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  1. It's quite funny actually; I very recently switched from SoundHound to Shazam. What SoundHound wasn't able to recognise, Shazam was able to. That's all it took. Another track on that same album, 'corporate Power' is a fun listen. Dave Hewson has proved a great new discovery for me.
  2. Found it!!!!! 'A New Metropolis', by David Hewson, from the album 'Classic Fantastic'.
  3. https://www.abc.net.au/classic/events/john-williams-at-90/13739466
  4. The trumpet fanfare playing over the 'opening' fireworks was one note away from being the CE3K theme.
  5. Thanks for your response, and the helpful lead! I can't believe it's been 6 years since I posed this question. I'll check out the rest of Tony Hymas' released music to see if I get lucky.
  6. Lucky you guys. Hopefully we can expect similar birthday gestures from the Sydney Symphony too.
  7. Followed by music from two Brits and a Frenchman, all of which paled in comparison to JW's contribution.
  8. Wow! Am I incredibly late on this thread????? I very recently discovered the recorded album. I was certainly bemused by how 'unremarkable' the writing is with much of the music, and the better numbers still have a real cheesiness to them. But actually, my favourite track is 'Sincerity'. I actually listen to the song on loop - the performances of the singers are actually funny, and I love their diction and sarcastic delivery. I look forward to researching the musical further because it seems the whole work has been deliberately suppressed. Still, a bit of a hidden gem!
  9. 1. Soundings 2. Music from Hook - The Face of Pan, The Feast, The Lost Boy's Ballet 2. Music from Jaws - Montage, Man Against Beast, End Titles 3. Parade of the Slave Children
  10. It really saddens me that there isn't an effort to make the whole Evening at Pops series accessible on demand globally, even for a subscription (which I'd happily pay). Besides the fact that I idolise JW as a musical hero (and adore watching him conduct), the Evening at Pops series is also incredibly well made technically, and is one of the very best examples in the world of a TV presentation of a Symphony concert. The entire technical production of the show, and the majestic Boston Symphony Hall are all perfectly combined, and I'm sure with all the new premium arts channels emerging around the world, that it could be still commercially viable. So, I don't know why BSO and PBS are so selective about the episodes they encore. The only obstacles I can imagine are either 'rights' issues, or perhaps even more worryingly, that some episodes might not exist anymore (in the oil crisis era tapes were routinely wiped and reused).
  11. Try Mike Batt's score to 'The Dreamstone'. It's not a deliberate or obvious imitation of John Williams, rather it's an alternative prime example of memorable, richly thematic, Romantically orchestrated television scoring - which are the same characteristics I so admire about JW's best works.
  12. The Signature Editions are invaluable to me, first and foremost as a direct study guide of JW's prodigious orchestration skills. I have a large collection of them - over 30 titles. As mentioned above, it's very rare for film music to be published like this for a consumer market, and I'm delighted that it serves as a mean for fans to make a collection. Importantly, they're available to purchase by collectors just for the score, or (presumably for commercial performances) in full orchestral sets. I'm a collector and use them for reference and perusal. Therefore it does annoy me that some pieces are substantially re-arranged for concert, sometimes with little semblance of their original form. I'm quite indifferent to how orchestras choose to program the suites - usually I'm just glad to hear any of it performed at all. If one day the rights holders care to commercially publish the entirely of the score for a given film, I would be absolutely delighted. I know Omni Publishing does this for certain movies, which is fantastic. I'd love to see the Harry Potter and Star Wars scores released in this format.
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