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  1. I was really very excited about TLJ, and still cared at that point. TFA had set up some really tantalizing possibilities, fans were throwing around some great theories about its mysteries and what the future held. And it was going to be about Luke Skywalker!! Going into TRoS, I already didn’t care at all what would happen, at all. It felt like a spinoff, a standalone.
  2. Hawley Trek mentioned: https://www.flickeringmyth.com/2020/04/exclusive-interview-composer-jeff-russo-on-scoring-star-trek-picard-noah-hawleys-star-trek-movie-and-more/
  3. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial 35th Anniversary Edition The Rescue and Bike Chase The Departure End Credits
  4. You guys, seriously, the five books that Timothy Zahn wrote in the 90s nailed it. All the stuff you’re talking about. Walked the fine line. Fun adventures. Satisfying. Don’t undo RotJ. If you like books or audiobooks, check them out!
  5. Additions to Jay’s list Half-hour comedies: Community Arrested Development Hour-long dramas: Firefly (semi-comedic) Alias Chuck (comedic) Rome Mad Men (dark and dreary, tho)
  6. Eh, well, never say never. I read voraciously in my youth, then it pretty much dried up for a decade or two, and now I’ve at least got a pretty steady stream going, mostly through audiobooks.
  7. He’s raking $20 million a year already. He’s more interested in winning Hugos than anything else. Anyway, one short story is not going to derail A Dream of Spring in any significant way. ASOIAF has clearly become a chore. Whatever he’s motivated to write is fine with me, at this point. Have you read the Dunk & Egg stories, by the way? Delightful stuff!
  8. I wouldn’t say ‘no reason.’ We can at least tentatively rely on his statements of the past year, which have been pretty emphatic and repeated on this point. The Winds of Winter is next, followed by a ‘Dunk & Egg’ story, followed by A Dream of Spring. He has made no promises past that, except that he would probably like to do more ‘Dunk & Egg’ stories, and he would like to do another ‘Targaryens book’ (as you call it), but IF this happens it will not be till after A Dream of Spring.
  9. 13 arrangements, by my count: Fanfare and Prologue Journey to Exegol We Go Together The Speeder Chase The Final Saber Duel Anthem of Evil The Rise of Skywalker Destiny of a Jedi Battle of the Resistance The Force Is with You Farewell Reunion A New Home
  10. Are they not done shooting? From what I can find out, they have been filming since October. There are 11 episodes in the season. They’re shooting on an 8-day schedule, or at least they were for Season 1. I figure worst case scenario they at most have 2 episodes left to shoot. Anyway, more time for the composers, right?
  11. Glad to hear he is staying isolated. Also glad to hear he is writing. It is definitely still TWoW, though. When he’s done, he will announce it, and it will get published ASAP.
  12. Definitely not. My “greater Star Wars” rewatch is generally something like this: Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Raiders of the Lost Ark E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Return of the Jedi Willow Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade plus the one nostalgia trip which works, Star Wars: The Force Awakens Depending on if kids are involved in the rewatch, I definitely consider including the Ewoks movies and the Star Wars episode of The Muppet Show.
  13. Eh, but that’s not the whole story. Plainly there was less of an appetite for a new film in 2018-19 than there was in 2015.
  14. Are we even going to get a Rise of Skywalker published concert suite? Live-to-projection concerts? I think it is a shame, because the soundtrack was an instant and total hit for me, but it seems like maybe Star Wars fatigue and malaise have set in even worse than it was for AotC and RotS. Sad if the score doesn’t live on. Who knows, maybe the next generation will resurrect it.
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