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  1. McLaglen also directed Mitchell (1975)… wow, maybe in some alternate universe Williams scores that instead of Jaws
  2. The most film music-y classical music to my ears is the first movement of Bruckner’s 6th (Maestoso) and the last movement of Bruckner’s 8th. The first couple minutes of the Maestoso sound like a Main Title cue for a superhero movie, and the last five or so minutes of it sounds like an epic Finale cue.
  3. I own the Holst Planets BPO album, that is a good one.
  4. Thanks for posting, I just watched this - or most of it. Didn’t watch the Sinatra medley at the end. We had tickets to see Borge but the concert was canceled when his wife died, then he died shortly after.
  5. Jay, that's pretty much my opinion of the album too. Though I do also really like the Pavane album opener and Le Cygne (The Swan), very nice pieces of music that I discovered through this album. I remember in my early days of film score CD buying when I was discovering these BPO albums I was kinda bothered that Williams didn't include one of his own love themes on this album.
  6. I own Bernstein By Boston and the only piece I like from it is the Candide Overture.
  7. Oh man, I am behind on these... I’d never heard Peter & The Wolf or JW’s conducting of the Nutcracker before. I made it a few minutes into Peter & The Wolf just now on Spotify and I got bored with it. I might have liked this as a kid, but it’s not my cup of tea today. Swing, Swing, Swing is one of my favorite BPO albums. It’s great from start to finish and it was my first introduction to some of these classic tunes. I always found this recording of “Swing, Swing, Swing” to be pretty sloppy, the BPO is not up to this piece like whatever studio ensemble played o
  8. Just a guestimate but I voted a couple times a year. It’s beautiful music, and always a moving experience.
  9. Never owned this album and never heard it. I listened to one song on Spotify just now... hard pass on this one.
  10. Film - Jaws. This movie has aged so well and still holds up to repeat viewing. Score In Film - Jaws. This was the toughest choice as both movies rely on their score in different ways. Ultimately, Jaws gets the edge just because the film relies a little more on the music than CE3K does, in my opinion. The music stands in for the shark through most of the runtime, it's truly a lesser movie without that score. Score on Album - Close Encounters. I don't listen to this score too often and I only listen to it in its entirety when I do. This music is an experience unto i
  11. Damn you for making me choose between these two.... I will mull this over.
  12. OK, that would make sense, if the report is true. And it sounds like some of the bosses I've had...
  13. Why would JW almost quit because JJ came back to direct 9? Seemed like they got along fine.
  14. Definitely the Original Star Wars Trilogy, remastered C&C + OST by MM That Universal Collection is a close second just to have all that unreleased stuff. Then the Indy box, I’m mostly happy with the expanded releases we got despite some of their issues. Then a C&C Star Wars Prequel box, I am content with what is available and what’s been leaked. Then an Oliver Stone box, I’m content with the OSTs. I like BOT4OJ but not crazy about the other two. Lastly, a Star Wars Sequel Trilogy box. I really dislike these movies and am la
  15. Yes, I was disappointed in this score when the movie first came out. And no, the expansion didn’t change my opinion. Outside of the Main Theme, The Hunt, Rescuing Sarah and The Raptors Appear this score doesn’t do much for me.
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