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  1. It's also notable for its unashamed heart on-its-sleeve (very Horner/Williams) that was not a Goldsmith routine. It really sighs in 'The Patches' (above).
  2. I never liked it, it's a lowbrow housewife melody that people always seem to associate with film music. Before Schindlers supplanted it.
  3. It surely has, but Somewhere in Time has a more intimate romantic sheen. It's pretty awful.
  4. Jeez, what brilliant sleaze. Time to dig up that 'ole blue eye playlist.
  5. Born Free isn't really much beyond it's Matt Monroe main tune. All the others are more or less one level with minus points for DwW for its length far overstaying its welcome (Barry WAS repetitive, man).
  6. It's a good, not great score. Another pop-ish but sympathetic Pemberton that reveals a resourceful musical mind. It's a Netflix movie, so the ragtag style is a given, but Pemberton is one of the few who can still give such stuff style and personality.
  7. That's Pemberton's most accomplished 'classical' score (rough orchestural jazz with a hard Goldsmith vibe):
  8. Sure, but Drax is right, more lectures, concerts and workshops, mentor role, probably, and few assignments. Discount all Spielberg/Lucas collaborations from Williams' resume and not a lot is left, either, Horner also was low profile after 2005, Barry & Co. non-existent.
  9. Who knows, those you mentioned might have been to below-the-radar to secure JG services, so probably two or three big pictures form the action/adventure mold and a few dark horses á la Powder.
  10. It has a lot of fine, detailed, if conventional, adventure moments. Though I remain partial to the Hollow Man and the aria in Sum of all Fears, two things that actually feel like Goldsmith found a different vibe in the new millennium that probably would have flourished if cancer didn't strike him.
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