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  1. An incredible cue for an incredible film scene. Its omission from the OST is probably the thing which led me to this board and into the whole world of FYCs and LTPs. That said, I wouldn’t call its omission from the OST perplexing, per se—it is omitted due to the presence of the concert version. Just disappointing as hell.
  2. Wow, that’s a hell of a hiatus, even considering COVID.
  3. Is there any music from this series which has been released outside the OST?
  4. That’s a great question which genre fiction often asks, often by beginning the character’s arc with a deplorable act.
  5. Amoral under what moral code? And so what? Jaime Lannister kills the king, fucks his sister, throws a 6-year-old kid out a window, and STILL gets redeemed. He’s some peoples’ favorite character!
  6. Where do you guys come up with rules of who can and can’t redeem themselves, and under what circumstances?
  7. If they had gone with Rey being a Kenobi, people would be pointing to the final bars of TFA as proof that JW knew all along.
  8. It is truly a great game and a great Middle-earth game. We play with four players and always have a blast.
  9. The big three for me right now are War of the Ring, Firefly, and Wingspan. More common standbys include Settlers, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, San Juan, the occasional Clue (Cluedo).
  10. The Enterprise underwent structural integrity testing, while fuels and consumables were purged. This testing gave additional insight as to exactly what bulkheads were showing the greatest wear. My guess is the E was due for a one-year haulout after its 5-year cruise anyway, plus it was the class ship for the new uprated design, so the idea that it underwent additional testing and structural repairwork before the formal 18-month refit process began makes sense to me. So Scotty spends that first year at some lab somewhere, designing new general warp technology or whatever, before being assigned
  11. I want to carry around a six-foot pole like Cartman! I lost it when they shot Token!!
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