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  1. That "Hold Hands" cue is really beautiful, albeit in a simple way. But it's one of my favorites, and I'm glad it was included.
  2. Actually, that reminds me. I need to draft up topic suggestions for the upcoming staff meeting at work...
  3. Now THAT would have been one hell of a subversion/reworking! Now I hope somebody makes a mock-up of how that could've sounded.
  4. Yeah, I'm not sure why Mike put 7M3 in its recorded spot, since it's completely irrelevant to the film's presentation anyway.
  5. Political controversies have no bearing on how good or bad Clapton's song would have been. We forget that celebrities are still people, and are thus entitled to their opinion.
  6. It's not nearly as badass without the drums that they STILL didn't add on the remastered version. "Film mixes" my ass...
  7. True, but that doesn't make it a dark score overall. Though I agree about Marley's motif.
  8. As far as my Williams knowledge goes, I'd say "Revenge of the Sith". Good chunks of that score are hella intense and/or give me the feels. "Temple of Doom" has some dark and scary cues, but is not as dark a score overall imo. I haven't seen WOTW or heard the score. Maybe I should?
  9. I prefer hearing the finer details of a score. If that can be achieved alongside an expansive sound, great. But if I can only have one, I'll almost always choose the details.
  10. For me, it's between "X Marks the Spot" and "Map/Out of Fuel". The Last Crusade is my favorite film in the series, so I think "X" gets the edge. But they are both great.
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