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  1. "In 1949, Deutsche Grammophon sold the German rights of the His Master's Voice trademark to the Electrola unit of EMI. The dog and gramophone were replaced by the crown of tulips, designed by Siemens advertising consultant Hans Domizlaff." Maybe tulips are yellow? Deutsche Grammophon - Wikipedia The designer apparently was a pioneer of "corporate design" - with certain roots in Nazi-Germany, but with an interesting role in nature conservation. Hans Domizlaff – Wikipedia
  2. No, that's already out. The new one is a yellow-labeled Digipack containing Bluray and standard CD. The edition the world really needs ;-)
  3. https://www.amazon.de/John-Williams-Vienna-Deluxe-BluRay/dp/B08WS771JT/ref=mp_s_a_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=john+williams+vienna&qid=1614180099&sprefix=john+williams+&sr=8-8 I think the only difference will be the yellow logo.
  4. There is still one more edition to add. Deluxe Edition with yellow label (1 CD & 1 Bluray). Out March 12.
  5. There's this collectable DVD out now with JW on the cover, the full interview with Tanglewood and Vienna footage. https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/classic/detail/-/art/a-world-without-beethoven/hnum/10392522?iampartner=froogle Also in full length on YouTube.
  6. The double SACD from Japan comes in a slightly thicker jewel case. Why do I find such things interesting?
  7. One should set-up a blind-test experiment on a representative group of individuals under identical controlled conditions.
  8. UHQCD play on normal CD-players. SHM-CD = Super High Material Compact Disc; invented by Universal Music Japan using superior materials to manufacture CDs. I can't really tell the difference between UHQCD and SHM-CD. There are also SHM-SACD around.
  9. The tie also switches at the end of Tintin. By the way, where's the applause at the beginning of the Imperial March? Some more grey-tie footage (Saturday) here at 09:28 : BFMI * Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images
  10. But I have really no reason to complain as I'm on the inner cover of all European editions.
  11. Followed by the "Authentic Edition" 4 CD set with the complete raw material of both Vienna concerts (18th, 19th January, resp.), with bonus material from the rehearsals and the extra takes.
  12. I actually bought the Chairman's Waltz + Prayer for Peace single in Vienna...long before the gold rush. "big box" - you mean Sony JW The Conductor?
  13. Seemso. Die von Universal Japan angebotenen Discs sind zusätzlich MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) codiert. John Williams in Vienna - Sieveking Sound (sieveking-sound.de)
  14. So that obsessed nerds like me are forced to buy a total of 8 audio versions: golden single Digipack yellow single Digipack black vinyl with golden label black vinyl with yellow label golden vinyl with golden label (Ltd, numbered) yellow Digipack 2-CD "Live Edition" semi-golden single UHQCD (Japan) - jewel case yellow 2-SACD "Live Edition" (Japan) - jewel case plus: yellow single Blu-ray (new) Ltd Deluxe Edition Ltd Deluxe Edition signed by ASM glossy golden sleeved UHQCD + Blu-ray (Japan) - maxi jewel case
  15. Not a SACD but a UHQCD in a normal jewel case (without the applause). Jpc have one left in stock - but it should still be available elsewhere worldwide. Anne-Sophie Mutter & John Williams - In Vienna (Ultimate High Quality CD) (CD) – jpc John Williams in Vienna - Sieveking Sound (sieveking-sound.de) John Williams live in Vienna (hifi-linzbach.de) There is also a XL-jewel case with UHQCD plus Blu-ray. John Williams-John Williams IN Vienna-Japan Uhqcd + Blu-Ray Ltd / Ed Q06 Japan | eBay.
  16. It's arrived - thanks to jpc! It's more or less the same as the yellow-label Digipack: glossy, no gold, same photo inside, but holding 2 CDs! The sticker is on the outside foil.
  17. The little elf in my library is telling me "Stop, stop, stop it!" - but I sometimes get the feeling that CD's are being phased out, and thus I have fallen for the hard-copy, retro and second hand market. I also believe that my hard-copy collection is a permanent record of my own journey through music. And I tend to get sentimental at times when thinking back of the days when my Dad took the seven-year old boy to see and hear "Star Wars IV". John William's pre-Corona concerts in Vienna were historical milestones in every respect, worth taking up some extra space at home.
  18. It's what you call obsession. I even have the limited ASM-signed Deluxe issue from jpc which sold out like hot Schnitzel.
  19. Cool - note the SACD logo! I like New Music Fridays.
  20. There's also a Ltd SACD version available in Japan: ジョン・ウィリアムズ ライヴ・イン・ウィーン【SA-CD】【SA-CD HYBRID】 | ジョン・ウィリアムズ | UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE (universal-music.co.jp) Quick, rush!
  21. My 2-CD Live Edition has just left jpc. Amazon shows the back-cover...looks like another DigiPack.
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