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  1. Finally the Schindler’s List I-know-but-they’re-all-dead joke gets an official release!
  2. I watched/listened to it this morning. Yes, a lot of the usual fanboy gushing and familiar trivia about the movie but I found it interesting when the conductor talked about what he and the orchestra have to do to prepare and rehearse for these live to picture concerts. And my god, they tell Williams’ Schindler’s List joke again 🤦‍♂️
  3. Ah, got it. I scrolled through the thread before I posted, I didn’t notice that link. Usually the cover art gets posted directly in these threads.
  4. Anyone here have, or know where I can find, hi-res cover art for the individual discs in this set?
  5. I just listened to the OST for probably the last time. Such a great score. Back in the early days of my soundtrack collecting, this was one of the very first soundtracks I bought for a movie that I hadn't seen. And not only that I had no interest in seeing it, but it had John Williams name on it. I remember being hesitant and questioning my own judgment on whether I should get it... of course I was not disappointed.
  6. This track is a perfect little mini score unto itself.
  7. I wouldn't say that it's the best piece on the soundtrack, but ever since the expanded soundtracks have come out "On The Tank" has been my favorite most listened-to track.
  8. As soon as they announced the box set I put them up for sale. They didn't sell for what they used to go for but still enough to pay for the new box set.
  9. Spielberg is still producing and will be heavily involved and I'm sure Williams still feels some musical ownership towards the franchise. They will undoubtedly offer it to Williams first. The likeliest scenario is a Solo/Superman IV type of arrangement with Williams composing a new theme or two with another composer taking on the rest of the scoring duties.
  10. Much better than the hideous cover art we got in the jewel case. When I ripped this into my iTunes I reordered the tracks to make the OST disc 1 using the original cover art, the film score tracks as disc 2 using the hideous LLL cover art and the alternates and bonus stuff as disc 3 using he disaster box cover art. I’ll definitely update the cover art using this new one. I do this with all deluxe sets where the OST presentation is part of the program. When scrolling through my albums I’d rather see the original cover art. Rarely do I prefer expanded/deluxe edition cover art over
  11. Up for sale now are... Towering Inferno FSM CD Earthquake CD Poseidon Adventure LLL 2010 Release Acquire them now at reasonable prices!
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