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  1. https://www.fathomevents.com/events/Star-Trek-IV-The-Voyage-Home-35th-Anniversary
  2. David Lynch’s Wisteria Updates : Cast tease involvement & Twin Peaks connection – Moviehole
  3. I’m not sold on DS9. I watched its famous “Trials and Tribble-ations” episode. A technical masterpiece, but the plot was unsatisfactory. The DS9 regulars were unimpressive: Brooks, Auberjonois, and Dorn mumbled their lines sleepily, and Meaney looked unwell. Only Farrell and Siddig seemed to be trying. Finally, the aesthetics (costumes, sets, models) in the DS9 present were unremarkable, dark, and “generic sci-fi,” quite the opposite of the warm and vivid aesthetics of both TOS and TNG. But yeah, mainly shocked to see Brooks phone it in, knowing he was going to be in an ep. alongside Shatner a
  4. Most Star Trek fans are fans of either TOS (the show) or TNG (the show) or both. The movies are mostly nostalgia trips; you don’t get a lot of fans who are in it mainly for the movies.
  5. Star Trek is about three things: ideals, exploration, and colorful uniforms. The Orville hits that sweet spot. It’s probably for the best that it can’t reference Trek lore every five seconds, or hinge its plot on fangasm moments. Trek at its best was also a bare-bones framework for science fiction stories, not big on lore, not super self-referential. I don’t know if the franchise knows how to do that anymore. Beyond is the closest it has come in recent memory.
  6. I watch 4K77 for SW, and Harmy’s for ESB and RotJ. Gorgeous movies, and incredible work on the fan restorations.
  7. Watching Superman (1978) for the first time ever, with my son. It is the Extended Cut, so we are watching it spread out over three nights. I bought this Blu-ray: So now I am looking for Superman II on Blu-ray. Not The Donner Cut, just the regular one I remember from having watched it at least twice growing up. I’m not sure, but it looks like the only way to get it in the US is in a 5-film collection. Super annoying.
  8. Agreed. Incredible score, but throw the OST down the well!
  9. The core of what makes TFA rewatchable is how likable the characters are, especially the main trio of Rey and Finn and Han. You get great chemistry, natural humor, and relatable motivations.
  10. I’ll be another contrarian. I love the entire Beatles canon, and have obsessed about just about every album. (My latest kick has been Let It Be... Naked and McCartney’s Ram.) But my very favorite albums are their early albums, specifically the U.S. albums. I like the assembly of these albums; the flow from song to song works really well. Also by listening to them you get more songs without having to resort to singles. My absolute favorites: #1 is The Early Beatles. A really fun and romantic album. “Ask Me Why” and “P.S. I Love You” are two of my favorite Beatles songs. The epitome
  11. Race is an issue within Middle-earth. A show about Númenor can hardly avoid it. I wonder if they will be able to tackle it without coming across as pandering or preachy. The Númenóreans were pretty big jerk colonialists who put indigenous peoples to the sword in order to pave the way for themselves or their allies to settle. Sometimes these people were Sauron-worshippers, but Tolkien still does not condone them being persecuted, and wrote a pretty poignant story (“Tal-Elmar”) from their point of view. Others (notably the Dunlendings) were not in league with Sauron but became so after Númenoréa
  12. STILL out of stock. Wait! It was back in stock and I missed it? Aargh!
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