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  1. Unfortunately, in the later seasons, the show more and more became like WWF: faces and heels. Make sure the bad guys are really cartoonishly odious so you know to cheer real big when the fan-favorites kill them off. Honestly I couldn’t stand Brienne or Arya by the end because they were just such unrelenting Mary Sues.
  2. https://thedigitalbits.com/item/star-trek-original-4-movie-4k-uhd-2021 Review of the new release of films #1-4. TMP has isolated score!
  3. Fred Steiner. His first two scores, “Charlie X” and “Mudd’s Women,” define the Star Trek sound.
  4. This came up here after the broadcast: Not sure if or where this info will be available after today. So just in case, here are the links: Hooray for Hollywood ArkivMusic iTunes Suite from Lawrence of Arabia ArkivMusic iTunes Excerpts from An American in Paris ArkivMusic iTunes Not that the links work (yet?), as far as I can tell…
  5. Kari kind of sounds like a gender-swapped Hazad from Tolkien’s “Tal-Elmar.”
  6. https://www.fathomevents.com/events/Star-Trek-IV-The-Voyage-Home-35th-Anniversary
  7. David Lynch’s Wisteria Updates : Cast tease involvement & Twin Peaks connection – Moviehole
  8. I’m not sold on DS9. I watched its famous “Trials and Tribble-ations” episode. A technical masterpiece, but the plot was unsatisfactory. The DS9 regulars were unimpressive: Brooks, Auberjonois, and Dorn mumbled their lines sleepily, and Meaney looked unwell. Only Farrell and Siddig seemed to be trying. Finally, the aesthetics (costumes, sets, models) in the DS9 present were unremarkable, dark, and “generic sci-fi,” quite the opposite of the warm and vivid aesthetics of both TOS and TNG. But yeah, mainly shocked to see Brooks phone it in, knowing he was going to be in an ep. alongside Shatner at his peak. The original “Tribbles” TOS episode honestly had kind of a weak and cringey script, and it could have been a total disaster if not for the fact that the TOS cast totally sell it by being 100% committed.
  9. Most Star Trek fans are fans of either TOS (the show) or TNG (the show) or both. The movies are mostly nostalgia trips; you don’t get a lot of fans who are in it mainly for the movies.
  10. Star Trek is about three things: ideals, exploration, and colorful uniforms. The Orville hits that sweet spot. It’s probably for the best that it can’t reference Trek lore every five seconds, or hinge its plot on fangasm moments. Trek at its best was also a bare-bones framework for science fiction stories, not big on lore, not super self-referential. I don’t know if the franchise knows how to do that anymore. Beyond is the closest it has come in recent memory.
  11. I watch 4K77 for SW, and Harmy’s for ESB and RotJ. Gorgeous movies, and incredible work on the fan restorations.
  12. Watching Superman (1978) for the first time ever, with my son. It is the Extended Cut, so we are watching it spread out over three nights. I bought this Blu-ray: So now I am looking for Superman II on Blu-ray. Not The Donner Cut, just the regular one I remember from having watched it at least twice growing up. I’m not sure, but it looks like the only way to get it in the US is in a 5-film collection. Super annoying.
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