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  1. Where’s my thread whenever I whine about something?! Ex-CUSE me for not being as important as this Scorsese dope!
  2. Broughton’s Honey I Blew Up the Kid might be my favorite comedy score. I should listen to that today!
  3. Giacchino also has weaker story sensibilities compared to someone like Powell. Several spots where that theme or any theme would have fit nicely, he instead just does meandering underscore.
  4. My aunt died of covid a few weeks ago. She was one of my very absolute favorite human beings. Practically my mother, admittedly more than my literal mother. I used to visit her every couple weeks, at least once a month all my life (be it being taken to her or driving there myself once I was an adult). And occasionally (when affordable), we’d be off to horror conventions, museums, zoos, etc. Getting the wheelchair in and out of the car was the only big hassle. Pushing her around was ai’ight exercize. She was way too nice of a passenger, the audacity of her encouraging my car music choices
  5. I don’t remember most themes in Horner cartoon scores, but can whistle/hum Sid the sloth’s theme despite having not listened to the Ice Age scores in many months. That acknowledged, John Powell is my favorite composer (followed by Chris Young, Goldsmith, Broughton and John Scott), but I’m not compelled to find reason to look down upon the others’ virtues.
  6. That playlist was by far the highlight of Christmas today for me. I needed that.
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