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  1. To be honest, I expected some more from the film. Especially considering that it is the end of the saga.
  2. I can't watch the series because I didn't even get Disney+. Hopefully something will appear on Youtube someday.
  3. I’m currently studying for my driver’s test that I probably will take January.
  4. Happy birthday to the one and only @mstrox!
  5. Can BattleFront 2 be considered as a “First Person Shooter” game or does it fall on another genre?
  6. It was the actors and cinema that make the OT what it is. Just the updated Jaba scene in A New Hope takes some of that atmosphere away.
  7. The hell with that. I know it’s all in fun, but it gets really annoying.
  8. With the holiday season, Ol’ Saint Nick always comes back.
  9. Definitely, though, there will be a composer who’s on top of all projects and oversees them.
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