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  1. Very disappoint. The score of Godzilla KOTM is one of the very best score, in Godzilla and movie history. Tom Holkenborg is a fine composer, I like his work in Mad Max and T6. But the style is just not fit Godzilla movie. Anyway, we will see. I hope I am wrong.
  2. Thanks. So all you need to do is to replace "Legends Of The Fall" with the extended version, and "Twilight and Mist"stay as bonus track because "The Ludlows" already contain part of it.
  3. Request for chronological order for expanded Legend of the Fall. Want to know where to place "Twilight and Mist".
  4. OH MY GOD!!!! Legends of the Fall is my most wanted Horner's expansion. And I think it is top 3 of his best. This is my Holy Grail! I though it is not going to happen because of Sony's new policy. I am so happy that I was wrong! This is a must have! Now all I need is a expanded or reissue of The Land Before Time......
  5. I did not, and will not go to see it. Since what Disney gave us in ep8.......
  6. I have some CD brought these years already get error or even unable to read. (i.e. Star Trek Beyond disc 2, The Black Cauldron(Intrada)) So, digital release is the future no doubt.
  7. The track list is Vol. 3. but why is it a pre-order? >> The title will go on sale February 28, 2020 at 4:00 PM US Eastern Time
  8. http://www1.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/32259/THE-X-FILES-VOL-3-4-CD-BOX-SET-3000-EDITION/ Announced?
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