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  1. Hello, since this topic starts we still haven't the segment that start a bit like Copland's "hoe down" featuring the solos trumpet by Tim Morrison as show on John Williams:The Mission, Video directed by Frank Radice ...
  2. Hello, do You think we have a chance for a complete release this year ?
  3. PITTSBURGH'An Evening with Honeck & Mutter & Williams'June 13, 2020The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra conducted by JOHN WILLIAMS and Manfred , not Mandred HoneckAnne-Sophie Mutter, violin
  4. The Final, is unoriginal and for the first time ever the main title is also on the end titles (!!!)I sincerely hope there is an alternate end titles....
  5. Ouuuups, we forgot to push on the recording button, might comeback next week for another sessions
  6. This story ...Jerry Goldsmith was alive on 1993
  7. I really hope it will be subtle , and not as in TLJ where we heard the concert piece of Yoda and Leia ...
  8. A thought to ponder: What if Monsignor score was tracked to The Godfather? Would it work? And ... La Strada !!!
  9. I wish the "Forgotten Vows" track sounds now without its problems at : 00:07 , 00:24, 01:16...
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