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New Album - FSU University Wind Orchestra: John Williams 90th Birthday Celebration


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On 16/3/2024 at 5:12 AM, Miguel Andrade said:

Are Mark Records CDs actually pressed or just CD-Rs? Anyone knows?

Most of them pop up only as digital downloads. 


My physical CD arrived today (purchased directly from Mark Records). It appears to be a pressed CD. But generally they do not release CDs and focus on digital. But it's possible that the schools do get a number of physical copies. Mark Records does a lot of band competition recordings (which more times than not have a JW track or two). 

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I'm conflicted on this album, having attended the University of Florida and then transferring to (and graduating from) the University of Miami. ;)


In all seriousness, always great to hear new recordings of Williams' music played by a wind ensemble.  Will have to check it out!

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Yeah, the mixing is definitely not good. The playing is not bad, but it's more of an anomaly than a must own (except for crazy people like me).

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