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  1. TFA is markedly prettier than TLJ, I thought. Compare the way Ahch-To is shot at the end of TFA vs. the beginning of TLJ.
  2. For your next four TOS outings, I recommend these—all with memorable and well-paced scripts, gorgeous cinematography, and committed performances: TOS: "The Naked Time" TOS: "Balance of Terror" TOS: "The Conscience of the King" TOS: "Mirror, Mirror" There are so many great ones, but I think those four are easily some of the most memorable. "Friday's Child" is also a personal favorite.
  3. It was an experiment to see if there was an appetite for more Star Wars films. They did everything-but-the-movie. The novel, the soundtrack, the video game, the toys. I like him in the Thrawn Trilogy. From the halfway point of the first book onward, anyway. He starts out a little mopey. But he finds a great balance between SW earnest and RotJ calm and ESB actioney.
  4. Love the podcast! Please consider Star Trek TMP!
  5. Hahah, love it! All wearing tuxedos, in my imagination, of course.
  6. Finished Orville S1. Liked it. Up to Ep. 4 of S2. Not enjoying it as much. The show now strikes me as TOO character-driven. I still appreciate that the characters are likable and the episodes self-contained, believe me, I do. I just think the wonder of space is missing.
  7. Cool, I listened to one called “The Greatest Generation,” it was great!
  8. Man, British chicks. Or is it British sensibilities? Every time I find myself on a UK news site, it sends me right down the rabbit hole into a world of big breasts.
  9. He needs to stop eating at Taco Bell.
  10. I was really very excited about TLJ, and still cared at that point. TFA had set up some really tantalizing possibilities, fans were throwing around some great theories about its mysteries and what the future held. And it was going to be about Luke Skywalker!! Going into TRoS, I already didn’t care at all what would happen, at all. It felt like a spinoff, a standalone.
  11. Hawley Trek mentioned: https://www.flickeringmyth.com/2020/04/exclusive-interview-composer-jeff-russo-on-scoring-star-trek-picard-noah-hawleys-star-trek-movie-and-more/
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