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  1. Re: Scherzo for X-Wings, it seems to me the concert arrangement was written first. It works as a concert piece. Sections of it are quoted in the film, but not really in a way that works musically. I wonder if it is something Williams felt inspired to write really early on in the process (before much of the plot of Star Wars VII had solidified)—a Luke Skywalker Suite that Williams assumed he could use somehow in a film about Luke Skywalker. Other musings. An extraordinary number of concert pieces emerge out of TFA, many of them with titles evoking classical symphonic movements. Migh
  2. Hmm, could be it was her intention to pivot into politics, and she figured this was the way to get the maximal buzz to kickstart her career. I heard there’s an opening in talk radio.
  3. Why does everyone “need” to air their politics all the time, these days? As an entertainer, your job is to maintain your image so as to maintain your appeal to your audience and your value to your employer. You bring scandal upon your employer or otherwise break your contract, that’s on you, you fired yourself. To me it’s just a matter of principle. I do wish this principle applied equally to Carano’s left-wing counterparts. What’s going to happen is we are going to end up with two completely separate entertainment industries based on right and left politics, and each side is going to consume
  4. I love this topic. I have put together as it were a complete and chronological TFA suite, and listen to it frequently. 1. Rey’s Theme 2. Adagio 3. March of the Resistance* 4. New Han Solo and the Princess 5. Scherzo for X-Wings 6. The Jedi Steps 7. Finale* * - I edited these so that T3 includes the short version of the March and T7 includes the long version of the March. I think this improves the pacing of the concert and makes the Finale rock as completely as possible, which it should. So the above is chronological order, but m
  5. I expect the Rian Johnson movies never materialize. I guess it’s possible they do materialize, down the road, amidst a sea of other Star Wars movies. I’m sure the TLJ fans would like that, and the rest of the fandom wouldn’t mind so much, as long as they could easily ignore them, and they were not seen to be carrying the torch of the franchise. But why make movies you are certain half your base will ignore or hate? Hence it is more likely IMO that they will remain a glint on the horizon, permanently, just as a signal to RJ fans, to try to keep them in the fold.
  6. Will they be able to surprise me… when they have already lost me as a customer?
  7. I guess it’s just the paradigm we live in now, where every franchise feels it must church out as much new content as possible. I thought it was crazy when they announced 6+ new Star Trek shows would all be coming out at once, but now everyone is doing it.
  8. Ah well, that whole fiction of the Saga being Lucas’s story as he always intended it from the beginning was part of the mystique and part of the fun. It was to help the audience believe they were participating in something grand and meaningful. There’s some value in that approach, and I’m surprised Disney so thoroughly discarded it.
  9. Novelizations are merchandise designed to advertise the movie. Basically they’re just the script of the movie with the barest effort taken to buff it up to the size of a novel. That’s why Lucas was listed as the author of the Star Wars novel, because the ghostwriter’s additions are insubstantial. Scintillating stuff.
  10. 60s, baby! Color, pow, sex, rock & roll. Iconic. Not as rewatchable as 60s Star Trek, but still, great fun with the family.
  11. I just keep enjoying the old stuff I like, and don’t expect to get into any of the new stuff. Not sure if that means I am or am not on board with the franchise. Probably mostly not. I’d buy a nice blu-ray set of the unaltered OT. I’d buy deluxe editions of the Thrawn and X-Wing books from the 90s, or the Han Solo books from the 70s. Soundtracks, obviously. But as for getting into the new stories, nah, can’t really think of anything that would interest me. Maybe something with Mark Hamill set pre-TLJ?
  12. This has been “temporarily out of stock” for a very long time. :/
  13. It’s like saying, “Do you have a reason for not reading War and Peace?”
  14. Well, and Donna’s storyline REALLY crashes and burns in Season 2. I loved Lara Flynn Boyle in the beginning, but I thought the recast for FWWM actually worked kind of perfectly, and I didn’t miss Donna in Season 3. It’s funny because in the show Donna and Audrey are clearly competing for leading lady status, only to have Heather Graham swoop in and literally take the crown.
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