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  1. Don’t bottle it up, it ain’t healthy. Give me your rage, I most likely won’t read it anyway.
  2. I sat through the first two Raimi Spider-Man movies involuntarily when they came out and don’t see what “character” there is to “musically embody” beyond being very whiny and having a toxic girlfriend.
  3. If we shouldn’t do such, then what’s the point of a forum about film music? @TownerFan Curious that they’d give much thought or go so far as to homogenize a composer’s work, when more than likely the score’s going to be buried under sound effects anyway.
  4. He has the worst pitch of any composer I've ever heard in my entire life. (I don't know what pitch means in the context of film music, I just want to be a sexy contrarian getting some attention)
  5. Does it matter how dark his scores can get? I can see them just fine!
  6. I worry sometimes that The Fury might be my favorite John Williams score. Yeah, yeah, I know, how predictable, his favorite is one of his few horror scores.
  7. Giacchino, so that ya’ll can have a breakdown over it.
  8. The Perfect Storm by James Horner Recall reading old posts about how this score is too schmaltzy, and now it seems as though folks are begging for these kinds of scores to come back. Suckers!
  9. Certainly can’t be because they got bored of the series and don’t have much else to say musically. Not that Beltrami ever had much to say beyond being a poor man’s Christopher Young.
  10. I’d rather ponder which of the two would win in a boxing match. In which case, probably Silvestri. James seemed a bit scrawny.
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