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  1. I chuckled a bit at a 18 year old score being called "recent" (but that's interesting!)
  2. 1. ESB 2. ROTJ 3. TPM 4 ANH 5. TFA 6 AOTC 7. ROTS 8. TROS 9. TLJ That's not to say TLJ or TROS are bad at all, they are both better than 99% of scores being written these days.
  3. Speaking as someone who enjoys Giacchino a lot, he has not written a single motif as good as any Williams (or Barry) motif, including the pretty decent Imperial motif from Rogue One.
  4. Thanks dude! Yeah the prequel style is very influential, I agree. It's funny how popular it has become. But well deserved obviously. Williams adapted to the times, and he tapped into the zeitgeist once again. It's incredible how many times he's done it.
  5. TFA is honestly a perfect start to a new trilogy. I can't find fault with it. 5 stars from me. Both TLJ and TROS are strong 4 stars
  6. Out of the realistic choices I would have picked JNH as well. My dream choice right now would be Frederic Talgorn but that's never gonna happen
  7. No the Knights of Ren material is almost primal, Planet of the Apes, loud brass and percussion
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