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  1. That AotC cover is very unique and cool. Though I'm curious what the two lightsaber duels represent?
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the opening was a flashback. I'm starting to think that was intentional. It was nice to see the shadow of the purrgill, making their live action debut. Nevarro looks GORGEOUS, almost like something out of LOTR. To think it used to be Mos Eisley 2.0. As Mando says, "It doesn't even look like the same place". I hope Weathers gets more to do this season than in Season 2. And it was interesting to hear them explain away Carano's absence. The Babu Frik aliens had me chuckling. But why did Greef Karga need to translate? Did Mando really have that much trouble understanding them? Did Koska Reeve abandon Bo-Katan as well? Or was she just off somewhere else? Shirley's music stood out to me most during the asteroid chase (and a bit during the opening). I did appreciate how he manipulated the theme throughout.
  3. "White Knight" is my winner, along with the unlisted "Backseat Pilot". The cues from TWINE are a close second, though.
  4. I agree 100% about Backseat Pilot. Also, I wonder if the scene was originally longer? That would explain why the original cue is longer.
  5. I hope they commission you in the future. You make gorgeous covers.
  6. And it sounds like there's some unused music after Carver gets the jump on Bond. Also, it's not a David Arnold score unless somebody or something "gets it" by the end.
  7. Neil specified on the FSM thread that the Oxford cue was a licensed recording of a Beerhoven piece. Agreed about the Hamburg cues. I was sure it would be "Hamburg Break Out (Extended Version)". But if one wants them combined, we have editing software for that. Certainly easier than splitting! But the bonus version says "Film Opening", so what exactly do you mean?
  8. Vader was fine in Obi-Wan, imo. It was really only some of the other characters that brought the show down.
  9. For the opening percussion, the film version takes the cake. But the rest? I have to say the album version. There's a certain oomph in that performance that the film version lacks.
  10. Ugh, that was such a hideous edit.... In HP1, I find it weird that part of "The Library Scene" was overlayed with "The Chess Board". On the other hand, "The Return Home" being tracked into "The Ways of the Force" was immensely satisfying to me.
  11. I agree, Yates was what drove the movies down.
  12. I mean, it was written as a children's score (for a children's movie). It's very whimsical in nature, and I can see how it might be overbearing for some. But for its intent, I think it does its job well.
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