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  1. So far, my only issue in terms of flow is that I definitely prefer having “The Good Guy” in-between Breakout and Reminiscence Therapy.
  2. I listen to the main titles of “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” and all I can hear is Three Blind Mice.
  3. Land Before Time and Wind over either one.
  4. If safety was this crew’s number one priority, wouldn’t the solution be not make the movie at all?
  5. She was perty then, then she got HAWT after having kids. ...that is a terrible way to put it, I know.
  6. I confess to not really liking the ‘new’ opening and wishing the album version of This is Berk was included rather than me having to mush both openings together.
  7. This is the first deluxe/expanded release in ages that I don’t regret buying. And I liked the album arrangement fine! But now the very idea of going from “Foraging for Food” to the finale feels strange.
  8. I have not watched this movie in eons, but Will Ryan’s screaming in the tar pit scene continues to haunt my mind to this day.
  9. I liked these movies for their schlock and even I’m weary of that fluffy crap.
  10. My tastes and choices as far as favorites go will of course naturally alter as years pass, but this so far has remained my favorite of his. Rocketeer comes close though.
  11. The bit where Littlefoot’s hatching is probably my favorite Horner moment in anything.
  12. I only wish this score got to have an ending suite. But those seem to be getting rarer and rarer nowadays.
  13. Are we going to make a thread when Giacchino is caught on video drinking water? Because I don’t think his drinking skills are up to snuff.
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