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  1. I’m curious as to if Spitz’s theme is anywhere else beyond “Sometimes Nature’s Cruel”.
  2. Silly rabbit, you’re not supposed to appreciate things here! Everything must compete!
  3. There hasn’t been a good superhero score since 1992.
  4. Are you implying you wouldn't want a gritty Theodore Rex reboot? Or Tammy and the T-Rex?
  5. I'm just questioning the logic here! It's like having a "film thread" and "score thread" for, I don't know, Theodore Rex! And I'm glad I amuse you, despite the condescending tone that makes me sad!
  6. I'm just grateful they still bother releasing these things at all, digital or physical. Especially now that 29-minute albums are a thing of the past (for better and worse, depending on the score).
  7. Has anyone ever been starving for a Harry Gregson-Williams score? Other than Sinbad, of course (which I've never heard but I know it has its fans).
  8. My question was why we always have two threads for these things (referring to both this and Star Wars), especially in this case when not many folks here care about these movies. Cut out the cry-baby "you're trying to oppress me!" bullshit, it's quite grating. He should have gotten his own cartoon show.
  9. I already heard the only mainstream film score worth hearing this year, so, I’m good.
  10. Why do we need two threads devoted to you geezers hating these movies?
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