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  1. They cancel The Dark Crystal and do 5 seasons for this? Sad.
  2. Received my set today. There are two "Disc 1". Hmmmm.........
  3. Love Actually, Matrix Revolutions, Passion of the Christ and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow are must have. I recommend everyone go get them. I've also brought Titan A. E. and Willard. I think they are pretty enjoyable.
  4. I buy digital music because there is no more space to keep CDs anymore. Also, many digital version is HiRes version, sounds better I think. And some new score has only digital version, so I have no chose. But I still buy CDs if they are very special, or box set. Because they looks awesome. For example, I buy both digital and CD of Godzilla VS Kong, because it has HiRes version, and the CD looks great together with all the others Godzilla's CD. But I only buy HiRes version of Wonder Woman and Dune, not only because sounds better, but also the CD version is actually CDRs.
  5. Any chance for a complete Out of Africa? After Dance with Wolves and Somewhere in Time.
  6. Love Actually is one of my holy grail. So I am so so so happy to see this complete release.
  7. There is a digital release for Love Actually's score. A CD release is coming too. Could it be in this batch?
  8. Remember last time this agent disobedience , use his boss as bait and fail to protect her?
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