fallout i cast a very critical eye on media reporting, and right now, all I see is a severe influenza season that is hardly a warrant for all these drastic measures.
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