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  1. Dear Basketball is one of the best works by John Williams. I want it (the film also)in better quality!!
  2. Well if you understand anything about music, musicality and the craftsmanship, he's quite much above anybody else currently and actually for so many years. And I think this forum is good for a fan like me.
  3. I you think Gravity was the best score that year( better than TBT) you are in the wrong forum. Try to google " the best sound design/sound effects forums"
  4. Yes the flub people are back!! Amazing concerts but their lives are ruined by a flub.
  5. Maybe it was their mutual decision to go that direction. I'm so sad they didn't ask ocelot.
  6. The Journey Begins is so wonderful. That last modulation at 5:00 sums up their amazing collaboration. 😍😭🥰
  7. And you have seen the film? Thanks for the two more beers.
  8. I really hope so and if you say, after seeing the film, hearing the whole cd multiple times and its still bad, I'm totally ok. It is not for you. But please, give it a chance.
  9. Without seeing the movie? 😜🫣😱😂 I have a very nice tradition. When new JW score is coming, I always bought 200 bottles of beer. When the first sound clips(1.7 seconds) come out( or some photo of sheet music + transcription of the theme) I start my game. Every time I see a negative comment here of that, I will have a beer And there are many bashers , even a competition, who is first. Always the same dudes, mentioned here, my heroes. But it works, I'm always drunk. Many weeks. They haven't seen the film, the inspiration for the composer but they know better. I love this place.
  10. What? I think The Reivers is one of the most brilliant score from that era by any composer and definitely one of the best by JW
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