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  1. Catalog ID: WaterTower 32063 CDR Shipping Date: 16 December 2020 There will be physical release. But looks like it is CDr. And the price is 12US dollars, so I assume that it is a one CD release? I could be wrong because there is no track list for this CD yet.
  2. The Blue Max is pretty good. But there is a very nice complete new record.
  3. Pass. Already own the two Goldsmith's. Happy for those who want them.
  4. Is it the first time a Lalaland black Friday release is a movie score in the same year?
  5. No. It is Star Wars 1-9 plus clone wars TV series complete 30 CD mega box.
  6. Last time I sit before computer and wait until 4:00 am, to place order for ID4 signed copy. And I got it.
  7. It is 3:15pm in Hong Kong. I am waiting in office, as usual.
  8. The Land Before Time is my last holy grail. My childhood memory. I've been waiting for it for my whole life.
  9. I live in Hong Kong. We won't spent time to watch this. Even for free.
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