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  1. I prefer hearing the finer details of a score. If that can be achieved alongside an expansive sound, great. But if I can only have one, I'll almost always choose the details.
  2. For me, it's between "X Marks the Spot" and "Map/Out of Fuel". The Last Crusade is my favorite film in the series, so I think "X" gets the edge. But they are both great.
  3. I'd buy HP4 in a heartbeat
  4. Agreed. It can certainly come later, but the one we have now isn't bad, especially if you put it in film order.
  5. Is there any indication all that unreleased POA alternate stuff was recorded?
  6. I wonder why Sunbeam Strings is at the end of the cue list, if it was a revision. You'd think it would be something like 5m40R.
  7. So then we don't know what "The Beam Is Released" sounds like at all? Unless of course, they're basically identical.
  8. Wait, so "The Starkiller" on the album is a suite recording of sorts? I always thought the OST track sounded identical to the film version.
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