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  1. Jurassic Park’s end credits do not play twice in the film (missed opportunity, Spielberg you hack).
  2. Ferdinand’s a five star score in my book, and top 5 Powell in general, so I’m just surprised and intrigued he liked this one while not thinking much of the former. But what the hey, different strokes for different blokes.
  3. A five star rating from Filmtracks?! Wow, unusually kind.
  4. It’s more that I like seeing film score fans be made, given what a niche interest it is. Sure, we notice and appreciate music, but imagine a NORMAL person noticing these things!
  5. Makes me happy that nearly any mention of the film (even from normal people who probably don’t listen to film scores otherwise) praises Powell. https://www.instagram.com/p/C1AMGq6v032/
  6. “Follow Me” alone reinvigorated my film score love.
  7. Oh I still do, but then one listens to 1:17 of “This Title Makes Me Jurassic” and wonders where we took the wrong turn in life.
  8. Probably because he hasn’t done a great score since then.
  9. Thank you for this! Reading about Powell love reinvigorates my film score fanaticism that I thought had died off.
  10. Wish Giacchino scored this instead. Would’ve made for hilarious enraged reactions whenever he tries to score any of the action set pieces.
  11. The end credits cue for that one is all you need, even if it’s probably two minutes too long.
  12. Can you pinpoint where some of these themes recur?
  13. Is there anything in Hollywood being made that’s like Endurance nowadays? (in terms of potential substance)
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