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  1. Yeah, love this scene. Munich actually features some of the fanciest and most complex single Spielberg shots ever... I know many don't know this. There's another shot which takes place inside a car with the assassins sitting inside (making use of the rear view mirror), which stuck in my mind.
  2. I too still have the original diorama packaging somewhere, but I took out the CD and put it in a regular jewel case long ago. No way am I gonna slide the CD into the cardboard folder, where it can easily get scratched!
  3. That diorama sure was the worst idea in the long sad history of bad ideas!
  4. This is a joke, right? They don't sound anything alike.
  5. Covid-19 is, of course, a subject unto itself. The US film industry should really be the last of most Americans' concern right now, what with the country being increasingly engulfed in chaos and violence, ugly politics and racial division, on top of the virus... Indeed. But man, that's a bit shocking. How time flies. Somehow I doubt that. First of all the US economy won't take another 2 years of this. It would totally decimate the country (which already has a debt of like 24 trillion). The Great Depression would look like a day at the beach in comparison. I think it'll be over by the end of the year (or beginning of next year), one way or another. Not really. It's about Williams and Spielberg. Nobody doubts that Spielberg will make more movies, and Williams will in all likelihood score a few more movies too. The only question is, will there be another project that would suit them both? Especially now that we know that a Spielberg movie doesn't automatically mean a Williams score anymore!
  6. Well, that's my question. Will that happen, do you think, or not?
  7. Indy 5 may be a hope, but I'm not sure about that at all. Remember how long it took to even make KotCS happen! I hope I'm wrong, but I'm starting to feel that The Post was indeed the last. What do you think?
  8. I meant whether the performance conducted by JW was recorded...
  9. For a long time after I heard the alternate version, I couldn't decide what to make of it. I was so used to the original. This new opening seemed somehow too loud, too over-the-top, too jarring. However, you almost get used to anything. Now I totally get what Williams was trying to do... Anyway, I like them both, but the alternate version seems more powerful and also more original Williams (and not Steiner)! Of course just an intro insert. The main is exactly the same. But that doesn't bother me at all. Has it been recorded at all? Is it on YouTube?
  10. On the LLL release of The Lost World. Sure, the difference is only in the first 14 seconds or so, but still - I feel like John Williams himself couldn't decide which version he likes better, that's why he recorded them both. The first, original version (with the timpanis) is clearly an hommage to Max Steiner's King Kong. However, the alternate version strikes me as a bit more "badass," wilder, more aggressive, and ultimately exciting - hence these days I prefer this version over the original. That said, in any case, this piece is one of the most exciting and awesome from the latter part of John Williams's career! Absolutely love it.
  11. Plagiarism is a bit harsh, and also unfitting a term. He used the same idea twice. So? He came up with it. He can use it as often as he likes, if he sees fit to do so!
  12. Yeah, the mood is indeed similar. Especially Danny Elfman's original theme.
  13. Few people know this, but that's actually the concert piece of No Ticket. "Dobby's Theme" is seriously one of the most cheerful, charming, and feel-good pieces written by Williams. Invariably makes me smile. Too bad it was underused in the movie. Yes. Indeed. And if that had been included in the poll, you'd have voted for that?!
  14. Great! Thanks for the thorough and insightful answer. As for me, I find all 3 concert pieces stunningly beautiful, listenable, and well-written! I'm talking about these pieces in their own right, not necessarily the individual themes as integrated in the film. Each in their own way, they grab you, hold your attention, and mesmerise you. But I chose "The Chamber of the Secrets" too. Arguably the most powerful and electrifying of the bunch, with "Fawkes the Phoenix" being a close second.
  15. Well, that's you - like I said, I feel differently. Besides, my home is large enough to accommodate all of my CD collection...
  16. This looks like a poll I would do... Anyway, I voted Harry Potter! But they're all pretty much on the same level for me.
  17. Well, for me, it's about the collector's value (plus a dose of nostalgia). If you own the first edition of your favourite book (let's say Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or whatever), would you throw it away because a newer version came out with better, more legible print, with a new introduction and afterword, new illustrations, updated cover art etc.? Well, for me, that's a big no. The first edition will always hold a very special place in my heart. But that's just me. You're welcome to have your own take on things.
  18. For a second I was like, Again, another Jurassic Park release? 😂 Then I saw this is an old thread from 2016. It will never go extinct, apparently...
  19. Nobody cares what you "think."
  20. Sad news. A reminder that we're all mortal. RIP.
  21. I was just about to do this very poll, but then you beat me to it! Damn you!
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