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  1. And this time with Portisead's Beth Gibbons:
  2. Sea of Simulation was great, but i guess the rest is bootleg material (can't get it sorted out anymore, but '5m26s Alt. Final Scheme' sure wasn't on Nokia).
  3. The releases were a nightmare. I had to buy extra stuff from Amazon, iTunes and Nokia, if I remember it right. All differently tagged.
  4. Don't sell yourself short, you annoy many more nationalities on a constant basis.
  5. And, tell no one, but i even found the much-heralded Night Window sequence to be rather on the superficial side. The cue is great for a display of awe and wonder but i found it - in context of the movie at hand - a bit too polished and film-music like.
  6. I heard that from an austrian close to Musikverein management. I don't think Mutter charged them that, though. It's not the Wembley stadium so they couldn't recoup 200k by two gigs with a hall small like that. Though i will say one thing that seems to me more important than all the (expected) adulation of JW's music: it's where your stuff is performed that matters. I had Williams at the Barbican (and Desplat), many others (among them JNH, Morricone and Zimmer) played in awful commercial venues that simply sounded like shit. They were amplified by stadion speakers and the orchestra and percussion was often mixed abominably. It's a testament to these classical locations (that are a dying breed) that this concert sounded as good as it did.
  7. Necrophile! It helps that most musicians now are at an age where they knew Star Wars etc when they were young. Intense clapping was reserved for the famous stuff.
  8. I learned JWs going rate is 25k per concert, which is what I felt I should have gotten for a night of hard drinking and walking home thrice in a circle for one hour.
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