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  1. I hope he was able to do an end credits suite rather than us getting stuck with an end credits song!
  2. Does Black Beauty’s OST suffice, or is the LLL release essential?
  3. I saw this thread and immediately thought "I need to make sure someone hasn't already made an insecure joke, because if no one has yet, I NEED TO." Alas, my potential thunder was stolen by the likes of you.
  4. If it's not on the album, it was probably excluded for good reason.
  5. Adding more minutes to a boring score doesn't suddenly cause it to become less boring. If anything, Star Wars albums could stand to be shorter.
  6. “The Hidden World” from, well, HTTYD3: The Hidden World.
  7. Time to get excited for Call of the Wild, and then otherwise stop caring about film music again once that’s out!
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