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  1. Is it necessary to register for placing an order? I just can't do it. Also, there is no next page or continue button......
  2. I can't place the order. There is no "next" button in check out page. Also I can't register an account. And now, it is OOP. Hope I can buy it somewhere else later.
  3. Wasn't "Main Title / A Clear and Present Danger (film version)" has already been release on Intrada's set? Why it stated that this is "contains previously unreleased material"? I don't want to buy a new set every time for a few unreleased alternate cues. So pass this time.
  4. Qobuz and 7Digital are not available in Hong Kong. So I use mostly HDtrack, Presto for non HiRes music, and OTOTOY for Japan music.
  5. As an ending of a series, Return of the Jedi is no doubt better.
  6. Track list has all 32 tracks. So it will be a 2 CD set?
  7. They cancel The Dark Crystal and do 5 seasons for this? Sad.
  8. Received my set today. There are two "Disc 1". Hmmmm.........
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