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  1. Has anyone made an edited version of Raiders of the Lost Ark that completely removes Indiana Jones? Since everything would’ve been fine without him.
  2. The scores are exceptional listening, but the movies are embarrassingly pompous (Pocahontas moreso, back when white men making movies ‘discussing’ racism wasn’t as immediately laughed at as they are now). Menken’s (and Ashman’s) work for me peaked with Little Mermaid. There’s an energy and spontaneity to it that’s more polished with Beauty and the Beast and onward, but in turn feels more overtly manufactured and self-conscious.
  3. Instead of talking about another superhero movie score, ya’ll shall play Yoshi’s Woolly World.
  4. Just listen to The Omen instead, it’s the same dang thing but without Jason Alexander singing.
  5. Howard Ashman is why Little Mermaid’s great and Aladdin’s good in bits. Menken’s scores are pretty nondescript otherwise.
  6. Little Mermaid was Menken’s only great Disney work anyway.
  7. Baby’s Day Out by Bruce Broughton Wonderful score not served ideally by its 80-minute complete release. Luckily made a 49-minute playlist awhile ago.
  8. My favorite part of either score is Daffy Gremlin’s theme https://youtu.be/dVeM20cu5zQ
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