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  1. 80. Ball der Wiener Philharmoniker Feierliche Eröffnung: Wiener Philharmoniker Dirigent: Andris Nelsons 80. Ball der Wiener Philharmoniker - Wiener Philharmoniker Longtime BSO Maestro Seiji Ozawa's Winding Road To Stardom In Japan | WBUR News
  2. I remember getting the OST first and then seeing the film. Great opportunity to revisit! Love those Africana and Americana vibes.
  3. If they are only releasing three digital singles I don't think DG's subby Emil Berliner Studios will be pleased. But perhaps they are prepairing for some limited direct-to-disc release with these digi-singles acting as bait.
  4. There was also VC No. 2 with selected film arrangements but that is all covered by Tanglewood/Boston... Still hoping for a full physical release of Vienna II early 2023!
  5. Vienna Philharmonic, John Williams NEW DG single releases announced! "Sound the bells!" - December 2 2022 “March of the Resistance” - February 3 2023 ..."Bereits am 11. November wurde die Single “Fawkes the Phoenix” mit Ausschnitten der Filmmusik aus dem zweiten Harry Potter-Film “Harry Potter und die Kammer des Schreckens” veröffentlicht. Am 2. Dezember erscheint die Single “Sound the bells!”, eine festliche Fanfare, für die sich Williams von traditionellen japanischen Tempelglocken inspirieren ließ. Am 3. Februar 2023 folgt schließlich die dritte Single mit Williams' “March of the Resistance” aus dem Film “Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht”. Source: John Williams | News | Reich bestücktes Jubiläumsjahr zum 90. Geburtstag von John Williams (deutschegrammophon.com) unofficial translation: The single “Fawkes the Phoenix” with excerpts of the film music from the second Harry Potter film “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” was released on November 11th. December 2 will see the release of the single "Sound the bells!", a celebratory fanfare inspired by traditional Japanese temple bells. Finally, on February 3, 2023, the third single will follow with Williams' “March of the Resistance” from the film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”."
  6. What if they had left them all in? "And the winner is... Friedrich Kuhlau!" Fame at last!
  7. They played "Mother and Son" this morning on BR Klassik following a review of the album (in German): https://www.br.de/radio/live/br-klassik/programm/2022-11-23/3302726/#t=07:14:54 Aufnahmeprüfung: "Die Fabelmans" - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Ben Alber
  8. The sluggish sale of rehearsal tickets indicates that there are only a few true John Williams fans in the <30 age class. Why is this? I'm curious if and when the age limit will be lifted (and prices will rise).
  9. Yep, you need to download your tickets from your online acount. They are hidden under some kind of "my orders" menu.
  10. Good to know that JW is not just coming over for a single appearance. Makes it all more worthwhile. I hope someone is making sure the concert is recorded. Recordings made during the dress rehearsal should be used as back-up.
  11. I got an email from the Filarmonica which translates like this: Philharmonic Generation 2023 200 season tickets at €100 for the 2023 season Open rehearsal of the John Williams concert Also this year Generazione Filarmonica, the initiative of the Filarmonica della Scala, created with the support of Allianz, makes 100+100 seats available to young people up to 30 in all sectors for just €100, from the stalls to the boxes until exhaustion of 200 availabilities, for two subscription proposals: Rosso, which includes the 5 concerts from January 23rd to March 27th Blu, with 5 concerts from 3 April to 20 November 2023. The Open Rehearsal of the John Williams concert on Sunday 11 December at 3.15 pm is also part of the Under30 proposal, single ticket cost from €10 to €50. The Open Rehearsal is free for those who purchase both Generazione Filarmonica season tickets: by sending a copy of the two season tickets (Red and Blue) via email to biglietteria@filarmonica.it the buyer will receive a free ticket for the Open Rehearsal. Tickets for John Williams' Open Rehearsal and season tickets are on sale at https://filarmonica.vivaticket.it starting from Friday 18 November 2022 at 2.00 pm The Filarmonica Generation subscriptions and tickets are strictly personal and non-transferable except to spectators who meet the promotion requirements (Under 30). For the purchase it is necessary to enter the date of birth and a document proving the requirements may be requested upon entry to the Theater. For further information +39 02 72 02 36 71 and on www.filarmonica.it Note the section about "free" tickets!
  12. This looks like a third version from the same angle: Standard version: Fa(w)kes version:
  13. Wagner ended the Ring by merging key Leitmotifs and not by presenting a potpourri of the "best of". I think the merging of the Kylo and Rey/Emperor themes plus the overarching TROS melody did that job. The final potpourri was how variety shows usually end - perhaps intended for comic relief?
  14. But one mic doesn't look like it was permanently installed at a fixed point. Here's to hope!
  15. 2 x NN...? Andris Nelsons will be with the VPO in January 2023 so a likely conductor at the ball.
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