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  1. Much better than the hideous cover art we got in the jewel case. When I ripped this into my iTunes I reordered the tracks to make the OST disc 1 using the original cover art, the film score tracks as disc 2 using the hideous LLL cover art and the alternates and bonus stuff as disc 3 using he disaster box cover art. I’ll definitely update the cover art using this new one. I do this with all deluxe sets where the OST presentation is part of the program. When scrolling through my albums I’d rather see the original cover art. Rarely do I prefer expanded/deluxe edition cover art over the original. LLL’s Towering Inferno cover art is especially ugly. Earthquake is close enough to the original that I used that. This latest edition of Poseidon Adventure is the best cover art yet for that one.
  2. Up for sale now are... Towering Inferno FSM CD Earthquake CD Poseidon Adventure LLL 2010 Release Acquire them now at reasonable prices!
  3. I would never ever listen to the same track over and over like that. 2 times in a row is extremely rare apart from “Helicopter” as I noted above. When I was really really young I would listen to things like Star Wars Main Title, TIE Fighter Attack and Superman Main Theme over and over again on my Dad’s turntable.
  4. Don’t know what you mean by “on repeat” but I usually listen to music in shuffle mode and when “The Helicopter Sequence” from Superman comes on I have to listen that one twice in a row.
  5. Thanks, I was about to post this. The symphony and the musicians agreed on a one-year contract through June. So, these concert dates should be safe. I do fear another lockout/strike situation in Fall 2020 though.
  6. I reached out to the USCG Band directly and did eventually receive a physical copy of this CD last year.
  7. And it's official. Postponed until spring. New dates will be announced in the next couple weeks.
  8. If anyone here has tickets to next week's Empire Strikes Back LTP concert at the Baltimore Symphony, the musicians are currently on strike and the concerts next weekend are in danger of being cancelled or postponed. This sucks.
  9. BFG, it's solidly mediocre and listenable. The other two don't do anything for me.
  10. Good question, I selected "Probably not". It was through Williams that I discovered other film composers and classical music, etc. I don't see that happening if this kind of music wasn't presented to me in such a way via Lucas/Spielberg/Williams in the early 1980s.
  11. It's not an ideal release by any means but overall still enjoyable at the time for all the great music that was left off of the OST. I still have my copy of it.
  12. I most want Sugarland Express but voted Amistad, it seems like the likeliest candidate.
  13. I bought Jaws, Jaws 2, Superman: The Movie and Superman II/III. The extra STM source music on II/III was enough to make me buy it.
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